Exposing Fallen Angel Black Magic Behind AI

 Accessed BlockChains:  (Tower of Babel... here we come...)

See, they are all a delusion; their works amount to nothing; their images are as empty as the wind. Isaiah 41:29 Berean Version

Listen, very carefully.  Armor up all ye people of the Lord Jesus Christ! In fact, I would suit up with Ephesians 6:10-18 right now!

There is nothing more intriguing than a good mystery, and this article has more than its fair share of unique twists, and surprises. To ensure the greater human good for the future, autonomous technology is being designed with fallen angel black magic. It is being deployed in a very careful manner. Falsework is an ancient construction technology that consists of temporary structures used to support spanning and arched structures to hold them in place until construction is sufficiently advanced to support itself. Falsework arches use the principles of centering. The scaffolding is designed to hold desired shapes for the final molded and engineered product.

The British Standards of practice for falsework, BS 5975:2008, defines falsework as "Any temporary structure used to support a permanent structure while it is not self-supporting."

When I wrote this article, I entered into the supernatural realm as the article disappeared when I was saving it. During the subsequent minutes I was then given the following vision:

I saw an Indian woman in tradition deer skin garb with a shawl and long skirt, long black hair, on a bluff overlooking a vista. I could not tell if it was desert or forest area, but the bluff she was on had no vegetation. The sky was the color skies can be during some thunderstorms; that electrically charged yellow. It was not a sunrise or sunset. There was a flash in the sky, and the woman turned into a skeleton. Then the sky went black for a moment, and the Indian woman turned back to flesh and blood.

My thoughts turned to another vision I had of nuclear war, but I did not know what this vision meant. Another thought is the animation of the spirits and evil entities with the launch of the beast system infrastructure, the synths.

My article then reappeared after 45 minutes, as if by magic. I inquired to the Lord for the interpretation. 

The vision is the Gog/Magog War. I think the Indian woman is to highlight ethnicity, me of being Hebraic birth. And this very strange story is the one that the Lord led me to as I sought interpretation. I now understand the sky to be the firepot of Zechariah. (See Zechariah 12:6 and juxtaposition verses for context.)

The Lord then said look up and insert the meaning of scaffolding into this article on Falseworks.  And so I did my word search and looked at the Hebraic understanding of the word.  The Lord then said look up Jewish Legends with scaffolding. I have Ginzberg's The Legends of the Jews, but there was nothing there. He clearly said, to look it up.  So I did an online search and what I found astonished me. I discovered a very old Jewish Legend called the Magical Palace, which I had never seen until this day:

“In perfect bewilderment, the merchant left the stranger. From a distance he watched the man devoutly praying. He had made up his mind to watch all the night; but when the moon rose, deep sleep overcame him and he dreamed. He dreamed that he saw myriads of men swarming about strange machines and scaffolding which grew higher and higher, hiding a vast structure.”

I know that the Lord will highlight certain words to each of you. This is AI building a magical city overnight (or seemingly so), the Rosicrucian anti-Jerusalem...Prague, the very location of the launch this past week of the beast system infrastructure.

Sanctuary.ai is dedicated to creating Falsework ultra-human-like synths and granting them a safe haven as they integrate into our society. These are entities that are indistinguishable from us physically, cognitively and emotionally. The company strives to create a micro-society in which synths can develop and be granted a safe haven as they transition into full acceptance by our wider society.  These AI systems have the potential to solve many of today’s problems, but they also have the potential to create many new ones.

'Synths' are described by Suzanne Gilbert founder of Sanctuary.ai are “the ultimate self-portrait” and a way to start thinking about the kind of “robot rights” as they invade the world.

Hallmarks of Falseworks

One can recognize Falseworks because they are comprised of four components:

Fabrication: Scientists, researchers, and artists create a fabricated falsework section from God's elemental building blocks.

Erection: Various autonomous robots are lifted to a vertical position with the assistance of the scientific community, government, and private investors with deep pockets.

Placement: These cyborgs are guided into position by a ground crew dedicated to their success by providing them Safe Havens.

Completed Falsework: On occasion, a falsework will need tweaking until it is known that it absolutely cannot fail in its mission to replace the human race. Once the falsework becomes an absolute, inferior robotics will be disassembled leaving on the beast incarnate and his AI system.

Falsework will utilize parallel truss bridges between God's world and the synthetic world, temporarily supporting a deck of block chain structures. 

Most of these bridges will utilize self-anchored suspension, in this case the dark crafts of the fallen angels. New materials never known to this world will be cast on falsework and then hung to the global AI network with tethers. The release of the falsework will coincide with the cable tension sending ripples of falsehood around the world.

History of Falsework

Stone arches have been used in construction since the second millennium BC. They are stable structures that make good use of stone’s ability to resist compression. But partially constructed arches are unstable. Ancient builders created the idea of first building a wood form on top of which the stone arch could be built. Once the arch was completed and stable, the wood form could be removed.

I have seen magnificent falseworks in Israel and also in Rome.  They truly are spectacular and beg the question of how they came to be for 'primitive' societies. 

Modern construction using falsework began around 1935 for revolutionary building projects, such as roads and bridges.  After World War II technological falseworks began being constructed. 

Most of these bridges will utilize self-anchored suspension, in this case the dark crafts of the fallen angels. New materials never known to this world will be cast on falsework and then hung to the global AI network with tethers. The release of the falsework will coincide with the cable tension sending ripples of falsehood around the world.

Spanning and Scaffolding

Similar to grand building projects around the world scaffolding was developed.  In construction projects, scaffolding consists of slotted or clipped pieces to form access or support towers.  AI is using a virtual block chain that is then chained together, forming block chains in a unified network. 

Here are some important definitions in reference to scaffolding:

The English word is used once of Solomon's "brazen scaffold" skaf'-old (kiyyor)  on which he knelt at the dedication of the temple.

2 Chronicles 6:13


  1. Among builders, an assemblage or structure of timbers, boards or planks, erected by the wall of a building to support the workmen.
  2. A temporary gallery or stage raised either for shows or spectators.
  3. A stage or elevated platform for the execution of a criminal.


  1. A frame or structure for support in an elevated place.
  2. That which sustains; a frame; as the scaffolding of the body.
  3. Temporary structure for support.
  4. Materials for scaffolds.

Definitions from Webster's American Dictionary of the English Language, 1828.

Real world scaffolding incorporates restraints, lacers, ties, braces, and connections.

AI’s mimicry of scaffolding will include new insights and technologies, which will be required during processes such as positive psychology, automation of human strengths and virtues, game theory, and economics of different governance and legal frameworks. Sanctuary AI approach will offer a platform of sorts to advance research in areas such as sequence learning, computer vision, cognitive architectures, and sensor fusion.

The concept of scaffolding is not new.  One can look at the construction of the Tabernacle in the Wilderness, Mishkan, to see the same concept employed. If you would like to read how Jesus is a foreshadow in each piece of the Mishkan, a great read is All the Messianic Prophecies of the Bible by Dr. Herbert Lockyer. If you enjoy architecture or just being in awe at the detail of God's handiwork, a tabletop book that is excellent is The Mishkan, Kleinman Edition by Rabbi Avrohom Biderman; it includes excellent illustrations and descriptions in large font. 

The Bible dedicates two chapters to creation and over 50 chapters to the creation of the Mishkan. It is amazing!  Could it be that the Lord was so specific for its design and pattern so that mankind would not deviate into fallen angel technology? 

Before we go to the intricate detail that the Divine Artist wants you to note, let us step back to the big picture painted through God's broad strokes:

God's dwelling place was not built in Egypt or the Promised Land.  It was built in the Wilderness where no person or entity can lay claim to it. Now we shall visit a few of the details:

Sockets - each pillar was rested upon the foundation of a brazen socket.  Brass was an enduring substance and provided firmness and stability to the pillars.  Brass is also a type of judgment.  Brass can endure the fiery flames of God's righteous judgment.

Silver hooks - represented the silver shekel for the atonement of the soul.

Pegs - provided stability and as they were struck into the ground. Thus they were representative of death.

Cords - we do not know what the cords were made of, but the verse that instantly comes to mind is that a three corded strand is not easily broken.

Before we depart from our brief visit to the Tabernacle, remember that it was built from the inside outwards.  The beast system is being built from the outwards to the inward through the utilization of the falsework system.

Where are we?

 Accessed BlockChains

For the past few years we have witnessed the computational infrastructure that protects mankind against harmful autonomous systems. That protective barrier has now been removed to align with perceived human values and principles of good governance, as the falsework is ready for its final presentation and use. This culminated last week with the launch of a designed AI infrastructure to solve problems. 

Suzanne Gilbert sees her "synths” as first being deployed to areas such as wellness, elder care, and with children. I disagree with Gilbert and see the deployment of falseworks in revolutionary acts such as the caravan.  The reason I take this stand is because the cornerstone of AI technology is a revolutionary act against God and they have declared it themselves, they are done waiting.

Today we find ourselves in an environment where this new infrastructure can detect dangerous systems and prevent them from causing harm not to humanity, but to the synths as Gilbert so clearly articulates. We are on the precipice of a synthetic world. As robotics, biotechnology, synthetic biology, and nanotechnology become widespread, the potential destructive power of harmful systems will grow. Because these dangerous systems have been deployed, a pervasive AI surveillance will balance against the desire for freedom. We are entering a time of surveillance never before seen throughout history.

Maybe synths are not on your radar screen, but what about emerging trends around the internet?  The reality is that a new report shows:

  • Internet freedom fell in the US, largely thanks to the repeal of net neutrality laws.
  • Of the 65 countries assessed, 26 experienced a drop in online freedom, with almost half of all declines relating to elections.
  • Half of the governments had used paid commentators, bots and trolls to try and manipulate online conversations.
  • Almost a third of the countries passed or proposed new laws to restrict online media, citing the fight against “fake news”.
  • There was also an increase in surveillance by 18 governments, many of which are working to weaken encryption to gain unfettered access to data.
  • Chinese help to train other countries in digital authoritarianism, holding seminars with representatives from 36 out of the 65 countries assessed. It’s a statistic that doesn’t bode well for the future.

In a more aggressively competitive and defiant landscape, data analysis is proving to be the key differentiator between winners and losers. The bottom line is allowing technical evolution to create an AI system that will be the single source of truth, or as Periscope puts it: One Dashboard to Rule Them All.

Falseworks is the perfect fallen angel ancient scaffolding to propping up the beast system until the final deception and lying wonders and the beast is made manifest. 

Who is your cornerstone, security, provider?  Only Jesus Christ is your indestructible foundation.  Get to know Him. 


Inspirational Moment


 By Gary

One sheep still lost and alone

Walks around in darkness, blinded by false light

Self-absorbed, self-consumed

In the worst addiction of all mankind

Enslavement of humanity chained about by “self”!

In the impossible dilemma, True Life made possible

By Messiah’s Cross of deliverance for all;

Any and all who seek, ask and knock will find

Who will the spirit and soul to believe

And grasp the faith offered-

A Divine Gift from the Father, tasted and seen through His Son!

Much fruit hangs limp on the vines

Harvest beyond any hope, far from any sense of knowledge

Understanding far from the edges of imagination

Minds twisted and turned, thoughts destined only to spiral down

Truth but a mystery vacant from any honest desire,

But God alone is willing, more than able;

He reaches out in kindness, mercifully takes hold of a heart and life

He enlightens the mind, awakens the human spirit from death sleep

Holy Spirit revelation peacefully moves within

The old is gone in the new destiny of so many

Those near and far to us who now wait for Harvest Time!


 Please check out  Anthony Patch who is doing some awesome Webinar's, features in Entangled Magazine, and is dedicating his Friday night Blog Talk Radio Show to AI and related topics, in depth.  

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