Could Your Computer Activity Could Soon Warrant Lethal Kinetic Action?

Could your computer activity warrant a lethal action? A troubling global precedent that can possibly endanger your life was set on May 5, 2019 while many people were enjoying Cinco de Mayo.  The Israeli's and the Palestinians have been skirmishing for decades but this recent engagement established a threshold for using kinetic weapons against a cyber threats. This precedent establishes cross domain retaliatory response for cyber threats.  In the past, a cyber threat would be dealt with in the cyber domain, but now a cyber threat has been expanded to include illicit lethal force. 

The world of cyber is now ubiquitous in each of our lives and is now a part of modern warfare.  The exponential progression of cyber capabilities worldwide has resulted in codified laws, ethics, and norms have not yet caught up for every situation.

The military and the corporate world seek 'small windows of opportunity' to exploit whether to quell resistance to expand control.  Life has its oscillating cycle's and we are now seeing these cycles converge and certain powers want to control the cycle as well as the narrative.

There are three stages that we will be witnessing with greater contrast and clarity very soon.  The three stages are competition, crisis, and conflict. The first overt use of lethal kinetic action will occur during the crisis phase between competing ideologies and conflict.  The thought is to deescalate the situation before it spreads like wildfire resulting in physical conflict and violence.  The crisis phase is a delicate balance of communication, interpretation, analysis, and assumption.

May 5th Backgrounder

On May 5, 2019 Israel responded with a real-time response to an attempted cyber-attack from Hamas by destroying the building which housed Hamas’ cyber operations.  The international playbook had changed its rules permitting a state to respond with kinetic force to a cyber attack.  This action was the first openly-acknowledged, immediate kinetic strike in response to a cyber-attack.  The United States first used physical force to counter cyber activity in 2015 when it attacked ISIS hacker Junaid Hussain.

Appearances can be deceiving in this age of warfare and some are exceedingly troubling:

  • The kinetic response was conducted after the threat had been neutralized thus making this a case of overkill, literally.
  • The action is clearly a psychological operation reminding the inferior side who possesses 'overwhelming capabilities' and is ready to use them.

The action was historic and unprecedented reflecting the ongoing continuum of Palestinian/Israeli kinetic strikes and counter strikes.  We can expect multi-domain operations to be crossed even in single engagements.   As we move towards more asymmetrical warfare traditional ply book responses may not apply to every situation.  As digital technology is integrated each case will be fully measured and weighed to avoid misinterpretations with global repercussions.  These actions will be packed with dynamism that is full of energy and new and exciting ideas to garner approval for the action. 

This action by Israel settled the ethical debate regarding the status or the role of hackers and online personas.  They are now having been determined to be combatants and a viable target for government or military kinetic action. 

The U.S. “prefers an effect with consequences-based interpretation of “force” or “armed attack” with respect to cyber-attacks.” There have been international conversations about legislating cyberspace.  As technology increases there are pressures to define warfare and conflict-inducing activities.  To date, nothing has been codified or ratified.

The U.S. Department of Defense has long maintained that it reserves the right to use any response, including a kinetic response, against a cyber-attack. The action would be determined by a cost-benefit analysis. 

Cyber-attacks are becoming normalized facets of the competition, crisis, and conflict cycle. Future multi-domain operations decisions regarding conflict escalation management will very likely depend on actions taken that are unseen by the public. The precedent has been set that kinetic responses are acceptable in the context of ongoing conflict. The threshold for using kinetic weapons does not appear to be matter of >if<, but >when<, and weighed judiciously of when not to use kinetic action. 

Siding with Jesus Christ

What threat is this to the average Christian or any person using their computer?  As the beast system expands, and wickedness abounds, the true believer in Jesus Christ will find yourself at odds with that system.  When you communicate that dissatisfaction, make the decision to empower truth to others, or even gather information so that you can determine truth from propaganda, you may find yourself a target of lethal kinetic action.  The military is currently seeking leaders capable of operating in 'ill-defined' spaces and willing to make the decision to initiate a lethal kinetic action for an undefined cyber activity. 


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