Pepper Hunter Rings the Christmas Bell Pepper

Pepper Hunter returns! It took awhile. I hope I can faithfully provide you with a 2017 pepper wrap up as a part of my Beta-Test Program.

One of my favorite peppers this year was the very prolific Bishop's Crown. It is also known as the Christmas Bell, Orchid, Flying Saucer, or Joker's Hat. The name comes from it's distinct bell or crown shape.

This pepper is found in Barbados and may be indigenous to South America. It found it's way to Europe probably via a Portuguese merchant in the 18th century.

Reviews say that it is medium hot pepper but in my book it would not be a medium hot but a sweet with a hint of heat.

It grows about 4 feet tall and my plant had probably 300 nice size peppers on it. The plant is very easy to care for and grow. No special requirements other than sun and water. It may require staking or caging because it does get to be a large busy plant.

Each pepper goes from light green to brilliant red. It does ripen very late in the season (100+ days) so when the killer frost was here to stay I pulled it by it's roots and let the peppers ripen slowly.

The flesh is paper thin and it dehydrates nicely.

I have not decided what I am going to do with it as yet. Suggestions?