What is the Fragrance of Heaven?

One of the things I miss during the winter months is the fragrance of the garden. It is heavenly!

So...I began to inquire what is the fragrance of heaven?

In the Legends of the Jews, Vol. 1 Paradise, the Third Heaven, is filled with all the trees of beautiful colors, and their fruits, ripe a luscious, and all kinds of foods which they produced (certainly not fast food-my insert), springing up with delightful fragrance. In the midst of Paradise Enoch saw the tree of life, in that place in which God rests when He comes to Paradise. This tree cannot be described for its excellence and sweet fragrance, and its beauty, more than any created created thing, and on all sides it is like gold and crimson in appearance, and transparent as fire, and it covers everything. From its root in the garden there go forth streams which pour out honey, milk, oil, wine and they go down to the Paradise of Eden, that lies on the confines between the earthly region of corruptibility and the heavenly realm.

Other accounts from the Legends of the Jews state that as we attend a Godly person as they die, Patriarchs also Adam and Eve, one can smell the fragrance of Paradise, even in the burial cave.