Behind the Scenes with Celeste September 2, 2019

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Food Supply Reality

Geopolitical October Surprise in Works?

I just received this notification from David DuByne why China might factor into this year's October Surprise.  He goes into the backstory on the building situation in China, and six reasons that he believes that the food supply and financial markets will be disrupted. David lives in Taiwan, so he is familiar with the Chinese landscape. 

Depopulation and the Food Supply


Humane Euthanasia and Depopulation of animals?  This is a presentation, including the new depopulation standards.  Remember, in the eyes of the policy-makers; you are considered an animal.  Since the year 2000, possibly longer,  the rule is dual purpose legislation and regulation.


You are witnessing the chaotic weather whether you are searingly hot, snowing, or receiving a deluge. Geo-engineering plays a significant part; there are other factors. Discover how cosmic rays and STARS can impact our climate.

It boils down to aerosols and nucleation.  On the Hagmann Report, I mentioned a long scrubbed document discussing the biologic, including extraterrestrial origins and the belief that the earth was seeded from ET sources.  Here is the material for you to examine.


Practical Tips


These days many of us are under considerable stress.  Environmental factors such as cosmic rays increase our likelihood of a cardiac event or stroke.  This is not medical advice; always check your healthcare professional, but in all probability, most will not know that cinnamon can thwart such a scenario.

Ten years ago, a friend who was the care giver for her 95-year-old mother called saying her mom had had a stroke.  I asked if she had any cinnamon. She did not and only lived a few miles away so cinnamon in hand down the road I went.  When I arrived, her mom was conscious but dead weight.  I broke open a cinnamon capsule and put it under her tongue so it could get into her body fast.  We carried her to her bed and made her comfortable.  I went home.  An hour later, she called and said I would not guess what her mom was doing.  She was up cleaning her purse, good as new.  She gave her mom cinnamon for three days, but on the third day she failed to give it to her, and her mom passed away to be with the Lord.

I say this because I take cinnamon every day.  About a week ago, I felt like brain fog or some.  Whatever it was, it was not right.  It was during one of the sun-earth magnetic connections.  It was then that I realized that I had forgotten to put cinnamon in my supplement dispenser. 




I love a good mystery, and this is one certainly piqued my curiosity over the years.  Is it real or a fraud?  Can you crack the code of the Voynich Manuscript?  Has it finally been decoded?

I bring this to you because I believe that the Bible is layered with embedded messages for each season in our lives.  Some are apparent, and some are hidden.  On our journey in this life, it is our task to mine the precious nuggets from the Scriptures and then applies them to our lives.


The human intestine harbors trillions of microorganisms that are essential to human health. Collectively referred to as the gut microbiome.  The composition of the microbiome varies dramatically from person to person and depends on numerous factors, including diet, age, gender, the presence of stressors, and geographic location.

Looking ahead, the military and commercial markets are turning to synthetic biology and genetic engineering to provide a novel means toward manipulating the intestinal microbiota and advance DoD efforts to improve warfighter health.  We are all war fighters.  Beware of this move towards GMO probiotics and prebiotics.  From HDIAC

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