Your DNA Please: DNA Sample Collection Change Starts April 8, 2020


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DNA Collection

This DNA collection is part of an integrated assault against humanity. Within the Federal Register, it breaks down the Constitutional barriers into their elemental form, eliminating it.  From the ashes of those marvelous protections emerges the global fascist state that will dictate your every action and inaction with dire eternal consequences.

This DNA collection is supposedly for aliens but the language within the document indicates otherwise. It comes to us at a pivotal point in history where the federal government is aggressively going after anyone believing or trusting in remedies other than federal government proposals such as the Hydrogel Sensor that self-assembles in your body, becoming one with you, and you become one with the computer network system and coming vaccine.

I would highly recommend if you choose to get a coronavirus test, I would highly have those persons fill out a Public Servant Questionnaire. It may be useful or it may not, but you have the potential for traceability for where and how your private intimate information is used.

This is part of integrated Medical Martial Law and also Precision Medicine to get everyone's DNA into a government database.  What will they do with that data?  It is used to prosecute you for various crimes against the state and to engineer various "things" to overcome the Godly bodily functions that has blessed you with until you are no more.  

As a Christian, you have been given the courage and tools to live above the mandates of satanic globalism.

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Celeste has worked as a contractor for Homeland Security and FEMA. Her training and activations include the infamous day of 911, flood and earthquake operations, mass casualty exercises, and numerous other operations. Celeste is FEMA certified and has completed the Professional Development Emergency Management Series.

  • Train-the-Trainer
  • Incident Command
  • Integrated EM: Preparedness, Response, Recovery, Mitigation
  • Emergency Plan Design including all Emergency Support Functions
  • Principles of Emergency Management
  • Developing Volunteer Resources
  • Emergency Planning and Development
  • Leadership and Influence, Decision Making in Crisis
  • Exercise Design and Evaluation
  • Public Assistance Applications
  • Emergency Operations Interface
  • Public Information Officer
  • Flood Fight Operations
  • Domestic Preparedness for Weapons of Mass Destruction
  • Incident Command (ICS-NIMS)
  • Multi-Hazards for Schools
  • Rapid Evaluation of Structures-Earthquakes
  • Weather Spotter for National Weather Service
  • Logistics, Operations, Communications
  • Community Emergency Response Team Leader
  • Behavior Recognition

Celeste grew up in military & governmental home with her father working for the Naval Warfare Center, and later as Assistant Director for Public Lands and Natural Resources, in both Washington State and California.

Celeste also has training and expertise in small agricultural lobbying, Integrative/Functional Medicine, asymmetrical and symmetrical warfare, and Organic Farming.

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