Catastrophism: God's Judgment Written in Stone of Pre-Adamic Civilizations

Preparing for Eternity

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What evidence is there of a race or races of spiritless, human-like, creatures roaming the earth?  They did not fade quietly into history but left megalithic structures reflective of a highly technological race of beings.  Did these human-like beings go extinct naturally or did earth have a brush with cyclical catastrophic event?  Whether you believe in the 6000 year age of the earth or a longer period including a gap these beings left evidence, albeit foundational, of their lives.  Peering into the past does and investigating the lives that lived before Adam and Eve does not mean that you necessarily embrace theory of evolution.  As a Christian we are oriented towards truth, wherever that path may take us. 

Were these beings extra-terrestrials who seeded the earth in some panspermia experiment or did God created them, distinct from us as we were formed in the Divine Image [likeness] of God from the dust of the earth and our breath breathed into us by God.

The first question we must ask ourselves is God capable of making such a spiritless, human-like intelligence?  There is nothing that God cannot do.  So why does the Bible begin with Creation and proceeding to Adam and Eve?

Faith Lesson:  When Alien Disclosure happens you can better understand when you already have contemplated spiritless and human-like races other than us.  That provides you the advantage in this day and age when humans are becoming more robotic and robots are becoming more human-like, with potential to become containers for demons.

Who Was Cain's Wife?

When one looks at the biblical text one must ask oneself, "Who was Cain's wife?"   Also, "Who were the people that Cain was afraid would kill him?"  The biblical account is quiet on who these people were but it infers that the earth was in fact populated by families other than Adam and Eve. 

This is a classic example of the confusion that Christians get themselves into when they depart from the text of the Bible and allow outside influences, especially long-age naturalism, to dictate the meaning of Scripture.

There is a theory claiming that Adam and Eve were created from pre-Adamic stock, as it were.  In the 17th century, a Biblical expositor,  Isaac La Peyrère, a Jewish convert to Catholicism from Bordeaux tackled the difficult text and proposed that Cain’s wife and the inhabitants of Cain’s city all came not from Adam but from pre-Adamic stock—beings who had lived in ‘the indefinite amount of time before Adam’.

Adam was created from the dust of the earth, his name Adam comes from the Hebrew word adamah, or earth.  Eve came from Adam's rib.  From my own studies, I see that God tells us their origin and about their lives for we are descended from them.  It was important for us to learn the lessons of walking with God and sin as we venture on our path of faith. 

There are also the murky waters that belief in pre-Adamic races was a form of polygenism, or multiple creations of different races.  There are some who claim that to believe in Pre-Adamic races is racist. 

Faith Lesson:  Jesus please show me the application of pre-Adamic races in my spiritual walk. 

GAP Wrinkle in Time

The Gap Theory proposes that there is textual evidence between Genesis 1:1 and 1:2 for other beings and civilizations to have existed.  Some people discredit the Gap Theory and others believe that it is possible and aligns with scientific evidence.  To believe in Gap does not mean you are discounting the Holy Writ.  Humbly, I submit that with God it is possible and the text allows for such a belief. 

When Darwin came along he really stirred the pot and challenged many traditional beliefs about the origin and perpetuation of humans and animals.  Darwin challenged the Biblical Adam.  It was thought that a belief in pre-Adamic races was antithetical to Biblical Adam and the Bible. 

Faith Lesson:  Lord, you know that there are so many theories in science.  I just want a pure faith in you.  Please Lord Jesus, I request that you keep and preserve me from error. 

Archeological Records

While we see foundations of megalithic foundations we do not see pre-Adamic remains.  As I study this topic I am seeing clear biblical  and scientific evidence that earth has sustained a number of tremendously violent cataclysms in the past and is poised for another episode.  While cyclopean stone foundations could somewhat withstand such an onslaught the fragile bones or even pre-Adamic giants, if they existed at that time, would be pulverized in the violence. 

BBC just featured an interested article on Why Catastrophes Can Change Humanity.   It was presented for Climate Change but is pertinent to our discussion.  I was particularly interested in the peer paper: Long Term Trajectories of Human History. The paper covers four trajectories:

Status Quo Trajectories, in which human civilization persists in a state broadly similar to its current state into the distant future;

Catastrophe Trajectories, in which one or more events cause significant harm to human civilization; [which I would say includes astronomical, but this paper distinguished the two]

Technological Transformation Trajectories, in which radical technological breakthroughs put human civilization on a fundamentally different course;

Astronomical trajectories, in which human civilization expands beyond its home planet and into the accessible portions of the cosmos.

The paper was done primarily as a risk assessment to evaluate each trajectory into survival or extermination of civilizations.  The paper was just recently published so this topic is on the minds of scientists and researchers.  I found their section on Catastrophic Trajectories provocative and enlightening and will include a segment here:

Research has identified a number of human extinction risks, including nuclear war, collision between Earth and a large asteroid or comet, supervolcano eruption, global warming [I know the narrative but to be true to the text I included it], runaway artificial intelligence, physics experiment disasters, and scenarios involving multiple major catastrophes (e.g., Asimov 1981; Rees 2003; Leggett 2006; Bostrom and Ćirković 2008; Häggström 2016). Some of these events would likely result in immediate human extinction if they occurred—for example, a physics experiment disaster could alter the astronomical vicinity, rendering life on Earth impossible (Turner and Wilczek 1982; Ord et al. 2010) [can you say CERN?].

For other events, the outcome is more ambiguous—for example, asteroids, comets, volcanoes, and nuclear war could all block sunlight, decimating global agriculture, but some people may be able to survive on stored food or food grown from biomass or fossil fuels (Denkenberger and Pearce 2014; Baum et al. 2015a). Tonn and MacGregor (2009) study a “singular chain of events” in which a series of catastrophes befall humanity; they find that, in the absence of a decisive extinction event, it is actually difficult to get to extinction. We find this reasoning compelling while noting the difficulty of assessing unprecedented catastrophe scenarios.

For sub-extinction catastrophes, the long-term trajectories depict the fate of the survivor populations. Will they persist for some extended time in their diminished state, and then die out later on? Will they rebuild something along the lines of the pre-catastrophe, status quo civilization? Will they go on to achieve technological transformation and/or space colonization? The fate of survivor populations depends first on how they fare in the immediate aftermath of the catastrophe and then on their long-term prospects to manage and/or rebuild civilization.

Faith Lesson:  I just want to praise You Father God and Jesus that you made the heavens and the earth dynamic and alive.  When I read these things energize my being with yourself and let me not be afraid.

Who Survives Cataclysm?

Again, from the paper cited above:

If civilization fails, the survivor population could consist mainly of subsistence farmers, hunters and gatherers, and other people who procure their own basic needs. These people are, at present, often considered among the world’s poorest, but post-catastrophe they may be among the best off.  Another group that could fare well is those who prepared for the catastrophe. This could include inhabitants of military bunkers and continuity of government facilities, citizen survivalists (“preppers”), and inhabitants of refuges designed for this purpose (Hanson 2008; Jebari 2015; Baum et al. 2015b; Turchin and Green 2017).

These people could have ample food and water, medical supplies, and other resources needed to survive without civilization, as well as resources that can be used to maintain and/or rebuild civilization, such as seeds, tools, and information.

For survivor populations, the availability of appropriate information could be a significant factor. The contemporary population is increasingly urban and lacking in the knowledge of how to survive without civilization. However, contemporary civilization has a lot of information documented in libraries, bookstores, and online. While the internet may not be available post-catastrophe, many libraries and bookstores contain basic information about such matters as how to purify water or grow food.

Some libraries and bookstores will even have books that are specifically on the topic of how to survive catastrophes (e.g., Dartnell 2014; Denkenberger and Pearce 2014). If survivors can access this information, their prospects could significantly improve.The availability of food, water, information, and other resources can depend heavily on the specifics of the catastrophe. For example, some catastrophes could cause major disruptions to agriculture (Section 4.3). Nuclear wars are likely to destroy urban areas in targeted countries. Pandemics will leave built infrastructure intact, and may have limited effect in some areas, such as remote islands and inland areas inhabited by uncontacted peoples

Given the scientific reports I am looking at I believe that the pre-Adamic race knew the stars and earth catastrophic cycles and were pre-Adamic preppers.  They built with durable stone materials and exponentially expanded subterranean labyrinths.  The good news is that some survived which is why we are here.  God always leaves a remnant, until the End. 

Faith Lesson:  There are many dangers and snares in this world.  Help me to prepare spiritually for eternity with you while I prepare physically for what may be a difficult time. 

Successive Generations

Could pre-Adamic cultures and our civilization survive and be viable post-cataclysm? 

If a population is able to survive the immediate catastrophe aftermath and the subsequent years of potentially turbulent conditions, then its subsequent trajectory will depend on, among other things, its ability to produce additional generations of people. If the initial survivor population is too small, or insufficiently healthy, it may fail to remain viable. The population would also need a suitable age and gender distribution. Note that what matters here is not the total worldwide survivor population, but the survivor population(s)that are in sufficient proximity to reproduce.

Small survivor populations in geographically distant locations, such as scattered small bunkers or survivalist camps, may contribute little to future generations. In conservation biology and related fields, the concept of minimum viable population refers to the smallest isolated population able to survive through genetic and environmental changes, with high (generally greater than 90%) probability, for many generations into the future (Shaffer 1981:132). The probability of surviving and thriving increases with the size of the population.

Estimates between 150 and 40,000 have been proposed for the minimum viable human population (Lynch et al. 1995; Impey 2015), though some studies argue against any fixed minimum number (Flather et al. 2011; 2016). Some historical analysis of human genetics suggest that there was a genetic bottleneck of as few as 1,000 to 3,000 individuals (Harpending et al. 1998; Li and Durbin 2011; but see Sjödin et al. 2012). Isolated bands of perhaps just 70 humans may have originally colonized both the Americas and Polynesia (Murray-McIntosh et al. 1998; Hey2005), suggesting a minimum viable population of roughly 100 to 500 given a favorable environment (Hanson 2008; Daily et al. 1993) such as a dedicated refuge for surviving global catastrophes (Hanson 2008; Baum et al. 2015b; Turchin and Green 2017).

However, in an unstructured and potentially inhospitable post-catastrophe environment, such a population may have a low probability of long-term survival. This research suggests that larger survivor populations are more likely to succeed, especially in unfavorable post-catastrophe conditions. A population that is just large enough for genetic viability may face other ongoing threats, such as disease, natural disasters, or internal strife. The corresponding trajectory could be low for a period of time before going to zero. That period of time could involve numerous generations, just as small populations on small, remote islands have persisted in isolation for numerous generations. (Certain catastrophe scenarios, such as extreme pandemics, may leave survivors only on small, remote islands.) However, it is unlikely that such populations could avoid a terminal catastrophe for thousands or millions of years into the future, in contrast with a larger population. Indeed, a small survivor population could die out much sooner, such as due to natural disasters, resource over exploitation, internal strife, and/or other factors. Alternatively, an initially small population could grow much larger. This is especially likely if the population is on a continent, a large island, or a small island that is sufficiently near a continent or large island that the population can reach the larger landmass.

Since this is where the overwhelming majority of the current human population resides, there is a high likelihood of survivors in these places, except perhaps in certain catastrophe scenarios that specifically affect the core population, such as extreme pandemics. If there are small survivor populations on or near continents or large islands, they will have an abundance of land to spread out on, making it feasible to grow their population to much larger numbers. However, whether the population, economy, and other attributes can recover to pre-catastrophe levels depends on other factors, in particular regarding agriculture and industry.

Faith Lesson:  The lesson that I really need to pass down to all my generations is the fear of You with awe.  That is my heart desire. 

Legends, Myths & History

Ancient myths in Europe and around the world refer to an event of bright new stars which fell to the earth as seven flaming mountains, and of how the oceans rose up in vast waves and totally engulfed the lands, and how summer was driven away with a cold darkness that lasted years

Geology provides irrefutable evidence that around 9500 BC and 7640 BC cometary impacts severely depopulated the earth.  Archeologists have been puzzled at the few human remains between 7500 BC-3500 BC and then a sudden emergence of highly developed civilizations in Europe and Egypt around 3100 BC.

4500 years later in 3150 BC another cometary object smashed into the earth this time in the Mediterranean.

I am attempting to piece together an integrated biblical, geologic, and mythical timeline.  It is slow and tedious work because there are different calendar systems and points of reference.  As I wade through documentation and books, I will be adding to this timeline. If you decide to explore timelines yourself it is important to pay attention to whether the point the timeline begins, for instance, is the timeline Common Era or After Death of Jesus?  Is this a biblical calendar or evolutionary timeline?

For now, this is what I have:


Creation [whether you believe in young or old earth, pre-Adamic or not, there needs to be creation and a hospitable planet for life to exist].

One theory, though it cannot be proven, is that Satan did not fall until one hundred years after the creation. The fall could not have been in the original creation because he was still the light bearer in the Garden of Eden.

Adam and Eve created and after their sin were cast out of Garden of Eden.

2.5 billion:  Oxygen Catastrophe killing anaerobic life

66,000,000:  Cretaceous–Paleogene (K-Pg) dinosaur extinction

17,000 BCE-16,000 BCE: Oldest Dryas (cometary encounter)- a contentious date

10,900 BCE-9700 BCE, 11,543 BCE-Younger Dryas Ice Age (from comet)- if we count from today 

10000-9000 BCE:  Gobelki Tepe, Turkey:

9000  BCE:  Walls of Jericho: 

8000BCE-5000 BCE:  Sphinx  Shoch

8000 BCE: Gobelki Tepe, Turkey: intentionally buried in

3000 BCE according to 7 day creation- Noah Flood

2000 BC and 1900 BC. Sodom and Gomorrah

October 30, 1207 BCE-Jews are believed to have entered Israel

Sphinx Egyptian remodel: 2500 BCE Shoch

Faith Lesson:  Life is journey and I am most thankful to you Jesus that you walk with me each step of the way.  I know that you will carry me when I cannot endure any more.  Thank you my Jesus!

Civilizations Come and Go

Each culture believes their knowledge is the most ancient, dating back before the Flood.  How did knowledge survive the Flood?  “Who built the megalithic structures around the world and why did these seemingly impervious civilizations disappear or perish?”  Does it seem fantastical to you that there were highly advanced civilizations interspersed throughout the biblical narrative of history.  Just as mankind for the most part has distanced himself from his agrarian roots, so too has he distanced himself from the knowledge and understanding of cyclical and periodic cataclysm.  Oral stories and stone remains testify to the following:

  • Most civilizations, creatures, and humans disappeared suddenly
  • Only sturdy foundations remained
  • Convulsive climate change was apparent
  • Geologic and archeological evidence substantiates that various triggers caused global cataclysm

The earth is beginning to show signs that a global cataclysm is imminent.

For instance, when Japan had its 2011 ‘Fukushima’ earthquake:

  • The entirety of the island of Japan moved 8 feet according to the U.S. Geological Survey
  • The whole earths axis tilted by 6 ½ inches or 17 centimeters,
  • The days on earth were shortened

This event would not even qualify as a cataclysm. 

Faith Lesson:  I am so honored to live in these days and in this season. You have all of creation to attend and yet you care for the hairs upon my head.  I am so blessed!

Ultimate Disruption Continues


At times you encounter something that is so all encompassing that it is difficult to put into words.  As I approach I knew it would be like wrestling a bear.  The following is from a CIA classified book by Chan Thomas that was recently declassified.  A sanitized version made its way to the public after declassification.  Thanks to a team of dedicated Citizen Scientists, the original book was secured in its entirety, and has now been made public.  Discussion was held how to best present it to the public to avoid a fearful approach.  While you may believe that these are a Psy Op or the writings of a madman, I can assure you they are not.  In fact, the actual scenario we find ourselves may be much worse, according to some crustal displacement scientists. 

With a rumble so low as to be inaudible, growing, throbbing, then fuming into a thundering roar, the earthquake starts…only it's not like any earthquake in recorded history.

In California the mountains shake like ferns in a breeze; the mighty Pacific rears back and piles up into a mountain of seawater more than two miles high…then the starts the race eastward.

With the force of a thousand armies the wind attacks, ripping, shredding everything in its supersonic bombardment.  The unbelievable mountain of the Pacific seawater follows the wind eastward, burying Los Angeles and Sand Francisco as if they were a grain of sand.

Nothing-but nothing-stops the relentless, overwhelming onslaught of wind and ocean. 

The yellow is what was covered in mud and silt: Michael Steinbacher: Catastrophist Geology

Across the continent the thousand mile-per-hour wind wreaks its hell, its unholy vengeance everywhere, mercilessly, unceasingly.  Every living thing ripped into shreds while being blown across the countryside; and earthquakes leave no place untouched.  In many places the earth's molten sub-layer breaks through and spreads a sea of white-hot liquid fire to add to the holocaust.  Within three hours the fantastic wall of seawater moves across the continent, burying the wind ravaged land under two miles of seething water coast-to-coast.

In a fraction of a day, all vestiges of civilization are gone and the greater cities-Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Dallas, New York, and Boston-are nothing but legends.  Barely a stone is left where millions walked just a few hours before. 

A few lucky ones who manage to find shelter from the screaming wind on the lee side of a high mountain peak-such as Mt. Massive-watch the sea of molten fire breaking through the quaking valleys below.  The raging waters follow at supersonic speeds, piling higher and higher, streaming water over the molten earth-fire, and rising almost to their feet [bringing a high energetic surge deposit].  Only great, high-mountains such as this can one withstand the cataclysmic onslaught.

North America is not alone in her death throes.  Central America suffers the same cannonade-wind, earth-fire, and inundation.

South America finds the Andes not high enough to stop the cataclysmic violence pounded out by nature in her berserk rage. In less than a day, Ecuador, Peru, and western Brazil are shaken madly by the devastating earthquake:  the Andes are piled higher and higher by the Pacific's supersonic onslaught as it surges over itself against the mountains.  The entire continent is buried by molten earth-fire, buried under cubic miles of catastrophically violent seas, then turned into a frozen hell.  Everything freezes.  Man, beast, plant, and mud are all rock-hard in less than four hours [some say less than an hour]

Europe cannot escape the onslaught.  The raging Atlantic piles higher and higher on itself, following the screeching wind eastward.  The Alps, Pyrenees, Urals, and Scandinavian mountains are shaken, then heaved even higher when the wall of seawater strikes.

Western Africa and the sands of the Sahara vanish in nature's wrath, under savage attack by wind and ocean.  The area bounded by Zaire, South Africa, and Kenya suffers only severe earthquakes and winds-little inundation.  Survivors there marvel at the Sun, standing still in the sky for nearly half a day. [Now you know why the earth's superpowers are so interest in Africa apart for vast natural resources]

Eastern Siberia and the Orient suffer a strange fare indeed-as though a giant subterranean scythe sweeps away the earth's foundations, accompanied by the wind in its screaming symphony of supersonic death and destruction.  As the Arctic basin leaves its polar home, eastern Siberia, Manchuria, China and Burma are subjected to the same annihilation as South America: wind, earth-fire, inundation, and freezing.  Jungle animals are shredded to ribbons by the wind, piled into mountains of flesh and bone, and buried under avalanches of homogenized seawater and mud.  Then comes the sudden, seemingly infinite supply of terrible, instantly paralyzing temperatures drop of 180 degrees Fahrenheit. Not man, beast, plant, muck, earth, nor water is left unfrozen in the entire Asian continent, most of which remains below sea level. 

Suspicious Observers

Antarctica and Greenland, with their ice caps, now rotate around the earth in the Torrid Zone; and the fury of the wind and inundation marches on for six days.  During the sixth day the oceans start to settle in their new homes, running off the high grounds.

On the seventh day the horrendous rampage is over.  The Arctic Ice Age is ended-and a new stone age begins.  The oceans-the great homogenizers-have laid down another deep layer of mud over the existing strata in the great plains, as exposed in the Grand Canyon, Painted Desert, Monument Valley and the Badlands.

The Bay of Bengal basin, just east of India, is now at the North Pole.  The Pacific Ocean, just west of Peru, is at the South Pole.  Greenland and Antarctica, now rotating equatorially, find their ice caps dissolving madly in the tropical heat.  Massive walls of water and ice surge toward the oceans taking everything-from mountains to plains-in gushing, heaving paths, while creating immense seasonal moraines.  In less than twenty-five years; the ice caps are gone, and the oceans around the world rise over two hundred feet with the new-found water.  The Torrid Zone will be shrouded in a fog for generations from the enormous amounts of moisture poured into the atmosphere by the melting ice caps.

New ice caps begin to form in the new polar areas.  Greenland and Antarctica emerge with verdant, tropical foliage.  Australia is the new, unexplored continent in the North American Temperate Zone, with only a few handfuls of survivors populating its vastness.  New York lied at the bottom of the Atlantic, shattered, melted by earth-fire, and covered by an unbelievable amount of mud.  Of San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, and Boston not a trace is left.  They all will join the legends of the seven cities of Cibola.

What is left of Egypt emerges from is Mediterranean inundation new and higher-still the land of the ages.  The commonplace of our time becomes the mysterious Baalbek of the new era.

A new era!  Yes, the cataclysm has done its work well.  The greatest population regulator of all does once more for man what he refuses to do for himself and the planet on which he lives, and drives the pitiful few who survive into a new stone age.

After this cataclysm we join Noah, Adam and Eve, Atlantis, Mu, and Olympus.  Adam and Eve Story, Chan Thomas. 

In a new paper, just released it has documentation that the fish were actually breathing in sperules (ball shaped) ejecta from a comet before they were destroyed by violent tides, wind, and freezing temperatures.  But how do they outrun an energetic shockwave?   

I know enough from my career, inside visitors and conversations, and the sciences that this scenario has been talked about and with advanced preparations for survival initiated.  All has been well for some time as we enjoyed a period of unusual warmth and abundance.  The electrical and magnetic structure maintained within the earth was unchallenged.  Unfortunately, our magnetosphere is declining and orderliness has ceased.  The protections and barriers that we know are gone.  The only question is how bad, and many have dire predictions. 

 Faith Lesson:  Though you may slay me with You, I live!  

Cataclysm Continues

Wrestling this topic is much like bear wrestling, not that I want that opportunity.  Chan Thomas's Adam and Eve story is very bleak.  Next time we will look at how the antediluvians survived chaotic period in history.  


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