Cheese Making Class
Cheese Making Class

Cheese Making Class

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“Life is great. Cheese makes it better.”
Avery Aames, The Long Quiche Goodbye

Shepherdess Celeste loves her free-range goats her her homemade goat cheeses!

Learn how to make your own fresh cheese!  You can use the techniques taught in this class to make soft cheeses, hard cheeses or stringy cheeses.

In this class you will learn and receive:

  • Hands on cheese making
  • How to make soft cheese
  • How to make hard cheese
  • How to make stringy cheese

We will talk about the contentious issues of pasteurization and raw milk.  You will learn the details of what the process does to milk so you can decide what option you would like for your milk products.

Take your skills to the next level in 2019 and broaden your horizon to include making your own dairy products.  Goat milk is very digestible friendly because it does not have the enzymes that cows milk has.  You can make your own:  sour cream, yogurt, butter, kefir, cottage cheese, ricotta, and much more!

See you in class!

Minimum students for a class is 5, maximum 10.

Family Friendly Class

By appointment only