Shepherds Heart Farm Details

Shepherds Heart Farm

Shepherds Heart Farm is cozily situated in Swan Valley in Montana. It can be a hostile growing climate with vast temperature swings, low humidity, and a short growing season. Despite these challenges Shepherds Heart sees the Swan Valley as the land of opportunity. 

        We specialize in growing crops from around the world and different time periods.

          Why?  Because we secure seeds and plants from hostile environments with short growing seasons. 

          • We grow 50 different kinds of tomatoes and 100 different kinds of peppers, as well as other farm crops.
          • We have a container citrus orchard that contains: Oranges, lemons, and limes!
          • Creative use of container gardening
          • We are 95% sustainable, we grow the food we eat
          • We grow and make our own apothecary including 70 different medicinal herbs and spices for a plethora of afflictions.
          • We use our farm products as food, artistic expression, health, nutrition, and income.
          • We share our wisdom with the community! Farmers Market, Festivals, Social Media, and Media
          • We are pro-active in small agricultural issues including governmental small agriculture and environmental policy