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Just as we were all settling into the technological mine field a continual stream of new data is being released to the public in scientific peer review journals.  This morning I opened up Medical Chemistry Letters and discovered a provocative new twist to the Gain of Function, laboratory engineered, SARS-CoV-2, Nano Syn Bio Particle.  The study, Molecular Biology Clues Portray SARS-CoV-2 as a Gain-of-Function Laboratory Manipulation of Bat CoV RaTG13 by Ariel Fernández is insightful.  His foundation is the work of journalist Nicholas Wade who upholds the view that SARS-CoV-2 is the outcome of genetic manipulation of a bat coronavirus intended to promote transmissibility to humans.

Gain-of-function recombinations of coronaviruses have been ongoing in the laboratory for more than a decade, beginning as early as 2007, when the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) created a series of “bat-man” CoV (coronaviruses) chimeric spike proteins that allowed CoVs to jump from one species to another.  In 2015, the NIH funded a $3.7 million grant that was approved by Trump’s COVID-19 advisor Anthony Fauci, which he outsourced to the Wuhan lab.

Genomic analyses show that SARS-CoV-2 is a chimera, with most of its sequence identical to that of the bat CoV RaTG13, except for the receptor binding domain (RBD), which is almost identical to that of a pangolin, binding the ACE2 receptor in human cells.


As we dig deep into the world of alpha-numeric interchanges we discover new and starling revelations. In algorithmic form in the Hebrew:

RA means evil

Tav (T) is the last letter of the Hebrew alphabet and can stand for Truth or in opposition of Truth.  Tav is a sign.  Tav can be life or death at the end of ones life.  The number value of Tav is 400.

Gimmel (G) means to nourish, walk, or bridge. The number value of gimmel is 3.  

13 can be associated with the occult or a Satanic attempt to seize God's function as Primary Deity. 

Together they form a sentence such as this:

Evil stands in opposition of the Truth, and is a sign, an occultic bridge, resulting in eternal life or death.

Gain-of-function chimeras can theoretically arise in natural recombination, but that would be unlikely in this case.

The natural recombination would require that the viruses from bat and pangolin infected the same cell, in the same organism simultaneously, a rather improbable event considering the low population density of pangolins, the dearth of CoV-infected specimens in their natural populations, and the fact that CoV RATG13 does not have significant affinity for the pangolin ACE2, and therefore is unlikely to penetrate the infected pangolin cell.

The Detonator

Figure 1. Two gain-of-function modifications of bat CoV RaTG13 promoting transmission to humans.

The NIH experimentation went too far when they engineered a spike protein that anchors to your human cells using the ACE2 receptor with a multiple animal chimera containing a harpoon with a detonator to explode into your cells delivering a hybrid-synthetic payload. This occurs at what is called a cleavage site and is activated by an enzyme in your body called ferin. 

The 12-nucleotide insert algorithm is:  TCCTCGGCGGGC.  The cascade that follows is in the scientific authors view:  "Very odd, clearly pointing to an artificial origin."


What else can we discover from the algorithm?  In Hebrew, this is how it is laid out:
Tav:  400 levels of evil, Truth 2. sign 3. life or death, Final
Chet: 8  Life
Chet: 8  Life
Tav: 400 Truth 2. sign 3. life or death, Final  
Chet: 8  Life
Gimmel: 3 Benefactor to the poor 
Gimmel:  3 Benefactor to the poor 
Chet:  8 Life 
Gimmel:  3 Benefactor to the poor 
Gimmel:  3 Benefactor to the poor
Gimmel:  3 Benefactor to the poor

Chet:  8 Life

The total in alpha numeric interchange is 849.

849 in the Strong's Concordance is the word, eshtaddur,  a revolt.
849 can also indicate or relate to:
  • The Year of the Dragon
  • Anunnaki akkadian creator
  • Third density (conscious life)
  • Purity
  • Enemy of the people
  • Heavens
  • Blaspheming the Lord
  • 4th day
  • Number of the Word (logos) of God
  • As Above
  • Cellular decomposition
  • Evil killed him
  • He believes
  • Vanity

Keep in mind these gain-of function insertions of human-adapted to animal are the result of genetic manipulations conducted in a laboratory. Such manipulations may have been carried out without leaving a trace.

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Tracking goods and people will be a part of managing the population during this convergence. 

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