Behind the Scenes with Celeste- September 3, 2019

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Lawless Climate Brings Volatility and Famine


As you glean your news and make wise decisions, it is critical to understand that our language, words, and semantics have been weaponized.  It is not only true of language but within every discipline, there is an application of DUAL USE.  One meaning is positive, and that is what you are being told and sold. The other is nefarious, dark, and evil.  When we glean the information, we must look between the lines for the truth.  Case in point today's headliner: The Aging Federal Workforce Needs ‘New Blood,’ Experts Say.  It is true that the population is getting older and needs new insight and energy, but the dark side is the promulgation of the agenda to harvest blood from our youth. 



One of SpaceX’s Starlink satellites almost collided with a weather satellite

The European Space Agency had to move one of its satellites out of the way to protect it from colliding with a SpaceX Starlink satellite.


The ESA says it’s the first time it has had to perform a “collision avoidance maneuver” to stop one of its satellites from crashing into a “mega constellation” satellite. ESA said it was rare that it has to dodge active satellites: most maneuvers of this sort are to avoid debris. Collisions in space are not the only concern because satellites are falling out of orbit to earth.  Will we see raining satellites in our future?  It is a possibility as they are knocked out due to space weather.


It’s hard not to interpret the news as a criticism of SpaceX’s plans to launch 12,000 satellites ( 24,000 satellites from one company) There are many other companies and government satellites in low-orbit) to providing everything from surveillance (24/7) to broadband internet connections. 


Space debris:  Take a peek:






As humans degrade into primordial glue forsaking their spiritual essence and ravaged by the ravishing technology, synthetic 'life-forms' are taking on human attributes.  AI chatbots (AGI) are developing at a faster pace than anyone knew until the Russians asked the bots themselves. They launched a set of bot interactions intended to draw out the chatbots’ “world view,” “value positions,” and “ideas about the future” — “in other words, the set of stereotypes that the neural network selects from the entire array of available information, responding to audience requests,” as they wrote.  It is sobering


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