Ten Plagues: Ecological Vermin Disaster of Biblical Proportions

  • Intriguing Chemistry of Dust
  • Chemi (gods) from the Stars
  • Plague of Vermin as a punishing blow without warning  to those who reject the Blood
  • Ecological disaster where land turns into vermin
  • Power of the Dust
  • God's Judgment:  Climate Change, Drought, and Dust
  • Demons, Secret Arts, and the Magicians
  • Poisonous Pestilence of Vermin

    If you are human you have probably experienced an infestation at some point of your life but it could not have been as bizarre as what hit the Egyptians during the Exodus.

    The nature of vermin is that they are typically parasitic, especially in the insect kingdom, with the animal variety usually carrying parasitic vermin in a symbiotic relationship.  On occasion when there is a contempt of a human being, that human or those humans are called vermin as witnessed during World War II. 

    Bloody First Set of Plagues

    It is not coincidental that the first set of three plagues in the Exodus account is all related to the blood. 

    Plague 1:  The Nile River turns to blood

    Plague 2:  Borders of Egypt are invaded by demonically assembled frogs ascending onto and into everything because Pharaoh turned away from the blood

    Plague 3:  Bothersome vermin created out of thin air are dispatched to suck the life blood out of the rebels

    This third plague comes without warning and today would be considered a wicked problem, although the definition today says that they are not evil. 

     Striking the Ecology of Dust

    Most often, we think of dust simply as the stuff that accumulates on our windowsills, but these fine particles floating in the air play an important role in the global climate system.

    Say to Aaron, Stretch out your staff and strike the dust of the earth.  Exodus 8:12

    What can we learn?  This language indicates so that dust will result. 

    The precise language for this also appears in the prophetic passage Ezekiel 21:19.   It could indicate that the strike against the Egyptians occurred on all their faces and on all of their flesh.  Although the passage in Ezekiel mentions only the hands it alludes that the lice attacked every part of the body.  In that verse God commanded Ezekiel to strike one hand against the other in the manner of a mourner clapping his hands together as he bemoans his fate.  Once you read all the details bemoaning ones fate seems a reasonable conclusion. 

    What is the difference between the earth and the dust of the land?  The dust of the earth refers to the whole earth while the dust of the land refers to habitable terrain.  The distinction corresponds to God's statement on the third day, Let the water beneath heaven be gathered into one area, and let the dry land appear.  Genesis 1:9 

    In one of the Egypt's worst ecological disasters the dry and habitable land turned into vermin.

    Black Blizzard of Dust

    My first awareness of the power of dust was through my grandfather's great uncle Wilford who had visited his aunts and uncles during the time of the dust Bowl.  He artfully described the  the landscape and tempest briefly in his own words:

    Arlette looked to the east and saw something weird.  She pointed at it and called Alva, "What is it?"  He turned and saw what she saw-a great, gray, tumbling cloud rolling along the ground toward us.

    Alva knew and whistled to me and said, "Wilford, quickly run your car into the garage."  I obeyed.  Chickens were running for shelter.  Cattle in the field huddled into a compact group, heads turned away from the coming storm.  Permelia had closed all the doors and windows in the house.  I threw a few rags over the car.  Then Alva and I ran for the shelter of the home just as the roaring wind struck.  Grains of sand were caught up and thrown against the sides and windows of the house like hail.  The air was full of fine dust and sand.  The force of the  wind made the old house groan in every joint.

    Many people are unaware that the Black Blizzard not only created desolation but mad people gravely ill.  Vermin of every sort sought out homes and food to weather the storm.


    It is difficult to be precise of the exact biblical translation of this word.  The Webster's American Dictionary of the English Language defines vermin as:

    All sorts of small animals which are destructive to grain or other produce; all noxious little animals or insects, as squirrels, rats, mice, worms, grubs, or flies and secondarily to humans, of which the United Nations has classified human beings. 

    Though the biblical interpretations are vast, here are thoughts:


     Lice can infest any part of the body, not just the scalp



     Bothersome or Noisome Insects


     Swarms of different species of insect as one unit

    Modern definitions can include superbugs more lethal than cancer. 

    Remember, according to a NASA document INSECTS are co-opted.

    Power of Dust

    Image:  ADAPT 2030

    To really comprehend this ecological and humanitarian disaster and its implications we need to fully grasp the power of dust.  As with any drama the stage must be set. 

    My earliest awareness of the power of dust was through the journal of my great-uncle Wilford.  He and his wife visited his uncles and aunt's during the Great Dust Bowl.  His handwritten notes artfully described the swirling tempest of dust. Not only did the land become desolate but people got ill and vermin sought refuse in any place that they could weather the storms. 

    It was from dust that man was formed. 

    Then the Lord God formed the man of dust from the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living creature. Genesis 2:7

    Is it possible that one of the messages from God to Pharaoh was in their dalliance with the technologies of the fallen angels that they were precipitously close to loosing their humanity?

    For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother's womb. I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well. My frame was not hidden from you, when I was being made in secret, intricately woven in the depths of the earth. Your eyes saw my unformed substance; in your book were written, every one of them, the days that were formed for me, when as yet there was none of them. Psalms 139:13-16

    The first set of three plagues was so that the Israelite's, Egyptians, and those of us today that we would know that He alone is God. 

    He formed and knitted you; He made you wonderfully; your frame was known to Him even as you were secretly developing; He saw your substance-both physical and spiritual and your name is written in the book of creation, a literal book written in heavenly scrolls and your DNA; the days of your years were formed by God Almighty before the foundation all creation. As a Pharaoh self assembled deity he needed to learn these lessons as do those of who have yet to know their creator.

    By the sweat of your face you shall eat bread, till you return to the ground, for out of it you were taken; for you are dust, and to dust you shall return.”   Genesis 3:19

    Pharaoh had enslaved the people of God just as the rich men of the earth have enslaved humanity today.  He was not toil in for his bread but causing other people to work in slave conditions.  The Plague of Vermin was about to remind Pharaoh that he was but dust.  It is doubtful that as he perceived himself a deity that he understood that he would return to the dust but rather voyaging into the comfortable afterlife.

    As a father shows compassion to his children, so the Lord shows compassion to those who fear him. For he knows our frame; he remembers that we are dust.  Psalm 103:13-14

    God has compassion on His children in bondage whether in ancient times or today. His compassion extends to those who fear Him and remembers that we do not claim to be gods.  Our bodies will decay and turn to the earth but our soul is in His presence. 

    Has the potter no right over the clay, to make out of the same lump one vessel for honorable use and another for dishonorable use? Romans 9:21

    In great power God, will make the point that He has the exclusive right over His creation.  As in many of the Ten Plagues God makes clear distinctions to a culture that amplified the art of mixing and hybridization. 

    And wherever they do not receive you, when you leave that town shake off the dust from your feet as a testimony against them. Luke 9:5

    And if anyone will not receive you or listen to your words, shake off the dust from your feet when you leave that house or town. Matthew 10:14

    Dust has power to the degree that the Gospels say that if someone does not receive you that you are to shake the dust off your feet as a testimony against them.  Some believe this to be a cultural practice, but as the End of Days proceeds in earnest many of us will be forced to shake the dust off our feet.  It will be particularly painful when dusting off family, friends, and close acquaintances-and adhere to the verse, let the dead bury the dead

    Climate Change, Drought, and Dust

    While there are many reasons for Climate Change, which is a cyclic Law of Nature, could it be possible that God is allowing weather patterns to be orchestrated today just as He tolerated during the Ten Plagues to bring about an ecological judgment upon the earth? 

    Surprising Ecology of Dust

    Image:  ADAPT 2030

    As God's hand steels up the clouds of heaven droughts intensify and development expands, the amount of dust blowing around the earth is increasing, affecting everything from mountain snow melt to the spread of disease. Scientists believe that dust is a connector of ecosystems around the world, much like blood in the body.  Is it any wonder then that dust plays a significant role in the first set of plagues all dealing with different facets of blood?

    For instance, dust from the desert Southwest is sailing into the Rockies in increasing quantities and settling onto the snow that covers the peaks creating streaks of red and brown.  From 2005 to 2008, about five times as much dust an extreme dust scenario fell on the Rockies as during the 1800s.  Globally, the frequency of dust storms there has more than doubled since the 1990s — from 20 per year to 48 in the 2000s.

    Dust plays a fundamental role in the world’s ecological processes, and the dynamics of dust has both positive and negative effects. Increased dust means:

    More nutrients and minerals, such as iron, are being transported long distances.   

    This stimulates the growth of oceanic plankton — an essential link in the marine food chain but can cause a cheese curd effect of biblical proportion.  In 2009, a massive dust storm in Australia called Red Dawn causes a surge in plankton that even changed our atmospheric content.

    Dust decreases water flow in some mountain regions

    Dust contains pathogens, a growing health concern.  For instance, of Valley fever, a fungus that lives in desert soils, becomes airborne as dust, and is then inhaled while in Japan cases of Kawasaki disease — a rare malady that, among other things, causes inflammation of blood vessels, particularly coronary arteries — have been increasing. The bacteria or virus (no one is sure) can travel in events known as Yellow Dust — storms that blow in from the Gobi Desert. While in Africa during the dry season, from the Atlantic Ocean to the Red Sea, create something called the meningitis belt, so called because of the rash of outbreaks of the bacterial disease there.  

    Dust reduces or changes clouds-Just at a time when the sun is decreasing in radiance dust influences the radiative balance of the planet in different ways, by directly by scattering and absorbing incoming solar radiation, blocking the sun, or indirectly by changing the optical properties of clouds, themselves an important player in the climate system.

    Aerosols can warm or they can cool depending on their composition and their location.

    Ice cores and marine sediments tell us that the ice age world was much dustier than today’s world.  Will vermin infested dust herald the arrival of the new ice-age creeping onto the globe during  Grand Solar Minimum

    The role that dust plays in the earth’s natural systems is only now coming into sharper focus as humanity’s impact on the planet intensifies.

    Dust is a global phenomenon. Where it comes from, where it goes, and how it impacts climate and the biogeochemistry of land and oceans are mysteries that span all the realms of history, the earth,  and what role it will play in our prophetic future.

    Bring Forth the Vermin

    The wording in the Holy Writ alludes that the vermin were an act of creation for within the Laws of Nature it is impossible for dust to turn into vermin.  This would have been classified as a wonder for it had the supernatural element.  It was a direct punishment to Pharaoh and the Egyptians.

    These vermin were found both upon man and beast.  Once again we see the concept of many vermin as one solitary infestation of vermin, as in they acted in unity.  This is the model that artificial intelligence (AI) is using and that we saw demonstrated in the Jade Helm exercise where many nodes made a whole.  According to legend these vermin were like needles, piercing into the flesh of men and animals.

    The essence of the miracle was having the dust of the earth turn into vermin.  This particular verse reveals that the formation and swarming of the vermin began in man and beast, and then spread to the dust of the earth.  This pattern follows the flow of sin in the Days of Noah where sin began in man and then spread throughout the whole earth.  There were two opinions:

    One was to dispel the mistaken notion that it had been a natural phenomenon.  The vermin spawned out of the dust that had become putrefied by the frogs.  Scripture refutes this opinion by saying that the vermin originated in man and beast. 

    Secondly, inasmuch as the formation of vermin out of the dust of the earth is tantamount to creation a radical miracle, Scripture reveal that in keeping with the principle of minimizing departures from the natural pattern.  Gestation of the vermin began in man and beast being a natural phenomenon for vermin including lice to be catalyzed by sweat.  From there they spread out to infect the dust of the earth.

    Also conveyed is an allusion of the following:  in Psalms 105:31: …He spoke, and there came beasts, and vermin in all their hordes.  It is explained that the plague of vermin is implied as never come to an end, the masses (hordes) of that generation continuing to suffer from the vermin even after the next plague of wild beasts struck them.  In other words, stressed by the vermin they remained upon man and beast that is the affliction stayed with them from then on. 

    The Plague of Vermin was not intended to prove anything in particular but only to punish them by means of a disgusting affliction.  For the same reason this plague came with no warning.

    Secret Arts of the Magicians

    The magicians did their secret arts….to bring forth vermin.  The magicians wanted to perform the feat of bringing forth vermin but were not able to do so.  It was believed by biblical scholars throughout history that it is impossible for a demon-shed or something that is invisible to the eye or creatures or microbes form to gain control over any creature smaller than a grain of barley.  They hit the dust of the earth and incanted their familiar demons and performed their secret arts, as was their custom, in order to bring forth vermin, but could not assemble vermin from their breeding places and bring them.

    In the dark arts there are certain ways to achieve a desired outcome about which we have been hearing much about since the New Millennium.  In the case of the magicians their formula was thwarted by God.  Some believe that their power was thwarted henceforth for this particular plague. 

    So the magicians changed their tactic.  Instead of bringing forth vermin the magicians decided to remove the vermin from man and beast.  Having seen this earlier in connection with the Plague of the Frogs which Pharaoh believed that he brought them bring ashore while Moses dispensed with the frogs.  This time the magicians wanted to be the ones to remove the vermin.

    'finger of god'

    It is very possible that the magicians watched the hands and staff of Aaron and attempted to mimic these hand gestures believing it would counteract the plague.  The magicians were familiar with hand gestures within their secret arts.  They tried three times and failed.

    When their incantations and other magic failed they realized that they were wrong about Moses. He truly was a messenger of God and that the vermin were brought to them by the 'finger of god'. The Finger of God can also mean retribution.  But lest you get excited than possibly Pharaoh was coming to his senses, the Egyptians were not saying the 'Finger of God' or the 'Finger of the God of Israel,' rather they were saying that this was the 'finger of god', their gods, by which this plague afflicted them.

    When the magicians talked about the 'finger of god' it was not a kind of confession or helplessness on the part of the sorcerer's of Egypt, nor were they admitting superiority to Moses and Aaron. They did not attribute the plague to the 'finger of god' as an instrument of justice, but as mocking the 'Finger of God' with a demeaning note minimizing the power of God. We are seeing the same defiant attitude sweep around the world. 

    The magicians felt this plague had not come through Aaron but possibly due to an alignment of evil stars over the land of Egypt at this time. 

    Due to their failure the stature of the magicians fell in popularity and they were no longer esteemed as they once were.  This is reflected in the shortening of their title in the original language. 

     Rise of the Poisonous Pestilence of Vermin

    Now there are diverse measures available for dealing with vermin that spawn in living creatures.  There are cures and medications for drawing them out, and poisons for destroying them, as there are sundry ointments for cleansing away perspiration and for cleansing flaking skin-and the magicians were expert in all of this.  However, the Egyptians and their magicians could do nothing since the affliction was divinely induced, and natural counter-measures were ineffectual.  They were helpless in dealing with the situation and consequently the vermin remained upon man and beast.

    Chemistry of the Dust

    You may believe that the Plague of Vermin is relegated to the dusty pages of Holy Scripture and ancient history but what I am about to share with you is that you are increasingly  afflicted with the Plague of Vermin right now.  It all stems back to the forbidden dark arts of the Egyptians and their gods.

    It is interesting to note that the Lord instructed Moshe to strike the dust of the earth which, in turn, then became bothersome vermin. Some people consider the earth to be the father (or mother) of the gods, both in yesteryear and today. Moreover, a special sacredness was attached to the black fertile soil of the basin of the Nile, called Chemi, from which the ancient name of the Egypt is supposed to be derived. Thus when Moshe turned the dust into bothersome vermin, he was mocking the earth’s ability to produce good things apart from God's provision.  In the Egyptian demotic script lands were identified by their color:  red, black,white and so forth.

    Chemi is a variant of chemo and chemisorption, the absorbing of chemicals so popular today.  In its hybrid (combining) form it means chemical.  It is believed to be derived from forbidden dark arts of alchemy which is of European origin.  It is derived though from al-kīmiyāʾ of unknown origin. 

    Chemi from the Stars

    This is where this takes another strange turn for in the original language Kimah is a star in the Pleiades from the ancient root to store away a golden tablet. Ash, the Mighty Bear is in this star cluster, oosh meaning to hasten or self-assembly, as in self-assembling matter and artificial intelligence!

    The chambers of the south it is believed by many ancient cultures to be where intense storms are kept.  Pleiades, in the north, (Kimah) likened unto Saturn, is extremely cold, imbue a scorpion bite with coldness, that makes it very dangerous.  According to the Psalms the cold of Kimah was not diminished somewhat by proximity to the Stream of Fire.  Kimah causes contraction or a binding or casting together.  It is not coincidence that the world is feeling a searing heat that is ebbing ever closer to the biting cold of the Grand Solar Minimum. 

    According to the Oxford English Dictionary, Kimah is derived from the ancient Egyptian name of Egypt that means blackness. The alchemy of Egypt and in modern medicine is the Black Art.

    Fusing Technology of the Stars

    The second part of the word comes from the Greek for pouring, infusion, used in connection with the study of the juices of plants, and thence extended to chemical manipulations in general.  A derivation accounts for the old-fashioned spellings chymist and chymistry. The other view traces it to hieroglyph khmi, which denotes black earth as opposed to barren sand, and occurs in Plutarch on this derivation of alchemy and as explained as Egyptian Dark Art.

    Chemistry, kemah of unknown origin but attributed to the Egyptians means transmutation of earth involving science and  matter at the molecular-atomic (and smaller) levels.  It primarily deals with molecules, crystals, and metals all of which we are seeing in medicine as well as pervading our world in an intentionally omnipresent fashion. 

    Could it be that chemi is the root for chimera's that were artfully depicted in the stone hieroglyphs in Egypt?

    Some believe that chemistry derives from an Egyptian word khemein or khēmia, preparation of black powder, derived from the name khem, Egypt. A decree of Diocletian, written about 300 AD in Greek, speaks against "the ancient writings of the Egyptians, which treat of the khēmia transmutation of gold and silver".

    Magical Make Up and the Dust

    Under the best of situations the desert conditions and annual flooding of the Nile primed the eye for inflammations and bacterial infections. During the Plague of Vermin the vermin laden dust would cause severe eye infections impeding eye-sight.

    According to American Chemical Society peer reviewed journals they eye make up so often depicted in Egyptian records was: Ancient Egyptian cosmetics: “Magical” makeup may have been medicine for eye disease. Records indicate that environmental conditions at the time, including striking the earth with the plague of vermin brought afflictions to the eyes of the Egyptians.  They, in turn, sought remedies from those entities  from the stars that provided recipes for them.  Egyptians believed that this makeup also had a “magical” role in which the ancient gods Horus and Ra would protect wearers against several illnesses.

    Antibacterial eyeliner seeping into the conjunctiva of the eye would activate an immune response, killing off pathogenic bacteria and preventing infections before they even started. The cosmetic’s regular usage could have cut down on the prevalence of ocular scarring, cataracts and blindness, nothing for an Egyptian living in antiquity to scoff at.

    This healing black makeup that contained lead, laurionite, that boosts production of nitric acid in the body by 230 per cent in cultured human skin.  Nitric acid is a key signaling agent in the body's immune system sparked by the presence of lead ions, a bona fide tsunami of molecules flooding surrounding cells to respond to invading bacteria. This intense biochemical interaction suggests that kohl was more than just a beautifying cosmetic and the forefather of sunglasses, also an important antibacterial- antimicrobial ointment, stimulating bacteria-eating macrophage cells and arousing blood flow by increasing the diameter of capillaries, and other pharmaceutical qualities.   In fact, this deceptively simple beauty product may actually be one of the most ancient ophthalmological preparations known to man.  Egyptians of all social classes applied the eyeliner daily in veneration of the deities, satisfying both religious obligations and beautifying desires. the less wealthy adulterated their kohl with fire soot. 

    According to studies:

    Kohl is predominantly composed of the mineral galena, a dark, metallic lead-based product that is also known by the chemical name lead sulfide (PbS). The mineral would be crushed and mixed  with several other ingredients such as ground pearls, rubies and emeralds, silver and gold leaves, frankincense, coral, and medicinal herbs such as saffron, fennel, and neem. These compounds were then diluted in liquids such as oil, gum, animal fats, milk, or water to solubilize the lead and assist in its eventual facial smearing. Today we use galena for less prestigious and artistic purposes, in rechargeable batteries and as lead shot to fill shotgun shells.

    The earliest biblical record of painted eyes comes during the Bronze Age (3500-1100 BC) in Kings II 9:30 and Ezekiel 23:40.

    Consequences of Toxic Make Up

    Heavy metals contaminate in ancient as well as today’s many product leading to cases of ‘saturnism’ or lead poisoning. This is particularly a serious issue with young children sporting the cosmetic as protection against the evil eye as they are more likely to engage in hand-to-mouth behavior while learning about their environment.

    Enter SMART Dust

    SMART Dust is:

    • An ancient entity or an embodiment of one
    • A Sensor
    • Has a communication system and power supply
    • Floats in the air for two years

    I will not belabor SMART dust except to say that it could have been used in the past and for the coming plague will certainly be something to keep your eye upon. 

    Take Away

    For a time the Egyptians learned what it meant to live a life filled with torment, pain and want. 

    Imagine…Pharaoh goes out of his palace in the midst of his royal splendor.  One purpose of these plagues is to make Pharaoh aware that even if the river and the soil, the land and all its lush natural wealth were to remain unchanged, it was only at the pleasure of God that he would be permitted to possess and enjoy all this abundance.  If, in his pride of ownership, Pharaoh will consider himself authorized to rob strangers in his land of their freedom and independence in payment for allowing them the privilege of enjoying even a small part of his wealth, and to enslave them, then God will know how to destroy his abundance.  This concludes the first set of plagues directed towards demonstrating the God is Sovereign.  Those who reject the Blood [Jesus] face plagues that will suck the blood (life force) right out of them. 

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