Eighty Myriads of Trees in the Garden of Eden

This week is the Head of the Year for trees or simply known as the Tree New Year!  Whether you see it or not the tree is drinking moisture from the earth and her roots are uptaking nutrition to create flower buds and leaves.

I could not imagine life without the stately tree.  Her roots search out nutrition and water from the One who provides life, much in the way we search out the Holy One who sustains us.  The sturdy trunk reaches towards the heavens.  Think of it diversity, it is like a ladder of nutrition, like Jacob’s ladder with nutritional angels going upward and downward. 

Leaves on the tree provide shade from the hot sun.  They communicate to us when they are unhappy, yellowing, dropping, browning, wilting.  If we watch and listen we can hear what they are saying to us.

Why do I refer back to the Legends?  Wintertime is the time of reflection, dreams, and plans.  Snow is upon the ground and the world is silently waits spring with her host of activity. 

 I just love the stories about the Garden in Eden.  Here is another nugget:

There are eighty myriads of trees in every corner of Paradise, the meanest among them choicer than all the spice trees. In every corner there are sixty myriads of angels singing with sweet voices, and the tree of life stands in the middle and shades the whole of Paradise. It has fifteen thousand tastes, each different from the other, and the perfumes thereof vary likewise. Over it hang seven clouds of glory, and winds blow upon it from all four sides, so that its odor is wafted from one end of the world to the other. Underneath sit the scholars and explain the Scripture. Over each of them two canopies are spread, one of stars, the other of sun and moon, and a curtain of clouds of glory separates the one canopy from the other.

Just imagine......and some day we shall return to this glorious scene!