Tomatoes on Parade! Colorful Indigo Apple Tomato

Prolific       Anthrocyanins for Health        Complex Flavor

Indigo Apple had a vigorous vine...can you say take over the greenhouse vigorous? It had a hefty stem and was about 8 feet tall, maybe more.

Indigo Apple  is a very prolific tomato plant with maybe 200 or more 5 ounce fruits, some smaller and some larger. They did ripen a bit on the late side. I had to house ripen them but I was well pleased with the result.

They have a complex very tomato flavor with a hint of sweet. I loved their color packed full with healthy micro-nutrients.

Their size allows a full portion for one person and is delicious in casseroles or sauces. I did dehydrate some for my colorful tomato casserole which I will make for Thanksgiving. They did dehydrate well.

The plant needed average watering, nothing out of the ordinary for tomato connoisseurs.

I highly recommend this lovely and flavorful tomato and I will be adding it to my list of keeps. This was its first successful year and so I will grow it for three years in changing environments to see how she does.

Other than plant size I think this tomato would make an excellent container tomato.

This tomato is perfect for those who live their red, round, medium slicing tomato packed with flavor with the bonus of the anthrocyanins for super health!

If you like Tomatoes on Parade Shepherdess Celeste is going to be interviewed on growing tomatoes from around the world in the Rocky Mountains. Stay tuned.