Exposed: Fallen Angel Technology Erecting the Demonically Electrified Graphene-Carbon Temple Enterprise

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Rarely do the dots converge in a timely panorama before us.  This is one of those times but we must peer into the world of darkness and wickedness. To understand why our world is transforming into an inhospitable environment we must, ever so briefly, examine the those who have tapped into fallen angel technologies and who are integrating ideologies such as GAIA and sorcery into the fiber of our reality.

CERN is not about black holes, God particles, or Higgs Boson particles. The bottom line is that the Scientist, esoterics, witches, and futurists want strangelets the revealed at CERN to turn the earth into a neutron star and so they can evolve through determinism into spirit beings.

It is unlikely that the amount of strangelets produced thus far that have freefall to earth's core will cause us to turn into a neutron star in the next few weeks, but if they push the envelope it could precipitate massive earthquakes around the world. 

What else can one say?  Look up!  Your redemption draweth nigh!

Especially during the holiday season it is our nature to prefer to attend a house of feasting than a house of mourning, peering into dark shadows, but Holy Scripture says:

It is better to go to the house of mourning, than to go to the house of feasting: for that is the end of all men; and the living will lay it to his heart.  Ecclesiastes 7:2

Image Access:  Anthony Patch

And so, it is time that we must mourn for this season.  What is the connection between the Ethereum City, graphene, CERN, nanoparticles, AI, geo-engineering, GMO, increase in witchcraft, and all those things that have bewildered and vexed many of us for decades now?  Why are 'they' doing this to our planet we want to scream! 

 Peering into Lucis Trust

Lucis is a form of the Latin word, lux, and means ‘Light

Lucifer means “light bearer” and has come to be used in various forms such as lucid (clear) and elucidate (to make clear), as luminescent and illuminate or even Illuminate.

But what is the relation between Lucifer, Lucis and Lucent? They are simply different terms for the same thing, the same being. Many companies are using terms related to Lucis and Lucent because they are emphasizing a product that pertains to light, in one way or another. Now, when corporations, companies, products use the term Lucifer it becomes clearer that they mean business. Of course, Lucifer, Lucis or Lucent, they could all be Satanic.

A simple example of the relation between Lucifer and Lucis is that Foster and Alice Bailey established the Lucifer Publishing Co. but later “changed” the name to Lucis Trust. We say “changed” in quote because it is only a change in the eyes of those who do not think about such things. Their goal is to being the world together into one unit via occult.  Dark magic is embedded in very strategic locations such as:

  • New LucisArt-(image enhancement software for photographers and artists)
  • LUCIS-(provides church accounting software for your church’s accounting!?!?)
  • Lucis Healthy Marketplace
  • Lucis - Arcane School-Educating initiates into Dark Arts
  • The Lucis Mission-(referring to “Land-Use Conflict Identification Strategy”)
  • LUCIS Islam & Society / LUCIS Leiden University Centre-The Islam connection

The Cosmic Bloodstream

God created the heavens and the earth filled the earth with His handiwork, including mankind.  The universe, earth, man and animal are electrical in nature. 

Science is just beginning to understand how the electrical processes of the brain, nervous system, heart, and blood nevertheless certain scientists and philosophers through fallen angel technology are striving to bridge the connection between mankind and his environment.  Scientists and researchers are developing an electrical intermediary between the microcosm, macrocosm, and consciousness.  When finally admitted entrance, the realization that a cosmic bloodstream circulates throughout all that lives and breathes which includes the environment of the cosmos will help to transfer the concept of universal brotherhood of man from mere romanticism to hard scientific fact.

In the words of occultist H.P. Blavatsky, the way in which the universe initiates and coordinates its building processes is:

"By the radiant light of the universal magnetic ocean, whose electric waves bind the cosmos together, and in their ceaseless motion penetrate every atom and molecule of the boundless creation…Alone," she says , "the study of this agent, which is the divine breath, can unlock the secrets of psychology and physiology, of cosmical and spiritual phenomena."

As we shall soon CERN and physicists are determined to reveal the underlying electric currents that circulate throughout the whole of manifested existence. Plasma physicists are revealing that electromagnetic currents and radiation pervade the vast, seemingly empty reaches of outer space. Occultists, witches, and scientists believe that when this truth is acknowledged and accepted into mainstream science, the fact that the blood of all living organisms begins its cycle as a precipitation from a universal, circulating flow of electric waves, will become a credible hypothesis. Make note of these electrical waves.


As a Christian you know that there is power in the Blood of Jesus and your blood.  How do darker forces look at blood? 

In the 1920's industrial chemist and Nobel Laureate, Irving Langmuir,

, to coin the term plasma for the electrified gases he was researching, and which proliferate in interstellar space. He noted that these gases carry ions and electrons similar to the way blood plasma carries red and white corpuscles. Both plasma in space and plasma in the blood are, in effect, electrified fluids, carrying both energy and various substances from one region to another.  Lucis Trust

Another Nobel Laureate, the plasma physicist, Hannes Alfven, remarked that in the earth's magnetosphere "there are thin, rather stable current layers which separate regions of different magnetization, density, temperature etc.…This is bound to give space a general cellular structure (or more correctly, a cell-wall structure)." Lucis Trust

Occultism teaches that space is an entity, a living being. Merging the beliefs of these two scientists some hold to the premise that through the cellular structure of space runs an arterial flow of electricity, forming, in effect, a huge intergalactic circuit or cosmic bloodstream. In our own corner of the galaxy, the sun forms a sub-circuit within this galactic circuit, receiving and emitting a flow of charged particles that pour into and out of the polar regions of all the planets, mirroring in the macrocosm the way in which the blood cells flow through the heart to all the other organs of the body. Lucis Trust

"There is a regular circulation of the vital fluid throughout our system, of which the Sun is the heart—the same as the circulation of the blood in the human body—during the manvantaric solar period (Manvantara or Manuvantara or "Manvanter" , or age of a Manu, the Hindu creator of the world and all its species), or life; the Sun contracting as rhythmically at every return of it, as the human heart does. Only, instead of performing the round in a second or so, it takes the solar blood ten of its years, and a whole year to pass through its auricles and ventricles before it washes the lungs and passes thence to the great veins and arteries of the system.... Astronomy knows of the fixed cycle of eleven years when the number of solar spots increases, which is due to the contraction of the Solar HEART.... It is similar to the regular and healthy pulsation of the heart, as the life fluid passes through its hollow muscles. Could the human heart be made luminous, and the living and throbbing organ be made visible, so as to have it reflected upon a screen... then every one would see the Sun-spot phenomenon repeated every second—due to its contraction and the rushing of the blood."

There is a clear correspondence between the electric plasma of space and the mammalian bloodstream, for the latter is also essentially an electric phenomenon. To quote esoteric cosmologist and occultist again:

"…Red corpuscles are drops of electrical fluid, the perspiration oozing out of every cell of the various organs, and caused to exude by electrical action. They are the progeny of the Fohatic principle." Lucis Trust

Fohat is believed to be the personified symbols of the three spiritual stages of Evolution. Fohat is the aggregate of all the spiritual creative ideations above, and of all the electro-dynamic and creative forces below, in Heaven and on Earth.  Fohat is "the animating principle electrifying every atom into life." During manifestation cosmic energy which produces the separation of primordial cosmic matter into different planes. In the manifested Universe, Fohat is the link between spirit and matter, subject and object.  It is the Satanic force of Fohat that will reanimate the Nephilim, the Giants of old, and extinct creatures.

The Elements

God created the basis of all organic life with the element of carbon.  One of the secrets behind carbon's ability to form long polymer chains and construct organic forms is an inherent magnetic power. Until recently scientific theory deemed it impossible to magnetize carbon at room temperature due to the arrangement of its electrons.  Certain elements were in an exclusive magnetic club: iron, cobalt, nickel and a few rare alloys. Through sophisticated research carbon has been officially recognized as part of this group and science and technology are working to bring the two worlds of magnetism and carbon together – something the high priests of alchemy have long been doing through forbidden dark arts obtained from the fallen angels

Magnetism is an ordering phenomenon.  Occultists use magnetism to transfigure or reassemble the structure of form, in man the Divine Image, into a more suitable housing for demonic spirits.

Magnetic carbon has a central role to play in this process, carbon being the hidden and long searched for key to the Philosopher's Stone.

Magnetic carbon has a central role to play in this process, carbon being the hidden and long searched for key to the Philosopher's Stone.

Inner and Outer Man

Scripture talks about the inner and outer man:

The inner man or inward man is a Pauline term nearly identical to hidden man of the heart (1 Peter 3:4). The Greek anthropos (Romans 7:22) is defined "the internal man," i.e. "soul," "conscience." It is the immaterial part of man--mind, spirit--in distinction from the "outward man" which "perishes" (2 Corinthians 4:16 KJV). As the seat of spiritual influences it is the sphere in which the Holy Spirit does His renewing and saving work (Ephesians 3:16). The term "inward man" cannot be used interchangeably with "the new man," for it may still be "corrupt," and subject to "vanity" and "alienated from the life of God." Briefly stated, it is mind, soul, spirit--God's image in man--man's higher nature, intellectual, moral, and spiritual. Dwight M. Pratt

The spirit of man is the lamp of the LORD, Searching all the innermost parts of his being.   Proverbs 20:2

The outer man or outward man comes from exo or outside without doors. Your body, subject to decay and death, in distinction from the inner man, the imperishable spiritual life which "is renewed day by day" (2 Corinthians 4:16); also the body as the object of worldly thought and pride in external dress and adornment (1 Peter 3:3).

In the witchcraft of the fallen angels, the relationship between the inner and outer man revolves around the alchemy of carbon unification of electronics and magnetism.  This triad will impact your future and your reality even at this moment.   Occultist and futurists claim this unification or reassembly will help humanity transcend the physical plane through new conceptions of time and space. In the Tibetan’s words:

"We shall see each other and all forms of divine manifestation as light units of varying degrees of brightness and shall talk and think increasingly in terms of electricity, of voltage, of intensity and of power."

Erecting Electrified Carbon Temples

Witchcraft exploits seven types of creative electric power and hybridizes it with seven types of matter.  The stated goal is a building project where the heart of electric masonry is to erect "temples not made with hands." This is a counterfeit of God's Temple.

But it was Solomon who built the house for Him. However, the Most High does not live in houses made by human hands. As the prophet says: ‘Heaven is My throne and the earth is My footstool. What kind of house will you build for Me, says the Lord, or where will My place of repose be?…Acts 7:48

The God who made the world and everything in it is the Lord of heaven and earth and does not live in temples made by human hands.  Acts 17:24

The present discoveries anent carbon Anent looks like a rather old-fashioned word. It is, in fact, very old (an earlier sense of the word can be found in Beowulf, from approximately 800 A.D.), and at one point it was almost obsolete. Dead words do occasionally rise from the grave, and "anent" is one of them.

The dark anent carbon from the fallen angels and their offspring is being integrated into nanotechnology.  The exterior of this will be a symbolic veneer fusing science and art.  If you are following AI you have probably noticed AI invading the arts such as artwork, literary, and….  There is a nefarious loophole in our governmental oversight and that is if someone claims their product is artwork they are excluded from regulation that others must follow.  You can do almost anything under the label artwork.  This is why you see so many artists joining up with the technical sector at these tech conferences such as the recent Exponential Medicine Conference and the launch of the beast system infrastructure at DevCon4 in Prague

Alchemists and other purveyors of darkness are manipulating tapping into the electrical essence of carbon at the molecular level that lies dormant within humans.  Satan is guiding humanity to work consciously to transform the earth, and later, the entire solar system, into a living temple. It will be a temple of transfigured (rearranged) carbon with humanity as the diamond-souled kingdom living and expressing itself through it.

The key to this Masonic enterprise is the breaking of God's barriers through technologies such as CERN, AI and the beast system:

"the seventh ray in connection with the phenomena of electricity, through which the solar system is coordinated and vitalized…When the great work is consummated we shall see the Temple of God, the solar system, organized objectively and subjectively; its courts and holy places will then be accessible to the sons of men, who will work then without limitation, and will have free access to all parts of the building. Through the magic of the Word which will then have been recovered, all doors will fly open, and the consciousness of man will respond to every divine manifestation."

The edifices being erected will use an electrical carbon foundational bridge couched mystical vision:

"There is nothing but electricity in manifestation, the 'mystery of electricity' to which H.P.B. referred to in The Secret Doctrine. Everything in Nature is electrical in nature; life itself is electricity, but all that we have contacted and used today is that which is only physical and related to and inherent in the physical and etheric matter of all forms…Future scientific discoveries, therefore, hold the secret."

God's world is electrically charged for His purposes and in the frontal attack against God and His anointed and people the powers of darkness want to use that weaponize the energetic tools of the Almighty God.   

Secrets of the Carbon World

Carbon is the fourth most abundant element in the universe and, due to its ability to form long polymer chains; it is the fundamental building block of organic life. Carbon's secrets revolve around its atomic number – 6 – and the hexagonal building force that underpins Nature's processes.

Notorious Madame Blavatsky shares occultic thoughts:

"There are six Forces in Nature...and the seventh—the all-Force, or the absolute Force, which is the synthesis of all."

This etheric building force, Laws of Nature, imprints itself upon the natural world.  Behold the detailed symmetry of the snowflake or the structure of quartz, the second most abundant mineral in the earth’s continental crust. The great pollinator of the flower kingdom – the bee –builds the honeycomb – a little hexagonal structure built out of the transformed nectar from the heart of the flower.

Carbon can be engineered to be responsive to the forces in the ethers.  As you read this, researchers are now embedding carbon nanotubes throughout the created world.  Microsoft has a new patent for buildings to grow like organisms and DHS wants infrastructure to be self-assembling, self-replicating, and self-healing. 

Ethereum City in the Graphene Valley is being designed and built using graphene.  Carbon nanotubes are based on the hexagonal structure of graphite and have the highest strength to weight ratio of any known material, with remarkable electronic properties with unique magical qualities.

Biological engineers are mimicking God's design using the behavior of proteins in making biological structures.  In essence scientists are imitating life and engineering structures on the smallest possible scales. They are paying the most attention to certain proteins that spontaneously self-assemble into complicated 3D structures.  Researchers are using molecules and individual atoms as building blocks are endeavoring to achieve a "specific geometric pattern of the atoms that these proteins are composed of on the surface of the nanotube." Lucis Trust

Researcher, Gevorg Grigoryan, goes on to say, "If you know the underlying atomic lattice, it means that you know how to further build around it, how to attach things to it. It's like scaffolding for future building." Lucis Trust

Now that the magnetic properties of carbon have been discovered an added dimension has appeared that will affect future research and experimentation.

In the words of a researcher at the Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory: With carbon, we know how to make things very small. On the other hand we know a lot about how to process and store information using magnetism. This opens up the door for improved magnetism in carbon that that we will be able to combine the magnetic and the carbon world.  Lucis Trust

All of this work with carbon could evoke a demonic beast that manifests itself through this element with undreamt of consequences for the future.

Today electromagnetic waves permeate the air (ethers) through communication networks are having a tremendous effect on the mineral essence of the planet accelerating its transformation and making it more adaptable to future use.

As carbon is rendered magnetic at room temperature and enters the field of electronics on a vast scale this can only intensify. We are witnessing the spiritual electrification of the entire world with corresponding changes in the human organism.

Magnetism and the elements is not a new science.  It has been passed down in legend that King David's crown contained a rare gem that was able, "to lift up metal and suspend it in the air."  This gem had magnetic properties allowing the crown to hang suspended in the air and this was 3000 years ago.  Objects today can be suspended only through activating magnetic fields.


Diamonds are not explicitly mentioned in the biblical text but abound in legend one of which is that Noah was told to make a window in the ark and this window, according to legend, was a diamond. 

Diamonds are created in the earth though pressure and temperature.  They have an internal atomic orderly crystalline structure that determines its shape.  We can learn many spiritual lessons, biblical truths, by looking at our faith through a diamond lens. An excellent book to study this is Crystal Clear by Joan W. Randall.

The powers of darkness also study the diamond to extract ancient understanding.  One such dark radiance is found in the yoga sutra of Patanjali:

"Symmetry of form, beauty of color, strength and the compactness of the diamond, constitute bodily perfection." 
The Light of the Soul, Sutra 46 Bk III, A.A. Bailey

This sutra veils the secret of the future evolution of the human organism. It involves a new understanding of the relationship between carbon and oxygen in the physical body eventually leading to the transformation of humanity into the diamond-souled kingdom.

The bottom line is that the current rearranging carbon as a symbol of living matter through sorcery must be exposed.

Four basic elements

The Bible states that there are four basic elements:  earth, air, water, and fire.  Mankind has four basic elements: carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen. 

Carbon forms the backbone biology for all of life on Earth, bonding with other elements, particularly Hydrogen, Oxygen and Nitrogen to form complex molecules. Occultists believe that Hydrogen and Oxygen are direct precipitations of the universal aether and they facilitate the desire to manifest on the physical plane. These four elements are prevalent throughout the universe, with carbon, the symbol of organic life, tantalizingly present.  They further believe that hydrogen and oxygen are formed and molded over the etheric conveyance by what you would call as a Christian, the breath of life.

We see a fascination with the Birth of Cosmic Desire in the "eagle" nebula that many astronomers refer to as a "star factory" or "stellar nursery", a region where many stars are formed. It is a mixture of gas and dust made of mainly Hydrogen, Oxygen, Carbon, and Silicon gases. The Carbon and Silicon gases are what give the object its central "dark dust column" appearance, while the Hydrogen gas gives it the red coloring and the Oxygen gas gives it the slight tint of blue.  Occultists view this unification of carbon and silicon hybridization as 'spiritually significant.'

Hydrogen: The lightest of all gases, burns in oxygen giving off the most intense heat of any substance in combustion, and forms Water, the most stable of compounds. In occultism is symbolic of fire.

Oxygen: The supporter of Hydrogen’s combustion – it is the breath of life.

Nitrogen: An inert gas; the vehicle with which Oxygen is mixed to adapt the latter for animal respiration. It is related to the etheric conveyance – the inert subtle body on which the physical body is molded.

Carbon: "The fuel par excellence"; the basis of all organic substances. It is related to the gross matter of the body, the substance formed and molded over the etheric vehicle .

The etheric body is primarily composed of the dominant energy or energies to which the man, the group, the nation, or the world reacts in any particular cycle or world period.


– related to the Astral body


– related to the life principle


– related to the Etheric body


– related to the Physical body

Four Basic Elements, References: The Mysteries of the Hebdomad, The Secret Doctrine, vol II p. 593. H.P Blavatsky

In occultism: carbon forms a body that can evolve from an astral man to a spiritual man.  This transformation manifests when it is no longer fueled by emotional combustion.  On the physical plane this is reflected by a reduced need for oxygen in the respiration process in the physical 'organism'.  In other words, in the occult to purify and elevate one must give up the breath of life from the God.

Breath of Life

Image by Celeste

The Lord uses everything.  In the 1980's I went to a local hot springs to relax and a group of primarily young people came en masse.  They announced that they were attending the International Association of Breathers conference in Seattle.  I thought to myself that this is a bit strange, because everyone breathes.  How naive I was. 

Occultist's and the New Age movement have a strange perception about the breath of life conferred to us by God Himself. The Geo-Engineering of the planet that we see has many prophetic reasons such as returning the sky to the days of Noah, albeit, synthetic.  It is preparing the earth habitation of reanimated spirits, demons, creatures, giants, and the fallen angels. Also, demonic forces are altering our atmosphere because they believe you are polluting the earth by breathing, and they are going to change that by making a poisonous atmosphere.

These adherents believe that the human breathing cycle has a toxic effect on the environment.  That human beings and animals take oxygen out of the atmosphere and return poisonous carbonic acid. On the heat of the outbreath, the materialistic consciousness and human desires of the human being manifest.  Furthermore, that the environment is only redeemed by the psychic purity of the vegetable kingdom through the power of photosynthesis, which is why many are vegetarian.

They hold fast to the belief that this breathing pollution introduces carbon emissions produced by human enterprise create toxicity within the collective consciousness. Significantly, humanity is now working towards the curtailing of carbon emissions, which symbolizes a move towards controlling the Laws of Nature placed by God. For the esotericist, the breath itself must be redeemed, its composition reflecting the condition of the psychic nature.

Their belief's hold that man:

Unconsciously breathes in the psychic component of the surrounding atmosphere and breathes his inner psychic condition back out. At the point where the tide of the in-breath turns to become the outbreath, an alchemical reaction takes place between the outer and inner environments and the resulting combination permeates the exhaled breath. Those who understand this cycle work purposefully and rhythmically with the breathing process. The secret cannot be discovered through specific exercises however, which can over-oxygenate; it is revealed instead through the profoundly more difficult process of self-forgetfulness, harmlessness and right speech.  Lucis Trust

In other words, man is to negate himself to the collective hive mind; become harmless which is one reason these folks are bent on firearms control; and they must all adopt 'right speech' which today we see as messaging from AI.

Esotericists also believe it is necessary to become dispassion to slow down our God given respiration cycle.  Masters of this philosophy pause after exhalation – for an incredible length of time. The 'spiritual' practitioner will believes increased spirituality comes with the longer he can live in his own air. The magical worker aspires to become as passionless and psychically pure as the plant kingdom and, like the plant, begins to alchemise carbon in the inner laboratory of his own body which is why carbon is an integral part of the philosopher’s stone. As the practice of dispassion proceeds, a purified alchemical force, literally pervaded with love, is breathed out, carrying the magical work forward.  The longer will the breath interlude the greater the opportunity therefore for focused magical work and for the utterance of those words of power which will make divine purpose to be.  They then begin to use the breathing interludes between for intense activity and the use of the power of will to produce magical effects. The consciousness, focused in the brain and having participated in the work of contemplation can now proceed to the work of materializing their utopist 'spirit' plan upon the physical plane by the focused energy of their will.   Lucis Trust

Image Accessed:

Love You to Death

This saying has a dark history.  To the magician, New Ag practitioner, and alchemist the breath literally and symbolically fans the spiritual fire of white magic on the physical plane. It forms an integral part of science which might be termed esoteric dynamism – the psychology of fiery motion. Through the in-breath, an initiate take the outer psychic environment in and raises it towards their Spiritual Ego, while on the out-breath, energy from this level of being is poured out into the world as the will-to-love. This is not the love of Jesus Christ or any love that you probably have known.  It is kundalini fire fusing with the 'head' to produce, what the Tibetan terms, "the individual ‘electric fire."  Together they circulate throughout the ventricles of the brain – the place of magical work. Here the white magician combines the fires of spirit and matter to build thought forms of love to fire the world with the spirit of relationship and directs them towards specific ends through the electric charge.  This is why science is rabidly seeking the innermost recesses of your brain so that can work their magic. 

Image Accessed:  Mad Scientists

Nanotechnology is a part of this as the small devils circulate, harmonize, and entwine throughout your body. 

Janus, the Janus recognition element’s two-faced namesake. [Loudon dodd, Wikipedia]

Take for instance, the new two-faced Janis molecule named after Janis the two faced god that slips in between your DNA helix or RNA, injecting synthetic material into your genetic fiber.  Think of this concept like a car.  It has all the components to convey you elsewhere.   It sits idle, until you put the key into the ignition, and turn it on.  This is what the mark of the beast will do.  Activate all the components of the beast system infrastructure already embedded within your body, assuming that you will go with the fiery flow. 

Tibetan esoteric science behind his directive to: Let the will-to-love fire the entire world with the spirit of relationship (within the beast system).

Swedish Spiral 2009

Esoteric love is the great Spiral Architect – the builder of electromagnetic relationships between two basic forms of dynamic motion in the universe – the forward drive of:

  • Divinity
  • Will
  • Rotary motion of Active Intelligence (AI).

Demonic estoteric love is a spiraling, elevating aspect of Divinity that brings the two together in right relationship to one another – spinning and weaving the rotating atoms of substance into forms through which the essence of love may be expressed. On the human scale, when the will-to-love is evoked and pours into the human frame, it raises the whole organism into a state of dynamic tension and imposes the rhythm of right relationships on all parts of the body.  (This is why any who refuse the mark must be killed.)  The human being is then in a position to work as a creative spiral architect, directing love into the world to elevate and direct subjective relationships into new forms of expression.  Lucis Trust

After the 'service' of accelerates the merging the Triad according to 'follower' Djwhal Khul:

"Macrocosmic evolution proceeds in like manner to the microcosmic. The internal fires of the terrestrial globe, deep in the heart of our earth sphere, will merge with the sacred fire of the sun at the end of the greater cycle, and the solar system will then have reached its apotheosis (death). Little by little as the aeons slip away and the lesser cycles run their course, fire will permeate the ethers and will be daily more recognizable and controlled till eventually cosmic and terrestrial fire will be at-one (the bodies of all material forms adapting themselves to the changing conditions)."

This demonic cult who has accessed fallen angel technology says that the,  "required changes are already occurring in the forerunners of the race who are practicing dispassion and as a result, initiating the transfiguration of the human vehicle through the alchemy of carbon.

It is further stated that the human species will ultimately become hermaphrodite and, transcending the process of sexual reproduction, will build bodies of expression through an act of will– bodies of transfigured carbon akin to a soft diamond, the blood that circulates within as pure and passionless as the sap of the plant as symbolized by the rosy cross of the Rosicrucian. 

Here in is our connection with Prague, the location of the Ethereum beast system infrastructure launch on November 1 that advocates synthetic humans (Synths) who have no need for respiration and will work in perfect unity with what we will call the beast and his kingdom.   For you see:

So rich and beautiful was Prague five centuries ago that it was called "The Golden City" - and the name, like its beauty, has remained.

The fame of the “crossroads of the medieval world” spread along the great highways and rivers of Europe and fired the imagination of generations of poets, peasants, artists, philosophers and alchemists.

The architecture of this fairy-tale city, dominated by a great castle, ancient pinnacles and spires of gold-filled churches, captures a mysterious, mystical quality rarely encountered in the world today.

Legend has it that Princess Libuse, who could tell the future, founded Prague on the spot where she saw a man carving a threshold, in Czech called a ‘Prah’ for his house.

Nicknames for Prague have included "the Mother of Cities" and "City of a Hundred Spires".

The greatest flourishing of Alchemy in Europe came during the reign of Rudolf 11 (Fifteenth Century), when important Czech and foreign alchemists lived in Bohemia.

The Feng Shui of Prague is based on it being surrounded by seven hills, similar to the seven hills of Rome, and the seven hills of Dublin's "Loves Body” written by James Joyce.  If you do an internet search you will discover many seven hills strategically located around the globe.

Seven church sites occupy the seven hills of Prague - and the ancient plan of this powerful location was to establish a pattern of five sacred sites inside and seven on the outside- making the symbol of the “Rosy Cross” an almost perfect geometric symmetry.

Prague has one of Europe' oldest and largest castles which sounds very much like the Magic Palace of Jewish Legend.

Prague is also noted for its signature architectural beehives around the city.

Prague is widely considered one of the most beautiful cities in Europe with preserved examples from all periods of its history and is among the most visited cities on the continent. Since 1992, the extensive historic center of Prague has been included in the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites. According to Guinness World Records, Prague Castle is the largest ancient castle in the world.

To magicians and alchemists humanity will become the diamond-souled kingdom – working as one to fuse spiritual and mundane. As this occurs, the whole of planetary life will shift onto etheric levels and a state unimaginable to us at present. The pure, cold fire of love that shines from Venus whose evolution is someway ahead of ours, indicates the way, as does the sulphurous, fiery atmosphere that envelops its physical body indicate that the liberation of spirit from matter has taken place. Their secret ambition is to bring that cold fire of love to earth via CERN.

Those with an esoteric vision are spearheading the science of directed energy weaponry towards this grand consummation.  This is a demonic version of the Wedding Supper of the Lamb. 

In preparation advocates practice meditation to evoke cold will to love. This automatically engages the central jewel of electric fire in the centers that stand behind the organs of the human body. Step by step they are bringing about the conditions and spiritual atmosphere for magic to become actualized.

The inner and outer nature of man is electric. Satan is bridging these two with newly discovered magnetic properties of carbon which form the philosopher’s stone. This will break God's barriers of the physical plane propelling humanity into energy and force.

Image Cover of NBC Military Training Manual

The work of electric masonry and the building of the carbon temple is proceeding in earnest. Transcending identification with any vehicle of consciousness on any plane, the divine human god-being will know himself simply as a divine emanation an electric knot or node threaded along the continuum that can be activated at will of consciousness in the Satanic manifestation. When the whole of mankind can do this, man will then truly be a divine ray – a strand of loving energy within the stream of love divine – a point of sacrificial fire, focused within the fiery will of Satan– a little fiery breath riding in rhythmic harmony with the Great Breath of the Dragon.  Lucis Trust

Then "the emanations of heat - due to intensification of the inner flame, coupled with the assimilated radiation of other units – will increase and individualized self merging to perfection of the flame within each one, and a blending of the heat; this will proceed until there is ‘one flame with countless sparks’ within it."  Lucis Trust

The Angel Nebula

The End Game is to become one with the spirit god for eternity.  This deception will in part come to pass as these deceived do become eternal but are doomed to a fiery eternity.

Existential Threat CERN

The world is filled with many dangers and prophecies that are coming to pass.  There are two windows of time that you need to be aware of and that is from the second that you read this article until December 10th and then in 2026.  That is because CERN is getting a bit more aggressive. 

Sergio Bertolucci, who is Director for Research and Scientific Computing at CERN back in 2009 announced that, "Out of this (interdimensional) door might come something, or we might send something through it,"  "

Most of you know about CERN so I progress to recent developments.  If you want detailed information on breaking news with CERN you can visit Anthony Patch's excellent site. 

Image Accessed:  Anthony Patch, Strangelet

Part of the smashing of particles produces strangelets.  Strangelets are most explosive element in creation.  They have an extremely short life span winking to death- in a wink. Strangelets are very stable and attract all matter them themselves. 

They can freefall to the core of our planet is less that 1 minute from the time they escape the hadron collider.  Once at the core of our planet through a catalytic reaction they attract matter to themselves and they multiply.  What this does is that it begins to condense or compress our planet.  Eventually this will turn our planet into a dense neutron star.  A magnetic attraction getting denser and denser as until it becomes a neutron star.

Changes are being conducted at the CERN colliders that will produce stangelets that last 10 minutes.

Ice 9

If you are a sci-fi buff you have probably read Kurt Vonnegut's novel Cats Cradle. 

Ice-nine is a fictional material that appears in . Ice-nine is described as a polymorph of water which instead of melting at 0 °C (32 °F), melts at 45.8 °C (114.4 °F). When ice-nine comes into contact with liquid water below 45.8 °C, it acts as a seed crystal (this is a strangelet) and causes the solidification of the entire body of water, which quickly crystallizes as more ice-nine. As people are mostly water, ice-nine kills nearly instantly when ingested or brought into contact with soft tissues exposed to the bloodstream, such as the eyes or tongue. It was a doomsday scenario. Ice 9 is the fictional account of strangelets and this is happening in the biological realm also with nanoparticles.

Multiple polymorphs of ice do exist in  nature.

The ice-nine phenomenon has occurred with a few other kinds of crystals, called "disappearing polymorphs."

Ice-nine has been used as a model to explain the infective mechanism of mis-folded proteins called prions.

Enter Methusaleh

Image Access:  Anthony Patch

You can look up the details of CERN's Methuselah in your private studies.  What I would like to share is that where there is a biblical name it is symbolic of a mission.  Methuselah was Noah's grandfather and is the longest living biblical personage.   

In Hebrew the name Methuselah comes from two roots: muth, a root that means "death"; and from shalach, which means "to bring," or "to send forth." Thus the name Methuselah signifies, "his death shall bring."  The Flood did not come until 7 days after his death, it is believe to allow a period of mourning.  His name can also mean 'messenger' and that he will be a messenger on h=behalf of communal causes.  

According to legend when Adam was about to die he entrusted his garments of hide to Methuselah, who gave them to Noah when he was about to die.  This significance we will discuss another time.  

Another interesting legend is that Methuselah told Noah's father not to call him by his given name because the people of the generation of the Flood will kill him with sorcery (only works if the correct name is used). Yalkut Shimoni, Bereshis, 42

One last legend is that there was a great noise in heaven when he died and that tears from eyes of the angels flowed onto the place of his death.  Yalkut Shimoni, Bereshis, 42

Eternal life is a preoccupation for futurists and esoterics. 


Image Access:  Anthony Patch

AWAKE will produce plasma proton waves and ride the waves, accelerating 1000 x faster due to upgrading with more powerful magnets.

  This is the accelerator that will open the abyss.

The plasma wakefield with protons will be replaced with heavy ions of lead in 2026 with an electron witness and steering capability and with much greater luminosity.

Accelerators on a Chip

Image Accessed Stanford, Nanoparticle Accelerator on Chip

Now imagine an accelerator on a chip that is nano sized with a 1000 fold acceleration.

Weapon System to War Against God

The purpose of CERN has always been to explore fissle materials as in weaponry.  Satan is building a physical weapons system to kill God's angels and then God, Himself.  This weapons system elemental canon, the accelerator is scalable to any size so that it can be deployed on the battlefield. 

 Image Access:  Anthony Patch

Doorway to the Abyss

CERN's 2015 Symmetry is a depiction of the opening of the abyss and destruction of machine. CERN intends through an explosion of strangelets to burn the elements to open a abyssal doorway.  the Abyss.

Satan intends to force God's timeline for the new Heaven and Earth.  CERN is updating their collider's with some of the elements listed in the biblical passage below.  God's Word says:

Therefore this is what the Lord GOD says: ‘Because all of you have become dross, behold, I will gather you into Jerusalem. Just as one gathers silver, copper, iron, lead, and tin into the furnace to melt with a fiery blast, so I will gather you in My anger and wrath, leave you there, and melt you.  Yes, I will gather you together and blow on you with the fire of My wrath, and you will be melted within the city.… Ezekiel 22:20 Berean Version

There are secular predictions also including one to flee Geneva because of an explosion

Bottom Line

Those at CERN may try to push the envelope before the collider's close down until 2026. 

The bottom line is that the esoterics, witches, and futurists want the strangelets to turn the earth into a neutron star so they can be translated into spirit beings.

It is unlikely that the amount of strangelets that have gone to earth's core thus far will cause us to turn into a neutron star before December 10th but if they play around it could precipitate massive earthquakes around the world.

In Revelation 1:18 Jesus says, “I am the Living One; I was dead, and now look, I am alive for ever and ever! And I hold the keys of death and Hades.”

This passage indicates that there are multiple keys.  One key is lent to the angel or messenger to open the bottomless pit.  The builders of CERN believe their facility is located over the abyss. 

In Revelation 9:1–2, an angel is given a key to, or control over, the bottomless pit, and he uses the key to open that pit. Later, an angel is seen locking things in the bottomless pit (20:1–3).

It is appropriate to mourn this season with events on the horizon. 

What else can one say?  Look up!  Your redemption draweth nigh!

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The next week will see discover that ICE 9 is much closer and darker than you know.  I will also continue my coverage of the shocking proceedings from the Exponential Medicine Conference. 


Inspirational Moment

The Light of Eternity shines brightly
While many are still fast asleep,
Worldly fatigue has gripped hearts and souls
As the world simply tires us out;
All the coming and going
Work, play and work, work some more
Wheels of entertainment often spin in place
With little really done
Less truly accomplished;
Food and drink to survive
While fruit rots on the on the trees.
Many seek to understand some things,
Yet truth balances only on their own terms
Sought in their own ways,
Most often reached with base desires
To feed only themselves.
The wind continues to blow about
Clouds are formed
Rain falls here and there
Many plants grow and then just wither away.
Above it all, a clear call goes out
Spirit Voice from the Highest Heaven-
"Be alert!  Be watchful!" 
Yes, always be Kingdom ready
Prepared, dressed ready for service
On Holy Spirit tiptoes,
Even willing and able to stand alone in faith,
Yet never alone.
Some day that "last and 7th trumpet will sound"
A day certainly coming, though it lingers
For more time means more salvation for others,
The Father's delight for more to taste and see His Kingdom
To grow and know His Creator Son!


 Note: November 13, 2018-  Sadly, I need to report that my blog was targeted by hackers that began November 1.  Because of this I must turn off the comment ability because they bypass moderation.  I have enjoyed your comments.  Feel free to contact me via my email. 

Be blessed.  Celeste

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