Flashpoints of Death are Not for the Faint of Heart

Flash Death!

Body, Heart and Mind ...All Biologic Life

 Men's hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken.  Luke 21:26

The powers of heaven are being shaken. In less than the blink of an eye you are facing Flash Events, Entities, and Death.  These advanced engagements will be interactive across the multiple dimensions of conflict, not only across every domain in the physical dimension, but also the cognitive dimension of information, and even the spiritual and moral dimensions of belief and values.

Flash giants, militaries, demons, entities, ancient animations,    'new' life forms

    Flash Armies of super soldiers that materialize out of thin air

          Flash Entities

                  Flash Giants

                              Flash Demons

                                          Flash Swarms of drones, insects, rodents

                                                       .......And now you face:  Flash Death

In July, I was walking my dog, the Moshe, when the Lord said that Satan, in his manifestation of Leviathan wanted my blood and the Moshe's blood.  I thought at the time that I could understand my blood, but it puzzled me why Moshe's blood?  I was soon to discover the reason, and He wove together many puzzle pieces. 


Two weeks ago I had an experience that shook my world.  On a gorgeous fall day I was planting bulbs for next spring when my 12 year old Golden Retriever, the Moshe, suddenly collapsed.  One minute he was happy and healthy and in a flash he collapsed, near death.  I scrambled to the nearest veterinarian which is a significant feat in Montana.  The outcome was dire; emergency surgery was necessary.  There was no time to think it through, it was live or die time.  I chose life.  And then last Friday, I took the Moshe in for a simple procedure that once again brought me to an instant life or death encounter.   These experiences came on the heels of my return from the Transhumanism and the Hybrid Age Conference in Branson, Missouri.  Why do I mention this?  Because my dear friends, we are in a physical and spiritual war.  Oftentimes, when confronting powers of evil they manifest in the physical. I chose to be transparent because you are going to face off with flash death.  Are you prepared?  I thought I was, but discovered that I was woefully mistaken.        

Back in the day, when intruders came to your home they would often shoot the family dog Today, shooting the family dog has been replaced with technology.  What better way to attack mankind than through a disease that can kill the body, mind, heart, and beloved companion's in asymmetrical warfare that is signatureless.   It is dark and it is evil.  An evil power wants your blood and the blood of those you love, to make you suffer it watches your misery. 

This is the Moshe's and my story with Flash Death, but you will come face to face with it imminently.  I have discovered that our beloved pets are the first to experience the horror of biological experimentation such as with botulism and melamine, where it is perfected, and then released into the wild, where it affects the general population of humans.  In my research, I have seen this over and over again.

Moshe's Story 

Hemangiosarcoma is a rapidly growing, highly invasive variety of cancer that occurs in dogs, but will soon be nefariously migrating into cats, horses, and humans, as you shall soon see.  Survival with a diagnosis of hemangiosarcoma is measured in hours to days.  That said, it is not always correct to predict, but that is the overall prognosis. 

In general, this tumor consists of abnormal, blood vessel-forming cells that grow into disorganized, vascular tissues

Researchers have identified novel gene mutations in canine hemangiosarcoma, which can create fusion genes. Signals transmitted by these fusion genes likely contribute to the development of hemangiosarcoma in dogs, and potentially to the abnormal features of blood vessels in these tumors. The fusion genes themselves are a result of genetic errors where parts of two (or more) different genes that normally reside in different locations or the genome are brought into close proximity.

No two hemangiosarcomas had identical fusion genes, there was a theme involving the types of genes and gene functions that were involved in this process. Additional work is needed to determine the mechanisms that control the predilection for these genes and pathways.

Evil has this affinity for dual purpose words and we find this in the very statement in the description of hemangiosarcoma.  Fusion is a noun that means:

1 : the act or process of liquefying or rendering plastic by heat

2 : a union by or as if by melting: such as

3 : a merging of diverse, distinct, or separate elements into a unified whole

I am including the Thesaurus reference words as if you are a biblical student, they should ring a bell:

admixture, alloy, amalgam, amalgamation, blend, cocktail, combination, composite, compound, conflation, emulsion, intermixture, meld, mix, mixture, synthesis

In short, this is the nature of hemangiosarcoma.  It is these fusion genes that make this cancer therapy-resistant

The word novel is also critical to understand the nature of hemangiosarcoma:

1 : new and not resembling something formerly known or used                                      

2 : original or striking especially in conception or style

This year, 2018, saw a massive uptick in the incidence of dogs becoming afflicted and then succumbing to hemangiosarcoma.  Some estimates are that it will occur in every other dog before long.

Hemangiosarcoma 'HSA'

It is a sarcoma arising from the lining of blood vessels; that is, blood-filled channels and spaces which are commonly observed microscopically. A frequent cause of death is the rupturing of this tumor, causing the patient to rapidly bleed to death.  Morphologically, tumors can have capillary, cavernous or solid appearance and the malignant cells can be highly pleomorphic with features that are reminiscent of those seen in other sarcomas. The main distinction is that tumor cells are observed lining irregular vascular spaces (capillaries or sinusoids) filled with blood where hemorrhage and necrosis occurs. “HSA” is a diagnostic monolith that describes tumors with diverse histologic properties associated with vascular structures in numerous organs.

The pattern of growth involves infiltration into normal tissues surrounding the tumor.  In the early stage HSA is insidiously slow, while at the end it moves with striking speed. Tumor-associated blood vessels are tortuous and malformed, and blood cells tend to pool in them and clot. The clots prevent blood and nutrients from reaching tumor cells, in turn causing these cells to die. This creates small ruptures in the tumor through which blood may escape into the abdomen, pericardial sac, pleural cavity, or subcutaneous space spreading the cancer.  Constitutional signs include lethargy, weakness, and anemia.

More than half of the patients with this disease die within the first year of diagnosis, and tumor related mortality is extremely high, to the degree only a handful survive the original diagnosis.  In my humble estimation from the research I have conducted it is far more lethal than Ebola. 

The first reports of canine HSA in the biomedical literature are contemporary to these findings, dating to the 1950s and 1960s and coinciding with the time when the relationship between dogs and humans had started to evolve from one where dogs largely served working roles such as herding, guarding, and hunting to one where they were considered members of the family. By the mid-1970s, it was apparent that the incidence of HSA in dogs was 25 to 100 times greater than the incidence of angiosarcoma in humans, and breed predilections for this disease were clearly documented in Europe and in the United States by the end of the 1980s. In 1980, Priester and McKay reported breed-associated risks for development of hematopoietic neoplasms, including HSA, based on data from the Veterinary Medical Databases (VMDB).

The first case of Hemangiosarcoma (cancer of the blood) was first described by Langhans in 1879.  This is a pivotal date that ripples across history, time, and space unto our day.  It was the year the light bulb (artificial sunshine) and refrigeration was invented.  This year saw the birth of Albert Einstein, Margaret Sanger, classical impressionist Claude Monet, and musical composer Tchaikovsky.  At that time there were only 55 known cases. 

As time went on, hemangiosarcoma became associated with certain occupations associated with a variety of of canine HSA in the biomedical literature are contemporary to these findings, dating to the 1950s and 1960s and coinciding with the time when the relationship between dogs and humans had started to evolve from one where dogs largely served working roles such as herding, guarding, and hunting to one where they were considered members of the family. By the mid-1970s, it was apparent that the incidence of HSA in dogs was 25 to 100 times greater than the incidence of angiosarcoma in humans, and breed predilections for this disease were clearly documented in Europe and in the United States by the end of the 1980s. In 1980, Priester and McKay reported breed-associated risks for development of hematopoietic neoplasms, including HSA, based on data from the Veterinary Medical Databases (VMDB).

As time went on hemangiosarcoma became associated with certain occupations associated with a variety of industrial and agricultural chemical agents.  But then something mysterious began to occur.  Contemporary patients having no history of occupational or therapeutic exposure to known risk factors, likely because of regulation created from a deeper understanding of the link between DNA-damaging agents and hemagio-angio-sarcoma. 

HSA has been associated with radiation therapy and ultraviolet ray exposure as well as exposure to uranium. 

Nefarious Entanglements

Around the year 2000 silica nanotechnolgy (SPN) began being deployed, entering the commercial markets.  Today SPNs are incorporated into everything from technology to medicine.  They are used in products that you and your pets are in direct contact with from food to toothpaste.  These SPNs provoke inflammatory and cytotoxic responses in the alveolar capillaries.

We can begin to see clearly, that SPN inflammation and toxicity, much like hemangiosarcoma, began with as an occupational hazard being found in ceramic, mine or foundry workers, dental laboratory technicians, agricultural workers or stone cutters.

These engineered particles are a hazard to human and animal health.  They are particularly troublesome because due to their small size they permeate and cross biological barriers, never crossed in the history of biological life.  Some of the ways these SPN's enter our system is through inhalation, water, and our food.  Inhalation is the primary way resulting in the inflammatory and cytotoxic responses (toxic to cells).

If you have been following my work, you know that there is an Epic Battle of Alien Alignment underway.  All of creation has been reclassified under the new PhyloCode to make room for new species and entities that have never before existed, many of these are In Silicio,  Pseudo Latin for in silicon.  This refers to replacing carbon life (from God) which you know and which is familiar to you, with silicon (anti God) simulation organized by artificial intelligence (AI).  This sounds woo-woo but it is a done deal and the organization chart replacing the Tree of Life has begun in earnest. 

Nanoparticles (NPs) enter the body by passing through biological diffusion barriers such as the skin, the gastrointestinal tract or the lung, i.e. the alveolar-capillary barrier. Physiologically, biological barriers are designed to handle the interplay of two different aspects. On the one hand they allow the passage of external substances that are essential for the organism (e.g. gas exchange at the alveolar-capillary barrier), while on the other hand biological barriers protect the body from hazardous exterior substances. Due to their dual purpose role and permeability SPNs are being exploited as a drug and gene delivery system that penetrate biological barriers.

Silica appears in two different forms:

  • The crystalline form which is arranged in tetrahedral SiO4 units (such as α-quartz) 
  • The amorphous form which does not have such a long-range order of the positions of the atoms.

Since the health hazards of the crystalline form, which among other things causes silicosis, have been well documented, the amorphous form has been considered as having low toxicity.

Therefore, aSNPs are an FDA-approved food additive. But several cytotoxicity studies on nanoscaled aSNPs indicate a possible serious hazard for health. Assays demonstrated a concentration-dependent cytotoxicity of aSNP on an endothelial cell line similar to hemangiosarcoma.

Additionally, a macrophage cell model stimulated inflammatory protein secretions.   https://www.sciencedirect.com/journal/tetrahedron/vol/74/issue/46

 3D Shapeshifting Diseases

video, C/NET, 21 July 2018.


Shape-shifting of all matter down to the subatomic level is being perfected this moment.

3-D printing allows print-on-demand diseases, treatments, armies, entities, demons, giants, and swarms allowing 'fleeting windows of opportunity' for anything with evil intent to exploit. 

This asymmetrical warfare is to keep enemy always at disadvantage.

Treatment for Hemangiosarcoma

    With faith there is always hope.

    Treatment involves various testing to secure a diagnosis.

    Most of the time for hemangiosarcoma a surgery is performed to remove the primary tumor.

    Some people choose to do chemotherapy, although this does not appear to be particularly effective. 

    I have chosen for the Moshe, Chinese herbal medicine, called Yunnan baiyao. It is becoming more popular in palliative care for canine hemangiosarcoma for its pro-coagulant (helps control small bleeds) attributes.

    Various herbs, such as Turmeric and Turkey Tail, are often used to slow the progression of this disease down.

    Doxycycline, an antibiotic, can inhibit the formation of the entangled cancerous capillaries, thus slowing down the disease.

    I discovered that anti-inflammatory essential oils, especially the blue ones, were very effective in reducing Moshe's post-surgical pain.  He also responded to brushing his coat, which relaxed him immensely. 

    Other people use DHA from a fish source, Vitamin D, probiotics, Graviola, CBD oil (some prefer hemp some the more medicinal variety), and milk thistle for liver involvement.

    A new potential immunotherapy may prolong survival times more when combined with surgery and standard chemotherapy.

    There are clinical studies designed to include pet animals with naturally occurring cancers that give researchers relevant information on toxicity, response, pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, dose, regimen, schedule, biomarkers, and responding histologies underway, but one needs to live in the vicinity of a trial location or love to travel to participate.

    Since this a is vascular bleeding disorder, you should avoid anything that thins the blood.  That means NSAID's, aspirin, and even many herbs and spices. 

    There are support groups to meet friends who will walk this path with you such as Hemangiosarcoma Diet & Supplement Protocols for dogs - A holistic Approach.

    Most people and animals change their diet radically to a form of paleo-ketogenic diet.  Diet plays an important role as part of this disease strangles nutrients from nourishing your body.

    As anyone in this situation can attest, this is a roller-coaster ride.  It just is the way that it is.  We need to preserve our faith, hope, and humanity during this critical time in history. 

    Healing with Frequency

    One of the things that I have been experimenting with for some time is healing with frequency. As you know I ave been studying the effects of frequencies detrimental to our health and frequencies that can mitigate that damage.  I will let you know how it goes with the Moshe as I add this element into his healing process, knowing that all healing comes from the Lord, that is His ministry.

    Flash Death is Not for Faint of Heart

    Some lingering thoughts come to mind as I close this article.  Up until this year many manufactured deaths have been slow and lingering to extract the most wealth from your pockets. From the back chatter and from personal experience, I am seeing a dramatic increase in Flash Deaths in humans and animals.   While death is an unpleasant subject, we can look at it from different perspectives such as evil will finally be abolished, all those nagging bad habits and sins will separate from us upon death, and a fast death (though I have not personally experienced it, except as a spouse and shepherdess) I would think would be preferred to lengthy suffering. I can bear testimony, that as a spouse, a flash death catapults the ones you love into this bizarre world of shock and grief without being able to say good-bye or one last kiss.  Conversations, plans, and dreams all terminate.  Flash Death is final and not for the faint of heart, my friends. Are you prepared?

    Inspirational Moment


    WISDOM -4/4

    God's secret wisdom,

    Wisdom from the Throne of God,

    King Messiah, Lord Yeshua

    Touches a child of Heaven

    To see, to perceive

    To hear His Spirit, to suddenly fully understand;

    Compassionate love comes alive in a man, a woman

    Reaches out to comfort any and all

    Whatever the place or time

    A touch of Heaven's "Spirit-Love" always ready!

    Prayers whispered often

    Prayers spoken boldly, freely

    No limit in doing good for those in need!

    The King has spoken

    His Holy Spirit leads and guides, counsels,

    And the Kingdom servants rise to work the fields

    To harvest the nations as commanded,

    God's holy desire to reign in purity

    With His own who worship and walk at His side

    For they know "to live is Messiah, and to die is gain". 



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