Shields and benefits the entire biosphere

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The most scientifically advanced wellness and EMF shielding technology available today.

4 stacks of 5" square stainless steel plates broadcast a 3D harmonic frequency covering well over 20 acres, shielding and protecting all biological systems within the protected area. This Array is the best product at neutralizing both the electrical and magnetic radiation blanketing our environment.

If you live near power lines or cell towers, or use WiFi in your home, this is a must have product that will continue to produce beneficial frequencies for decades to come.

Essential protection for your home, office and garden, where it will treat the entire biosphere and spur healthy, nutritious yields.

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Background Radio Frequency is everywhere and it's suppressing your health, the health of your employees and the health of your fruits and vegetables.

Today we live under the suppressive blanket of a multitude of radiation-producing technologies. These technologies promote progress and productivity, as well as consumer enjoyment, but they come with a dark side. Read about the dangers of Smart Meters, or high voltage power lines running through neighborhoods and you'll soon find you need to protect yourself and the home you live in. Now you can take control and fight back.

HelixLife EMF Shielding and Wellness Array's use advanced quantum physics and biophotonics to broadcast a 3D harmonic shield around your home, office or garden, all at the quantum level where atoms are interacting with the extreme environmental stressors of today. With this Array, all biological systems within the protected area will realize the shielding benefits.

We support you at the very genesis of your health, so that your immune system, nervous system and cognitive systems are no longer suppressed.  




Anecdotal benefits reported by users

  • - Helps restore optimal integrity of biological Systems 
  • - Energize, strengthen and regenerate the body
  • - Promotes alertness for long driving,
  • - Reduces jet lag and travel fatigue
  • - Blood oxygen levels rise and hold consistent
  • - Circulation improves Asthma attacks are reduced
  • - Faster recovery from exercise and muscle use
  • - Improved concentration
  • - Less brain fog
  • - Faster injury recovery
  • - Faster healing from surgeries, cuts etc
  • - Calmness which improved adrenal issues
  • - More restful sleep
  • In your home or office, place this Array on a plastic stand 1 foot off the floor, pointing due north.
  • If placing outside, you can place directly on the ground or on a plastic stand 1 foot off the ground, pointing due north. This will benefit the entire biosphere of your garden.


Sold out
Sold out

Product Details

  • Size: 14" x 14"  x 4 1/2"

  • Material: Made from 316 medical grade Surgical Stainless Steel. Because the quality and process of how the steel is made is very important to how the Array produces the effects, our research lead us to source our steel in Sweden. The factory we found there has a proprietary process that produces a superior hypoallergenic stainless steel that holds the molecular bonding in alignment. This alignment is very important to how photons react to electrons in producing the shielding effects. 316 Stainless steel is waterproof, sweatproof & rust proof.

  • Benefit Application: People, pets, plants and water.

  • Power:  Array is powered by photons (light particles) and earth’s natural, healing magnetic fields. No crystals, magnets or electricity.

  • Temperature: Best when used between 50°F and 105°F. Outside this temperature range the molecules are too close or too far apart to ‘talk’ and they rest until temperatures come back into range.

  • For Daily use: Can be placed inside a home, office, a vehicle or outside. If placed outside, be sure to protect the Array from the elements and be aware of the temperature requirements.

  • Application:  Produces a broad range of harmonic frequencies strong enough to cancel 3G, 4G ,5G and the growing number of wireless devices, smart meters, wi-fi, wiGig, high tension wires, cell towers and microwaves. Must be placed in an area away from magnetic interference. Align the box with Earth's magnetic north.

  • Effective range: With Array pointing dur north, horizontal to the Earth and away from magnetic interference, the frequency broadcasts over a 20 acre radius. Contact HelixLife for more detailed benefits and specific questions.

  • Safe for use with any medical devices- pacemakers etc. Safe for use with any medications or prescriptions you may be on. Safe with babies, nursing mom’s and children at home or school.

  • Neutralizing effects:

    • Magnetism, even a faint magnetic field, will ‘turn off’ the effects. Make sure placement is in a non-magnetic area. This can be tested by using an orienterring compass and testing an area, above, below and on all sides of where the array will be placed. If the arrow moves off true north at any point then there is magentism present. Slight magentism could be caused by nails or screws in the floor, rebar in concrete, wires in nearby walls, or even EMF spewing out of outlets. Using a simple orienteering compass will detect magnetism and help locate a clean location.

  • No Known Negative Effects: Over our 30 years of research and development there are no instances of negative effects on any biological systems; people, plants or animals. The pendants are perfectly safe and only produce a positive beneficial environment for the body, plants and animals to function in.

    Lifetime energy: Since the Array is photon powered it will maintain 100% of its healthy energy benefits for many decades. This is something that you can pass on to your loved ones.

    Included: 1 Array with protective box and 1 field compass for checking magnetism. Full infomation packet including extensive list of the effects and shielding potential.