DARPA Working on Making Super Humans Beyond Your Wildest Imaginations

DARPA's Panacea aims to generate multi-target pharmacological interventions that provide superior physiological effectiveness for military service members to complete their toughest missions

  • DARPA to Target Your Body's 20,043 proteins and 6 million proteoforms
  • Seeks to create a better human than God created
  • Bag n’ Tag your proteins for an invisible identification system
  • Perfecting a biological regeneration system
  • Prepare humans for space and off world environments
  • Investigational New Drug for Compassionate Use: Super-human or euthanize
  • Panacea comes from the Greek for 'all' cure, a remedy for a disease, a universal medicine

 What is Proteome?

While you are gearing up for your festive holidays season this Friday DARPA will be holding a Founder's Day in Arlington, VA to introduce a new program Panacea, vision, and goals, delving into the mysterious Dark Proteome of the human body. This program results in evolutionary improvements, or simply put, better than human, using existing state-of-the-art practices in genetic manipulation. I first mentioned the nascrncy of this Proteome venture when I was a guest on Steve Quayle's daily radio show, discussing COBRA II and protein salvation in the relatively new field of proteomics, two decades ago.

Innovators throughout time have embedded secrets into their works, sometimes as a signature and sometimes to thwart counterfeiters. Take for instance our paper money which has multiple layers of unseen signatures, making it difficult or impossible to duplicate. God has done this with your body so that no mater the technology or mastery of dark arts, mankind can never absolutely imitate God's creation. So, while DARPA attempts to conquer the mysterious proteome God laughs, for He has His secrets about your body that DARPA will never discover.

One major problem facing the drug development community is that the functional proteome - the complete collection of proteins and their roles in signaling networks - is largely dark to science. Despite being able to identify many of the proteins within a cell, researchers do not have a firm grasp on everything those proteins do and how they interact to affect physiology. Physiological systems are robust; their capability to resist change is a consequence of their evolutionary acquired complexity. Successful intervention in complex biological systems may require functional modulation of multiple targets instead of just one, and some of those targets may have no known function or structure.  DARPA

DARPA's objective is so to engineer pharmaceutical and advanced medical chemistry platforms that can more effectively engage with the complex and integrated physiological systems in the human body through molecular targeting and drug discovery. The Panacea program will transform drug development, yielding new drugs that target multiple proteins simultaneously to exert precise, network-level effects. 

Therapeutic interventions include management of acute management of pain and inflammation and the improvement of physiological endurance under oxygen-limited conditions or environments. Human physiology is often a limiting factor in the operational readiness of the United States Department of Defense (DoD). When the human body is damaged or a physiological system is not functioning optimally, interventions are required to help mend the injury or improve the underperforming system. The Panacea program will support the development and proof-of-
concept demonstration of a new integrated platform for the rapid prediction, synthesis and validation of pharmacological interventions.  DARPA

The depraved program seeks to modify human physiology to withstand hostile environments, such as flying at 50,000 feet, diving deep in the ocean, metabolic stress, or hiking for miles with gear through extreme climates that place unique burdens on their individual physiology.

DARPA seeks to tap or engineer a drug induced pharmacological potential interventions to the military and certain human populations to complete their toughest missions more safely and efficiently, and then recover more quickly and without adverse effects, but those interventions must work on complex physiological systems in the human body. DARPA created the Panacea program to pursue the means of rapidly discovering, designing, and validating new, multi-target drugs that work with the body’s complexity to better support the physiological resilience and recovery of certain populations.

The premise of Panacea is that the physiological systems of the human body work in complex and highly integrated ways. Drugs exert effects on our bodies by physically interacting with and changing the functional state of biomolecules that govern the functions of cells and tissues. Most drugs target proteins, which are the principle cellular workhorses.

The consequences of targeting large blocks of proteins can amplify side effects and include death. 

“The current roster of drugs approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration only targets about 549 proteins, yet the body can produce more than six million different protein variants,” said Tristan McClure-Begley, the Panacea program manager. “The opportunity space (economic windfall) for pharmacological intervention is vast and effectively untapped, but to access it we need new technology for understanding and targeting the human functional proteome.” DARPA

DARPA believes that multi-target drugs will deliver safer and more efficacious solutions to military requirements for readiness and recovery over state-of-the-art interventions. Once again, these state-of-the-art pharmaceuticals will be for certain populations, not the average person, thereby creating a class of super human godlike entities. Will they remain human? Only God knows for sure. 

McClure-Begley says, “To deliver improved interventions, we need to get to a place where we can investigate all of the potential proteins at play for a given condition and then prioritize sets of protein targets and signaling networks to effectively modulate physiological systems, regardless of what prior knowledge exists about those targets.”

The Panacea program aims to generate initial proof of concept for this new direction in drug discovery and development. Research will primarily involve animal models, human cell derived organoids (miniature, three-dimensional human tissues generated and placed within animals for biological applications), and high-throughput cell culture models. However, to support eventual transition to humans, DARPA will work with federal agencies to develop a regulatory pathway for future medical use. By the end of the five-year program, DARPA will require teams to submit novel drug candidates to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for review as an Investigational New Drug for Compassionate Use.

DARPA novel therapeutic gateways lay hidden within that proteome space. Protein abundances and functions vary according to contexts, such as cell type, age, genetic background, and environmental conditions. Despite this rich landscape, only a tiny fraction (less than 4%) of the proteome is targeted by drugs to facilitate recuperation and support survival. Part of this paucity of drug target space arises from the fact that there is incomplete knowledge of the functional roles of all the proteins comprising the proteome. The focus on compounds with single targets in cell signaling networks (so called “magic bullet” drugs) is another reason the current drug target space is limited to a finite number of proteins and a restricted set of protein classes.

DARPA is soliciting innovative proposals that will pursue cornerstone technologies that mechanistically dissect complex physiological processes and use novel medicinal chemistries to engage diverse molecular targets from empirically determined functional proteomic networks.

All we can do is have confidence that God holds the secrets of life in His hand.  He is in control and Holy Scripture clearly states that He shares His glory with no other. 

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