Cataclysmic Shift in Progress: Unraveling Evil

Enigma        Pursuit       Unraveling

In the beginning was God and He restructured violence that was after creation.  We face this violence again and if the truth was known we have periodically had encounters with cataclysmic violence. As we near a pivotal time in history, before we come face-to-face with our Creator, once again God will restructure violence to create a new heaven and earth.    

History and the Bible are embedded with cataclysmic events that we rarely explore with any depth.  We prefer to be mesmerized by entertainment rather than plumb the depths of the myths and legends of cultures around the world and observe clues left to us of superior and advanced civilizations.  We idolize superheroes all the while deluding ourselves that we are not really worshiping pagan gods and goddesses of old.  My friends, we are in a cyclical continuum that is proceeding towards a new heaven and earth. 

God is outside of time and space but in our understanding we seem to have forgotten, both willfully and by intentional obscurification, of the history of our planet and the life living upon it.  You and I need to spend time within the pages of Holy Scripture to uncover the truth that God has preserved for us, for this day and time.  While cataclysm has been cyclical, this will be the last cycle before the creation of a new heaven and earth.

To peer into the abyss of cataclysm we need to look to bible, ancient historians, and include every discipline known to mankind such as:  archaeology, literary works, physics, geology, paleontology, biology, other physical sciences, as well as culture, the rise and fall of civilization, meteorology, the arts, climatology, and more.

Faith Lesson:  Am I spiritually and physically ready to see cataclysm in my days?  If not, Lord teach me to prepare.  If so, are there any gaps in my preparations Lord Jesus? 

Black and White Fire

I come from a tradition where the black letters of the Scriptures are just as significant as the white within the pages of the Bible. The white represents all the mysteries of God that are not illuminated to us in the biblical narrative.  I am not talking the mystical (kabbalah) here, but the entirety of biblical history, such as exact conversations and events that are not explicitly spelled out to us in any detail.  We are provided is what God believed was critical to our faith.  But any rational person is aware that conversations and other events happened with great detail  It is often said that if everything associated with God and His people were documented [excluding the heavenly books, of course] the world could not contain the sheer amount of data.  Each letter, word, spacing, and highlighting in the primary languages has powerful meaning and is akin to white and dark fire.  It can ignite our faith to better appreciate who we are in the grand scheme of life. 

Faith Lesson:  Beginning today, I will go out from my normalcy bias (comfort zone) and stop putting God in a box.  I will refrain from keeping the mysteries of God at arms distance because of my personal beliefs or my fear. 

Why is uncovering the deep truths in scripture necessary?  It is a foundation that establishes the majesty of God, Who is to be feared with reverent awe.  It increases our understanding of the width, depth, and breath of God helpful to us in that we refrain from putting God in our preconceived box of His capabilities.  We can prepare spiritually for our eternal home rather than allow distractions to consume of Spirit and soul.  This adventure brings alive the whole counsel of God and the words of Jesus about cataclysm. 

Until 10 years ago, I never really pondered with a high degree of scrutiny, the events of creation and Genesis. But one day I was listening to a class on Psalm 147 and it struck me like lightening.  I believe that God created the heavens and earth and I had left it at that.  I believe in Noah's Flood and did a little more research on that topic and discovered untold nuggets that were applicable to my spiritual life and path of faith.  That should have been a heads up to me, but alas, it was not. 

Does peering into cataclysmic events in the heavens and earth violate ones Christian walk?  Absolutely not!  When we engage in seeking truth and understanding, as long as we remain firm in our biblical position, such a quest intensifies our love of Jesus Christ and His sacrifice. 

We know that God created the world in six days and on the seventh day He rested.  All of Creation was perfect, balanced and harmonious.  We really do not know in God's mind what a day is.  He created Adam and Eve and placed them in the garden.  The narrative of the impact of Adam and Eve's sin against God is very brief.  We tend to leave it alone and move on as we read the passages.  Think of the impact that sin brought to the perfect world!  More powerful than a supernova, meteor impact, Climate Change, or any disaster is sin introduced to a perfect world.  In one dramatic act, waves of chaos and cataclysm began rippling throughout creation, time, and space.  Sin turned a perfect and balanced system into pandemonium and set the stage for lawlessness.

Faith Lesson:  When the Lord speaks to me how dig will I dig into His Word and collaborating evidence to know His Truth?  When I ponder the Adam and Eve account what do I consider to be the physical effects of the introduction of sin into the world?  How will I deal with violence an lawlessness whether it comes through earth changes or the state of humanities fallen nature?

Near Earth Objects (NEO's)

Mystics to mathematicians, historians, as well as government agencies, are expecting the next cataclysm to occur anytime.  You have probably heard about the 6th IAA Planetary Defense Conference Asteroid Impactor Exercise  with international partners.  It is based upon a fairly common scenario.  While sensational news such as this captivates the imagination of the media and public there are objects approaching the earth (comets and meteors) threats of our own making that are imminent such as space junk. Consider this; the only NEO's that we track are cell phone size or larger. There are over a million NEO's that are smaller-not including galactic or inter-planetary dust, that have the capability to take out satellites impacting our way of life. The size and orbit the exercise NEO object (NEO) occurs every 3 days.  The size of the NEO and its penetration into our atmosphere, possibly hitting earth, could cause anything from extinction of all life to a minor inconvenience all depending on the size of the object and where it hits. After attending a recent military conference my dust situational awareness has been heightened significantly.  The more I am learning about space dust, the more alarming it becomes as mere dust just as during the Ten Plagues has power and space dust can bring down our whole technological civilization- dragging us back to the Stone Age. .

Faith Lesson:  I will explore the passages in the Bible that talk about  'stars' falling from heaven including Sodom and Gomorrah, Isaiah's prophecies, the Book of Kings (I and II), and Revelation. 

A Word on Exercises

I was trained by FEMA for to planning, producing, and conduct Exercises and Designs.  Just because FEMA is conducting a readiness exercise does not mean that the event will occur.  There are objectives for each exercise.  Oftentimes, they are part of a process to promulgate new policies or preparation for funding opportunities.  Sometimes, the exercises are very specific and at other times general in nature. 

Faith Lesson:  FEMA conducts exercises for readiness.  Jesus tells me that I am to have oil in my lamp so that when the Bridegroom comes I will be ready.  As I partake in communion I will ponder not only the sacrifice of Jesus but look forward to His return.  I purpose to be ready in my mind, body, and Spirit. 

Revolving Around the Flaring Sun

Why is it that ancient man gravitated to worshiping the sun?  Is it merely coincidence or because the sun rises and sets with marked contrast between the two?  I would humbly suggest that it is because God created this luminary to be dynamic and alive.  It is not static or stagnant.  He also created the moon to reflect the properties of the sun, just as we should reflect the character of Jesus Christ.  Each sun (star), planet, and moon has its purpose in the grand scheme. 

As I have studied catastrophism, I can now see that the ancients oftentimes personified the luminaries, planets and stars who then morphed into 'beings' with god-like qualities.  I do not agree with this position, but honestly, when examining my own relationship with God, how often do I try to anthropomorphize God?  Simply put, I put God in mans form such as his face or hands.  This is easy to do because even scripture talks in these terms so that we can somewhat see the faith lesson He is attempting to teach to us. 

Faith Lesson:  

When I consider thy heavens, the work of thy fingers, the moon and the stars, which thou hast ordained;

What is man, that thou art mindful of him? and the son of man, that thou visitest him?

For thou hast made him a little lower than the angels, and hast crowned him with glory and honour.

Thou madest him to have dominion over the works of thy hands; thou hast put all things under his feet...  Psalm 7:  3-6

I understand how important Jesus Christ is, and how precious I am, and I will refrain from the worship or tendency to over anthropomorphize God so that I might better understand His broad stokes in life as well as His intricate details.

Pages of History

Ancient man painted in caves and carved in stone various cataclysms throughout history. You may find the Dresden Codex interesting.  It is a Mayan account of global cataclysm with associated 'dragon numbers'.  The Bible records many cataclysms among its pages.  Philosopher's and historians such as Aristotle and Plato describe cataclysm in their works.  Later, men of science now forgotten first saw that these rumbles, these cataclysmic catastrophes, or revolutions of the earth's shell have happened before, countless times.  J. Andre DeLuc in 1779 and George Cuvier in 1812 were the foremost.  Dolomicu, the famous mineralogist and Andre DeLuc Jr.  They all agreed that cataclysms were caused by sudden revolutions in the wrong direction by the surface of the earth. 

Faith Lesson:  What can I learn from the many clues given to me by historians who etched and inscribed messages of cataclysm to future generations. What messages is the Holy Spirit relaying to me about this topic?  I will share the topic with one person the concept of cyclical cataclysm this week.

Did Adam and Eve the Trigger for Younger Dryas Event?

Image by the Comet Research Group

Yes!  The United States has been destroyed once and as we distance ourself from God it may happen again in the near future.  The Younger Dryas event is believed to be about the time that Adam and Eve were expelled from the garden that a comet entered the atmosphere and broke up.  Much of the fragments landed on the ice sheet of the continental United States and wiped our Clovis man and many of the large mammals.  Scientists believe this because sedimentary evidence shows:

  • On earth there is a distinct layer or carbon rich clay, silt, and black mats.  This indicates a deposit of burned vegetation with overlayed artifacts of the Clovis-culture and fossil mammoths.
  • The presence of singular soot forms similar to sediments during the Cretaceous-Palaeogene transition associated with the Chicxulub-Impact

The Chicxulub Impact event produced a shock wave and air blast that radiated across the seas, over coastlines, and deep into the continental interior.  Winds far in excess of 622 miles per hour were possible near the impact site, although they decreased with distance from the impact site.  The pressure pulse and winds would have scoured soils and shredded vegetation and any animals living in nearby ecosystems.  An initial estimate of the area damaged by an air blast was a radius 932 miles. 

  • Minerals of extraterrestrial origin with increased radioactivity such as allanite and monanite rich in Uranium and Thorium.  
  • Within the carbon rich layer increased concentration of nickel and iridium which is rare is earths crust but common in meteorites. 
  • A thin layer of metallic and carbon microspherules believed to be from a meteor impact and recrystalized molten rocks of the meteor and crust.

    Image from Comet Research Group
    • A rare modification of carbon with a hexagonal crystalline structure- Lonsdaleite - and detonation nanodiamonds, both minerals can supposedly form only under very high pressure as experienced during an impact.
    • Buckminsterfullerene or "buckyballs", an exotic modification of carbon that supposedly can be created only with great heat as experienced during an impact.
    • Pliestocene bones of mammoth and bison showed exhibited direct effects of explosion including bones with burned halo and magnetic particles with a high content of iron and nickel unusual in penetrated bones. 
    • It is suggested that the meteorite/comet exploded above or on the Laurentide ice sheet, leaving behind no visible trace. (no impact crater)
    • The debris field appears to be around the Carolina Bay area along the south-eastern coast of the United States.

    The following description of this cataclysm is hinted at by the Psalmist in 147:

    The heat released and the shock waves of the impact caused the extinction of the North American Megafauna and the annihilation of the Clovis-culture possibly in two ways, by directly killing animals and igniting large scale firestorms and in a second moment by the partial melting of the Laurentide ice sheet, at the time still covering large parts of the North American continent. The large amounts of fresh water released in the Atlantic Ocean caused an arrestment or a slowdown of the warm Gulf Stream, plunging the slowly warming earth back in a 1.500 years long cooling event.

    Because the Younger Dryas Hypothesis does not fit the political correct agenda it is torn to shreds in certain circles scientific circles in order to preserve and maintain, not the truth but managed perceptions.

    As you study the cataclysms in the biblical and historical accounts are aware that there is much intrigue, deception, and covering up of the truth.  The whole study is quite contentious but is fascinating and applicable you’re your walk of faith. 

    Faith Lesson:  I will undertake to see the cataclysmic messages encoded in biblical passages and pray about how they impacted mankind in general and particularly my walk of faith. 

    Prepping in the Face of Cataclysm

    I live a life of preparedness, as you might imagine.  Preparing for universal cataclysm takes a different form than do localized or global event. Ancient peoples and the government, even DARPA is in on the underground action, prepared or preparing subterranean labyrinths as a refuge from what has come and will return upon the earth.  Many of those seeking refuge from physical cataclysm this time are also fleeing God and His judgment upon the wickedness of the earth.  The bible describes that this time they will not find shelter:

    At that time ‘they will say to the mountains, “Fall on us!” and to the hills, “Cover us!”’    Luke 23:30

    Cataclysms are way beyond our scope to prepare even modestly, except within the realm of our spiritual walk.  This is a good thing, for it shifts our focus off the physical back to our spiritual preparation for eternity. 

    Do not be afraid of those [including cataclysmic events] who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Instead, fear the One who can destroy both soul and body in hell.  Matthew 10:28

    Understanding the Word and the cycles God, including cataclysm, established from the beginning helps to reign in our fears.  Fear is mentioned over 500 times in the King James Bible.  Related concepts such as worry approximate 365, one for each day of the year, as is open quoted and debated. Sometimes we miss the forest through the trees.  No matter the precise number, according to your personal understanding of the words fear or fear not the important lesson for us is not to fear anything except the Living God. 

    Faith Lesson:  Knowing that cataclysm is a part of End Times, today I will write down three bible passages that either will inspire me or keep me from fear, should I experience cataclysm in my life time.  Furthermore, I will teach my children or share these passages with someone this week. 

    Cataclysm 101

    Before we delve into the particulars on cataclysms one needs to be acquainted with the uniformitarianism which is an evolutionary theory that dressed up as doctrine suggesting that earth's history is considered to have been a slow, gradual process, punctuated by occasional natural catastrophic events. The Bible and recent discoveries however suggest that these cataclysms can come almost abruptly in mere hours impacting the whole world in less than a day.

    There are various theories on cataclysm including:

    J. Andre DeLuc (1777) compared dinosaur bones with modern creatures noticing major shifts in genus that he ascribed to cataclysm.

    E. W. Maunder,(1908) The Astronomy of the Bible talks about the celestial realm, astronomical wonders,  and evidence left to us from ancient civilizations from a biblical perspective.

    Immanuel Velikovsky (1950) Worlds in Collision and Earth in Upheaval, promoting planetary chaos due to a comet which was really the planet Venus that was ejected from Jupiter.  This resulted in planetary destabilization causing near collisions with earth and Mars. 

    David Talbott founder of the Lightning Bolt Project holding to the Electric Universe, planetary cataclysm, with Saturn as the primary player in mythology.

    Charles Hapgood,(1958) Crustal Displacement Theory and Maps of Ancient Sea Kings, illuminates his Crustal Displacement Theory due to Ice Cap drag and historical cartographic evidence from ancient maps.  Einstein supported Hapgood's idea but believed ice alone could not unlock a crustal displacement. 

    Adam and Eve Story, (1966) CIA version by Thomas Chan, that involves a magnetic reversal and pole shift that tops the earth on its side and tosses the atmosphere and ocean around the earths surface at supersonic speed and then freezes life instantly with -80 degree temperatures. 

    Gorgio De Santiillana and Hertha Von Decheno, Hamlet's Mill, (1969), is an essay on investigating the origins of human knowledge and its transmission through myth.

    Allen W. Eckert, The HAB Theory, (1978), goes into great detail about the earth's axis and Ice Cap drag.  He further illuminates some of the geologic evidence of the careening of the earth, from around the world and some of the luminaries who brought such wonders to us but were quickly buried.  Plumbs the topic of gravity and the Electric Universe.  And provides us with a tantalizing look at the elements of the earth and their place in creation and cataclysm.  

    Anthony L. Peratt, (1992) Physics of the Plasma Universe talks about the physics of cataclysm and also evidence from lost civilizations.

    Graham Handcock, (1995) Fingerprints of the Gods, explores evidence of earth's lost civilizations which of course includes cataclysm.  He has a new book, just released called, Before America (2019). 

    Douglas Vogt, Diehold Foundation, (1997) subscribes that the sun is a recurrent micronova.  I appreciate his catastrophism work but he does venture into the biblical Hebrew realm and makes some conclusions that in my understanding are just plain wrong.

    David Flynn, 2002, Cydonia talks of planetary chaos and evidence from lost civilizations and geology.

    Robert M. Schoch, Ph.D., Forgotten Civilizations, discusses the role of solar outbursts in our past and future.

    These are just a few of the notable resources as you dive into how cataclysm has impacted history and will shape our future.

    Faith Lesson:  Lord, please help me learn what you want me to learn.  I ask for Your wisdom.  I thank you for these men [and women] who labored with love to provide me insight into cataclysms, their triggers, their processes, and how they could impact my life.  I humbly request blessing upon their works.  And for those now departed, blessings upon their memory. 

    Legends and Evidence

    Legends and myths are very difficult to prove scientifically.  That said, similar stories occur not just from the time of Noah's Flood, but other cataclysms as well. 

    What are some of these cataclysms that are embedded within Scripture?

    We have Legends dating back to the Caspian Era including the myths of Atlantis and Mu.  Some date back to Hudson Era indicating knowledge of cataclysm 18,500 years ago.

    Adam and Eve                        11,500             Laurentian Ice Age

    The sudden end of all work in the prehistoric city of Tiahuanaco, Bolivia, 11,500 years ago or the time of Adam and Eve's expulsion from the Garden.  Tiahuanaco in the Andes is located in an inhospitable and sterile climate but was it always that way?  Global cataclysms, where the mountains are moved, are mentioned in Scripture.  What if Tiahuanaco was once located in a verdant growing area?  If only stones could talk.  The Keepers of History, such as the Smithsonian, remain silent on our true history within their secured fortresses.  

    As Jesus approaches Jerusalem on his final voyage on earth for a time He declares:

    And answering He said, "I say to you that if these [End Time people] will be silent, the stones will cry out."    Luke 23:30

    From Scripture it appears that indeed the stones will cry out in our day and declare the glory of God and give us our true legacy. 

    Bones at La Brea tar pits date from this time period the bones in such pits are: "broken, mashed, contorted, and mixed in a heterogeneous mass, such as could never have resulted from chance trapping and burial of a few stragglers."  Price, New Geology, pg.579  Many extinct or never found on this continent animals are found in the bituminous pits.  This indicates a cataclysmic event with the end of the Ice Age and civilization not attaining a high degree of attainment until the Egyptian, Babylonian and Turkestan cultures emerged quite suddenly. 

    The Pejark Marsh in Australia, which shows a quick extinction of many, many species, including humans date to 11,500 years ago.

    Atlantis disappears-11,500 years ago

     Noah                                         6,970

    Niagara Falls dates to around the time of Noah's Flood.

    200 foot ocean rise about the time of Noah's Flood

    It is of much importance to note, that these repeated irruptions and
    retreats of the sea have neither been slow nor gradual;
    on the contrary, most of the catastrophes which
    occasioned them have been sudden; and this is especially
    easy to be proveAdam and Eve Story

    It is important to note that throughout history the coverup of cyclic catastrophism and other historically relevant issues such as the giants and nephilim are savagely attacked:

    Every time the cataclysmic concept has risen, the 'beast' has been stoned, burned at the stake, beaten to a pulp and buried with a vengeance; but the corpse won't stay dead. Each time, it raises the lid of its coffin says in sepulchral tones: "You will die before I."  Adam and Eve Story

    Faith Lesson:  What cataclysmic theory do I embrace and why?  Do I believe that the final cataclysms will embrace multiple theories and why?  What does the evidence of cataclysm mean to me on spiritual level?  What is God saying to me? 

     Crustal Displacement Theory

    Our earth's crust is very thin, estimates range from 20-40 miles thick.  The crust is made up of rigid-crystalline rock that is fractured, presumably lacking in strength.  Immediately below the crust is thought to be a layer of extremely weak hot crystalline substance.  The pressure at this level makes this layer extremely plastic giving it the capability to yield easily to various pressures.  It has the viscosity of tar so that it is stiff.  Given a gentle pressure steadily over time will result in crustal displacement.  Along with continents shifting position there will climatic changes.  This is because the earth is flattening slightly and there will also be stretching and compression effects to crack and fold the crust possibly contributing to the making of mountain ranges.  There will be a change in the sea level.  The process which is describes is mentioned in the bible: 

    The earth is utterly broken apart, the earth is split open, and the earth is shaken violently. The earth staggers like a drunkard and sways like a shack. Earth’s rebellion weighs it down, and it falls, never to rise again.  Isaiah 24: 19-20 Berean Version

    And the Psalms:

    Earth wobbles and lurches;
        huge mountains shake like leaves,
    Quake like aspen leaves
        because of his rage.
    His nostrils flare, bellowing smoke;
        his mouth spits fire.
    Tongues of fire dart in and out;
        he lowers the sky.
    He steps down;
        under his feet an abyss opens up.
    He’s riding a winged creature,
        swift on wind-wings.
    Now he’s wrapped himself
        in a trenchcoat of black-cloud darkness.
    But his cloud-brightness bursts through,
        spraying hailstones and fireballs.
    Then God thundered out of heaven;
        the High God gave a great shout,
        spraying hailstones and fireballs.
    God shoots his arrows—pandemonium!
        He hurls his lightnings—a rout!
    The secret sources of ocean are exposed,
        the hidden depths of earth lie uncovered
    The moment you roar in protest,
        let loose your hurricane anger.

    But me he caught—reached all the way
        from sky to sea; he pulled me out
    Of that ocean of hate, that enemy chaos,
        the void in which I was drowning.
    They hit me when I was down,
        but God stuck by me.
    He stood me up on a wide-open field;
        I stood there saved—surprised to be loved!  Psalm 18:15-19 The Message

    In The Adam and Eve Story by Chan Thomas and other sources according to the Electric Universe Theory:

    Look at the cross-section of the Earth inside the front cover. You'll see two molten layers - the yellow ones. The important one is the thin molten layer starting 60 miles down, extending 60 miles deeper to
    120 miles below the surface of the Earth. The thick, deep molten layer, starting 1,800 miles down at the bottom of the mantle, and extending 1,300 miles deeper, is the outer core. Seismology has proven these
    two yellow layers to be molten, and they are white-hot. Over 2500 degrees Fahrenheit...

    At the time of cataclysm the entire Solar System passes through a magnetic null in the Milky Way Galaxy.  These nulls are sometimes popularly called 'reversals'.  Some physicists are beginning to suspect that we are headed into another null zone at an accelerating rate.  In any case, when going through a null, our planet's inner mhd (a combination of magnetic, electric, and physical forces) energy structure is diminished to the extent that the outer, shallow molten layer is allowed to act as a free liquid.  No longer does it bind the shell to the earth's interior-as the interior bound through the mercury to the agitator ion Hannes Alfven's experiment by mhd energy. As long as the earth's inner magnetic-hydrodynamic energy or mhd  structure remains strong enough to make molten layers act like near solids the crust will not shift its position about the earth's interior.

    The shell of the Earth is freed to find a new dynamic balance about the Earth's interior.  It shifts in the direction of imbalance of the shell dictates it must go to find its new balance-and the liquid molten layer beneath the outer solid shell lubricates the shift all the way. 

    During each cataclysm the shell finds its new dynamic balance, which is resolved when the shell has shifted to a position with the ice caps rotating equatorially and melting in the heart of the Torrid Zone.  As they melt relatively fast, and they usually to total around eight million cubic miles of ice (as they do today), the oceans the world over rise about 200 feet with new found water.  New polar caps form on the areas moved into the polar zones; they will not be centered with the axis of rotation.

    Image:  Ben Davidson Team

    From what evidence I have seen is that the new poles after a Pole Shift occurs will be in the two mysterious and magnetically charged triangles in the world-the Bermuda Triangle and the Dragon or Devils Triangle in Indonesia.

    Faith Lesson:  Obviously, there little way that I can realistically prepare for Crustal Displacement. Lord Jesus, please help me to prepare for eternity with you.  I pray that my suffering will not be long, whatever my future.  I know that I am in Your loving hands. 



    Image: Ben Davidson Team

    In a nutshell, the sun drives our magnetosphere.  Our magnetosphere has been quieting for 300 years. As the sun quiets we become vulnerable to many things including cosmic invaders, radiation, DNA mutation, climate change (weather), volcanic activity, extinction events, and more. 

    The earths magnetosphere is that region of space defined by the interactions of the solar wind with the earth's dipole-like magnetic field.  It extends from approximately 100 km above the earth;s surface to 63,800 km in the sunward direction and several hundred earth radaii in the anti-sunward direction.  It was first detected by radio waves and then by radar.  The ionosphere is a layered plasma region close to the surface of the earth whose properties change continuously during a full day...The interaction of the supersonic solar wind with the intrinsic dipole magnetic field of the earth forms the magnetosphere whose boundary, called the magnetopause, separates interplanetary and geophysical magnetic fields and plasma environments.  

    Plasma consists of electrically charged particles that respond collectively to electromagnetic forces.  The charged particles are usually clouds or beams of electrons, ions, and neutrals or a mixture if electron ions, and neutrals that can be charged grains or dust particles.  Plasma is also created by gas.

    Typically, nuclear driven atmospheric plasma's are short-lived energetic plasma's on earth.  But on July 9, 1962 in Operation Starfish, on Johnson Island a project generated plasma from which artificial Van Allen Belts of electrons circulating the earth was created.   Anthony L. Peratt, Physics of the Plasma Universe

    You may not think that the magnetosphere impacts your daily life, but it does, and not in a cataclysmic way-just think of the weather.  Case in point, is an excellent presentation by a Science Fair student, Faris Wald, who gives us some insights into the dynamics of the sun, magnetosphere, Van Allen Belts, and our weather. 

    Faith Lesson:  God placed the magnetosphere as a barrier for my protection.  I thank you God for all the barriers in my life that protect me.  I also praise you, Lord my God, when your remove barriers for I know that you are bring an end to wickedness soon. 

     Why Should I Care?

    Cataclysms and their triggers can:

    • Sudden giant tsunamis and sea level rises
    • A small impactor can obliterate your city
    • Can trigger widespread wild fires
    • Dinosaurs and woolly mammoths could not stop comets or cataclysm.  You will not be able to stop them either, even with our Planetary Defense System
    • More cataclysms are coming, count on it. 
    • Sudden Climate Change.  I am talking 100 degrees or more in a few hours.
    • They can cause extinctions, including ours.

    But more importantly, because life is precious and a limited resource.  As the Book of Ecclesiastes so eloquently says, "The day of a mans death is better than his birth." What have you done with your life?  Have you served the Lord with your whole mind, body, soul, and strength?  Have you left out any matters of repentance that need to be addressed? 

    There is no time like the present to get your spiritual house in order.

    Be safe and make wise use of your time, my friends.


    I will be writing a few less articles for a brief time as I am engaged in writing a series of books.  I request your prayers and patience while I pen these works.  Thank you for your faithfulness. 

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    Please consider supporting the products that I make and endorse for a healthy life just for you! Or, for as little as $1 a month, you can support the work that God has called me to do while caring for the widow. This is your opportunity to get to know me better, stay in touch, and show your support. More about Celeste

    We live in a day and age that it is critical to be:

    • Spiritually prepared,
    • Purity in food and water can
    • Secure protection against EMF and RF
    • Deters radiation
    • Supports Christian families

    I use and endorse Helix Life products because they oxygenate the body, deters radiation, creates a healthy oasis bubble around your body. No outside power necessary, easily cleanable.

    The Pendant is for personal protection $229-

    The Tower will protect your home and structure and is also portable. $1895-

    The Array will protect your home, land, or farm $10,200 offers 0 % financing for 6 months. Telephone and Chat support for questions. They also have scientific studies and resources on why you need EMF protection. You can view testimonials from satisfied customers.

    Special: Try the pendant for 10 days for $99! You can purchase the Pendant or return it, hassle free!

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