Behind the Scenes with Celeste 9-4-2019


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Child Sacrifice:  The Asilomar Factor

Diamonds, Glass and Earth Fragments

Big Bertha, a rock brought home by Apollo stunned scientists.  They presume that it came from earth


Senators Urge Inclusion of Nuclear Weapons Provisions in 2020 NDAA. A group of 18 US senators recently urged the Senate Armed Services Committee to include three nuclear weapons provisions in the final National Defense Authorization Act for the fiscal year 2020. The provisions were included in the House-passed version of the bill. (Homeland Preparedness News, 8/23/19)

NDAA is the act whereby Americans can be targeted and eliminated any time for any reason.  NDAA is unconstitutional. 


Huge Us Government Study to Offer Genetic Counselling. A US government study that aims to sequence the genomes of one million volunteers will partner with a genetic-counseling company to help participants understand their results. It will be the largest US government study to provide such a service. (Nature, 8/21/19)

All of Us is the recruitment of Americans for genetic exploitation.  I have been covering since it was launched about two years ago.   Now, in addition to surveillance of the most innermost workings of your body and mind, they will offer genetic counseling. I can only imagine what they will suggest. 


Hurricane Dorian today from the International Space Station, today September 4


With every disaster, there is an invasive objective for money, power, or an expansion of power.

"With 40.8 million people and $1.2 trillion in assets at potential risk for #flooding in the U.S., it's paramount that areas with increased flood risk are accurately identified and mapped so people and #criticalinfrastructure can be protected."


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