Climate Scientists Artistically Design Tool that Wipes Away Winter by 2050

There is a new climate tool that is being tested in Australia. By creative and interactive Artificial Intelligence (AI) with dramatic storytelling and virtual reality techniques implant the seed of the Climate Change agenda into your mind grandiosely boasting that by 2050 we will experience no winter. 

As with other AI schemes it is a stochastic approximation, not what the weather will actually be in the future.  The tool is about as accurate as me saying, "Next summer will be a pleasant 80 degrees Fahrenheit all summer." 

You can recognize AI at work when something appears too good to be true as of this boastful promise: "The resulting new climate tool visualizes data which shows by 2050, Australians will no longer enjoy winter as they know it today and will experience a new season the designers are calling “New Summer.”  This tool tells people what they want to hear not necessarily the truth. 

Climate scientists are determined to get into your brain so that you will adopt the Climate Change narrative.  They have teamed up the School of Art & Design and the ANU Climate Change Institute to design a climate scheme that people can engage with and understand. 

This tool is interactive purports to reflect what the weather will be in, "Your home town in 2050."  “In 30 years’ time winter as we know it will be non-existent. It ceases to be everywhere apart from a few places in Tasmania,” said Dr Geoff Hinchliffe, Senior Lecturer (SOA&D).

The tool uses data from  the Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) and Scientific Information for Land Owners (SILO)* integrating it with visual forms, colors, shapes, sizes to create a "visually rich and interesting and gives a lot of detail in a way that connects emotionally with people by locating it in their own town,” providing for them a personalized weather snapshot. The tool concentrates on visualization (like virtual reality) and storytelling to present the climate agenda and data typically presented in graph form but is now, in their own words, poetic, according to Associate Professor Mitchell Whitelaw.

The tool designer's want their data to be a memorable experience so that it will be ingrained in your mind, a not so subtle for of mind control. 

If you want to check out the visual climate tool it is located at the Australian Conservation Foundation and can be viewed here:

The folks behind the Climate Change agenda are the same players as Al Gore saying that by now we would world would be under 2 feet of water and no more polar bears which tugged at our heartstrings.  Using this new tool is dangerous and makes about as much sense as going to Netflix for your local weather forecast.


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