Weaponized Chimeric Insects for Vaccines & Food

    I received an alarming article entitled, Gene Therapy Delivered via High-Capacity Baculovirus, yesterday from a Biotechnology journal I receive daily.  Using Baculovirus is not new but how researchers are linking it should give us pause for concern.  Baculouvirus is being used in the Norovax, Influenza, and Malaria vaccines.   The problem is that Baculouvirus can enter human cells but it cannot replicate.  Using it this system as a vaccine vehicle for humans would necessitate it to be capable of replication in humans. Many vaccines including the Norovax subunit vaccine consists of nanparticles, insects and consist of large numbers of subunits called multimeric, microtubules and other cytoskeleton proteins.

    What is Wrong with this Picture?

    It is important to note that Baculouvirus attacks insects and other arthropods. 

    When brewed in tobacco plants baculovirus was found to suppress programmed cell death in humans which sounds awful, but is actually how your body fights cancer.

    The process engineers a docking system that yokes you to:

    • Nanoparticles,
    • Weaponized insects,
    • Chimeric weaponized spike protein into you human body.

    You become one with this targeted weaponized system. 


    The victim of a baculoviruses becomes:
    • Limp
    • Ruptures- as part of the virus life-cycle
    • The baculoviruses polyhedral will look irregular crystals of salt or sand under a microscope viewed at 400x or 1000x.
    • The fluid inside a dead insect is composed largely of virus polyhedra - many billions are produced inside of one cadaver.
    Once again, what can possibly go wrong with this process of installation of a genetic chimeric unification system utilizing pharmaceutical nanoparticles into your body?

    Weaponized Insects

    Animal host include humans as a contractual agreement signed was merging human and veterinary disciplines in 2012.

    You have been hearing and reading allot in the media about transitioning the human diet to insects.  Insects in flour.  Insects in meat.  Insects in drinks.  While this might make you queasy the fact of the matter is that these are not normal insects.  These are weaponized drug delivery systems. 

    NBAF & HSPD #9

    The new Plum Island biological warfare center is now operational and located in Manhattan, Kansas.  It is called the National Biological & Agro Defense Facility (NBAF).  It is against the law of the land to conduct biological warfare experiments on the Continental United States, which is why the former facility was located on Plum Island.  However,  in 2004, with the implementation of Homeland Security Presidential Directive 9, under Bush, we threw out the law and Constitution and made new "rules" for America:

    This directive establishes a national policy to defend the agriculture and food system against terrorist attacks, major disasters, and other  emergencies .

    The new NBAF has  an Insectary, a new capability, to house insects for insect studies in high containment, right next to the BSL 4 portion of the lab. This is allegedly combat new emerging diseases are transmitted by insects. This space will allow scientists for the first time to be able to study these high containment diseases in the vector as well as in the host and conduct transmission studies which will provide novel control solutions.

    While details about this new Insectary are sketchy we do know that these insects will be subjected to:

    • Nanoparticulates
    • Gene Editing Technology
    • CRISPR
    • CAS9
    • Various pathogens
    • Various technological Operating System inserts

    Weaponized Food

    Next time you consume "plant-based" products or for that matter any food, Read the Label.  The public is noticing that insects are now being put in products such as flour.  They are bound and determined that they will get these weaponized insects into your body.  By in large, these are not your Red Wigglers or crickets.  These are weaponized insects carrying pathogens.  How do I know?  Because the UN mandated that NOTHING can be taken from nature.  All consumables must be generated in a laboratory and are synthetic using biomimicry.  DARPA's Cornicopa food will be 3D printed and made of air, water, electricity with weaponized lab microbes for flavoring.   It ill come in a variety of textures.  Remember, DARPA's goal is to sell food by the molecule.

    Bad Boy Insects

    For a visual you might consider these insects with pathogens, of course.


    Baculouvirus Gene Editing Technology


    Current gene-editing technologies have a problem because they rely on multiple functional DNA and protein elements that must reach target cells all at the same time.  They use a deliver system that is akin to fitting a football team into a VW Bug.  Needless to say, they have trouble fitting their "whole crew" into the usual delivery vehicles.The vehicles that they use are vector systems usinglentiviruses, adenoviruses, and adeno-associated viruses.To fit all the components into the vehicle researchers turned to the rod-shaped baculovirus.  Baculovirus becomes longer to to accommodate large gene therapy cargoes or payloads.

    Baculoviruses, typically infect insect cells and do not replicate in human cells.

    Francesco Aulicino, PhD, and Imre Berger, PhD, recently presented their baculoviral delivery system in the journal Nucleic Acids Research, in a paper titled, This paper describes how a baculovirus was engineered so that it could enter human cells efficiently.  Efficiency is a word used often in Nazi experiments and depopulation.

    “[We] deploy a single baculoviral vector encoding all the required components, achieving high-efficiency homology-independent targeted integration [and] single and multiplexed prime editing in a range of human cell lines,” the paper’s authors wrote. “By achieving site-specific integration of very large DNA payloads and multiplexed-prime-editing-mediated trinucleotide insertion ... we unlock baculovirus as a vector of choice for next-generation genome engineering approaches.”

    By encoding Cas9, sgRNA, and donor DNAs on a single, rapidly assembled baculoviral vector, they achieve ... site-specific docking of very large DNA payloads.

    Previously, the researchers developed a baculovirus-based method to infect cultured insect cells to produce recombinant proteins. This method, called MultiBac, has been widely used over the last decade to make very large multiprotein complexes with many subunits.

    The MultiBac method, Berger noted, “already exploited the flexibility of the baculovirus shell to deliver large pieces of DNA into the cultured insect cells, instructing them to assemble the proteins we were interested in.” When the scientists realized that the same property could potentially transform gene therapy in human cells, they went to work to create their new system described in the new paper.

    “What sets apart baculovirus from other viral vehicles is the lack of a rigid shell encapsulating the cargo space.  Aulicino remarked. “We can simultaneously correct many errors in very different places in the genome efficiently, by using our single baculovirus delivery system."

    Scientists are looking into small molecule STING antagonists have been used with varying degree of success to counteract these challenges in cultured cells,” they related.“ What are STING antagonists?  Stimulators of interferon genes (STING) are cytosolic sensors associated with the endoplasmic reticulum that respond to the presence of dsDNA in the cytosol, usually indicative of an invading pathogen or self-leaked DNA from damaging events.
    Contrary to other viral vectors, the large cargo capacity of baculovirus to overcome molecular mechanisms underlying their inactivation in mammalian cells.”

    Bottom Line

    The insects being disscued in the media are weaponized.  They are part of an integrated depopulation platform.  Stay away from them.

    From the trenches in the war against humanity,





    Celeste Solum is a broadcaster, author, former government, organic farmer and is trained in nursing and environmental medicine.  Celeste chronicles the space and earth conditions that trigger the rise and fall of modern & ancient civilizations, calendars, and volatile economies. Cycles are converging, all pointing to a cataclysmic period between 2020 to 2050 in what many scientists believe is an Extinction Level Event.   

    Tracking goods and people will be a part of managing the population during this convergence. 

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