A Garden Before Time

As I seek God from with within the confines of my garden, I know that God created the perfect Garden.

It is said in Legend that seven things were created before creation as we know it came into being and one of those was the Garden in Eden. It was created by the Timeless One, in a state of suspended time or infinity. It evokes awe when we really think about it and new appreciation for our gardens!

The Hebrew word Mikedem to the east can be rendered from long ago. A Garden before earth and the galaxy was created.

God made grow out of the soil every tree that is pleasant to look at, good to the taste, and the Tree of Life in the Middle, and the Tree of Knowledge of what was good and evil

Our bodies are patterned after Garden in Eden, The heart provides life sustaining nutrients for the limbs of the body and the Word of God, the Tree of Life, providing spiritual sustenance.

Our spiritual and physical communities are patterned after the Garden in Eden. Beginning with One and reaching outwards bearing Light, Life, and Living Water.

God placed man in the Garden of Eden to work and guard it, not in the way we understand work and guard today, for all the plants and trees were mature. Some even say there was a bread tree from which baked bread fell. This may sound like a very big stretch, but is it really, when we consider God who created everything in intricate detail? There is a tree today known as the Breadfruit Tree.