Why Targeting and Terraforming Your Cells Is Relevant in 2021

It began with an audacious idea…

What if....   

  • Terraforming the human, one cell at a time
  • Digitizing all biology for exploitation
  • Infinite pharmaceutical  potential
  • Correcting cell behavior to bring into compliance with accepted agenda "perfection"
  • Dual Use Cell Targeting
Big Data futuristic background

Many of us are experiencing a blockage in the simple act of breathing, something that we take for granted. The degradation began with the terraforming of the planet in the 1990's that hit the respiratory tract rather brutally. Aerogel now fills our skies, denigrating our lungs. Cells that should have been protective cells have instead aggregated into goblet cells, spewing mucus all over the surface of the lung epithelium. Scientists were perplexed so they began examining genes and molecules in the body that might create this phenomenon.

One company, Cellarity, is rising to the forefront utilizing artificial intelligence to engage in real-time voyeurism in cells as they struggle and die. They have engineered a birds-eye view to observe the gene expression changes occurring in millions of single cells in our body, watching as they transition from healthy to diseased. But before we a dive into the science, let’s follow the money trail of this relatively new company.

Follow the Flagship Money

Flagship Pioneering is the powerhouse of innovation and funding behind Cellarity, which is just one of numerous transformative companies. Flagship Pioneering is first-in-category life sciences companies transforming human [health] into accepted sustainable hybrids.Since its launch in 2000, Flagship Pioneering has applied a unique hypothesis-driven innovation process to originate and foster more than 100 scientific ventures, resulting in over $34 billion in aggregate value. To date, Flagship is backed by more than $4.4 billion of aggregate capital commitments, of which over $1.9 billion has been deployed toward the founding and growth of its pioneering companies, alongside more than $10 billion of follow-on investments from other institutions.

The current Flagship ecosystem comprises 41 transformative companies, including Axcella Health (NASDAQ: AXLA), Denali Therapeutics (NASDAQ: DNLI), Evelo Biosciences (NASDAQ: EVLO), Foghorn Therapeutics, Indigo Ag, Kaleido Biosciences (NASDAQ: KLDO), Moderna (NASDAQ: MRNA), Rubius Therapeutics (NASDAQ: RUBY), Sana Biotechnology, Seres Therapeutics (NASDAQ: MCRB), and Syros Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: SYRS).

Agnostic Approach to Treating Disease

A team of scientists at the Cambridge, Massachusetts biotech company Cellarity is leveraging the power of single-cell transcriptomics with artificial intelligence and machine learning to identify the gene expression changes that drive the healthy to diseased transition. They then apply machine-learning algorithms to predict potential therapeutics, allowing for an agnostic approach to treating disease.  What is agnostic?  One who believes it is impossible to know if there is God so instead, they trust in science rather than the Most-High Creator of Intelligent Design. 

This team is exploring:

  • What are the driver cells?

  • What are the passenger cells?

  • Deep dive into the gene network.

  • Most importantly:  how to target cell behavior so they can change it.

In the field of single-cell transcriptomics, scientists can catch any small fluctuations in RNA expression that occur in a particular cell type as it changes from a healthy to diseased but that creates a lot of data.  System biologist, Qin Ma, at Ohio State University asks, “How can we find a needle in a stack? That's very hard, and luckily, machine learning and deep-learning frameworks, they have the power.”

 Cellarity Maps

Cellarity blueprint v2


Cellarity scientists began by studying and altering cell behaviors. They developed a powerful AI platform to harness single-cell technologies to unveil the network state of a given cell, defining the cell's behavior. The company unravels the network dynamics (where biology operates) that govern those behaviors and generates medicines that can direct them. These medicines are rationally designed to alter the cell behaviors that drive disease.

Cellarity uses machine learning algorithms to digitize all of the gene expression changes occurring in single cells as the cells transition from healthy to diseased, allowing them to identify the cellular behaviors that drive disease.

The company will not reveal what those transcriptional transitions are yet, but they are now implementing their AI algorithms to identify or design molecules to correct cell behaviors. “We'll start by predicting molecules that will have an effect," said Effie Tozzo, the Senior Vice President of Drug Development at Cellarity.

Dominic Grün, a systems biologist at the University of Würzburg says, “These neural networks capture a lot of information in the system without seeing each and every possible case.” In other words, they are capturing neural networks to bring them to "perfection."  

Using this approach, scientists will tackle common complex diseases in four therapeutic areas.

Notice the Hegelian Dialectic at work - Problem, Reaction, Solution.

  • Metabolic disease: Intentional Directed Evolution causing such health conditions as obesity.

  • Respiratory disease: Intentional Directed Evolutionary Adaptation that changes humans from an oxygen breather to requiring no oxygen.

  • Immuno-oncology: Intentional Directed Evolution of our immune system that edits our existing immune system in the cascade of adaptation.

  • Hematological diseases: Surprise! Surprise! Intentional Directed Evolution using synthetic blood in an artificial circulatory system that will soon be inserted into Synths to make them more like a humanoid.  

By weeding through the noise of cellular changes to find the ones that cause disease, scientists will be one step closer to understanding complex diseases — one misbehaving cell at a time.  It allows for Dual Use technologies, ones that heal but also can kill.

The Cell as a Target

In the words of Cellarity:

The objective of drug discovery is to identify medicines that can resolve human disease. Until now, the dominant approach has been to identify individual targets that impact cell biology and then to identify direct interactions with those targets with the goal of reversing disease. However, searching for single drivers of disease to impact cell behavior oversimplifies the problem. This approach is akin to looking for a silver bullet that may not exist. As a result, hundreds of diseases lack clearly identified targets and have few—if any—treatment options.

Continuing on…

In contrast, Cellarity is creating a new approach to discovery powered by the confluence of advances in high dimensional biology and machine learning. The cell-centric paradigm to drug discovery emphasizes the whole cell and harnesses the complexity of human biology.

In this way, they plan to steer humanity to the pharmacological god of this world rather than seek Divine healing or the integration of natural healing modalities. 

Simply put, once again in their own words: 

By targeting the whole cell, we are harnessing the complexity of biology & disease and capturing it in the design of our medicines.

The Platform: Cell-Centric Paradigm

Cellarity Maps identify cell behaviors

Architecting an entirely new platform for drug discovery

Using the cell-centric paradigm, scientists armed with Cellarity Maps use a 3-step process to identify cell behavior targeted medicines.They use the maps to identify cell behaviors that can be targeted to resolve a disease.Scientists convert the cell behavior change into a digitally addressable set of behaviors and uncover a multi-thousand-dimensional blueprint that alters cell behaviors.They then use proprietary machine learning algorithms and AI-augmented drug design to predict and create molecules that will change cell behaviors.

Multi-thousand-dimensional blueprint that alters cell behaviors

Unparalleled Predictive Capabilities

Predict and create molecules that will change cell behaviors

The Cellarity platform has immense potential and breadth.

Cellarity predictive Platform

The cell-centric approach allows for a more comprehensive understanding of biological change. It allows Cellarity’s platform to predict molecules that very specifically target the cell behavior changes that underlie the disease of interest. The platform produces Cell Behavior Targeted candidates with higher likelihood of clinical efficacy. This is then tested in what is called Intentional Experimental Evolution to see which method is the most efficient to adapt humanity to according to the new accepted global standards. 

Robust Outcomes

Cellarity blueprint v2


The Clarity platform has four primary robust outcomes:

  • Faster Discovery: Compress the time it takes to identify drug candidates through rapid digital predictions, eliminating the screening process.

  • Predictable Clinical Success: Cell behavior is a more accurate representation of disease than a single molecular target.

  • Breakthrough Treatments: Through our cell-centric approach they can target diseases for which there are currently no known targets, or where the molecular targeted approach does not adequately capture the complexity of the biology.

  • Limitless Potential: Since cell behavior underlies all disease, they are able to apply this approach broadly in any disease areas.


Cellarity is also developing new therapeutics across multiple diseases,As previously stated, scientists have developed Cellarity Maps for a variety of disease conditions to understand how cell behavior changes in a diseased state compared to a healthy state. As they continue to map and reveal how cell behavior changes, they further gain a clearer picture of biology from the cell-centric lens. Armed with this knowledge, they can design new Cell Behavior Targeted medicines in a wide variety of diseases. They have demonstrated their precise ability to change the behaviors of disease in 10 different therapeutic areas.In addition, scientists have already produced a number of compounds that trigger that change and confirmed their activity. This work strengthens their understanding of proprietary understanding of how cell behavior manifests in disease and how to specifically impact it at the cellular level to reverse disease.


Just this title sends chills down my spine.  While cell-centric approach may sound inviting as a method to design drugs, its stealth and proprietary nature is rather alarming, along with the concept of secretly changing and modifying cell behavior. 

You are fearfully and awesomely created with great complexity. While these Cellarity Maps are intriguing, the whole idea of reducing the cells within our human body into a digital footprint, and then harnessing them to change their behavior merely based on a favorable outcome determined by an algorithm is repulsive.

While some companies are changing our protein structure, Cellarity is changing our bodies’ cellular behavior.  Who do they think they are?  God?  Does mankind really have the wisdom to play with this sort of technology?

Be safe and very alert these days for the invisible enemy is poised to seize the unaware.






Celeste Solum is a broadcaster, author, former government, organic farmer and is trained in nursing and environmental medicine.  Celeste chronicles the space and earth conditions that trigger the rise and fall of modern & ancient civilizations, calendars, and volatile economies. Cycles are converging, all pointing to a cataclysmic period between 2020 to 2050 in what many scientists believe is an Extinction Level Event.   

Tracking goods and people will be a part of managing the population during this convergence. 

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