What Should be the Christian Response? Do I Choose Jesus or the Jab?

  • Your body is fearfully and wondrously created
  • You see God from the flesh He provided
  • Understanding sickness
  • The Beauty of Your Body
  • What inhibits reflection of this creation from God?
  • Preparing for War Against Humanity
  • Part 1 of 3

To truly understand whether you should choose Jesus or take the jab you must ponder how awesomely you were created. The biblical blueprint is to work from the inside outwards.  You are the temple of the Living God and if you do not value that temple what will be the motivation to protect it?

Awesome and Wondrous

Join in praise the words of the Psalmist, “I praise You, for I am made awesomely and wondrously; Your works are amazing, I know this well.  My frame was not hidden from You when I was fashioned in a hidden place, when I was woven together in the depths of the earth.  Your eyes saw my unformed substance; the days on which [all my parts] were fashioned were written in Your book when not one of them yet existed.  Psalm 139:14-16 

From My Own Flesh, I see God

Astonishingly, it is very simple to see God.  From His Word and instruction you can see, “From my own flesh, I will see God.”  Job 19:26. It behooves you to keep your flesh undefiled. 

Decisions, Decisions

Before you can appreciate and make wise decisions, the wise person will consider your origin and the beginning of existence.  God’s first act of grace was bestowing upon your existence from nonexistence.  God has Divinely arranged your different changes and transformations, the various factors and ever-changing conditions, which are carefully integrated and coordinated in mortal beings. 

After you have contemplated this and notice evidence of the Creator’s goodness, wisdom, and power on a grand scale, observe and reflect the components of your distinct makeup, namely, your body, your soul - which is redeemed, and the indwelling Holy Spirit. You will see that you are composed of incompatible elements with dissimilar natures, which the Creator combined with His power, bound together in His wisdom, and formed into your hearty body, uniform in its appearance but diverse in constitution.   

The Creator then joined to your body a spiritual, ethereal element, like the spirituality of the higher beings.  This element is your soul, which God bound to your body, and adapts to physical and spiritual extremes.  These means are vital to house the Spirit in your body and it is optimal that they are all in good working order - natural heat (heart), blood, veins, arteries, and nerves. Think about your house and if it is humming along or broken down. To preserve you and shield you from injury, God provided means of protection - your flesh, bones, muscles, skin, hair, and nails which serve as shields and coverings to ward off all manner of injuries and diseases.   

Understanding Sickness

If perhaps you are exposed to sickness, it is so that you might better understand the world, and so that its true nature does not remain hidden from you, lest you be lulled into a false sense of security, to be dominated by your baser instincts, and become like an unintelligent and senseless beast as it is written, “Don’t be like a horse or a mule, without understanding.”  Psalm 32:9  Sickness, or the threat thereof provides you an opportunity to call out and have a dialogue with Jesus for protection or healing.

The Beauty of Your Body

You should contemplate and examine the uses of your body and the various ways each of them contributes to your welfare.  Your hands were created to give and take; your feet to walk and act; your eyes to see; your ears to hear; your teeth to chew; your stomach to digest; your liver to purify foods; your various tubes for removing superfluities; your bowels and bladder for temporary retention.  Your heart is the reservoir of natural heat, the wellspring of life, and the seat of emotion.  Your brain holds your spiritual faculties and is the source of sensation and the nerves.  Your womb preserves and develops a seed of life.  And so, the rest of the members of your body: their hidden benefits are even greater than that which is known to us!   

Similarly, please study the natural, internal functions of your body.  The digestion process and distribution of nutrients to each of your body parts - will behold signs of wisdom, will inspire you to thank and praise God, and your bones will join the Psalmist in saying, “God, who is like unto You?”  Psalm 35:10. Food is conveyed to the stomach in a tube that is absolutely straight, without bend or twist.  This tube is called the esophagus.  The stomach then grinds the food more thoroughly than the teeth did initially and sends it to the liver through fine veins which connect the two organs.  The veins serve as a filter for food, to prevent anything coarse from reaching the liver.  The liver converts the food into blood, which it distributes throughout your body, sending it to all parts through channels - much like water pipes - prepared specifically for this purpose.  The waste substances that are left are eliminated through duct work made specially to remove them from your body.  Some are retained, that which is of the green bile goes to the gall bladder; that which is black bile goes to the spleen.  Other juices are sent to the lungs; the refuse of the goes to the bladder.  Ponder, my friend, on the Creator’s wisdom in structuring your body, how He placed these organs in their proper places to receive the waste substances so that they not spread throughout the body and make you ill. 

Consider the formation of your vocal cords and in instrument of speech.  Your larynx is hollow, in order to produce voice; the tongue and lips, and teeth are for the enunciation of consonants and vowels.  These organs have other uses also:  the air enters the lungs through the larynx and trachea; the tongue is for tasting, and it is helpful also for swallowing food and drink; your teeth are for grinding; your lips enable you to retain liquids in the mouth and swallow the quantity desired in a controlled fashion.  The other members also have uses - some known to you, while others remain a mystery to you.   

Observe how your physical faculties have been assigned to your body to attend to your well-being.  It is like a king’s court where servants and officers are appointed over the royal household, each accomplishing different functions.  The King of King’s personally oversees you’re your well-being. 

The benefits conferred to you by Your Creator include your intellect.  Through your intellect you arrive at all perceptions - both sensual and intellectual.  Through the intellect you apprehend aspects of visible things which evade your physical senses, such as the movement of a shadow or the effect of one single drop of water on a solid rock.  Through spiritual intellect you distinguish between truth and falsehood, the flawless and the flawed, good and evil, and commendable and contemptible, and between the necessary, the possible and the impossible.  Through your intellect you put other creatures to work to your advantage and benefit.  You recognize the position of the stars, their distances and orbits; understanding the relation and analogies of geometry, the methods of argument used in the science of logic, and other sciences and arts which are as numerous as the stars in the heavens. 

God has bestowed and granted you speech and coherence of language.  Through speech you can express what is in your soul and innermost self as well as communicate with others. The tongue is the heart’s pen and the mind’s messenger.  Without speech you would have no social relationship and you would live a solitary life lower than an animal for even they communicate to some degree.  Through speech man can repent of his sins, in remorse, and you are granted atonement through confession and receipt of the sacrificial blood.   

What Inhibits Reflecting on the Greatness of God in Your Creation? 

  • Acknowledgment of God’s unity as benevolence.
  • Arrogance.  A person who does not reflect God’s many graces, nor engage in praise and thanks, but rather feels he is owed life with all its benefits. 
  • A fool and ignorant person.
  • Preoccupation with gratifying your every wish and desire (self-focused rather than Jesus centered) 

Imagine for a moment, if you have one obstruction in your vessels or if just one cell or organ does not work properly, your whole body suffers a cascade of ill effects.   

Lastly, consuming pharmaceutical substances that defile your awesome creation that is perfectly situated for your calling.  If you think for one moment that the pharmaceutical industrial complex cares about the masterful workings of your body, well-being, and Spirit then you have been deceived. Think not that these synthetic substances bring good health, because only He Who is in the heavens can provide you with good health, well-being, and long life-carefully nurturing and nourishing what He has established.  Rather, these substances can cause clots; cause your organs to fail; rob from you the breath of life breathed into you by God Himself; detonate synthetic payloads into your body and cells; replace God’s handiwork with engineered silicon robotics; trigger the perfect cytokine storm that invisibly wars against what God established in you for His purposes; neutralizes your intellectual cognition so that you merely react to stimuli and challenges with your primal brain stem rather than rational thought. These substances, voluntarily introduced into your body, impair and destroy your spiritual connection and communication with Almighty God.   

Preparing for War 

Now that you have contemplated your unique and awesome body, we will embark on a biblical journey that will surprise you and provide you with scriptural instruction that will aid you discerning whether you should choose Jesus or the Jab.  At the end, I will provide you a handout that you can share with others on the primary touch stones one should consider before taking the Jab. 

Make no doubt about it.  This is the final war against humanity.  It is all about the blood, Jesus own blood that covers your sin in atonement.  The choice is yours to keep your blood holy or to defile it?  Therefore, our blood becomes contaminated and we must consider whether that nullifies Jesus' blood covering.

What should be the Christian response? 




Celeste Solum is a broadcaster, author, former government, organic farmer and is trained in nursing and environmental medicine.  Celeste chronicles the space and earth conditions that trigger the rise and fall of modern & ancient civilizations, calendars, and volatile economies. Cycles are converging, all pointing to a cataclysmic period between 2020 to 2050 in what many scientists believe is an Extinction Level Event.   

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