The Great Garden Design Shake Up

Shepherdess Celeste, what's going on at Shepherd's Heart Farm?

Snowflakes are gently falling and I have the honor and duty to do participate in creation, as in many generations gone by. What do I mean? I am redesigning my garden. I have to do a serious shake up due to last years pests and a mild winter.

It is not as easy as you might think to accomplish as I have raised beds and lots of perennials. For my annual crops any root crops must be changed to above ground beds and vice versa.

Why is this so challenging, just move em? Because I have created many micro-climates in my garden, perfectly balanced like creation itself, with just the right amount of sun and water for certain varieties. That must all change now making me more vulnerable, and the possibility of crop failure. But I have no choice. I received a packet of seeds which contained more than seeds, a pest, the flea beetle that decimated my crops last year. It was akin to a cloud of locusts devouring all that is good and tasty.

And so this week the Great Garden Remodel of 2018 will begin with a garden design or schematic, trying my best to balance all the factors which make an incredible and abundant garden.