What does 5G EMF do to my body?

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Many of you know that I am doing boots on the ground coverage of this week's 5G Summit.  What I have learned so far is incredible spanning the problems to simple solutions including taking a walk in the woods and not exercising with any device to maximize your sugar burning ability for weight loss.

As if the following list is not bad enough we have a synergistic effect due to the combination of cosmic rays, magnetosphere collapse, Grand Solar Minimum, and the dust from the Galactic Cosmic Arm. 

Here is one take away from Day 1:

If one looks solely at 5G EMF, here is the bad news coming from Martin L. Pall, Professor Emeritus University of Washington, Biological Chemistry and Medical Services.  When you sign up for the free 5G seminar, you get this free 127-page reference guide.

Table 1. How Eight Established Effects of EMFs Can Be Produced  by VGCC Activation

EMF effect Probable mechanism(s)

Oxidative stress produced by elevated levels of peroxynitrite and the free radical breakdown products of peroxynitrite and its CO2 adduct.  Four studies of EMF exposure, cited in [4] showed that oxidative stress following exposure was associated with major elevation of 3-nitrotyrosine, a marker of peroxynitrite, thus confirming this interpretation.  Two other studies each found 3-nitrotyrosine elevation, both following 35 GHz exposures [19,20].

Lowered male/ female fertility, elevated spontaneous abortion, lowered libido

Both the lowered male fertility and lowered female fertility are associated with and presumably caused by the oxidative stress in the male and female reproductive organs.  Spontaneous abortion is often caused by chromosomal mutations, so the germline mutations may have a causal role.  Lowered libido may be caused by lowered estrogen, progesterone and testosterone levels.  It seems likely that these explanations may be oversimplified.  One additional mechanism that may be important in producing lowered fertility is that VGCC activation and consequent high [Ca2+] I levels are known to have a key role in avoiding polyspermy.  Consequently, if this response is triggered before any fertilization of an egg has occurred, it may prevent any sperm from fertilizing and egg.

Neurological/ neuropsychiatric effects

Of all cells in the body, the neurons have the highest densities of VGCCs, due in part to the VGCC role and [Ca2+] I role in the release of every neurotransmitter in the nervous system.  Calcium signaling regulates synaptic structure and function in 5 different ways, each likely to be involved here.  Oxidative stress and apoptosis are both thought to have important roles.   Lowered sleep and increased fatigue are likely to involve lowered nocturnal melatonin and increased nocturnal norepinephrine.  

Apoptosis:  Apoptosis can be produced by excessive Ca2+ levels in the mitochondria and by double-strand breaks in cellular DNA; it seems likely that both of these mechanisms are involved following EMF exposure.  A third mechanism for triggering apoptosis, endoplasmic reticulum stress (see the bottom row in this Table), may also be involved.

Cellular DNA damage: Cellular DNA damage is produced by the free radical breakdown products of peroxynitrite directly attacking the DNA [7].

Changes in nonsteroid hormone levels

The release of non-steroid hormones is produced by VGCC activation and [Ca2+] I elevation.  The immediate effects of EMF exposures are to increase hormone release and to raise, therefore, hormone levels.  However many hormone systems become “exhausted” as a consequence of chronic EMF exposure.  The mechanism of exhaustion is still uncertain, but it may involve oxidative stress and inflammation.

Lowered steroid hormone

Steroid hormones are synthesized through the action of cytochrome P450 enzymes; the activity of these hormones is inhibited by binding of high levels of nitric oxide (NO) leading to lowered hormone synthesis.

EMF effect Probable mechanism(s)

Calcium overload Produced by excessive activity of the VGCCs; secondary calcium overload is produced by oxidative stress activation of TRPV1, TRPM2 and possibly some other TRP receptors, opening the calcium channel of these receptors.  

Heat shock protein induction

There is a large literature showing that excessive [Ca2+] I induce very large increases in heat shock proteins.  This is thought to be produced by complex calcium signaling changes involving the endoplasmic reticulum, mitochondria, and the cytosol and also involving excessive [Ca2+] I producing increasing protein misfolding [21-23].  It should be noted that some calcium is essential for proper protein folding in the endoplasmic reticulum such that only excessive calcium leads to misfolding and consequent endoplasmic reticulum stress.  

An eighth, heat shock protein induction can also be so explained (Table 1).  Several other such effects, including EMF causation of cataracts, breakdown of the blood-brain barrier, lowered nocturnal melatonin are also so explained, as discussed earlier [5].  

Also, 5G messes with your metabolism and sugar levels.

I would highly suggest that you sign up for the free 5G Summit, even if you can only listen to one speaker a day.  The insights that you glean with change your life for the better. 

More to come...boots on the ground at the 5G Summit.


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