Silicon Valley hatch a plan to turn blood into human eggs and sperm

Synthetic Organisms Self-Replicate in a New Way

  • Rewriting the Rules of Reproduction
  • Gametogenesis
  • Offspring from any cell, live or synthetic
  • Sacrificial aborted fetuses required
  • "Solution" for the intentional techno-sterilization of mankind

    Researchers and scientists at Conception are working at a feverish pace to bring about a new technology that generates sex cells. Using a process called gametogenesis, these researchers venture to turn cells, such as cells from adult stem cells and even synthetic organisms, into gametes (reproductive or sex cells) that will become either an egg or sperm.

    The man who incubated the startup company Conception, Matt Krisiloff, is a gay man who wants to have "children." He has the favorable nod and powerful money behind his endeavor, but refuses to answer from where he receives his funding.

    Reproduction is being dissociated from what has been the accepted process of what we often call “the facts of life,” resulting in unfamiliar and unintended scenarios. It opens the door not only for same-sex reproduction, but perhaps even for one individual—or four—to generate offspring. It also allows for generation of inter-species and reanimation of a deceased or extinct propagation.

    As you might expect, the prospect of generating egg cells from a blood draw or from other creatures is profound—ethically and morally fraught with evil and danger. This technology makes a mockery of the biblical conception of children between one man and one woman, a blessing from God, thereby transforming this miracle process into a corporate game that can bring forth cursed monsters. These are in part what the military refers to as the New Humans. The Old Humans are scheduled for depopulation to make room for the new race of humanoid crossbreeds by 2025.



    While sounding noble, this technology breaks the barrier of infertility, thereby giving women the opportunity to choose when to have children, regardless of their age. It also allows male-male couples, multiple couples, and even synthetic lifeforms to have “biological” children.

    We must remember that it is God who opens the womb and blesses humans with children. With this technology God can be replaced altogether. The offspring of such technology can never be fully human, and as such we must ask, will they have souls if they are engineered from germs or synthetic entities?  Will these offspring be a den of demons desiring a host for habitation?

    Repugnant Shepherding

    Couching their words in biblical language, the people behind Conception assuage the lack of morality with sweet sounding words that their technology is acceptable and within biblical and societal norms.  For instance, they use the word “shepherding” as they mutate various cells into sperm or eggs to generate progeny.

    In the bowels of biology labs, scientists are deciphering the secrets of embryos with a particular interest in how eggs are formed. They are seeking the Holy Grail recipe to transmute any cell into an egg.

    In the Conception lab, scientists reconstitute the process under which egg cells would normally develop inside the female body. They generate induced pluripotent stem cells from blood samples, cells and synthetic lifeforms. They then shepherd these stem cells through the various steps that they would normally undergo as they develop to become viable eggs or sperm.

    This technology has not been attempted in humans but there are many research projects making viable mouse eggs, and even healthy, live mice. They are working wildly translating this technology to humans as an accessible and viable reproductive treatment.

    Initially, Conception scientists are working to make replacement eggs for women, which is scientifically easier than making eggs from male cells, and it has an obvious market.  Scientists are starting with blood cells from female donors and trying to transform them into the first “proof-of-concept human egg” made in the lab. The company hasn’t done it yet—nor has anyone else.

    More realistically, because the technology could turn cells into a manufactured resource, it could supercharge the path to designer children.  Such a laboratory process would also permit unfettered genetic editing with DNA engineering tools such as CRISPR with scoring embryos for their generic content. 

    The Payoff

    Artificial eggs could allow “wide-scale genomic selection and editing in embryos.”  The potential commercial and health payoffs could be huge.

    Two or more couples could conceivably contribute genetic material and then use a surrogate "mother" to bring the amalgamation of genetic material to term. 

    Krisiloff says, “It’s a question of when, not if.”

    The Process

     Here’s how the egg-making technology would work:

    • Take a cell from anything
    • Convert it to a stem cell
    • Reprogram the cell to become pluripotent-capable of forming any other type of tissue.
    • Encourage the induced stem cells to become eggs
    • The final step uses a Directed Evolutionary pathway to generate an egg, incubating the cells alongside tissue collected from ovaries.  In effect, modified cells want to become like the ovary cells.

    The hardest part is to produce an egg, and even more difficult to produce a sperm.  In 2016 two scientists in Japan were the first to convert skin cells from mice into fertile eggs, entirely outside the body.  To reproduce their success, they frankly admit, requires the sacrifice of aborted embryos or fetuses. 

    The group said a completely artificial system is important: “Because it does not require embryonic gonads, the methodology opens the possibility for application in other mammalian species with fewer ethical and technical concerns.”

    How Far Off?

    Scientists and funders say the technology is in the future, as they all scramble to be the first to achieve the synthetic reproduction and patent the process.  Given the actors, the deep money, and knowing that technology is really much further along than we are told you can expect to see it slam into the in vitro fertilization scene in the not-to-distant future.


    What can one even say to this depth of depravity?  How low will mankind be allowed to go by God before the prophecies of the End come to pass?  As beautiful as God's handiwork is, man has managed to drag it into abomination.  This is a time for prayerful introspection and solemnity.

    From the trenches,

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