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November 19, 2019

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What is on my radar?

Today we have:

  • Cosmic Ray Alert
  • Prediction for a possible meteor outburst
  • Vegan Cannibalism
  • Speculation on a possible Chinese Star Gate
  • Practical tips for keeping rats and mice at bay
  • New Salt Guidelines Announced
  • Gram-Negative Bacteria best be on your radar
  • and more

Weather and Space Weather

2 COSMIC RAY ADVISORIES IN THE LAST 24 HOURS:  Cosmic rays impact your health such as higher incidence for stroke, cardiac issues, insomnia, cognitive impairment, and more.

You can protect yourself with simple and inexpensive solutions.  Discover how:  Electromagnetic Radiation Protection Solutions, God's Marvelous Protective Provisions for the coming Nuclear and Cosmic Superstorm CRISIS

CHANCE OF MAGNETIC STORMS: NOAA forecasters say there is a chance of minor G1-class geomagnetic storms on Nov. 21st when a fast-moving stream of solar wind hits Earth's magnetic field. The gaseous material is flowing from a ragged hole in the sun's atmosphere. This hole has strobed Earth with solar wind on four previous occasions and each time sparked a storm of G1-class or stronger.

These are due to coronal holes.

Cold America

Every place is a target.  It looks like because we are cold to the Living God we are hit with cold weather.  Bullseye!


Listen to the sound of Earth’s magnetic field as it’s pummeled by a solar storm

Our planet's magnetic field is "singing". The European Space Agency just released a recording of the frequencies generated as a solar storm collided with Earth’s magnetic field. Listen to it here.

Solar storms are the eruption of electrically-charged particles ejected from the sun. When they reach Earth, they hit the planet’s magnetic field, causing the release of complex magnetic waves.

The Earth’s magnetic field is the planet's primary line of defense against harmful solar activity that could knock out many orbital and terrestrial instruments and power grids. These eerie recordings are less a novelty soundtrack, and more an urgent alarm for us to do more to study these processes.


A METEOR OUTBURST IS POSSIBLE THIS WEEK: Get ready for a meteor outburst--maybe. On Nov. 21-22, Earth will pass by a stream of dusty debris from an unknown comet. Forecasters Esko Lyytinen (Finnish Fireball Network) and Peter Jenniskens (NASA/Ames) believe this could cause an outburst of alpha Monocerotid meteors. Jenniskens witnessed a previous outburst in 1995:

"This is a composite of alpha Monocerotids detected in low-light video observations by Sirko Molau in Germany during the 1995 outburst," says Jenniskens. "Most of the meteors ranged in magnitude from +2 to +0."

No one knows exactly where alpha Monocerotid meteors come from. The parent comet has never been seen. Based on the dynamics of its debris, it probably circles the sun every 500 years or so. We know the comet exists only because of the narrow trail of dust it left behind long ago. Earth has run into the dust trail at least 4 times, causing bright outbursts of meteors in 1925, 1935, 1985 and 1995.

Lyytinen and Jenniskens recently realized that in 2019 Earth would pass about as close to the debris as it did in 1995--and s,o they issued this alert. The outburst is expected around 04:50 UT on Nov. 22nd (11:50 p.m. EST on Nov. 21st). Because the debris zone is narrow (only ~50,000 km wide), the outburst could last as little as 15 minutes and probably no more than 40 minutes, producing dozens of meteors during that short time.

People in western Europe may have the best view shortly before sunrise on Nov. 22nd. For them, the shower's radiant in Monoceros (the Unicorn) will be relatively high in the southern sky. Skywatchers in eastern parts of North America can see the show, too, but not as well. As shown in the sky map, above, Monoceros will still be hugging the eastern horizon when the shower peaks over the east coast of Canada and the USA. West coast observers won't be able to see Monoceros at all.

There's no guarantee that anything will happen. Only a handful of alpha Monocerotid outbursts have been observed in the past century, which means researchers are still mapping the debris zone. Earth could hit a extra-dense spot, resulting in an amazing display, or pass through a void, producing nothing.

"We are crossing the dust trail along a different cord than in past returns and this will help understand how the dust is distributed perpendicular to, the Earth's path," says Jenniskens. "Whatever happens, we are going to learn something."

Space Weather Dashboard


The Cost of the Global War on terror: $6.4 trillion, 801,000 Lives

The estimated cost to the United States of America’s counterterrorism efforts, launched nearly two decades ago in the wake of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, stands at $6.4 trillion.

House panel moves 5G protection bills

They are not moving this for your health they are doing it in a cold war between China and the US in technology.  Who will gain global technological dominance?

wireless networks 

House lawmakers last week advanced legislation that would boost protections of emerging 5G wireless technology, as well as offer incentives for telecommunications providers to remove Chinese-made equipment from their networks.

In a Nov. 14 markup session, the House Subcommittee on Communications and Technology approved five bills related to emerging 5G networks and technology, advancing them to the full Energy and Commerce Committee for consideration.  Read more


Ring of Life, Fushun, China

The massive steel ring looks like it could be China’s first Stargate. 

In 2009, plans were made to create a new town between the two industrial cities of Shenyang and Fushun in the northeast of China. Shenfu New Town, as it was called, would handle the overflow from the two cities, which had been growing rapidly during the preceding decade.

To achieve its vision of “a place where people and nature live in harmony together,” local authorities brought in the entertainment designer Gary Goddard and his Californian-based firm, the Goddard Group, to develop a section of the new city. As well as developing plans for housing, retail, and entertainment sectors around the planned parks and lakes, Goddard came up with an ambitious and rather leftfield idea: A massive steel ring.

Read more


Nanotechnology Is Shaping the Hypersonics Race

New materials to deflect massive amounts of surface heat don’t come from nature.

A protective coating of carbon nanotubes may help the Pentagon field warplanes and missiles that can survive the intense heat generated at five times the speed of sound.

Researchers from Florida State University’s High-Performance Materials Institute, with funding from the U.S. Air Force, discovered that soaking sheets of carbon nanotubes in phenol-based resin increases their ability to disperse heat by about one-sixth, allowing a thinner sheet to do the job.

Carbon nanotubes have shown potential in a wide variety of applications in recent years, everything from space elevators to drug delivery. The flexible molecules, just a billionth of a meter wide, are 100 times stronger than steel but only 16 percent of the weight. The sheets also both disperse heat and insulate well.“Carbon nanotubes have magnitudes higher in-plane thermal conductivity than carbon fiber,” researcher Ayou Hao explained to Defense One in an email. “Once the heat reaches the carbon nanotube thermal protection layer surface, it is quickly dispatched.”

Of course, carbon nanotubes don’t exist in nature. They have to be made. The creation of new materials at the nanoscale is, technically, nanotechnology, which sounds exotic and expensive. But manufacturing processes in recent years have brought down the cost of producing carbon nanotube sheets. Multiple fabrication methods exist today, including the use of small electrical explosions called arc flashes, lasers, etc.

Food Supply

Eating ourselves is eco-friendly (planet friendly) cannibalism

Is cannibalism VEGAN?

According to some progressive food extremists, eating humans is cruelty-free

Typifying the type of perverse news that we hate to have to report on, pagan society has come up with yet another progressive “solution” to the “problem” of meat-eating: Let’s just all eat ourselves and our friends instead.

According to reports, some so-called “vegans” are now having their blood siphoned out of their own bodies and turned into edible “sausage” that they claim is “cruelty-free” because no animals were harmed in its manufacture.

Video footage out of Spain shows how this “human blood sausage” is actually made, from the syringe to the casing. And as you’d probably expect, it’s one of the most disgusting things we’ve seen yet, should you choose to watch it.

“They want to promote satanism the same as child sacrifice, bestiality, homosexuality and transgender dysphoria, pedophilia, and devil worship. They want to drag your real soul down to hell.”


Video Link

What is NASA’s Mars Climate Modeling Center?

Understanding Mars’ climate – past and present – for better exploration and science

During the summer of 2018, a storm was raging – not on Earth, but on Mars, where a massive dust storm kicked up, eventually encircling the planet. By late November, the dust from that episode had settled, but it was still dust storm season when NASA’s Mars InSight lander successfully arrived on the surface. Having consulted with the Mars Climate Modeling Center at NASA’s Ames Research Center,

Earth Changes

Huge tsunami hit Oman 1,000 years ago

Fifteen-meter high waves that pushed boulders the weight of a Leopard tank inland: This is more or less how one can imagine the tsunami that hit the coast of today's Sultanate of Oman about 1,000 years ago, as concluded by a recent study by the universities of Bonn, Jena, Freiburg, and RWTH Aachen. The findings also show how urgently the region needs a well-functioning early warning system. But even then, coastal residents would have a maximum of 30 minutes to get to safety in a similar catastrophe. The study will be published in the journal Marine Geology but is already available online.  Read more

Practical Tips

We get into some pretty interesting spiritual and practical discussion at my Patreon site, this is an example of real information that you can use. 

Ye Rats, Be Gone! This is no rat satire

No kidding, in my spare time I must deal with mouse and rat problems.  I am not sure if you knew this, but true rat and mouse poison were banned. TPTB knew mice and rats would be an issue as they are vectors for all sorts of diseases.  I am not a lazy person but on occasion, I go for convenience these days because I knew in these parts that, the mice and rats seek refuge.  Dutifully, I bought a bucket of mouse poison and they do not touch it.  They leave their turd calling cards while laughing with glee at me.

What does one do when mouse poison has been outlawed?  

Well, you can sing a rat satire like in Outlander or you can turn to pioneer methods.  What are some of those, you might inquire?

You can mix arsenic, bread, butter and sugar together.  Use 1/4 to 1/2 ounce of arsenic.  Keep it away from children and pets.    Spread bread with butter. then sprinkle freely the arsenic and over than a little sugar.  With a flat knife press down the arsenic into the bread and butter so it will not fall off.  Now cut the bread into squares about an inch and half or so.  You can put these near rat holes which I do not see in my case, so I will just put it at their hang-outs.  Once they begin to die the others avoid the area.  Repeat until you are free from the creatures.

Poison free, German method.  Take a piece of cheese and put it on the end of a fishing hook.  Suspend the hook in the favorite feeding areas and put it about a foot above the floor.  One rat leaps at this and remains suspended scaring the rest away.  Rather gruesome if you ask me. Notes say that Yankee rats are too smart for this so move along, nothing to see here.  

Baron Von Backhofen used a mixture of 2 parts finely well-bruised squills (a spring bulb so these are for spring mice) and 3 parts finely chopped bacon made into a stiff mass.  Then make into small cakes that are put around for the mice to eat.  

Scientific American back in the day said to coat the basement and foundation of a house with a whitewash with copperas, making it a yellow wash rather than a whitewash.  Do this each year.  They also suggest putting out soap.  I should try that!

This is the one that I am going to use!  Take equal quantities of rye meal and unslacked, powdered fine lime, mix well, put in flat dishes around so the rats and mice can eat freely.  The mice and rats will get thirsty and go for water which slacks the lime and the gas destroys them.  

If you have a mouse or rat holes put a daub of tar, they hate it and will not enter.


On this day in 2011, the U.S. military tested an "Advanced Hypersonic Weapon" over the Pacific, successfully targeting the Kwajalein atoll in the Marshall Islands.


FENS 2019:  EFSA decade has toiled for over ten years to establish a safe and adequate level of sodium and chloride mandate and that is 2 grams for an adult per day. 

Salt is critical to the body and spirit of a person.

Salt: Treasure of the Ancient World and Highly-Valued Currency of the Roman Empire

Salt was one of the greatest treasures of the ancient world. Production facilities dedicated to the mineral provided work for many people, but now most of the sites are destroyed or hidden deeply under the ground and buildings of modern cities. However, there are still a few impressive sites that document the work of people who produced an ancient symbol of luxury.

Nowadays, most people cannot imagine their lives without salt. It is used in many different parts of daily life and is in everything from food to cosmetics. Moreover, the tradition of the use of salt is very old. In ancient times a person who owned a salt production site was very wealthy.

100 AD Roman miniature salt dish.

100 AD Roman miniature salt dish. ( Carl Guderian /CC BY NC SA 2.0 )

Salt was very popular in the Roman Empire and early Roman Republic. The Roman Legions sometimes also used salt as the currency. Due to the high value of salt, an ancient Roman proverb said that people who did their job well were “worth their salt.” (Or “worth their weight in salt.”)

Salt is a very strong metaphor in the Bible - which further stresses its importance in the ancient world. For example, Jesus said, “you are the salt of the earth.” In the Old Testament, salt has a ritual meaning. In another part of the Bible Jesus tells his followers to have salt within them. Salt appears in many parts of the Bible as a symbol of wealth or something that is very important. Read more

Ancient Civilizations

The Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá

Once an Ancient Mine, The Breathtaking Underground Salt Cathedral of Colombia

From preserving the food and trade of prosperous Pre-Hispanic civilizations to funding a liberator’s fight for independence, all the way to astonishing modern tourists and worshippers with its marvelous ornamentation, the Zipaquirá salt mine in Colombia has had a rich history.

The salt deposit has its origins in an inland sea that covered the region some 250 million years ago. When the sea dried up a large salt deposit was left behind in the mud and this eventually, solidified to become giant rocks of salt. As people began to inhabit the region they soon found a purpose for all those salt crystals.

"Water mirror” in Zipaquirá salt mine.

“Water mirror” in Zipaquirá salt mine. Source: Novoaparra/CC BY SA 3.0

The Salt People

Although there are still large quantities left, the salt mine has been heavily exploited over the years. The first to have shown a strong interest in mining the site was probably the Muisca civilization. The Muisca peoples are recognized as having one of the more advanced pre-Hispanic civilizations in the Americas, thus it is not too surprising that they were able to use the natural resource to their advantage. When the Spanish conquistadors arrived in the area in 1537, they found themselves in the land of the Muisca leaders and were likely astounded by what they saw.  Read More


To balance the darkness of the days that we are going into we need to find our sweet spots for:

Quietness for prayer, reflection, and grounding

Reduce our busy schedule, to live the moments that we are given

Be thankful, grateful, and mindful of all the blessings that have been bestowed upon us, even when they appear to be challenging at the time.

The most endangered sound on Earth doesn't come from a near-extinct animal or an outmoded form of transportation — it's silence. And the Hoh River Valley deep in Washington's Olympic National Park might be one of its last refuges. Accessible only after a 3-mile hike away from roads and visitors centers and into moss-coated hardwoods, fern-covered forest floors, and small babbling brooks, is a small pebble atop a fallen log, signifying one of the quietest places in the United States. The kicker? It's only one square inch. [..]

everything from beaches to the deep rainforest to alpine glaciers can be found in Olympic, the deep makes it a haven of natural sound.  Amazing Places


This should come as no surprise as the OIE (UN) issued its 1500 page Manual of Diagnostic Tests and Vaccines for Terrestrial Animals back in 2005.  Yes, we are defines as a terrestrial animal.  It works with the Terrestrial Animal Health code and the Aquatic Code to bring you over 4500 pages of global mandates being implemented in the countries in which you live.


Global One Size Fits All Vaccine Agenda

Now that the pervasive "one size fits all" vaccine agenda has captured all governments and regulatory agencies to do its bidding, the push to vaccinate every human being on the planet is reaching a fever pitch. What many people may not realize is that the current drive for vaccine mandates and removal of exemption rights is a global agenda. Coordinated by numerous international health agencies, it's happening all over the world. Read more


ALERT:  Heart attack warning: Zithromax antibiotic could be a deadly choice

Zithromax is an antibiotic typically prescribed for infections like bronchitis, ear infections, and pneumonia.  Sometimes called azithromycin, Zmax, or “Z-Pack”, many doctors and patients prefer it because it can be taken for fewer days than other common antibiotics


MRSA colonies on blood agar plate

Antibiotic Discovery… There’s an App for That

As antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria become an increasing concern to public health, new technologies to hasten the discovery of new antibiotics for our quickly diminishing arsenal are paramount. Gram-negative bacterial infections are a particularly significant concern, and the lack of new drug classes for these pathogens is commonly linked to the inability of most drugs leads to accumulating inside Gram-negative bacteria.


A team developed a web application—eNTRyway—that predicts compound accumulation (in Escherichia coli) from its structure. The tool also offers insights into discrete chemical changes that can convert drugs that kill other bacteria into drugs to fight Gram-negative infections.

The team proved the system works by modifying a Gram-positive drug and testing it against three different Gram-negative bacterial culprits in mouse sepsis. The drug was successful against each of them.

[...]   “It’s really hard to find new antibiotics for Gram-negative pathogens because these bacteria have an extra membrane, an outer membrane, that’s very good at keeping antibiotics out,” said Paul Hergenrother, Ph.D., professor of chemistry at University of Illinois who led the research.

[...]  The challenge is so profound that no new classes of drugs to fight Gram-negative bacteria have been approved by the FDA in 50 years, Hergenrother said.


Developed by graduate student Bryon Drown, the app also can point to ways of modifying existing drugs—for example, those known to work against Gram-positive bacteria—to convert them into potent killers of Gram-negative pathogens.  Read more



Last Word

I will shew him my salvation.  Psalm 91:15

Even when we are in dilemmas that we make our-self, God the Father and Jesus His Son anguish with our pain as we suffer the consequences. Any parent can attest to this.  

I think of the word used many times in scripture, Heneini, "Here I am."    I am ready for protection, deliverance, and to do Thy will.  

The Psalmist writes in Psalm 50:15:  Beseech Me in the day of distress, I will release you and you will honor Me.  This implies that we own a debt of gratitude to the Lord for our release from distress.  God not only releases this person of faith, but also honors that person, and will endow and confer that person with His power.

God Bless you from the trenches.  Be safe, everyone.



Celeste has worked as a contractor for Homeland Security and FEMA. Her training and activation's include the infamous day of 911, flood and earthquake operations, mass casualty exercises, and numerous other operations. Celeste is FEMA certified and has completed the Professional Development Emergency Management Series.

  • Train-the-Trainer
  • Incident Command
  • Integrated EM: Preparedness, Response, Recovery, Mitigation
  • Emergency Plan Design including all Emergency Support Functions
  • Principles of Emergency Management
  • Developing Volunteer Resources
  • Emergency Planning and Development
  • Leadership and Influence, Decision Making in Crisis
  • Exercise Design and Evaluation
  • Public Assistance Applications
  • Emergency Operations Interface
  • Public Information Officer
  • Flood Fight Operations
  • Domestic Preparedness for Weapons of Mass Destruction
  • Incident Command (ICS-NIMS)
  • Multi-Hazards for Schools
  • Rapid Evaluation of Structures-Earthquakes
  • Weather Spotter for National Weather Service
  • Logistics, Operations, Communications
  • Community Emergency Response Team Leader
  • Behavior Recognition

Celeste grew up in military & governmental home with her father working for the Naval Warfare Center, and later as Assistant Director for Public Lands and Natural Resources, in both Washington State and California.

Celeste also has training and expertise in small agricultural lobbying, Integrative/Functional Medicine, asymmetrical and symmetrical warfare, and Organic Farming.

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