US Becomes a Vassal of the UN Mothership

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Mother of Swarms

I am called to continually explore the spiritual and emerging technology landscape of the intensifying war between good and evil.  

The Goliath's of our day, are poised for global control- governments, militaries,  academia, and industry are mobilizing at hypersonic speed to dominate the virtual synthetic evil twin of the original creation.  Our world has become a battlefield. Surely you have noticed.  

In decades past I discussed CBRNe (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and 'e' is the wildcard-explosive, environment, economic-anything that begins with an 'e'). 

Today, we have a novel spectrum of technological terrorism suites and arrays deployed to usher in what some believe is the New Age, and others the End Times.  

Who will govern this contested battlespace? 

Where does the United States of America fit into the End Time landscape?  She is non-existent in biblical references, so where did she go?  

It is my opinion that she is swallowed up into the United Nations. 

Due to purging God from our country and forsaking  our biblical roots and heritage, we have turned to the strange ideologies of Communism and Fascist value-systems for "safety, security, and sustainability" to save the planet.  

We have allowed the technological HIVE mindset to swallow us up to the degree that we are merely a node, a drone of little value except as a worker-bee, a vassal of the UN Mothership.  

Another resource to exploit at many levels from economics to be mined before we are depopulated.

The United Nations will govern the world.  

Biblical references talk about a time when kingdoms will become one entity under the epitome of evil, the Antichrist.  

As  weaponry becomes operationalized, and the world is distracted by algorithmic distractions (mind control), the global governance actors are amalgamating before our eyes.  

Under the guise of Climate Change a Quadripartite partnership of UN Organizations has formed:

  • Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), 

  • United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), 

  • World Organisation for Animal Health (WOAH, founded as OIE),

  • World Health Organization (WHO)

In 2006, it was a Tripartite.  They are working cloesly with other handlers such as the World Economic Forum and Davos, as well as the Club of Rome and other nefarious organizations. 

These entities are collaborating for global transformation of the known world and control over every human–animal– plant–environment, dimension, integration that dominates and control down to the atomic, molecular, and planck size interface, scalable to the global, regional, biological, dimensional, and material worlds. 

The one caveat is that the UN will require that it be the Mothership.

UN Mothership

You did not think that the words: Fatherland, Motherland, Homeland were just random words, did you?  

They are used in a systematic Hegilian Dialectic to lure us to compromise our absolute biblical value-system to open our once great country to the UN spiritual harlot.

The Mothership Concept

X-61 Gremlin drone and a C-130  Source:  DARPA image 

A drone swarm mothership is an unmanned or manned system that transports the swarm to the battlefield. If a military coup d'etat wishes to bring thousands or even millions of drones to the battlefield, a mothership is almost certainly necessary.  

When we ponder the epic End Time battles to come where kingdoms rise up against kingdom and where eventually mankind goes to war against God, the forces of evil had to transform America.  

The Cabal of evil terrorists used the siren calls of technology to do several things detailed below.

Eradicating Soveign Countries and Mankind

Eradicate our Republican form of government to embrace communist democracy, where the Mothership is the sovereign.

When we think of a UN takeover most of us think blue-helments boots on the ground.  Unfortunately, they did not get the memo and rather our translated government became autonomous, allowing the Quantum Computer with UN value-system full autonomy to run our country, with no human in the loop other than as figureheads.  

We forsook our inheritance my friends for supposed, technological freedom but we are awakening to the fact that we are now in bondage.

The next step was to turn all life into a cyborg and sensory spy.  In essence a controlled drone.  They did this using Synthetic Biology, implanting us with Digital ID's, Operating Systems, and weaponizing our atomes, molecules, organs, all biology and all matter.  

Once installed, UN powers could move any drone node to where they want them to be or for any function they want you to carry out.

This is literally the hook in the jaw that Scripture talks about that leads to the Gog-Magog War and ultimately Armeggedon.

The UN mothership can serve all planetary functions, in its own eyes. The UN mothership is a single platform to provide transport and other services to maintain the signatory countries and individual drone swarm. The UN Mothership may also be networked together to enable coordination between the drones to ensure drones not interfere with the UN operations.  

                               Image of a Protoss Carrier 

Science Fiction is filled with futuristic armies battling for territorial supremacy-that future is NOW.

The fictional Protoss Carrier illustrates the concept of the UN Mothership will all of its innuendos.  

The challenge for the world going forward will be how to  defend the UN Mothership and integrate it with other weapons platforms. 

Protecting the Mothership

 Source: DARPA image via arsTECHNICA

As the UN amalgamates and solidifies it's Mothership powerbase it must consider threats to the Mothership.  If, for instance, the UN Mothership is destroyed, all supporting vassel drones it contains and controls will be destroyed too. 

The UN looks at it like this, how do you protect a big, valuable platform?  In case you missed it this is one leviathan platform system, and you my friends. are part of that node system, like it or not.

Drone motherships must be significantly larger than the "component drones" to carry all of them. In the days to come, we will see this image growing larger and springing to life. The mothership will control the agenda direction of transportation, energy generation, and all other capabilities.  As your biology was co-opted,  your function has changed from your original design and calling to that of protecting the UN Mothership.

The UN Mothership is a master of disguise using  stealth capabilities, such as camouflage or reduced frequency signature profiles. Stealth details would naturally depend on the domain of operation.. The UN Mothership may hide amongst the weeds of ubiquitous systems that can provide support or defense.

Drone swarms can, and already do, operate across multiple domains and dimensions making detection of UN Mothership entanglements difficult at best.

Electronic and cyber-attacks are not only the UN Motherships friend but it can also be its vulnerability and foe.  The good news for us is that the UN Mothership will emit some form of signal or signature whether it is active or passive, so that the worker-bee drones know where the HIVE home is.  This is because the UN Mothership may well and probably is, in stealth-mode. 

Our job should we choose to accept it, is to disrupt the signal or provide fake signals to separate the individuals from the swarm from the UN Mothership. We also may be able to attempt to disable, manipulate, or otherwise corrupt the autonomous and other control mechanisms from the UN Mothership.

 Source: Electronic Warfare  from

Who Will Be the Lover of Your Soul?

Drone swarms will be important to monitor in the 21st Century battlespace.  The UN Mothership will increase in size and complexity-a signature of evil chaos.  Although the United States of America as we have known it has almost vanished,  we should be alert and have our eyes wide open as she continues her disappearing decline amidst a sea of platforms, drones, and the insatiable UN Mothership demands.  

As the days progress you will witness a shift from manned towards unmanned systems.  At every turn you should disengage and rebuff the UN Mothershio no matter how convenient or necessary it may appear.  It is an illusion, a deception, a snare to you as a biological creation and to your eternal soul.  

The US is preparing to invest significant money into electronic, cyber, research, and defense as it flirts with its UN paramour mothership until she, at long last, becomes indistinguishable from her UN lover.

You should be critically evaluating the situation at hand and plan your spiritual and physical strategy to overcome takeover by the UN Mothership.  It need not be elaborate or complicated.  

Yes, we can do things in the physical, but the spiritual is much more powerful.  Consider the following options:

  • Repentance for wrongs you may have committed, keeping your lifeline to God intact.

  • A simple prayer of faith can move spiritual and physical mountains.

  • Embrace the life-giving gift, the blood of Jesus Christ covers you during this time.

  • Keep the testimony of Jesus Christ next to your bosom and do not be shy in sharing what He has done in your life.

  • Love not your life unto death.  Doing the right and honorable thing is much better that compliance to slavery.  In giving your life you may save many.  And to be honest, the world is growing darker with each passing day.  Do you really want to live under an evil totalitarian system that seems endless?

God bless you all and prepare yourself for 2024, it is going to be one intense year that promises to be a breaking point for many of us.

Keep the faith, cross the Finish Line!

God speed!




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