Are you an Alien? The Unhuman Human

Collision between Evolution and Creation

Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. 2 Timothy 2:15 KJV

  • Are you an alien?
  • Are your cells covert alien collaborators?
  • Is your microRNA an inter-species mediator of information?
  • Does your non-coding 'dark matter' RNA's make possible a horizontal process of real-time 'communication" and "exchange" of vitally important information inter-individual or inter species?
  • Are you only 1% human? 4.5 million microbes surpass 23,000 human genes
  • Discover God's pattern for creation, your genome, and the Holy Temple and why all are making news today
  • The dangers of erasing distinctions which separate the holy and the profane.

    Alien Cell Communication

    It has been about 20 years since I have heard much mentioned about the pantheistic ideology of GAIA. I could see evidence of her worship with the surge of environmentalism but it was as if she hidden behind a veil for a season, until now. This strange woman has been erotically showing her wicked flesh of late revealing your microRNA's and your microbiome tantalizingly engaging your mind to follow  'mother' GAIA down the path to 'health.'  I began this conversation a few months ago in my article Epic Battle of the Alien Alignment

    Recent data show that microRNAs can be found in body fluids entering cells giving rise to a hormone like communication action. New 'evidence' is demonstrating that these microRNAs released might affect other individuals.  There is some data of a  communication potential that may reach across species via  interaction of microRNAs.

    Image Accessed:

    Think of your microRNA's as informational creepy crawlers, bots if you will, wandering between individuals, species, and traversing through your gastrointestinal tract, trekking through the food-chain, and even mastering gene expression in other species becoming the SETI as it looks and communicates between different species via common gene expression signatures.

    Bottom Line:  This philosophy is breaking all life down to its elemental parts and then entangling your life with every other life forms- creating a unified organism. In other words, you are one with the earth and the cosmos.

    Dark Matter

    The new understanding of microRNA genes assumes that you ascribe to the Big Bang hypothesis and that all creation is modeled after that initial event. Scientists would have you believe that your microRNA genes are located in the non-protein coding dark matter of the genome. That a novel function of dark matter is inter-individual and cross-species epigenetic communication via information transfer by gene products coded by the non-protein coding part of the genome.

    Bottom Line: Your DNA and cells are a microcosm of the Holy Temple!  This is God's design and His handiwork and the gates of hell will not prevail against you when you are in Jesus Christ.

    Image Accessed :

    When we embrace a theory, declaring it to be true, when we fail to understand it we stand on sinking sand. Mankind has been intrigued by things such as dark matter, Black holes, and the Big Bang. We find ourselves in an environment where they are declared as absolute truth with little to no scientific validation. The danger in this is that now it is not distant galaxies and matter that they have these notions, but it is now being applied to the human body and life in general. It is being announced that we now live in a post-Genomic era where the 'dark matter' of the human genome is eclipsing our DNA. Research is saying that of your 3 billion base pairs of DNA only about 1.5% is used. Why? This is because 70-90% of our genome is transcribed into non-coding RNA's. What is its purpose?

    The function of these non-coding RNAs is largely unknown by science. It is being speculated that a function of the non–coding ''dark matter' is the mediator of inter-individual, inter-species or cross-kingdom communication.

    Bottom Line: It did not turn out for mankind when in Genesis 3:16 Eve believed the lie of the serpent, "You will not certainly die." When you build your life upon a lie or falsehood it cannot result in good.

    In the beginning God created the heavens and earth... Genesis 1:1

    Re-envisioning the Tree of Life

    A spiral-like depiction of the tree of life introduced by Temple university researchers in 2015 

    This hypothesis requires us to re-envision the tree of life. It is proposed that the conventional model ascribes that your DNA is hermetically sealed off within the lock-box of each species, slowly changing over times in rare horizontal gene transfer events. This new hypothesis looks at the tree of life, your genetic code, as an open access model permitting species to alter and affect their phenotype in real-time as well as potentially altering its long-term trajectory of all life by affecting epigenetic inheritance patterns. This theory speaks to a co-evolutionary and co-operative model, with all areas of the tree of life, co-developing in a highly complex and seemingly highly intelligent, carefully orchestrated manner but denies a Creator.

    Bottom Line:  God did not create your genome to communicate with aliens and other lifeforms but to support your life with abundance, walk in His ways fulfilling His Will, and for procreation.

    Post-Genomic Era and Open Access

    When science began studying the origins of the universe it was believed that space was a vacuum.  Now scientists are examining the inner space of your body and 'discovering' that only a small portion -1.5% of your DNA codes for proteins-your body's hardware.  What this means is that nearly the entire genome is transcribed or is open to being transcribed.  It is no wonder that scientists and researchers are busying themselves to encode your genetic tree.  Previously labeled junk DNA, it has been estimated that 70-90% of the transcriptome are information-containing and gene-modulating molecules known as non-coding RNAs or your body software.  Non-coding RNAs, such as microRNAs are known to regulate the expression of the majority of protein-coding genes in the human genome.  This is accomplished by switching on or silencing gene properties. Non-coding RNAs make possible a horizontal process of 'communicating," 'exchanging,' and incorporating vitally important information in a relatively free manner, and in real-time versus slowly over time. And as a result, according to the theory, species, across all kingdoms, are integrated into a web-like interdependence and co-evolutionary collaboration that was not considered, from the perspective of molecular biology, genetics, and orthodox evolutionary biology.

    Bottom Line:  Why do scientists and researchers want you to view yourself as a computer system?  For many reasons. One is so that they plug and play augmented parts anywhere in your body.  While open access provides them unlimited access to the deepest recesses in your body that were meant exclusively for God and His plan for your life.

    Return of GAIA goddess

    Image Accessed from:

    In 1970 a chemist James Lovelock and microbiologist Lynn Margulis placed a curse over mankind and invoked the image of the Greek goddess GAIA all life upon earth. The result was an evolutionary belief of the Earth's inter-connectedness into layers of self-regulating system that detached itself from God. It is no wonder then that in 1975 the first Asilomar Conference set about the task  of genetically modifying all life on earth.  Whether it be human, animal, fish, bird, or creeping thing all life was a blended abomination, the monstrous offspring of the hybrid gods and so it shall be again as we return to the Days of Noah as was foretold in the Bible. 

    According to this belief system GAIA-Gaea was the goddess of the earth. She was one of the primordial elemental deities (protogenoi) born at the dawn of creation. Gaia was the great mother of all creation--the heavenly gods were descended from her through her promiscuous unions with Ouranos (Uranus)-(Sky), the sea-gods from her union with Pontos (Sea), the Gigantes (Giants) from her mating with Tartaros (the Pit), and mortal creatures born directly from her earthy flesh.

    After the scattering of languages at the Tower of Babel no known biological mechanisms existed to account for how Earth's myriad living species could communicate with each other. Your genetic code, your information highway, was hermetically sealed off by God. Information flowed from the inside outward modeling creation, the Temple, and your DNA>RNA>protein. Each species is a unique creation by God and God forbade the mixing of the species. Today, we are being indoctrinated into the GAIA principle which advocates the sharing of nucleic-acid encoded information across the kingdoms.

    A tsunami of discoveries and research is relentlessly undermining the biblical creation calling it "old" and "dead."

    The following are targeted examples that were 'discovered' to abolish God's creation and usher in the New Age of the gods.
    • The discovery of reverse transcriptase in 1970, shows genetic information via a retrovirus can insert RNA back into the genome's DNA.
    • Barbara McClintock's jumping genes, which showed that horizontal gene transfer is a common occurrence, and which shows a mobility, plasticity, and promiscuity in our genetic makeup so scandalous as to undermine the biblical narrative.
    • The discovery of exosomes: Synthetic nanoparticles secreted by living cells, plant and animal, contain information containing molecules which directly alter gene expression altering transgenerational inheritance.
    • The discovery (introduction) of prions with their ability of proteins to transfer their information laterally invisbly without any transfer of physical substance, supposedly devaluing the biblical mandate of life while embracing the dogma of destruction.

      The discovery of the microbiome centers around our epigenetic identity not on the primary DNA sequences within your genome. This 'advancement', all but declares that due to the millions of microbes in your body that we are not really human but a so-called holobiont, an alien in a human body.

      Mankind declared its freedom from God and faith-based religion with the completion of the human genome project in 2004. The secrets and mysteries of life lay naked. This launched an explosion of interest in epigenetics, followed quickly by the microbiome, which was an event horizon we passed through at the turn of the third millennium.

      Silencing of the Genes

      When it comes to the protein-coding DNA, they are capable of modulating the majority of their expression, mainly through epigenetic gene silencing. In theory master they are the regulatory molecules. Not only that, microRNAs can travel between cell types within the body and it is claimed between species. And this is where the seductive philosophy of GAIA comes back into our reality with a vengeance:

      As microRNAs could be the primary mediators of epigenetic information traversing tissues, different individuals, and even species, it therefore links different organisms. The small molecular weight microRNAs is suitable for such communication given their stability. Such communication via epigenetic microRNA system traversing, it is claimed, different individuals, species and kingdoms dynamically entangling interactions between different creatures and even the abiotic environment within the GAIA belief system and framework.

      The GAIA hypothesis needs more than microRNAs to make sense making it overly complex. So we are advised of compelling research pointing to microbial life as the primary mechanism through which the Earth self-regulates. Such works such as:

      "Succession in A Microbial Mat Community: A Gaian Perspective,"  

      and in:

      BioSystems: "Dessication Resistance and Contamination As Mechanisms of Gaia 

      Bottom Line: The discovery of microRNAs as a possible cross-kingdom master regulator of genetic and epigenetic information is profound for the advancement of pantheism.  Gene silencing and activation can be triggered by many things including environmental and spiritual factors causing anything from demonic oppression to obesity.

      MicroRNAs and Pearls of Pantheism

      Running with this audacious theory, if microRNAs are capable of great freedom of movement, traversing your body in virus-like exosomal conveyances allowing for interplay between your body and the bodies of bacteria, fungi, plants, and the biosphere as a whole, we are suddenly connected. A mere node in the molecular fabric of life in such a way that it invokes the web of pearls of the Buddhist Goddess Indira summoning 'emptiness'. Tug on one thread, and every other in the universe moves, or is affected. Such interdependence spells the death of man as a unique creation replacing the biblical view with the preferred  ideology of molecular biology as "every selfish gene sequences for itself."

      We are thus being encouraged forsake and uproot of biblical foundations of "right" and "wrong," to blindly follow an intelligence with compassion. Compassion, of course, means to "suffer with." When we suffer with one another in this RNA-mediated universe of epigenetic interdependence we are being groomed to rejoice at coevolutionary ecological synergy where the "moral laws," of "cause and effect" are karma, in the image of the GAIA goddess.

      To GAIA adherents when Lovelock invoked GAIA he wanted to manifest his belief that only the mysterious can explain or approximate the miraculous. As a result, at this very moment in human and planetary history we are experiencing the return of the goddess GAIA.

      Science and Mythos

      Science is declaring itself to be the Word of Truth. It has teased and manipulated data and perception to confirm and add synergism to fast-track the mythos of ancient times. Science is actively fomenting universal laws of life symbolized in the GAIA goddess. This is a radically new intellectual climate –a biopolitical construct designed for control of the population.

      Throwing off the Patriarchal Yoke

      This is the same ancient pagan GAIA goddess that brought about universal perception and ethos to Iberia to Siberia and is reappearing in our day. The discovery of the so-called Mitochondrial Eve and 'documentation' that the mother of our species passes down to her offspring in the womb the microbiome, encourages the rise of a Jezebel-type GAIA worship. Conventional biologists believe woman are predisposed to rise above man, to be the dominate gender and to overthrow the Patriarchal biblical system which is her due, because of her mitochondrial contributions to life.

                Image Accessed:

      The old patriarchal thrust of biology centered as it was for so long on the belief that essence of life was in the digital information encoded in the nucleus of the cell, reproduced, is now being 'corrected' by a belief system replacing humanity as a holobiont species because your 4.5 million genes microbes far surpass your 23,000 human genes. As a holobiont you inhabit the world of the gods and goddesses, primarily the goddesses.

      Bottom Line:  The Patriarchal order was established by God.  It is not that one gender is preferred but rather each fender has its own job and purpose.

      Crossing the Line

      As the microbiome revolution takes hold our humanity and the boundaries set by God vacillate in perception between bodily self, the microbes in and on your body, and the biosphere as a whole which are permeable and inter-penetrative, at one with the universe. Everything is connected but creation is not one unified organism erasing distinctions and boundaries. Clearly you can see that from nation borders to our own body barriers are being smashed in the race to become gods. A revitalized old voice is emerging, speaking a perverse 'wisdom' claiming to be truth and 'knowing'.

      This is a belief system rebuffs God and rather believes in the coordination of an infinite complex individual species coming together to form a super-intelligence. How possible is it possible, in their view, that the clumsy machinery of selfish genes clamoring for dominance against one another could not have lead to the obviously highly organized, symbiotic, and even seemingly goal-oriented advanced society? But, as the story goes, science (as a belief system; scientism) manipulates the data creating a false reality.

      Pantheism sees everything as God, in contrast to the Judaeo-Christian view, where we see God in everything (but everything is not God). Onto-ethics finds the substance and symbolism of right and wrong in the things themselves and their relationships. This ideology would desire that you believe we are in a post-Genomic, post-Science era, where phenomenal manifestations themselves are sold as Truth with a capital T are allowed to speak, articulate and reveal themselves. In the discipline of Phenomenology is the study of structures of consciousness as experienced from the first-person point of view as a god or goddess.

      Claimants say that the Logos (that science is the Word) is applied to Bios, the result was the discipline of bio-ology which is to systematically deconstruct or dissecting the whole – the miracle of creation into its elemental parts, killing that life at the same time. Biology is primarily what is called as vivisection, Latin vivus, meaning 'alive' and sectio,and meaning 'cutting.' It results in a death sacrificed in order to extract and abstract "knowledge" or to appease the gods/goddesses. Once again we see that this contrasts with the directive by God to Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac, not for knowledge, but as a test of obedience. This sacrifice ultimately was not carried out, for God Himself, provided the lamb a foreshadowing of Jesus Christ and His atoning sacrifice.

      Image Accessed:

      Bottom Line: Only Jesus Christ can rightly divide the Word of Truth. 

      You are a unique- completed human when you know Jesus Christ, with true meaning and purpose.  Failure to acknowledge Him reduces your station to a holobiont whose meaning is found in fleshly ontological status, merely a cog in the enterprise of science, under the watchful eye of gods.

      Food for thought....

      This was Part 1 of a 2 part series. In my next article I will delve further into how the GAIA ideology universally impacts our society and particularly the discipline of medicine.  We will drill deep into the Vetruvian man, Holobiont, Microbiota, Emergent Biology, and Interconnectivity.


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