Tomatoes on Parade the Costoluto Genovese


Shepherdess Celeste

Tomatoes on Parade, the Costoluto Genovese, for my-ah Italian friends...I am saying that with an accent, but you can't tell it when I type away.

I originally grew this for Farmers Market but when the wildfires hit our area I ended up using it spaghetti sauce instead. Such a shame for such a beautiful ribbed tomato.

This is a large flattened globe tomato with deep ribbing which I love because I love the texture look. It is a mid-season tomato about 70-80 days and is an heirloom.

This plant was hardy because it did get 140 degrees a few times in my greenhouses last summer. It tolerated the low humidity but does like it's water. It does resist cracking (even when neglected) and that is always a bonus.

Typically, it is very prolific but due to our hostile weather conditions it didn't perform as well as it usually does.

It has a stellar flavor and is acidic, a bit tart, so is great for canning.

It is indeterminate so the sky is the limit for production.