Bridging the Generations through the Nativity Telling

As you gather yourself, possibly in solitude or with family, friends, and neighbors, prepare to present yourself as a Living Stone of remembrance of the most pivotal moment in history enjoining the Conceiver and the conceived. As you retell the age old story of the birth of Jesus it is not merely a literary act of parents, grandparents, or friends retelling this marvelous story of the time when Word became flesh - when heaven touched the earth. It is a faithful historical information service infusing Light and majesty into your life and the lives of others.

The transmission of the story of Jesus and its reception convey a broad and deep concept.  Jesus' story embodies an infusion of revelational consciousness in the transmission of the vision of the Living God through an experience that is passed from one generation to the next. Through the transmission of His story generations are united and joined at the focal point of revelation, beginning with His birth.

By transmitting the story of Jesus aloud you arrange, as it were, an encounter with God experienced by your ancestors. Every act of reading takes you to stand in the pasture-lands of Bethlehem, with an angelic star pointing towards a humble nativity scene and the birth of a babe who is the King of King, Lord of Lords. Another gifting of the retelling of the birth of Jesus Christ, your spirit and mind expanding in every direction through multidimensional cognition; consider prayer for instance.  

One of the best gifts you can give someone this season is the staging of a renewal of this awesome and sublime experience. The revelational experience is reenacted whenever you read this story from the Gospels. The reader is blessed with an element of revelation of the Shekinah Glory, and whosoever hears this wondrous story feels the presence of God and is compelled to declare glory unto Him.   

Make this story known to your children and to your children's children. Present it as if you were there amidst baby Jesus, Joseph, Mary, the shepherds and Wise Men.  Imagine the awe and trembling of that moment when the Word became flesh!

Partaking in the Light

Are you a master who has heard the living, revelational story of Jesus?  If you have partaken, you must impress those in your sphere of family, friend, coworkers, and the world at large that this is not a mere narrative nor intellectual act, but it has the power to unite and confer the Light of the world upon the recipients. 

Prophecies were absorbed into the being of the prophet and when transmitted to his disciples, he granted them some of his essence.  Thus, the transmission of the prophecies is also the transmission of the soul and the spirit, one soul linking with the other, and one spirit cleaving to the other. Reading the story of Jesus is a metaphysical act of revelation. Much as one candle lights another during a candlelight service, so too the honored reader lights the flame of revelation, enjoining peoples and generations, time and space. Those privileged to listen learn many lessons, and among them is cleaving.  For as a flame must cleave to the wick and to the oil, so too we must cleave to our Savior. 

When you transmit this story you add your unique personal essence, whether that is the melodic sound of your voice or tender eye contact. These may be words written in black and white written on paper, but they are alive as Jesus is alive. 

When the world emanates from the Infinite, it draws the divine Shekinah along with it, because it is impossible for an existent thing to emanate from God's bosom without the divine Shekinah clinging to it. So too it is impossible for a prophet to relate his prophecies to others without the giver’s personality touching that of the receivers.  This is God's blockchain that Satan is now lusting to mimic. 

The story of Jesus can bring you into the spiritual world of the sublime, a world where you live above the mundane tossed about by the Laws of Nature. It is in the redemption through Jesus Christ that you can soar above any and all challenges.

Do you see what I see?   

Following the souls of the first generation after Jesus, who faithfully wrote down the narrative of the inspired Word of God and transmitted it the far corners of the earth and through the course of generations, this precious story has been absorbed into the recesses of the historical reality. Nothing can change that. 

The Shekinah speaks out of the throat of the destitute, reviled, and abandoned "last generation". If this generation will embrace it, the revelation is not a vague, ancient vision, but a fresh, living one, effervescent in its being and expressed in the consciousness of eternal awe and yearning.

The simple story of Jesus is not an abstract idea - complicated with the proposed technical devices of the age, but is something real that urges, yearns, and compels the individual to activity.

Only the Lonely

Are you alone this Christmas season? I know many who are, including me. This time of year may appear cold and alien, with an aura of mockery. But you always have one friend, and that is Jesus. Jesus inspired many men to be your honored guests at your home this season. Gather round about this year and open the Bible, thirstily imbibe in His Words. Have a discussion on concepts that you have mastered (at least for a season) and inquisitively go to passages of preponderance, maybe graze in a field of seemingly contradictory verses. Talk out loud, as if with your dearest friend or most intimate family member.  Boldly journey into passages that seem as giants to your eyes. How are they applicable to your life? How can you make sense of them? Wrestle them as Jacob wrestled the Angel of the Lord. Muse verses of the Lord with freedom of emotion. Experience broken-heartedness, ecstatic joy, bewilderment, miracles, excitement, and Fear of the Lord. 

What you will discover suddenly is that you are not alone at all! The pages of Holy Scripture come alive and it is as if you are present with the Disciples. They are your friends and constant companions through all the experiences of your life. They are human, with sin just like you, but they courageously and sometimes timidly carried out the will of the Living God. You find yourself carried up with this great cloud of witnesses, joining one spirit with another, the union of souls past and present. It is a powerful experience and one in which you should delight.

And so as you develop a friendship with the inspired men and women of the Holy Scriptures, they indeed will befriend you in all the seasons of your life - from your youth into your aged years. It will be as if you see their glowing faces and with your insights a kiss upon your forehead and a shake of the hand. Transmission of the story of Jesus is not some fantasy such as Virtual Reality or television character, but a deep, life changing experience.  For when you partake in teaching and transmitting the message of Jesus, you engage in the lovingkindness that established creation. Your mind becomes intertwined with the Infinite and connected with the mind of the Creator. Humbly you realize it is He from which the Eternal flows towards each of us. 

To keep such a story as the humble birth and astounding life of Jesus quiet is as if one were a rich miser, to whom God granted great wealth in order that he become a benefactor to the downtrodden and miserable. For when you are silent at such a time as this, keeping the wealth of the Holy Scriptures to yourself, you betray a sacred trust. Wisdom and the prophecies of the Bible belong to everyone. And so, even if you feel quiet, share the marvelous story of the birth of Jesus Christ with someone.  You have many available modes of communication from Tweets to the phone to blogs to loving personal get-together times. 

Heavenly Wealth Distribution

God is asking you this season to distribute the spiritual wealth of heaven to those who you see or interact with. Jesus is bidding you to open all the treasuries of your soul to those listening to the divine message of salvation through Jesus Christ. 

Holy Scripture is prophecy transmitted to us through a benevolent whisper unto those who will listen. As you share the prophecies your God-given consciousness expands, filling your entire being, bubbling up and overflowing its banks and bursting forth out of the recesses of your spirit, like a mighty waterfall. 

In this day when God's boundaries are being shattered there is one boundary where there is no demarcation, and that is between "I" and "Thou"; domains between Jesus and you are interwoven, heavenly and human existences blended or folded into one another.

The teller of the story of Jesus is pouring his or her being into the generations to come, the minds that have not yet emerged from the dark of nothingness, the last generation hidden in the fog of the 'unknown' future. 

Being a true Christian is the coupling the first and last generations, the transmitter and listener, teacher and disciple, the revelation of the Shekinah in the dim light of the dawn of creation and the vision of the End of Days - at the appointed time. Being a Christian is dynamic with a clear vision of the beginning and the end, constantly being renewed and joining with the multitudes of past believing generations.

The divine equation is Thought=Will=Action. It demands fulfillment in the life of a man or woman who desires to cleave to God. This Christmas season, will you include yourself as a standing stone of faithful ancient evidence in a congregation (edah) of testimony (edut) of vision that stands against the Satan and the eternal abyss? 

From my home home to your home: may the blessing of Jesus Christ shine upon you.  May His abundance provide you with His provision and precious memories.  Celeste


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