Behind the Scenes with Celeste 9-5-2019

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 Lessons of Faith from the Hurricane

Space Weather 

We have entered geomagnetic instability with a KP of 4 going from ordinary to unstable in a mere 3 hours.  Plasma density has popped up since yesterday.  It is now jiggy with an uptick.  The solar wind dropped off but is now picking up once again as the sun couples with earth once again creating a new solar particle flux. This activity comes from a coronal hole.  The Phi angle is flip-flopping like a fish.  The Phi angle indicates the earthquake/volcano activity.  It is moving wildly all over the map.   The Electron count is up, and the chance to see aurora increases and the small perturbations could impact the power grid.  Twenty people are dead so far.

Check out the Suspicious Observers report for today on space weather.


US Wargames to Try Out Concepts for Fighting China, Russia 

Joint Staff-led exercises will test new communications gear and new ideas for getting past "industrial-age" synchronization of forces.

Why must we pay attention to this?  Because the rhetoric is building to a crescendo.  The 10th Man is changing our assumptions about operational environment and warfare. 


Coming Soon to a Battlefield: Robots That Can Kill

A Marine Corps program called Sea Mob aims to develop cutting-edge technology which would allow vessels to undertake lethal assaults without a direct human hand at the helm. A handful of such systems have been deployed for decades, though only in limited, defensive roles, such as shooting down missiles hurtling toward ships. But with the development of AI-infused systems, the military is now on the verge of fielding machines capable of going on the offensive, picking out targets and taking lethal action without direct human input.

Food Supply

South America's "Dry and Cold Winter" lowers fruit and Vegetable Production

Official Canadian Crop Estimates in Wheat and Corn inSharp Decline Due to Adverse Seasonal Conditions


Asteroid researchers and spacecraft engineers from the U.S., Europe and around the world will gather in Rome next week to discuss the latest progress in their common goal: an ambitious double-spacecraft mission to deflect an asteroid in space, to prove the technique as a viable method of planetary defense.
Europe, U.S. Teaming up for Asteroid Deflection

Earth Changes

Pond Of Boiling Water Continues To Grow In Kilauea Crater, Baffling Scientists

Want to Avoid Climate-Related Disasters? Try Moving

The response to catastrophes — Katrina, Sandy, Harvey, Michael — tended to be a defiant vow to rebuild, turn the loss into a lesson by making protective seawalls higher and stronger to hold back floods, or raising homes onto stilts to stay clear of the encroaching waves. To this, experts say, “Enough.” The time has come to consider a different path: retreat. Abandon areas prone to repeated disaster in favor of those that are safer and do so in a deliberate, thoughtful way.


Dorian Is the Second-Strongest Atlantic Storm on Record. (The Economist)/ 

Hurricane Dorian is a strong storm, but we have experienced fewer hurricanes. 

Hurricane Dorian Is Not a Freak Storm (Rachel Gutman, The Atlantic)
Its record-breaking power is in line with recent, worrisome trends.


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