Tomatoes on Parade Awards a Gold Medal Tomato

The Parade at Shepherds Heart Farm continues...

Gold Medal was Beta tested here in the pristine Rockies this year. As far as I am concerned she does come in with a Gold Medal. She is a beauty, coming in with another sunset color palette, and is one huge tomato. Most of the tomatoes were 1-2 pound each. I love the sweet taste that lingers with that old fashioned tomato flavor.Unlike other blushes, Gold Medal has red veins, which are very unique.

She does like allot of water and needs a study cage. I would have liked production to be a bit higher, but when we hit 100 degrees she developed what she had, and did not recoup.

But for those who do not know, we had intense wildfire smoke and heat, so it was a brutal year for any garden much less, new Beta testing crops.

I did find that our lack of humidity really impacted the flowers on all my plants this year. No matter how much I watered, they still dehydrated.