Frigid Futures: Zero Food and Rise of Global Cannibalism

Hear the Word of the Lord:

If you behave casually with Me and refuse to heed Me, then I shall lay a further blow upon you-sevenfold like your sins.

I will incite the wildlife of the field against you and it will leave you bereft of your children, decimate your livestock, and diminish your number, and your roads will become desolate.  ...If you behave casually with Me, then too, I will behave toward you casually and bring upon you: (Leviticus 26)
  • A sword of foreign invaders (inside, outside, interdimensional)
  • Siege gathering you unto the cities (inside and outside your body)
  • I will send a pestilence among you (inside and outside your body)
  • Food shortage (famine)
  • Lack of Fuel (plague of climate will be killing off vegetation)
  • Crumbling Bread (food through technology-destruction of fat of wheat or protein a staple for thousands of years)
  • Constant hunger resulting in cannibalism

The cannibalism curse is doubled to show the depravity that this famine will cause.  One would expect that the people who had been reduced to cannibalizing their own children would feel revulsion and regret but this will not happen.  As soon as they finish eating one child they will immediately think of going on to the next. 

It has begun.  As it has been said, "the train has left the station."  Climatic events are now in motion that will bring mankind to the brink of depravity and extinction. 

Psalm 147 refers to a time of temperature extremes -freezing cold to searing heat.  We need to remember that God is control of all the circumstances that we shall see with our eyes.  Give glory unto God for He has begun to process of destroying evil,but it will be a painful .process.

A global forecast has just been made that within 10 years, or 2028 there will be no production at the 45 parallel resulting in global cannibalism.  This prophecy but is embedded within Holy Scripture and will come to pass.

Uncanny Valley of Entanglement

The soot of wickedness has reached heaven instead of sweet and pleasing aromas.  The prophet Isaiah talks about the Valley of Entanglement.  Isn't it uncanny that he is given a prophecy concerning entanglement as the world and heavens brace for the many repercussions from dangerous entanglement experiments that can impact earth, as well as the heavens.

My situation report to you is as follows:

  • Four biblical calendars are merging! Scientific calendars are integrating 11 year, 500 year, 2100 year, and 6000 year cycles.  Historical evens are aligning, predicted earth changes are looming, and biblical prophecies are coming to pass.
  • There is a weakening of the magnetic field of the planet.
  • We have the increase in volcanic activity and if a couple of volcanoes blow in a really big way we will be in an Ice Age.
  • Our Sun is going through a 400 years cycle which has effects on our weather patterns as our magnetosphere weakens.
  • Earths jet streams have been weaponized and modified due to geo-engineering.
    • A weakening of the solar activity decreases the electric charge of the ionosphere, which in turn, decreases the electrical field in the atmosphere and within the earth. 
    • Between the surface of the earth and center of the earth this electric field was acting as a binder (glue) holding the constituent of the planet together.
    • As this connection gets looser it will increase volcanic eruptions.
    • More cystic activity is a contributing factor to increased volcanic and seismic activities.  These activities are slowing down of our planet.
    • The spinning of planets and galaxies and stars is electrical in nature and a drop in solar activity means a drop small drop in rotational speed of the planet Earth.
    • A slowdown means asleep, because the crust has a thin low-density and way less momentum compared to planet core. 
    • The mantle that is high density and that is very massive so during this slow down the mantle is slowing down slower than the crust the stress and cross is going down faster and that creates a lot of shearing forces and slippage at the contacts points between the bottom of the crust and the top of the mantle.
    • Adding to this you have projects such as CERN creating strangelets which plummet to the earth core attracting matter to them making our planet denser in hopes (though not publicly stated) of turning earth into a neutron star. 
    • We have manufactured and weaponized weather through the geo-engineering project that is escalating their atmospheric injection program using four different aerosols to cool down the planet.
    • The atmosphere is being manipulated through weaponized programs such as HAARP.
    • Due to the reduction in our magnetosphere cosmic rays are penetrating our planetary defenses.
    • Cosmic rays break the clouds and cool the atmosphere on our planet impacting other planets as well.  For instance, when earth heats the ice on Mars melted and there were typhoons on Jupiter.
    • Supernatural weather phenomena such as fire and ice that I will discuss in another article and including intense weather phenomena such as massive rain or hail in minutes to hours or extreme heat and drought.
    • Changing of weather terminology so that people do not understand the history of the events they are witnessing, such as atmospheric compression is your basic low pressure system.
        • We have mankind that has turned their face from God out of His creation and set themselves up as gods.
        • Mankind has opened interdimensional gateways allow every evil spirit to flood our reality.
        • To be honest this is just the beginning of woes for the people upon the face of the earth as described in Holy Scripture.

        Yes my friends, what I am saying here is I have a gloomier view than just a Grand Solar Minimum which is bad enough.

        Grand Solar Minimum

        The Grand Solar Minimum that is upon us has uprooted kingdoms and dynasties throughout history. 

        The solar cycle with match exactly 79 A.D. the Chinese documented the sun was blocked for 3 hours in 31 A.D. This was the same Solar Cycle where the planetary geometry matches what we will see in 2024.

        The Bible as well as ancient cultures pointed to a time when there would be a shift that would impact mind and body.  It appears as though we have entered that time period the energy light waves and literally the output of solar particles have a direct effect on our earth in terms of climate heating and cooling impacting how much food we have or how deep the famines will become. 

        Scientists have been tight lipped about the Grand Solar Minimum.  One brave scientist, Valentina Zharkova was introduced with the following threat:

        Moderator:  Remember you grew up in Russia right?

        Valentina:  Yes

        Moderator:  Behind the Iron Curtain right?"

        Valentina:  Yes

        Moderator:  The forum says to you for you to remember what they did to those who talked too much in Russia you don't want to do that to us."

        Moderator:  Tries to make a joke about the statement.

        Valentina:  Visibly shaken and nervous

        Zharkova climate revelations that will come to pass directly including population and food output reductions. 

        In a nutshell

        Beginning in 2019 we are going to see global temperatures spiraling downwards to the degree you will notice the Big Chill.

        • This Grand Solar Minimum officially begins in 2020. 
        • In 2020 we drop down severely in temperatures down to 10 degrees, possibly more.
        • We may see Siberian temperatures around the world at -50 degrees Fahrenheit. The only frost-free zones will be a thousand miles each side of the equator with not much land mass for growing food.
        • Climate forecasters vary at when the Grand Solar Minimum peaks between somewhere 2024-2050, some believe it is longer. 
        • Food shortages begin in 2028 increasing until 2032.  With this statement I disagree.  I have witnessed a sharp decline in food production for the last five years and this has been collaborated with other farmers in other areas.  I went from a high of 1000 pounds of 2-pound tomatoes to 60 pounds of 3-ounce ones this year.
        • Word is getting out that there will be local famines by year 2028 resulting in worldwide cannibalism. 
        • Zero food production from the 45 parallel upwards, the traditional grain growing regions of the world.  Just saying if you like your grains have a plan.

        Forum Question to Zharkova:  You know you're talking about putting together a Manhattan-style project to do indoor vertical agriculture and shift all the grow zones so we have enough food on the planet"

         Zharkova: Yes

        Complications are messy.  Unfortunately we have the Milankovitch cycles to add to the equation.  The Sun is currently in relation to our orbit the northern hemisphere to the degree that summers are going to get hotter for a shorter period of time, like two months, during the summer.  In the northern hemisphere temperatures are going to skyrocket and then everybody will say global warming global but on the on the converse northern hemisphere winters are going to get incredibly cold brutally cold- unbelievable-four hundred to 1000 to 2000. 

        The whole winter is going to extend out into growing seasons.  Gardens will have to be planted one month after Resurrection Day, the traditional planting season, because everything prior is going be too wet and too cold.  This will delay all plantings on the planet.   

        What this means to global agriculture is the time for crops to grow is reduced and the yield will be down dramatically per each plant equating too little to no food.  

        Vegetables and trees are feeling the reduction in the electromagnetic field from the sun and they're going into conservation mode.  This means that the yields on our crops are going to be up to 20% less just from this phenomenon alone.  I can attest to this as my plants have been in chaos for the last 4 years.  They bloom in the fall and go into stasis during the summer, and their reproductive organs-flowers-are decapitated if it is a food crop exclusively.  If it is a flower for pleasure, at least at this point, no problem. 

        Count Down 2020

        We are already witnessing crop losses although you may not see them at your local grocery stores.  First you will see a sharp increase in the cost of food with periodic unavailability. 

        As the temperature plummets the population will naturally.

        As any person engaging in alternative media can attest images and sound vaporize the closer to the truth one gets.  It is provocative that when Zharkova started talking about the historical 2100 years cycle her slides went blank. 

        What was conveyed is that this is that a cyclic event resulting in full-blown glaciation and encapsulating (enveloping in biblical terms) of super cycles within super cycles or the 7x7 Jubilee Cycle.  What remains a mystery due to the obscurification is well we experience a 2100 event or a 6000 year cooling event?  Given my biblical predisposition, the frigid spiritual condition of mankind, and the End of Days- I suspect given our spiritual condition as a whole a 6000 cooling event.  No Food-No Society.

        You can expect societal unrest as the temperatures drop. A societal reset, if you will. 

        Dust in the atmosphere back in the late antique little Ice Age that 535 A.D. era for some reason the sulfur dioxide hung in the air around the world.  After three or four years of people breathing this sulfur dioxide heavy laden air the plague swept even further as people's immune systems decreased.  The changes to our atmosphere will cause an unprecedented decline in health.

        Beta tests to see how people will react when public assistance terminates have already begun.

        You are going to see food terrorism that turns good food into 911-style food control events.

        All predictions end up into one single endpoint, a singularity, which we are not going to have enough food on this planet period.  It does not matter if the sunspot max in this low cycle is going to be at 2026, or the next solar cycle- dropping off into Nothingness through 2030.

        Food prices as I mentioned are going to rise quickly escalating 10 times higher than current prices, if food is available at all.

        As real food disappears from the world a flood of synthetic foods will flood the marketplace.  These can be 100% lab created foods engineered from the molecular level up to synthetic plants that are really drug delivery systems and a breach of your God given barrier system.  Many of these foods have the power to change your DNA.  In biblical terms, when you read the fat of the wheat it was to convey to you a high, God given, high protein.  Unless you grow heirloom-organic crops (and frankly these are compromised) you are receiving not only an inferior protein (man generated) but one that can be lethal. 

        Enter cannibalism.  Many people are on food subsidies which are frankly going to freeze.  If you are going to starve to death you are going to find food and do whatever it takes to get that food including cannibalism.


        Cannibalism has occurred throughout history and in biblical history.  For some it is cultural but more often it is due to the ravages of a severe famine, typically as a result of grievous abominations. 

        We are already primed as it were for cannibalism.  The latest trend is for the aging population to siphon of the blood of our youth to gain a few more years of life.  That along with the fact that evil has commandeered your food supply removing rarefied and perfect nutrient-dense foods provided by the Creator and incrementally transforming food into digestible and shape-shifting abomination for cannibalism. It is as if our food is being seasoned to whet the appetite for cannibalism. 

        For years now the Lord has highlighted soot or ash in Holy Scripture associated with judgment.  As a result of my biblical studies I am wondering if the geo-engineering operation has a component of dusting the atmosphere with the ground of bones of the giants, thus seeding into our DNA repugnant creatures and accursed nephilim many of the offspring died in the flood and was absorbed by the ground of Babylonia.

        I have discovered an ancient Legend that it is forbidden to eat dirt in the Land of Shinar to this day.  This is because one might eat their ancestors who have decomposed.  There is an allusion to Nimrod and the giants and avoiding consuming them by way of dirt-their essence.  I am wondering if their genetic material (in the ground) has memory longevity that contaminates the DNA of the one consuming it.

        Therefore fathers shall eat their sons in your midst, and sons shall eat their fathers. And I will execute judgments on you, and any of you who survive I will scatter to all the winds.  Ezekiel 5:10

        Just imagine the horror of parents cannibalizing their children in the unbearable pangs of hunger.  This is the most severe punishment for abomination.  

        Look, O Lord, and see! With whom have you dealt thus? Should women eat the fruit of their womb, the children of their tender care? Should priest and prophet be killed in the sanctuary of the Lord?  Lamentations 2:20

        Ghastly, mothers eating their offspring the babes of their care whom they fondled and cared for with compassion.  This is illustrated by the word play tipuchim meaning 'of their care' and 'fondled' can be read as tefuchim 'measured for handbreadths' as a food source.  

        Mankind has known, and will know again, this affliction by the rod of His fury.  Mankind will be driven and brought into complete darkness. 

        Each of you will experience the wearing away your flesh and skin (through exposure).  Your bones will be shattered.  You will be besieged (built up against me a wall) and you will be enveloped with bitterness (encircled my head) and hardship.  He will make you dwell in deep darkness (the darkness within darkness) like those long dead (eternally dead).  Lamentations 3:14

        The hands of compassionate women have boiled their own children; they became their food during the destruction of the daughter of my people. The Lord gave full vent to his wrath; he poured out his hot anger, and he kindled a fire in Zion that consumed its foundations.  Lamentations 4:10-11

        The ravages of famine cause compassionate mothers to become depraved that with their own hands they boiled their own children and consumed them without leaving any flesh for other family members.  Some believe the women did not murder their children but they consumed children who had died. 

        Some view this verse in regard to over-indulgent mothers who with misplaced compassion will roast and destroy the souls of their children. 

        And I will make them eat the flesh of their sons and their daughters, and everyone shall eat the flesh of his neighbor in the siege and in the distress, with which their enemies and those who seek their life afflict them.’  Jeremiah 19:9

        As a consequence of your Ba'al worship to which you sacrifice your children you will be forced to eat them instead.

        And I said: Hear, you heads of Jacob and rulers of the house of Israel! Is it not for you to know justice?— you who hate the good and love the evil, who tear the skin from off my people and their flesh from off their bones, who eat the flesh of my people, and flay their skin from off them, and break their bones in pieces and chop them up like meat in a pot, like flesh in a cauldron. Then they will cry to the Lord, but he will not answer them; he will hide his face from them at that time, because they have made their deeds evil.  Micah

        Oppressing the poor, indigent, and righteous is akin to eating the flesh of God's people- for it is a slippery slope between the two.  

        So grievous was the cannibalism that the bones were not merely broken and cooked, but the morrow of the bone was sucked out. 

        Who eat the flesh of my people, and flay their skin from off them, and break their bones in pieces and chop them up like meat in a pot, like flesh in a cauldron. Micah 3:3

        As if preparing a soup the bones are stripped of flesh and broken to make a soup, only this soup will contain human beings, a modern Soylent Green.

        Through the wrath of the Lord of hosts the land is scorched, and the people are like fuel for the fire; no one spares another. They slice meat on the right, but are still hungry, and they devour on the left, but are not satisfied; each devours the flesh of his own arm, generation.”…  Isaiah 9:19

        The pillaging, plundering and Civil War will be so brutal people will eat their relatives, and even cannibalize they own body parts. 

         Can the Sun Change its Sun Spots?


        The sun spots and intensity of flares is literally 10 times less than it should be in terms of flares coming out the activity that we should have seen.  The magnetic effects the solar winds all these things on the average that should be expected during the 11-year solar cycle just weren't there this solar cycle.

        Ben and Lisa Upton reached were maximum sunspot numbers of 100 sunspots for the next solar cycle smooth is 75.  

        John Casey's numbers are 50 or less 50 sunspots are less during the next cycle.

        Valentina and Koba's work puts sunspots at way less than 50-75 range in solar cycle and Solar Cycle 26 less than 25 or even lower sunspots.

        What this means is that even when the sunspots return it will be a fraction of what we saw during this Solar Cycle. 

        Sunspots will return in 2022-2021 which should rewarm a little bit but the rest of the solar forecasts are just saying we're going straight down into this grand solar minimum and we are not coming back.  If we do experience some warmth it will be a slight bump along a road into 2030.  Wrap your mind around the fact that these next few years are cooling and this will be a linear trend.


        Knowing this was coming for decades whatever my station or season in life I have always strived to grow my own food.  I encourage you to grow your own food also even if it is one or two plants or microgreens.  There are many reasons for this including an inflation hedge, guaranteed food supply, knowing what is in your food and its quality,   an indicator of earth changes, and plants are a living detector that can tell you when something is amiss such as radiation or chemical exposures.

        One last thought on growing your own food is that all the rich men of the earth have shifted their attentions and are buying up and manufacturing food.  They want total food control.  What you get as a consumer during the Grand Solar Minimum will be GMO or lab created foods with the power to kill rather than for life and health. 

        At the very least it is important to store some goods for wintry or searing conditions.

        Treat food as you would precious metals.  Take the physical delivery because the food supply will not going to be enough to meet the demand that's on the paper.  

        It is biblical instruction to live in community.  I know many of us are scattered abroad with no local community to be found.  That makes the situation very difficult.  In the days to come, God will protect and provide for you, but on the physical side having community enhances your survivability.   Many of us, and I speak to myself also, easily embrace living separate from the world but fail miserably at being community with like-minded Christians.  Starving people are about ready to knock down your door and like feral animals they have a knack for knowing where food sources can be located.


        What I have presented is the tip of the ice berg.  The Lord gave me a prophetic vision for 2019:  Fire and Ice.  As if natural events are not going to be severe enough I truly see supernatural events similar to the Ten Plagues of the Exodus, frozen in the constellations as a reminder to mankind, as God goes to battle against the gods of this world, our chilling sinful nature, and Satan and his cohorts of every foul and evil spirit from the nephilim to the giants and the bloodlines of evil.  Because at the End of the Age all will kneel and bow before Jesus and so my friends the Big Chill is that we all might know that He is God. 

         Inspirational Moment

        MANY  VOICES

        By Gary

          So many voices

        Hard to hear each one

        Clearly listen

        To sort out all the noise

        And sift the distractions

        Weigh each in the golden balance of Truth,

        Filter with the inner Peace of the Lord

        Judge only by the Holy Spirit;

        The Living Words were spoken long ago

        Our Creator who made all things

        Who spoke the earth into existence;

        The Holy Son, the Redeemer finished all true work,

        And what more can be said

        After- “It is finished!”

        Many pretenders work the Internet

        Self-centered ones who use social media

        Double-minded believers act out a script;

        The One who separates sheep from goats

        Flashes the fire of purity

        Gospel Spirit Words refined more than silver

        They rumble with thunder from the Throne of the Absolute Presence,

        Holiness of God is the “line drawn”

        In our hearts

        In our minds and spirits;

        The Lordship of our Savior honored

        In each breath, every heartbeat given us

        As time moves from day to day

        And the Rock of Eternal Life remains the same,

        Unmoved from the Father’s Glory!

        A woman here and another there claim to be prophetic

        But are not, though others are,

        A man even parades about as an apostle

        But is not, though another may rarely be;

        Pastors claim to guide sheep

        But do not, though a relative few do.

        Often words written proclaimed as anointed

        But are not…though some are,

        “The Spirit and the Bride say ‘Come’;

        ” Let him who hears say ‘Come’.”

        Now, who in your life,

        In your own Christian experience

        Can honestly act and do the same?


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