Purchase access for the Soul Catcher PDF notes

Purchase access for the Soul Catcher PDF notes

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Celeste Solum

Exposes Technology & Witchcraft

From Biblical and Ancient Cultural Resources



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Module 1:  Do You Feel Like You are Being Ritually Dismembered?

Module 2:  Trapping and Snaring Your Soul by Witches and Sorcerers

Module 3: The Bagging of Human Souls by Witchcraft

Module 4:  Erasing you from Reality:  The Diabolical Plan to Make You a Disembodied Soul

Module 5: Ghosting: Disembodying as a Form of Persecution and Murder

Module 6:  Can You Be Erased from the Book of Life?


These are the questions that you have long to have answered!  Includes:

  • Did Dr. Giordano Really Say Technology Can Capture the Soul?
  • Engineering Soul Catchers
  • Fibers from Hell
  • Enticement of the Gullibles
  • Do Pillow Traps Exist?  What are these techno-pillows?
  • Your DNA is Being Used as a Witches Beacon
  • Birds of a Feather!  Souls & Birds
  • Metamorphosis & the Soul
  • God's Promise
  • Sacrificial Murder and Dismemberment is Operational
  • Mutation, Mutilation, Decapitation is Here
  • Where are we on the Prophetic Time Clock?
  • Murder Humans to Save the Planet
  • Count it a blessing when you are persecuted

and much more.....

See you soon!