DHS Scheme to Seize Your Data to Stop Bioterrorism

BOTTOM BOTTOM LINE:  We have come to the place in history where AI is evaluating just how much governmental bioterrorism (via their bioweapon labs) we are willing to tolerate and pay for.  You can expect massive activation's and releases of bioweapons with ubiquitous sensors relaying to AI how we respond physiologically, psychologically, and as a society!   WATCH FOR IT.

On the heels of the tragedy of September 11, 2001 several monumental bills were passed into law including the Patriot Act and the little known Bioterrorism Act of 2002, now known as the Public Health Security and Bioterrorism Preparedness Response Act or PHSBPRA.  This act has laid in wait for this time and this age.  It addresses national heath disasters, biological agents and toxins, strategic stockpiles, securing the food and drug supply, establishing agricultural security and has morphed with each year that passes. 

This Act began spreading it's tentacles fairly rapidly after being passed.  Ordinary citizens were put on "lists" requiring everything but your first born child for regular commodities such as fertilizer, lye, and even rubbing alcohol and iodine. 

Fast forward to this week as DHS is soliciting comments to expand it's power and control over your life.  DHS wants more of your personal data to stop bioterrorism.  If I am not mistaken the US has only had one incident, in Oregon, of bioterrorism, but no matter, this Act was established as a control and surveillance mechanism.  As you read what data DHS wants keep in the back of your mind the organizational structure of FEMA and also the United Nation's Agenda 21 (2030):

Covers a geographic footprint to provide a national picture with dynamic health data sources (real time health data on you) as well as at least 10 geographic locations (FEMA sections) or large regions that are critical to the homeland security mission.

Allows users to access both dynamic and static data layers to assess human health as well as biological threats. Key data layers of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Human health data (911, EMS, ED, Poison Control, etc.)
  • Animal / Wildlife health data
  • Food safety/defense surveillance data
  • Travel data (flight, transit, motor vehicle, etc.)
  • Population (census data)
  • Meteorological or other environmental data
  • Critical infrastructure locations and descriptions

Back in 2006, Washington State, beta-tested regulations requiring horse owners to provide a Profit and Loss Statement of Assets and Liabilities to the Department of Agriculture for permission to travel with one's own horses.  They also required an itinerary of precise where you were going including routes and conveyance methods.  I was personally involved, as were others in opposing these regulations but it impacted only horse owners and there was no public outcry and so it set a precedent for what you be required to provide to travel very soon. 

After the turn of the century you began to see an uptick in validation analytics.  This is now being turned over to artificial intelligence to determine validation by:

  • Algorithm(s) for signaling anomalies that may be threats of national significance;
  • Predictive algorithm(s) aimed to characterize emerging threats providing measurable analytic value for decision making; and
  • Analytics that consider various data types (include food, animal, environmental, etc.) Yes, DHS is interested in your food and your pet's food or livestock feed. 

Demonstrates an existing national user-base that is engaged and collaborative within the system on a regular basis to successfully meet both the day to day mission of the user and provide information / tips that may be of concern to the DHS mission (e.g., “See Something, Say Something”). 

Bottom Line:  Think spies!  Back in 2002, these spies were real humans strategically placed in various positions throughout society, but now we have electronic and nano spies, that will do the job, taking the human equation out of the loop.

Provides cost options such as fee for service through subscription model that is scalable to allow for growth of the system in covering relevant data fields, increasing geographic coverage of data providers, and in the user base. 

Bottom Line:  There is a new scheme afloat: infrastructure pay-for-service. This will pay for the exponential quantum infrastructure implementation.  You will not only be taxed, but also pay for usage especially if the infrastructure is not politically correct such as using fossil fuels.  In essence, double taxation with no representation. 

Incorporates a fully functioning user-interface that makes it easy to share information between users within the system; send alerts via SMS, electronic mail, or mobile notifications, and export data and visualizations to meet the needs of both Federal and local level preparedness purposes. 

Bottom Line:  Think of your data as being on BlockChain freely swapped, traded, and sold, between government agencies and their partners.  All the bugs have been worked out over the past 20 years and are fully operational. 

System should be fully secure and HIPAA and Privacy Act compliant to allow for various user access roles to limit what can be seen for each source and the amount of detail which is permitted. Non-covered entities under HIPAA, like NBIC, should have access to appropriately de-identified, aggregated information, visualizations, and anomaly detection algorithms necessary to understand emerging biological threats. 

Bottom Line:  I was working in the field of medicine when HIPAA originated.  Those HIPAA forms you sign when you partake of medical services are really a waiver to share, trade, sell your medical data.  There is no privacy or confidentiality in medicine in today's environment. 

System demonstrates a responsive design, help desk integration, and features that meet the business support needs of various user types.

Bottom Line: Responsive design is AI.  Government is using a business model for profit.

Demonstrates sustainability of a profitable business through recurring subscription fees and/or other revenue sources to furnish visualization of integrated data and analytics to support the business processes of data owners and government preparedness officials.

Bottom Line:  More AI to generate revenue and fees that are supported or justified by altered data manipulation.  Remember, AI does not need to provide truth only approximations.

Established measures of effectiveness for its system in the following areas: incident characterization, risk assessment, decision support, and impact appraisal or assessment.

Bottom Line: DHS is perfecting their AI system before the Third Wave of AI is released into the wild (populous).  The Third Wave of AI is the last wave and $2 billion has been invested by DARPA to bring it to fruition.  The Third Wave includes the mark of the beast or it's activation.

Demonstrates capability to rapidly enhance biosurveillance products and services based upon its measures of effectiveness.

BOTTOM LINE:  The UN required in the Terrestrial Animal Health Code back in 2005 that all property be owned by the government, electronic identification of all life, an 24/7 surveillance.  As a signatory nation the United States has implemented and made mandatory these pillars of the UN Traceability scheme.  Remember!  In the eyes of the UN you are an animal and all regulations are applicable to humans.  Each manual is 1500 pages and adds to existing regulations every May. 

The comment time is over on October 1, 2018 and will be rapidly put into regulation.  It is ironic in a way that DHS wants more data on your every move all the while over government, including DHS, is flooding our country with bioweapons and bioweapon laboratories, contrary to public law. 

What can we do?  Not much.  The regulatory process allows for you to comment but will do what it wants.  All your comments do is provide AI with insight on how to erase barriers and get you to adopt the agenda.  We can however pray, and know that these things must come to pass for Jesus to return. 


Quick note:  I really enjoyed meeting many of you at Branson at the Transhumanism and the Hybrid Age.  Many of you became concerned when I disappeared for a few weeks. Thank you for your prayers and concern.   I was traveling and have one more trip to go.  On October 1, I will be back to my regular writing schedule with some surprises for you.  God willing, I might be able to squeeze a few articles before then, we shall see.

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Signed into effect on 12 June 2002, the Public Health Security and Bioterrorism Preparedness and Response Act, (PHSBPRA) was signed by the President, the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) and the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).