Seed Saving

Seed Saving

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The days are approaching where seeds will become as valuable as gold.  Seed saving delves into the whole process of seed saving so that you successfully develop your personalized food security and Seed Bank.

When you grow you own crops you can save money by Seed Saving. As with any skill there is a learning curve.  I will walk you through the benefits of seed saving and also the things that you want to avoid so that your seeds will have long lasting viable seeds. 

Seeds come in all different pods and there are different processes for saving seeds.  For instance, tomato seeds are different to process than poppy seeds. 

You can be saving seeds and money as you develop your own personal Seed Bank. In these days of a precarious food supply having a seed bank for personal use, barter, or sale could mean the difference between life and death!

As with all my mentoring tools, they come with the freedom to ask questions.  I will answer promptly. 

The life of my seeds is a year long journey.  I begin by ordering necessary seeds January 1st.  Begin planting some seeds in February with the colder crops being planted in the ground in May and warmer crops planted around June.  I begin harvesting seeds anytime from June to November.  Join me in my Seed Saving adventure! 

You receive a PDF with color photographs.