What Happens when a Vampire Nation Runs Out of Human Blood?


Blood, blood everywhere — but not a drop when you need it.

My I request your permission to talk frankly about blood and where we stand as a nation?  America which once held sanctity of life dear to her bosom.  But she has incrementally sold out to physical and spiritual vampires.  These vampires are sucking the life blood out of our dear children, family, friends, and countrymen and women.

We have falsely believed our doctors and nurses to be wise and upstanding men and women of faith, and they may be, or they can be deceived by an agenda that they are unaware of.  We must begin to question and stand on holy ground, even if there are consequences, when it comes to preserving the sanctity of our blood. 

The purpose of our blood is for life.  Blood sustains our body and without blood, there can be no forgiveness from a holy God from sin. When Jesus gave His blood it was a one time sacrifice and no other sacrifice is needed, not from you, your children, loved ones or even animals.  When you confess your sin God covers you with His covering and your sin is as if it never was.  Wickedness wants to use you blood for its own purposes. 

With the launch of the AllforUs you will be confronted when you see your medical practitioner to participate in AllforUs.  It requires a sample of your blood and answering intrusive survey personal questions.  Preparation for this unveiling has been taking place for decades, and in earnest the last decade.    

When you go through the gate of your medical doctor you are entering a realm of wickedness.  We have in our minds physicians who are there to help us.  Unknown to most of us the Hippocratic Oath has been eliminated and physicians have consolidated into large business modeled corporations.  The AllofUs program is rooted in Agenda 21 or the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), officially known as Transforming our world: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and is a set of seventeen aspirational "Global Goals" with 169 targets.

On a recent visit to my local clinic it had warning tape boldly declaring the entrance as ‘haunted’.  You go through the gate, only to be greeted by a full skeleton.  Needless to say it was blood curdling experience.  These were not merely holiday decorations it was a brazen declaration of allegiance to evil.  When you enter the Gate of AllofUs, your local medical clinic, you usher in the next level of existing practices:

  • Pharmakia-drugs

  • Implementation of global standards defining and managing you as an animal

  • Electronic identification inserted into your flesh for surveillance and worse

  • Extracting your blood to barcode

  • Blood harvesting of your life-force

  • Siphoning off your blood to be used in your food

  • Using the blood of babies and young people for longevity

  • Exchanging your God given blood for artificial blood

  • Sacrifice and cannibalism

Invisible waves of sacrifice to foreign gods have washed through our land.  It began with the decision for abortion, but goes much deeper.  Most cultures around the world sacrifice innocent children and adults to appease their gods.  We have all heard of the horrors of pedophilia rings where children are sacrificed for the perverted pleasure of the evil ones even in our own country.  And yet do we question where our blood actually goes once it is pried from our body?



The fact of the matter is that in 2005 you were defined as an animal by the United Nations.  It can be discovered in a series of documents and manuals called the Terrestrial Animal Health Code.  It is actually a multiple volume set including animal management, management of aquatic life, and a manual for diagnosis and vaccinations.  Each volume is over 1500 pages and is edited each May, classified as a Living Document

From the bowels of this document come forth our ever-increasing mandatory vaccinations and also electronic identification of all ‘animals’ with 24/7 surveillance.

Targeted Weaponry

AllofUs or Precision Medicine, allows for personally crafted biological weapons to be launched against our bodies.  There is Bioweapon Race as you can visibly see each time you go to the grocery store.  Once your genome is out to various stakeholders you can be targeted by ethnic bioweapons, pharmogenomics, biowarfare including virus, bacteria, fungi, and chimera's such as mycoplasma, and  psychochemical warfare using chemicals, as well as, frequency modulation that can affect any cell or organ in your body.  And then there is synthetic biology and CRISPR, gene-editing, which take biowarfare to the next level.  Biological weapons may be employed in various ways to gain a strategic or tactical advantage over the enemy.    Targeted weaponry is the wave of the future, being much more up close and personal, the ultimate weapon of mass destruction.

 The Dermal Abyss



Barcode for Life

Since all animals are required to have electronic identification it had to become trendy, and so it has.  New tattoos are, in reality, bio-sensors and trackers reporting back to controllers.  Is this the mark foretold of in the Bible? It is engraved and so it might possibly have that use at some point.  It is provocative that they name this technology the Dermal Abyss.  As we transform to transhuman, at what point do we loose our souls?



The Rockefeller University has extracting blood to barcode it in their Barcode for Life Project.  Their vision is to harness technology to lighten the human footprint (depopulation) amidst other not so lofty goals. 

Artificial Blood

 Under the guise of relentless global wars the need for blood has escalated.  A solution was presented for war-fighters and accident victims to transfuse freeze-dried synthetic powdered 'blood' into anyone who needs blood.  This artificial blood is a cocktail of genetically modified rice, polymers, nano-particles, and chemicals.  Will we see the day when we are required by some deception to exchange our blood for synthetic blood?



Your blood, and that of your children and loved ones, is being siphoned off in and put into your food in a strange twist on Soylent Green.  Human DNA is found in most food products on your grocery store shelf from tomatoes to rice.  Many of your of your favorite foods have ‘natural flavoring’ from aborted fetus’s

Human Blood Generators



Not only do scientist, researchers, and government officials want to suck out your blood in a modern blood-letting, they also want to harvest your blood to solve the global energy crisis! Basically the idea is to transform your bloodstream into a nano-generator to draw out electricity, your life force, from your body, for the greater good. 

Baby Blood for Longevity



An aging population is seeking the blood of babies in their pursuit of longevity and the Fountain of eternal Youth. The process of drawing blood out of babies and young people is called parabiosis.

Human Sacrifice

Tragically, human sacrifice is occurring throughout our culture.  It began with abortion.  Abortion was never about free choice.  It was a decision by those in power with a dark agenda who desired traffic in blood, your blood, for profit.

What Happens when a Vampire Nation Runs Out of Human Blood? 

Our blood is being targeted by wicked entities.  As we have seen they are drawing out our life force to unknown places, and for unknown reasons.  We have become complacent, asking no questions, requiring no answers. 

Once our blood has been seized we become physically weary, both physically and spiritually.

The foods that we are eating contain human DNA creating in our bodies a craving and lust for human flesh. We are beginning to loose our desire for real foods. 

Cannibalism will ensue. Friend will eat friend, mothers will their children, and woe to the wanderer who stumbles across people he does not know.  It has occurred in the past and it will revisit us in a most alarming resurgence.

Cannibalism is entrenched in government and technological circles.  Seattle area residents 15 years ago were inquiring if it was legal to eat human flesh. 

Preserve Blood Purity

If we are remain human, at least the remnant must protect our blood and keep it untainted.  You might think of your body as its own blood bank, much like seed banks, preserving untainted seeds around the world.  We need to cleave tightly to the what the Bible says about the blood:

  • Our blood is holy unto God. 

  • For the life of the flesh is in the blood, and I have given it to you upon the altar to make atonement for your souls; for it is the blood that makes atonement for the soul.’  Leviticus 17:11

For You have created my mind;

You fashioned me in my mother’s womb

I will thank You,

For I am awesomely, wondrously fashioned; wondrous are Your works,

And my soul knows it well  Psalm 139:13:14

To the ancients, the mind is your kidneys, for the kidney is essentially a filter which cleanses the body of wastes, a physiological sewer.  Nevertheless, God’s light illuminates even areas in your body such as this. 

You are the most intricate and complex creation of God.  He needed to fashion you with precision and with much scrutiny and attention. 

Your body is a complex organism of bones, muscles, sinews, tendons, tissues, and cells.  Only God knew your true potential, latent energies, and talents, as He fashioned you in the nethermost earth, the place of germination, your mother's womb. 

As a humble student, look at your body and be in awe of God’s creation.  You are a gift and He has endowed you with many blessings. 

Remember, that You are recorded in God's books and each of your actions and complacency.  We need to stand against anyone or anything that demands our blood. Life and power is in the Blood.  Preserve it. 

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