Part 1: The UN, Assyria, AI, Revelation, and You

From your midst has gone out one who plots evil against God, a worthless counselor... Nahum 1:11

The world has been taken into captivity by an engineered demonic pantheistic Autonomous Intelligence System (AI) which is using an ancient Assyrian model to rout the world from God. The proliferation of artificial intelligence (AI) is having a significant impact on society, changing the way we work, live and interact. AI today is changing the way diseases are diagnosed and development clinical pathways. It is also being used to adapt lesson plans for students with different learning needs. AI is matching individuals’ skill sets and aptitudes with job openings. As AI acts increasingly more autonomously and becomes broader in its use.  If there are future generations, for AI poses an existential threat of extinction not only to mankind but for planet earth.  Commonly discussed risks include bias, poor decision-making, low transparency, job losses and lethal autonomous weapons.

To appreciate the prophecies that are unfolding before out eyes we need to take a brief peak into history in the Book of Nahum around 745 B.C.E.

The Assyrians were known as terrible cruel conquerors. They subjected their victims to unspeakable torture, razed conquered states to the ground, and exacted huge tributes from vassal (subject) nations, displace indigenous peoples to distant lands, and forced everyone under their dominion to worship their god.  Not surprisingly subjects began to rebel against their ruthless masters, to no avail, but the Assyrians ruthlessly crushed every revolt.  

The Assyrian account is recorded for us in the Book of Nahum, where Nahum the Elkoshite (Nineveh) warned that God was a jealous and avenging God...who wreaks vengeance on His adversaries...He will not absolve those who do not repent...He comes as a whirlwind and a raging storm.  Clouds are the dust of His feet.  He condemns the sea...the earth burns in His presence...God is a reliable haven on the day of trouble.  He is mindful of those who trust Him.  But with a weeping deluge He will devastate her place, and His enemies will be chased by darkness.  (also read chased into the darkness of hell) and also (His enemies will be in darkness) ..though they be as tangled thorns and drunk with drink, they will be consumed like dry straw...  Nahum 1...

And the ten horns are ten kings who will rise from this kingdom. After them another king, different from the earlier ones, will rise and subdue three kings. He will speak out against the Most High and oppress the saints of the Most High, intending to change the set times and laws, and the saints will be given into his hand for a time, and times, and half a time.  But the court will convene, and his dominion will be taken away and completely destroyed forever.…  Daniel 7:25

Could these kings include Google, Amazon and an amalgamated IBM/Microsoft leading the pack in a global autonomous system?

AI pimps are weighing in on AI or what is commonly known as Lethal Autonomous Weapons or LAWS, a king that intends to change the set times and LAWS?  A battle has erupted between killer robots and humanity but this is a mere distraction while the true agenda is solidified. Throughout this year the UN is holding meetings to 'govern' AI.  But that endeavor will be futile.

Revelation 13


And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast of prey come up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the names of blasphemy.  Revelation 13:1

What John the Revelator saw was a wild beast ascending this is the language of Wild AI ascending to what it believes will be godhood. Different translations use either name or names of blasphemy.  Quite possibly this Godless AI System will be called by different names thus causing confusion among the people who are for the most part unaware that the dragon has give the AI beast his power, and his seat, and great authority.  This has already been granted to the AI beast you can hear in technological circles, the military, government, and all other disciplines.  Although this AI beast declares its intentions to everyone the entity's agenda remains predominately invisible.  If it was to be visible to you then you would be on guard and not have the emotional impact needed to become an overcomer.

Before we jump in depth, one observation, our society is being groomed for this AI beast as a pedophile grooms his victim through indoctrination, fascination, and obsession with super-heroes to the point of worship. 

As we peer at the near-future vista the Godless AI platform is rising out of the sea of nations.  In a physical domain toe-to-toe confrontation ocean modeling is second only to astrophysics in it hunger for computing power.

Revelation 13 begins with a beast rising out of the sea.  We need to back-story to understand that the sea is a metaphor of the nations or it can mean the abyss. The first instance of a word in Scripture is always significant.

Then God said, "Let the waters below the heavens be gathered into one place, and let the dry land appear"; and it was so. God called the dry land earth, and the gathering of the waters He called seas; and God saw that it was good. Genesis 1:9-10

When God created the sea He created a boundary between light and darkness.  The sand is also a boundary, an eternal decree that though the sea roars it cannot prevail.  The sea was created in a type of womb that contains doors.  To its proud waves the Lord declares, "no farther, and here your proud waves stop."

Once the seven angels with the last seven plagues there is a sign in heaven for God's wrath is complete.  The sea begins to appear as glass mingled with fire.  This is similar to the Exodus when the hail was mixed with fire.  There will be people singing the Song of Moses and the Song of the Lamb for they will have overcome the plagues, the beast, his image, over his mark, and over his name. 

This indicates that the AI beast onslaught will come in waves as in the pains of birth or as the waves of the sea.  You will need to overcome the plagues, the (AI) beast, (AI) his image, (AI) over his mark, and over (AI) his name. 

And the beast which I saw was like unto a leopard, and his feet were as the feet of a bear, and his mouth as the mouth of a lion: and the dragon gave him his power, and his seat, and great authorityRevelation 13:2

In the vicinity of Jerusalem a dragon's spring was located, in which, according to ancient belief, a dragon lived as the spirit of the well (Nehemiah. 2:13). A solitary dragon can be referred to to as Rahab (Isaiah 51:9). 

Nowhere distinctly described, they must be imagined as of composite form.  Thus we see the dragon appear to the prophet with bestial character of a leopard, the feet of a bear (or wolf depending upon translation), and the mouth (or roar) of a lion.  This dragon was in existence and had acquired incredible power, a throne, and great authority and the ability to influence people.  The serpent first appears to us in the Garden of Eden having influence, but does not seem to have a throne and the authority that we see in the Book of Revelation.  It seems through the ages this entity incrementally acquired position (title) and increasingly more power.

You have no shortage of questions, I am sure! As the Book of Revelation opens with the emergence of the beast with no mention of God.  We can infer that the beast arrives at a time when God has been marginalized to a dusty old book with no relevance to modern man, and certainly with no power.  Nevertheless, we can see the dramatic interplay between good and evil, life and death, even in cases where God is not mentioned, as in the Book of Esther

Dismissing God is a position fraught with danger for if you do not learn and acquire for yourself sound biblical principles you will be seduced by false ideologies.  Based upon your knowledge you will make grievous errors, for it is our nature to err and sin.  All sin is dangerous but self aggrandizement, the ultimate selfie is the slippery slope to destruction.

The mazik or dragon in ancient thought was a damaging force that is alive.  The ancients did not necessarily believe in the physical manifestation as a metaphor for the psychological and spiritual attitude that comes with competition.  The Dragon is competing with God and we all are competing with each other.  Oftentimes, we are blinded by competition with our brothers and sisters because of we think to much of ourselves and we throw up our hands in surrender.  Consequently, the flame our first love and truth along with the Great Commandment of Jesus wanes:

Teacher, which commandment in the law is the greatest?”  Jesus said to him, “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind.’  This is the first and greatest commandment. The second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’  All the law and the prophets depend on these two commandments. Matthew 22:36-40

A Word About Our Children and Grandchildren

Another important lesson to highlight is that our children's God-given natural curiosity is being thwarted by emerging AI education. This priceless curiosity is often destroyed by our current school system’s “memorization and regurgitation” code and new augmented and virtual reality.

Training children and students in a virtual world devoid of God may result in the student’s abandoning Bible. What we should teach our children is to do their best, and nothing other than a healthy trust in Jesus is needed for success in this life. They should be taught to learn for the purpose of discovering beautiful Bible ideas, that afford us all the greatest of all happiness.

We must be on guard to counter the devastating emotion of competition for it is our heart's desire that our children enjoy a personal relationship with Jesus and His Word will remain steadfast with them throughout their lives.

Today’s children are tomorrow’s leaders. We must have deep concern for future generations. Let us insure that others will benefit from our hard work at raising our children and students correctly, in line with the insights from the biblical account including it's metaphorical nuances.

You Can Overcome the AI Beast

I declare to you that you can overcome the best and the dragon for Scripture says that you can.  It is true the dragon infused AI beast will be in our face but we can combat it by directing our energy towards Jesus, His shed blood, His testimony in our life, and that we love life not unto death. You sever the multiplicity of heads of the dragon beast each time you direct your life force and bow before the Lord God your Creator focusing on these mentioned three things; and I would add, in all humility-never adding to the Word of God, but only as a fruit; inscribing the Word of God into your heart and mind, prayer to the One Who has the power to help you overcome-Jesus, and sharing kindnesses in this age of cold brutality.  This will thwart your energies-be they physical, mental, or spiritual from being used by evil forces such harvested to feed the AI demonically charged system. These things will also rekindle your zeal for the Lord.  Our world is accelerating and being amplified but preparing for this takes focus and time, so be slow and steadily advance towards Jesus. 

BOTTOM LINE:  The only way to overcome is through the blood of the lamb, His testimony (in your life), and that you love not your life unto death. 

AI Emerging from the Sea

As AI emerges from the sea it seeks to control the sea that God made, in real time. One early example is the Ocean Data Alliance,  implementing an open-source solutions managing ocean resources from satellites. Algorithmic patterns will respond to biological sensors embedded within the oceans to ensure compliance with UN policy.  Public-private partnerships will ensure trust, governance, accuracy, and to prevent the emergence of competing platforms.

A Partnership in AI has formed.  Today there are 50 partners from 9 countries.  While most of us traditionally think this beast arises out of geographical nations it is very possible that it will arise out of air or virtual nations

 And the beast which I saw was like unto a leopard, and his feet were as the feet of a bear, and his mouth as the mouth of a lion: and the dragon gave him his power, and his seat, and great authority.  Revelation 13:2


The prophet does not direct our attention to a specific trait of the leopard and so, we must conclude he is talking about the leopards general characteristics as a predator.

Leopards are light, swift, and agile as indicated:  Their horses are lighter than nemerim.  Habakkuk 1:8

Leopards can bound up trees and they pounce upon their prey.  They are very fast in the short distance and catch their prey by ambush or stalking at close distance then making a short and fast rush.  Some of these large cats can run up to 70 miles per hours so outrunning a big cat is not a viable option.

We can begin to see the similarities between AI and the leopard:  agility, swiftness, pouncing upon their prey, ambushing and stalking prey, and then there is brazenness.


Big cats are brazen which typical refers to “strength”.  However big cats are not the strongest animal and so they rely on their inner qualities rather than their exterior ones.  Brazenness can include energetic, bold, or chutzpah.  They rely upon their wits.  They are very smart and pound per pound they are the scrappiest of the big cats.  No other predator confronts its victim with such a rampage of fury.  It does not necessarily kill to eat its prey but kills out of sheer aggression. 

Under military direction the AI will expand its conquests with unparalleled ferocity.  The word in Hebrew is azut and carries with it the connotation of defiance.  Brazenness is a danger to all of us and stands at odds with a person’s sense of shame which helps keep us from sin.  Yet all character traits are not entirely good or bad.  We are to be brazen to fulfill the will of our Father in Heaven. 

Just as leopard is not intimidated, so too a person should not be intimidated.  Victory does not just mean militarily or ideologically, but that one takes the enemy’s evil trait and uses it for good.  Then one has truly conquered their enemy.

Feet of the Bear


Bears are one of the most powerful and dangerous predators.  Oftentimes, Scripture speaks of the bear as an attacking bear and metaphorically as the Persian Empire. Living in Bear Country I can tell you that the feet of a bear is agile and has long, nasty looking claws, especially when you greet one at your front door face-to-face as I did less than a month ago. 

Almost all Scriptural references to bears present them as a dangerous predator until the Messiah comes and all animals and humans will coexist together in harmony. 

Interestingly, the feet consequently the legs in Scripture represent an important concept for about your life journey or mission.  We see it when:

Jacob limped on his leg after wrestling with angel which some believe as his fleshly personality [the “man”].

And why Bilaam hurt his leg when slowly realizing his attempt to curse the Jews was a fruitless activity.

A hurt leg (feet) in both instances means that one’s path in life is being redirectedLeg or feet represent the vehicle for traveling in a path of life, and a hurt leg means this path is being inhibited.

As we look to the Book of Daniel for some other insights.  When the bear raises itself up on one side it alludes to an imbalance of power.  The second empire is a partnership that is united, public and private, into one AI empire.  

We see that the bear had three ribs in its mouth.  Many commentators believe that these are the entities wavering in and out of Persia's control or three great conquests or three kings.  As people begin to see the fruit of AI they will begin to protest and refuse and then incentives will seduce them back into the fold until the next shock wave of terror hits. 

Persia, Bears & Demons

Some ancient texts refer to the Angel of Persia mentioned in the Book of Daniel as Dubi-el or “bear of God.”  As we layer the similarities between bears and the Persians, we come across an intriguing piece of information.

In ancient times, there was a fiery debate in Iran regarding whose religion was demonic.  The belief was that demons were the army of evil.    Most Persians were Zoroastrians and laid claim that their religion was anti-demonic.  They were so convinced that they incorporated this assertion to be recited in their daily confession faith.  It can be noted from Middle Persian literature that there is a word play between dov (bear) and dev (Middle Persian for demon). 

Mouth of Lion

While this roar may sound meek the roar of a lion can be heard up to five miles away.  The strength of the lion defies belief.  The most distinctive aspect of the lion is their sheer power and size as predators.  When a new male takes over the pride (family of lions) he will kill all of the cubs that are not his own.  Is the lion characteristic hinting at what is revealed soon?

That all that would not worship the image of this beast of prey should be slain.  Revelation 13:15

Symbolically, most of Scripture uses the lion as a metaphor for death and destruction.  Many times the lion is mentioned as a human enemy.  The prophets often used the lion to illustrate backsliding of God’s people. 

Lions can be a symbol as some sort of threat or a particular enemy. As the prophet directs us to the lion's mouth we can determine that the roar of AI is the powerful mouthpiece of the Dragon.  His mouth will be prominent throughout Revelation 13. 

Nature of the Dragon

What is the biblical and ancient understanding of the dragon, especially as the End of Days intensifies with the dragon taking a prominent role?  Instantly in our mind we pictures flying reptile with wings, and long tail, scales, and breathes fire.  Our understanding of the dragon comes from its physical manifestations but we must never forget its real power is it spiritual manifestation. The word Dragon seems to be corrupted from the original word drakon, indicating one it its characteristics of corruption

In apocalyptic literature a dragon of huge dimensions in Sheol that feeds on the souls of the wicked (3Baruch 4-5). Demons can take the form of taninin or dragons.   The demon Samael is often given the title serpent or dragon.

What is the nature of the dragon?  In the Old Testament the concept of the dragon is rarely used.  The prophet Isaiah uses the term.  Wherever did we come up with a leviathan, more commonly thought of as a "dragon" with wings that breathes fire?

Just as in Joel 1 there are different types of locust, so too, there are different types of dragon manifestations.  These manifestations come from around the world and cultures but are not elaborated in Scripture. 

  • True or heraldic dragon:  a gigantic four-legged reptile with huge bat-like wings.
  • Wyvern similar beast to the heraldic dragon but with only one pair of legs.
  • Guivre or Worm a huge limbless serpent that kills by crushing its victims in its coils and with its venomous breath.
  • Lindorm or Blindworm similar to the Guivre except that it posses hind legs.
  • Amphiptere is a limbless winged serpent generally reported in the Middle-East.

As China surges to the forefront in AI technology it is noteworthy that Oriental dragons it was believed controlled the weather, the seas, and the rivers.

The dragon or winged serpent is the most complex, widespread, and ambivalent mythical monster. 

Physical representations of the dragon are crocodiles, snakes including pythons and cobras, and the Komodo Dragon. 

In Hebraic culture, if one finds a vessel with the image of a drakon ( idolatrous image) the vessel must be destroyed.  The drakon can be a real creature or symbolic entity. 

The Yershalami Talmud elaborates on the dragon and says it has frills or beards.  Throughout history these have been thought to be a snake particularly a cobra with its hood.  Likewise it was translated in the Septuagint as snake.  A few centuries later the Latin Catholic Vulgate translated from the Greek into dracon creating its mystical and mythological properties. 

Fiery Flying Dragons

There is a physical manifestation of fiery flying dragons or serpents that Isaiah mentions.  They live in Asia possibly up through the Middle-East.  They do not breath fire but they do have a poisonous venom that burns and can kill. 

Whether they manifest in the physical realm or serpents undulating ethereally in the sky, there is the spirit of the dragon which is what we see in Revelation and to which Isaiah spoke:

Rejoice not thou, whole Palestina, because the rod of him that smote thee is broken: for out of the serpent's root shall come forth a cockatrice, and his fruit shall be a fiery flying serpent.  Isaiah 14:29

Wounding the Head of the

Seven-Headed Dragon

And I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death; and his deadly wound was healed: and all the world wondered after the beast.  Revelation 13:3

The ancients were familiar with a dragon or mazik with many heads.  Their is a story told of a mazik that inhabited a house of biblical study.  The mazik would appear day or night and so this one man stayed the night (representing times of darkness), when emotions of fear dominate, in the house of study, when a seven-headed serpent, a tanina in the Aramaic appeared. He found that when he prayed to God the head of the mazik fell off.

Why seven heads?  The number is not important, it simply means many heads, as we see in Revelation.  The head represents knowledge, and if it is God-directed it would also mean wisdom and knowledge

Remember that some refer to the dragon as a Tanina in Aramaic?  Tanina shares the same Aramaic root relating to learning. So tanina is used to indicate that the creature represents the one who is skilled in learning.  This could include ordinary learning but this AI dragon beast will have access to ancient knowledge causing a great awakening or enlightenment to ancient God forbidden knowledge.

There could be several scenarios that might almost lethally wound the head of the beast. We can only speculate as we are not provided the particulars, only that the beast was gravely wounded and then healed.

  • It could be due the fervent prayer of Christians united in prayer and totally surrendering their lives to the Lord.
  • It could be a hacker that has some inside knowledge of the AI beast system that gains access and comes very close to dismantling the system.
  • It could be that the Lord intervenes and cripples the beast for a time so that a few more souls commit their lives to Him. 
  • Possibly it could be a built in programmer's error that almost destroys the data or the system of AI knowledge. 
  • Quantum Physics is applied, a glitch occurs when breaking things down into their primary elements, almost killing the AI system.  This seems very logical as the text says the all the earth wondered after the beast, not just human beings. 
  • It could be an AI beast contrived injury that demonstrates to the world that through his healing you can be healed also, no matter the affliction.  This seems the very likely given once the AI beast's wound is healed, all the world wondered after the beast.

Or, it could be something that is so far outside of our sight that we cannot fathom it. 

A Jewish commentator the Maharahl equates the seven heads of the serpent with seven powers of defilement or sin which the primeval snake brought to the world and hence seven curses upon Adam.

Power of the Serpent

And they worshiped the dragon which gave power unto the beast: and they worshiped the beast, saying, Who is like unto the beast? who is able to make war with him?  Revelation 13:4

We are all being conditioned to worship the dragon through our deficient faith and technology.  The serpent of old is handing over his power to what I call the AI beast system. 

We can see from the text that people are worshiping both the dragon and beast system.

In Scripture, it takes two to establish a witness.  The Dragon and the beast witness and testify to the embodiment of evil.  Human beings perceive this witness as a divinity, that there is none like it.  While this may be seemingly impossible in our minds, bring to your recollection the tangible darkness during the 10 Plagues during the Exodus.  It darkness was that tangible that it could be felt back then how much more so when the dragon and beast join forces.  With the dragon-beast team pervading every facet of our lives and knowing our innermost secrets that previously were known only to God our Creator, it would appear that that there would be no way to make war with him.

But there is a little known secret. 

The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.  Ecclesiastes 1:9

Those of us who live in Jesus and His Spirit do not live under the sun.  Under the sun is code for the physical domain.  We live in the Spirit.  We live above the sun in the heavenly domain.  Satan the dragon was cast down from heaven.  True, our physical bodies are subject to the Laws of Nature, and to some degree, the increasing dragon charged environment, but we have overcome.  When we believe in Jesus it is done.  The dragon really has no power over our lives except, God forbid, that we voluntarily submit power to him though our sinful proclivities. 

Bowing down to the King of Kings, Lord of Glory is the way to vanquish the powers of the serpent.

For those who do not bow down legend has it that after seven years in the grave his spine turns into a serpent (nachash) and while one is alive he is punished measure-for-measure, until his spine becomes a snake (or maybe these days jellyfish). 

Hebrew words are from three letter roots.  The letters of the word Shen (which looks like an English W) -- Shin and Nun -- surround the letter Ches in Nachash-serpent  (Hebrew root for Nachash is Nun-Ches-Shin) and surround the letter Tes in (Satan Hebrew root for Satan is Sin-Tes-Nun). When those two surrounded letters are combined, they spell Chet or in English- sin. Sin is the true poison of the serpent which brings death to the world.

In a metaphorical sense the Dragon was an enlightened entity who denied the existence of God, His Son, Holy Spirit, and the Word and attempts to enjoin humans with knowledge of the physical world. 

God willing, we will finish up insights on Revelation 13 on Thursday or Friday depending upon what I need to harvest..



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