Catastrophism God's Judgment Strange Fire of the Gods and Goddesses Navigating the Cosmos

Preparing for Eternity

Like it or not, we all been thrown into the deep end of the pool.  We enjoy the normalcy bias of our traditional understanding of the Holy Scripture.  On occasion the Lord beckons us to deeper truth; we recoil, as our understanding is challenged to our very core, even unto our spirit and soul.  I have never desired to venture into the realm of the under-belly of the beast for my fortress and delight is the brilliance of Abba Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit.  Nevertheless, throughout my life the Lord has commanded that I venture into unfamiliar and uncomfortable waters.

As a photojournalist and having engaged in archeology, I see my life right now as one would view an archeological site, lots of fragments, few answers, and way too many questions. In this season, God has begun to knit these pieces of a puzzle together. From what I can determine, people of faith, other religions, and agnostic, are also going through this process in great haste.    

I have revisited God's command to go forth twice in the last two years:  last year with transhumanism, and this year while preparing for the Seven Thunders series, I caught glimpses of gods and goddesses in the heavenlies, though framed in celestial garments.  I was perplexed and deeply troubled in light due to fact which I have previously mentioned that at the very last exercise I attended before my departure from my former employment, a woman a came up to me whispered into my ear, "I hear that you are a goddess."  At that, I could not breathe, and everything went dark.  I had to escape outside for air. I knew the implications, and I knew the threat.  It was one reason, among others, that I left when I did.  But what does all this mean and how does it impact my spiritual walk?

The Gospel and Word of God are simple and straightforward, but the ways of our adversary is complex and convoluted. I could see the layers upon layers by which the enemy was operating, that which we face each day through our various trails and life struggles.  When my understanding of Scripture is challenged I always fall back to what I know, and that is biblical truth.  It was then that the light bulb illuminated that God also had His layers upon layers of understanding of biblical truth.

  • Physical
  • Spiritual
  • Hints
  • Allegories and Metaphors
  • Mystical
  • Cataclysm
  • Cycles

We cannot let ourselves we trapped in one set of understanding the Bible.  Scripture itself says:

May be able to comprehend with all saints what is the breadth, and length, and depth, and height.  Ephesians 3:18

Sophisticated or not, those of you who have experienced visions from the Almighty, know how difficult it is to put those visions into words in a context that others can somewhat understand.

If I was to envision life's struggle right now, the perfect symbol would be the two-stranded DNA of our body.  There is the truth of God and then there is the nephilim perversion twisting around God's truth. It is absolutely true that dealing with the nephilim, their spirit, and aliens muddies the waters, but we must venture forth to unravel evidence of previous civilizations and catastrophes of which there is both scientific and cultural evidence as well as biblical hints. 

Faith Lesson:  Jesus, you know that it is difficult to grasp the fullness of who You are and the inner workings of the Holy Spirit in my life but I commit to you that I will be open to what You speak to me however wild or crazy it may sound, as long as it maintains alignment with Scripture. 

 Ancient Man

I intended to embed a You Tube here on a Paiute Indian talking about the sky ships, but in between the time I gathered the information and began writing this article, I received this notification:

Instead, I offer you this Paiute Indian legend about the flying craft

Image:  Robert M. Schoch, Ph.D.

While this timeline goes back 10,000 years other timelines go back hundreds of thousands of years.  Will many of us are schooled in the 6,000 year earth-7,000 including the millennial reign, through our studies of Holy Scripture we should know that God is outside or time and space.  True, we have measurements for these things but they are man-made perceptions and may not be at all how God operates.  There are varying time scales in the Bible. 

We have been conditioned to believe that ancient man was a primitive barbarian; a nomadic hunter-gatherer.  He certainly did not possess advanced technology for we are (as we are taught) superior in every way.  How is it that there are monumental edifices of supernatural magnitude around the world?  How is it that ancient man knew the distance and intricacies of the stars in the heavens?  How is it that our solar system was known to the ancients from Pluto heading into the sun as if from coming from a distance of outer space?  How could these ancient peoples know of a planetary war within our solar system that decimated a planet injured other planets, and rearranged our solar system?  Lastly, how and why is there evidence indicating highly sophisticated technologies that date back centuries in time?

Image:  Robert M. Schoch, Ph.D., at Gobekli Tepe in Turkey

What would you do if you could see harbinger's of a cataclysm that would destroy your world?  Would you or where would you leave a record?  Would you Tweet?  Make a Facebook post?  Text your family?  If you used any of these despite our views of immortal digital footprints, in a true apocalyptic scenario your message would be lost because it is not durable. 

Early man had the presence of mind because he had not yet lost the knowledge that cataclysm was cyclical to carve in stone messages to you and me of what was occurring in the heavenlies and its impact upon the earth. Why did these early men build massive stone structures using megalithic cyclopean architecture that would endure cataclysm even unto today, if only their foundations.  Why did these people seek refuge in both man-made and natural labyrinths underground?  And why are the powers-that-be fascinated and returning unto the maize of the underworld?

Image:  Robert M. Schoch, Ph.D.

Faith Lesson:  The Bible says in Revelation and other prophecies that there will cataclysm on earth in the days to come.  If I was to put a message in a bottle, possibly for the remnant, what would I convey?  Does my trust in God allow for the pre-Adamic civilizations?  Why or why not?

Cosmic Catastrophe

Image:  Anthony L. Peratt

Say to yourself ten times, "I have nothing to be concerned about." 

We live in an electric universe.  Our bodies are electric.  What could possibly go awry?

Well...for brevity I will not describe the following and there are many more oops moments, but you will see clearly:

  • Acceleration of electrical discharges in cosmic plasma
  • Plasma pinches and instabilities
  • Birkeland Currents gone wild
  • Beam Bunch
  • Collisionless Thermoelectric Effect
  • Plasma Sheets
  • Exploding Double Layers (in atmosphere)
  • Auroras, solar flares, and quasars
  • Radiation of an accelerated electron in a magnetic field
  • Z Pinch (gotcha ya)
  • Decay of Wave Oscillation
  • Plasma Filaments
  • Leapfrogging particles against fields

To go into the physics would probably not be wise.  You probably should acquaint yourself with the Carrington Event of 1859.  That was a time when technology was minimal at best. 

You know the weather saying, "Red skies in morning sailors, take warning," meaning a storm is moving in.  There is much to do about the Blood Red Moons with minimal historical documentation that such predictions such as war are true.  However, if you see a Red Aurora, that is another story and you might want to exit to you nearest subterranean refuge.

It would probably be good to know your Z Pinch and Birekland Currents for they can bring trouble to the world.

As you will see below Anthony L. Peratt has documented the petroglyphs and hieroglyphs of ancient man that looks exactly like the cosmological simulations in the laboratory.  

Pretty much the floods, snow, and polar vortex's that you have or are experiencing right now is because our sun is impacting the weather on earth.  Soon we will have violent storms and food will vaporize from existence.  Depending upon the many variables anything could happen from losing our atmosphere to a new heaven and earth which is what the bible says will occur.

Remember these birds heads for later in this article

Images:  Robert M. Schoch, Ph.D.

Images:  Robert M. Schoch, Ph.D., RongoRongo of Easter Island

130 countries from around the world have these same figures.

Ben Davidson of Suspicious Observers has a succinct description of Catastrophism.  This is from this week- Fly on the Wall:

I might just say that it's a very-very complex system that's going on and by that I mean the evidence is muddled it's a very target-rich environment.  I think that they're possibly in an explanation for all the different theories and the diverse hypotheses that are out there, in that there are multiple events and potentially multiple cycles of things happening, some cycles, and some events might be small.  They might be local you know, planetary readings, into solar system wide events Passing through the heat of electromagnetic energy at a galactic level might be the big cycle. The ones that everybody's looking at, so people listen to theories and different ideas about this.  I think you need to have sort of a diverse open mind to this.  While one person might be right, the other person too, you know the other person next to them might also be right, because there could be multiple events, multiple cycles, multiple theories all sort of working at this complex complex system. 

One of the things we talk about a good bit in the catastrophe cycle is that there is this big one.  But probably on the half harmonics, the quarter harmonics, the eighth and sixteenth harmonics.  There are lesser extent events as well and those might be based on magnitude or they might be based on scaling down to just at a stellar level or just at a planet level or even at a more localized level.

Faith Lesson:  Catastrophism seems like such a huge topic.  Lord Jesus, what take away(s) are you personally speaking to me about this topic? 

How to Prepare for Catastrophism

I have had inquires on how to prepare for such catastrophism.  My reply has remained the same over decades.  What is coming upon the earth your only safety and security is in Jesus Christ.  The Lord has probably gently placed you in the location He wants you to be in for these days (unless He speaks to you otherwise). 

After your spiritual house is in order begin to think preparations:

Realistically, not many of us are going to make it.  Throughout history it was absurd who made it and who did not.  One cannot predict, for it is up to Jesus Christ.

No matter what happens keep your humanity.  Be kind, generous, loving, and sing praise to God for His goodness.

Cross-train skills with those in your family and community. 

Declutter your life.  Then streamline it for maximum efficiency.

I would however check out caves or subterranean options, if any are close by. 

I am doing gardening in greenhouses but that is a stop gap for the winds will be getting over 350 mph, maybe significantly higher which would take down greenhouses and not well constructed buildings. 

I would clear trees away from your home.  Learn how to be self-sufficient. 

The government is not going to save you. 

Always remember that the government will never let a good crisis go to waste.   They know this is coming.  They have been preparing.  Not for you but for themselves. 

Be near a safe water system. 

Know how to wildcraft for food and medicine. 

Any primitive skill you can learn now, learn it. 

Rethink animals.  It is extremely difficult in this environment to care for animals, even if you lovingly care for them.

Get in shape.

Eat well.

Be prepared to migrate or shelter in place.

Glass Castles of Vitrification

Images:  Robert M. Schoch, Ph.D.,  Vitrification

Around the world are legends about glass castles and glass cities. The sea of glass in Revelation and quite possibly the imagery of the New Jerusalem is glass-like.  Could a cataclysm of fire so intense hit the earth that a city was transformed into a city of glass?

Did you know that several catastrophes have hit the earth that had the heat and power to turn rock into a liquid and then back into rock and turn some rock and sand into glass?

Much of the earth and ancient structures show that their surfaces have been melted and then recongealed. This is true upon the moon and other planets as well. One dating reaches back in time to the back to the last Ice Age.  It seems as though vitrification came from a cosmic thunderbolt or Thunderbolt of the Gods visited upon earth from our dynamic electric universe.

Vitrified forts in Europe date back to the Iron Age, around 700 CE.  Although people have worked with vitrified materials since 8000 BCE, maybe earlier.

What could cause vitrification?  The heat needed could come from an asteroid, comet or bolide in a midair explosion in the atmosphere.  That could generate the heat and wide spread destruction.  This would be an event such as Tunguska.  Major lightning strikes can also vitrify especially rocks with silica or quartz forming glass.

There are many who believe that the Flood of Noah was the result of a solar-plasma outburst from the sun.  That does not mean God did not order the catastrophe only that He had tools such as the elements of creation to implement His Will.  God often uses instruments for His vengeance such as the Babylonians, Assyrians and Egyptians. 

From the Greeks to the Native Americans, all tell of destruction by fire from the sky.  Not only could a plasma event burn all life on earth but would impact the stratosphere for years later allowing harmful UV rays to bombard any life that managed to survive for years. 

Plasma is an electric discharge and has the power to alter genetically, mentally, and psychically life any life where the event discharged.  Currently, there is much research being conducted on the damage to living organisms from electromagnetic waves.

A minor discharge such as lightning could be a good thing.  After one intense lightning storm my peas grew 6 inches in one day because the atmosphere was providing them the right nutrients to grow quickly. 

We live in a plasma universe and consequently a discharge can pervade galactic space, interstellar space, interplanetary space, and the space in environments of planets.  A cascade of circumstances is occurring from now until around 2050 that heralds the arrival of a major plasma event on earth.  In Emergency Management we always said, "It is not if, but when."

Faith Lesson:  At the time of Noah was the Flood and prophecy says that the world will be destroyed by fire.  Fire is purifying for it takes the dross out of my life.  Jesus, if I have any strange fire in my life, please convict me of my sin so that I might not sin.  I do not want to be as Nadab and Abihu who were killed for offering strange fire to you.  I want you to be the only fire in my life. 

Auroras of Cataclysm


 We need to begin to think outside of the box these days as the Lord speaks to us in His Word, in prayer, and what He may request each of us.  I was reading Forgotten Civilizations, by Robert. M. Schoch, Ph.D., and he has a chapter on the prophet Ezekiel's vision and aurora's.  This takes me back to the different layers to which I can interpret scripture.  One sentence from his excellent book, "Describing or depicting powerful auroral displays in anthropomorphic or zoomorphic terms as living creatures moving through the sky surrounded by or in the midst of fire and with rings or wheel is an iconography found in many ancient classical through Renaissance writers and authors.  Sometimes the imagery was described as warring armies or as strange mixed animal-human figures as described by Ezekiel that often include bird-like features, such as bird's heads or wings.  During the 1859 Carrington Event the auroral display...was described as "painted with fire." 

For one who strives to think outside the box, this caught me off guard me.  I had never thought of the scriptural narrative in light of aurora's or catastrophism other than particular verses stating such imagery.  It should not have surprised me as a story was handed down in our family from the time of the Civil War of an American Flag waving in the sky.  I learned many years later it was an aurora.  Numerous people have been seeing strange phenomena in the skies over the last several years:  dragons, serpents, phoenix's.

Anthony L. Peratt has predicted and modeled various anthropomorphic bird-like and wheel-like forms that would be seen in the skies during major solar outbursts and associated plasma discharges.  They are also written in petroglyphs.

Image: Wikipedia

Last year I had taken a class on Passover and the Haggadah, a book that provides the order for the ceremonial meal, and I came across very unique artistry.  Recall, the whole Exodus was supercharged with the supernatural.  Here is this Haggadah (book) from Rhine, Germany, circa 1300 CE, relaying the story of the Exodus with bird-like humans. Thinking about the bird-like faces in the petroglyphs really makes me wonder if around this time a supernatural cosmic event took place. 

Image: Wikipedia

It is called the Bird-Head Haggadah. Yes, here is another one of my many fragments. 

This is not an isolated case, for the Rongorongo tablets of Easter Island, may possibly relay strange shapes in the skies that were associated with the catastrophes of the end of the last ice age. 

Many fanciful myths of the Greeks and Romans might be actual accounts of events playing out in the heavens.  Gorgio de Santillana and Hertha von Dechend argued in their 1969 book, Hamlet's Mill, that classical ancient and European myth can be interpreted as recording the movements and events in the heavens including the subtle precession. 

Many other biblical prophets' visions can also be viewed through the lens of catastrophism and aurora's.  Apocryphal books and even the cave art of Rouffignac in France resemble the folded curtain patterns of the aurora.

As we proceed through another supernatural time that is unlike ever known in history we should allow the Lord to talk to us and teach us through His vibrant creation which includes auroras. 

Faith Lesson:  Lord Jesus, you speak to each of us in the language that we understand.  I praise you for Your creation and heavens.  I praise You that you will show me what I need in its due season.  I will listen and not be afraid. 

Ancient God and Goddess Astronauts

Viewer discretion is advised.  Advocates of pagan theories are steadfast in their beliefs.  They use implanted trigger words commonly used in mind control and propaganda, to influence you into their belief system.  Deception is at work.  This typically involves truth, half-truth, and blatant lies.  

If you have held that Ancient Astronaut theory at arms distance it is probably prudent to refresh your memory and maybe explore some of the intriguing information emerging from diverse sources including many biblical, scientific, archeological, geologic, and anthropological disciples. 

For instance, what do you do with this?

From ancient Sumeria:  An unusual drawing on a cylinder seal suggests that passing Mars, an incoming spacecraft of the Nephilim, established constant communication with Mission Control on earth.  The central object in this ancient drawing simulates the symbol of the 12th planet the winged globe yet it looks different it is more mechanical, more manufactured, than natural.  Its wings look almost exactly like the solar panels with which American spacecraft are provided to convert the sun's energy to electricity.  The two antennas cannot be mistaken.  The circular craft with its crown-like top and extended wings and antennas is located in the heavens between Mars the six pointed star and Earth. It's moon on earth is a deity who extends his hand in greeting to an astronaut still out in the heavens near Mars the astronaut is shown wearing a helmet with a visor and a breastplate.  The lower part of his suit is like that of a fish man a requirement perhaps in case of an emergency splashdown in the ocean in one hand he holds an instrument the other hand reciprocates the greeting from earth.

Or this:

A very early Sumerian text assumed since its first publication in 1912 to be an ancient magical text very possibly records: 

The loss of a spaceship and its fifty occupants it relates how Marduk arriving at era do rushed to his father eeeyah with some terrible news it has been created like a weapon it has charged forward like death the Anunnaki who are 50 it has smitten the flying bird.

Further accounts describe 7 and this 50.  Seven could represent the major planets in the solar system, the seven days of creation and recall the number 50 is the Year of Jubilee.

Faith Lesson:  Lord Jesus, I ask for wisdom from you on how I should respond to the question of ancient astronauts.  Not only for myself, but so that I may share your insights with others.

Fiery Stones the Shem Sky Ships

Viewer discretion is advised.  Advocates of pagan theories are steadfast in their beliefs.  They use implanted trigger words commonly used in mind control and propaganda, to influence you into their belief system.  Deception is at work.  This typically involves truth, half-truth, and blatant lies.  

Ancient texts have surfaced around the world describing fiery sky ships. We will examine some examples below but before we journey forth we need to have an understanding of the biblical word shem and also an image from a Jewish timeline. 

The following is from Andrew Gabriel Roth a biblical scholar and linguist to whom I asked the question as to whether the word shem could mean a fiery rocket and here is his response:

Aramaic and Hebrew are from the same Semitic root languages that include Akkadian, Assyrian cuneiform, Proto-Siniatic and Phoenician, among others. As a result, their root and stem processes are extremely similar and they share a lot in common in terms of the meanings of those roots and stems. In other words, in this case, what applies to one applies equally to the others.

On that basis I must tell you I disagree with the claims on these videos. It seems these folks have confused two similar sounding roots with different meanings. SHEM means "name" while SHAM means "from over there", which became "heaven" in Hebrew (shamayim) because it was clearly "from over there".  Moshe's son GERSHOM uses the same root, from GER (stranger) and SHAM (from over there) hence "I am stranger in a strange land (i.e. "from over there").

So the answer to your question is a definite "no" because you cannot say with accuracy that the SHEM that means "name" also has "over there" as a secondary or equally possible meaning. It does not. What I think happened was simply a wrong assumption by these folks that because the similar spellings guarantee they will be listed adjacent to one another in say a dictionary like Strong's that they must somehow be related to each other and they are, as far as I can tell, not.

Image by Celeste, Timeline of Events-not Kabbalah

We have addressed a few Hebrew words for mysteries remain.  I have taken many biblical courses and in one I received a Hebraic timeline spanning creation to the End.  This morning I prompted by the Holy Spirit to review my resources that include timelines.  To my utter amazement, right square in the middle of the timeline, is a rocket-ship at the time of the Judges.  This is not a case of the Mandela Effect because I clearly remembered it from my classes years ago, but there was not context that was applicable at the time, to me at least. 

Here are some excerpts from Sumerian texts regarding the fiery sky ships:

The Mesopotamian texts refer to the inner enclosures of temples or to the heavenly journeys of the gods or even two instances where mortals ascended to the heavens.  Shem is a term by which one is remembered [name].  No scientific evidence is provided but it is claimed that the early texts that spoke of an object used in flying.

Supposedly, there is temple inscription extolling a ray [space] craft that could attain the heights of heaven whose name was rendered radiant as it reached the Zenith of heaven.  

Sculptures depict the route by which the sky chamber, assumed the meaning of name, have been found that show a god inside a rocket shaped chamber as in this object of extreme antiquity now in the possession of the University Museum Philadelphia.  The celestial nature of the chamber is attested by the twelve globes decorating it many seals similarly depict a God and sometimes two within such oval divine chambers in most instances these gods within their sacred ovals were depicted as objects of veneration wishing to worship their gods. 

People in various lands developed the custom of setting up imitations of the God within His divine sky chamber stone pillars shaped to emulate the oval vehicle.  Images of the gods were carved into the stone. It was only a matter of time before kings and rulers associated these pillars, called Stila, associated the ability to ascend to the heavenly abode began to carve their own images upon the Stila as a way of associating themselves with the eternal abode if they could not escape a physical oblivion, it was important that at least their name be forever.

Commemorative stone pillars was to simulate a fiery sky ship can further be gleaned from the term by which such stone Stila were known in antiquity the Sumerians called them Naru, stones that rise. The Acadians, Babylonians and Assyrians called them Naru, objects that give off light; the Amuro called them Neuros, fiery objects.  In Hebrew ner means a pillar that emits light and thus today's candle.  In

the Indo-European tongues of the Hurons and the Hittites the Stila were called who Oishi,  Firebird of stone.

There are depictions of a sky chamber the god's vehicle for ascending to the eternal abode in ancient Egypt.  In fact, the devout made pilgrimages to a special temple in Heliopolis to view and worship.  There have been a pyramidion-shaped object [similar to the triangle craft seen these days] in which the gods had arrived on earth. In times immemorial, Egyptian pharaohs on their deaths were subjected to a ceremony of opening of the mouth in which they were supposed to be transported to the divine abode of eternal life.

Ancient alien advocates claim that the name in many Mesopotamian texts should be read not his name but a sky vehicle opens the way to the understanding of the true meaning of many ancient tales including the biblical story of the Tower of Babel.  As we saw from Andrew, that we cannot definitively say this is absolutely truthful. 

Let us looks how this could change the meaning of the biblical text.  Remember, we want to receive truth of the biblical author's intent from the Holy Spirit. 

Advocates claim the biblical text is allegorical [it could be or not, as the bible does contain many allegories].  They say that this is how the peoples of antiquity would view the story if shem was sort of fiery space craft:

Tower of Babel deals with events that follow the repopulation of Earth after
the deluge when some of the people journeyed from the east and they found a plain in the land of Shinar and they settled there.  The land of Shinar is of course the land of Sumer, in the plain between the two

rivers in southern Mesopotamia and the people already knowledgeable concerning the art of brick making and high-rise construction for an urban civilization said, " let us build us a city and a tower whose top shall reach the heavens and let us make a sham [name] lest we be scattered upon the face of the earth ."

This was not to God's liking and the Lord came down to see the city in the tower which the children of Adam had erected and he said behold all are as one people with one language and this is just the beginning of their undertakings do shall no longer be impossible form them.  The Lord said to some colleagues [divine counsel or to His various characters that encompass One God] whom the Old Testament does not name come let us go down and there confound their language so that they may not understand each other's speech.  The Lord scattered them from there upon the face of the whole earth and they ceased to build the city therefore was its name called Babel for there did the Lord mingle the Earth's tongue. 

Why did the ancient residents of Babel-Babylonia exert themselves to make a name?  Why was the name to be placed upon a tower whose top shall reach the heavens?  How could the making of a name counteract the effects of mankind's scattering upon earth?  Why was the raising of a name deemed by God to be a feat after which anything which they shall scheme to do shall no longer be impossible for them?

This is one place such stories get murky for they say one should insert Skyborn vehicle rather than the name which then renders the text to read somewhat differently:

Concern of mankind that as the people spread upon earth they would lose contact with one another so they decided to build a Skyborn vehicle and to erect a launch tower for such a vehicle so that they too could like the goddess Ishtar, for example, and fly over all the peopled lands.

A portion of the Babylonian texts known as the epoch of creation relates that the first gateway of the gods was constructed in Babylon
by the gods themselves, the Anunnaki.  The rank-and-file gods were

ordered to construct the gateway of the gods let its brickwork be fashioned it's name [as a stone monument] shall be in the designated place for two years the Anunnaki toiled applied the implement molded bricks until they raised high the top of each house of great gods and built the stage tower as high as high heaven.  Mankind to establish its own launch tower on a site originally used for the purpose by the gods for the name whose location name meant gateway of the gods.

Is there any other evidence collaborating the advocate's interpretation of it the Babylonian?  Chaldean Priest Berossus of Bel in Babylon, who in the 3rd century BC, who worshipped Marduk’s star, Jupiter, and his sacred animals were horses, dogs, and especially the so-called dragon with forked tongue.  This 'historian' compiled a history of mankind reported that the first inhabitants of the land glorying in their own strength undertook to raise a tower whose top should reach the sky.  But that the tower was overturned by the gods and heavy winds [I believe a mighty wind of the Holy Spirit] and the gods introduced a diversity of tongues among men who till that time had all spoken the same language.  George Smith found in the writings of the Greek historians, a report, that in accordance with olden traditions the people who had escaped the deluge came to Shinar in Babylonia but were driven away from there by a diversity of tongues. 

The historian Alexander Polyhistor, 1st century BC, and relayed by Stichen in the Twelfth Planet, who wrote that all men formerly spoke the same language then some undertook to erect a large and lofty Tower so that they might climb up to heaven but the chief God confounded their design by sending a whirlwind.  Each tribe was given a different language.

A Sumerian seal depicts a confrontation between armed gods apparently over the disputed construction by men of a staged tower a Sumerian Stila now on view in Paris in the Louvre may well depict the incident
reported in the book of Genesis.  It is circa 2300 BC by Ramzan King of
Akkad. It shows a large central figure is that of a deity and not of the human King for the person is wearing a helmet adorned with horns the identifying mark exclusive to the gods.  Furthermore, this
central figure does not appear to be the leader of the smaller-sized

humans but to be trampling upon themThese humans in turn do not seem to be engaged in any warlike activities but to be marching toward and standing in adoration of the same large conical object on which the deity's attention is also focused armed with a bow and Lance.  The deity seems to view the object menacingly rather than with adoration the conical object is shown reaching toward three celestial bodies if its size shape and purpose indicate that it was a shem [space craft]. Mankind could only ascend to the heavenly abode only upon the express wish of the gods and therein lie more tales of a sense to the heavens and even of spaceflights.

And then there is the story of Gilgamesh.  This is the ancient alien advocate account with very interesting imagery.  Not only could this describe alien aircraft but could also describe a cosmic cataclysm:

Once more Gilgamesh dozed off only to be awakened a third time he described the awesome occurrence to his friend the vision that I saw was wholly awesome, "the heavens shrieked the earth boomed daylight failed darkness came lightning slashed a flame shot up the clouds swelled it rained death.  Then the glow vanished the fire went out and all that had fallen had turned to ashes.  One needs little imagination to see in these few verses an ancient account of the witnessing of the launching of a rocket ship.  First, the tremendous thud as the rocket engines ignited the heavens shrieked accompanied by a marked shaking of the ground the earth boomed.  Clouds of smoke and dust enveloped the launching site daylight failed darkness came then the brilliance of the ignited engines showed through lightning flashed as the rocket ship began to climb skyward a flame shot up into the clouds.  Dust and debris swelled in all directions then as it began to fall down.  It rained death now the rocket ship was high in the air streaking heavenward the glow vanished the fire went out.  The rocket ship was gone from sight and the debris that had fallen had turned to ashes. 

Awed by what he saw yet as determined as ever to reach his destination Gilgamesh once more appealed to shamash [light or sun] for protection and support overcoming a monstrous guard he reached the mountain where one could see shamash [sun] rise up to the vault of heaven he was now near his first objective the site where the stones are raised up.  But the entrance to the site apparently cut into the mountain was guarded by fierce guards.  Their terror is awesome.  Their glances death, their shimmering spotlight sweeps the mountains they watch over shamash [sun] and he ascends and descends. 

A seal depiction showing Gilgamesh and his companion Enkidu may well depict the intercession of a God with one of the robot-like guards who could sweep the area with spotlights and emit death rays.  The description brings to mind the statement in the book of Genesis that God placed the revolving sword at the entrance to the Garden of Eden to block its access to humans.  When Gilgamesh explained his partly divine origins the purpose of his trip about death and life the guards allowed him to go ahead proceeding along the route of shamash. Gilgamesh found himself in utter darkness seeing nothing ahead or behind he cried out in fright.  Traveling for many units of time distance or the ark of the heavens he was still engulfed by darkness. 

Finally, it had grown bright when he attained the damaged and blurred text then has Gilgamesh arriving at a magnificent garden where the fruits and trees were carved of semi-precious stones...  It was there he had a discussion about immortality, his problem, to his disappointing answer man who'd not pitched him said cannot escape his mortal fate.  However, he offered Gilgamesh a way to postpone death revealing to him the location of the plant of youth.  Man becomes young in old age.  It was called Triumphant. Gilgamesh obtained the plant, but as fate would have it he foolishly lost it on his way back and returned to empty-handed.

Putting aside the literary and philosophical use of the epic tale the story of Gilgamesh interests us here primarily for its aerospace aspects the craft that Gilgamesh required in order to reach the abode of the gods was undoubtedly a rocketship the launching of one of which he had witnessed as he neared the landing place the rockets it would seem were located inside a mountain and the area was a well guarded risk zone. 

No pictorial depiction of what Gilgamesh saw has so far come to light but a drawing found in the tomb of an Egyptian governor of a far land shows a rocket head above-ground in a place where date trees grow the shaft of the rocket is clearly stored underground in a man-made silo constructed of tubular segments and decorated with leopard skins very much in the manner of modern draftsman.  The ancient artist showed a cross-section of the underground silo the rocket contained a number of compartments.  The lower one shows two men surrounded by curving tubes above them there are three circular panels comparing the size of the rocket head.  The size of the two men inside the rocket and the people above the ground.  It evident that the rocket head equivalent to the Sumerian celestial chamber could easily hold one or two operators or passengers. Gilgamesh set his course the name literally meant land of the missiles.

It was the land where the shems were raised a land under the authority to shamash a place where one could see this God rise up to the vault of heavens and though the celestial counterpart of this.  As a member of the pantheon of twelve, was the Sun, we suggest that his name did not mean Sun but was an epithet describing his functions and responsibilities.  His Sumerian name Mootoo meant he who brilliantly goes in his derivative Akkadian name shemesh was more explicit ashe means fire and shamash was the fiery rocket ships which they suppose he was commander of the space port of the gods.

Faith Lesson:  Lord Jesus, please assist me to gather my thoughts on aliens?  Are they demons Lord?  Are they merely creatures from another planet?  Are they evil my Lord?  Holy Spirit, please guide me on how I should respond to encounter a UFO.  I can see that there is evidence in both the Bible and history for inter-space travel.  Were we to travel to the stars or be content with our lot here on earth?  I have so many questions that only you can answer Lord Jesus. 

Luminaries as gods

If I was not a believer in Jesus Christ and I looked up into the heavens and particularly if it was during a time of catastrophism where surreal forces were swirling around me, I could see where someone might be inclined to offer deityship to these forces.  I am not advocating that, but I could see rebellious people doing such a thing.  God's Word says all have heard His truth so there are no people who have no inclination about the One True God.  They possibly have not heard the Gospel story of salvation.  After the intense studies on ancient man and his sophisticated technologies and understandings of the workings of the cosmos, I do not see evidence that they were 'innocents' in their pagan cosmological worship.  Since the Garden, I see the same story, you are wither with God or the adversary Satan.  There is no gray, no matter how much people try to shade it in. 

The contrast between the heathen and the scientists is in their spiritual and their intellectual standpoints. The intellectual contrast is a result of the spiritual. The heathen idea is that the orbs [can mean luminaries or spacecraft] of heaven are divine, or at least that each expresses a divinity. This does not in itself seem an unnatural idea when we consider the great benefits that come to us through the instrumentality of the sun and moon. It is the sun that morning by morning rolls back the darkness, and brings light and warmth and returning life to men; it is the sun that rouses the earth after her winter sleep and quickens vegetation. It is the moon that has power over the great world of waters, whose pulse beats in some kind of mysterious obedience to her will.  There are scientists today that infer that the sun has consciousness.  This talk is actually quite interesting gravitating towards pantheism and therefore what is happening around us today.

Mankind can easily relate to the members of the heavenly host as living, intelligent, with personal power.  Ancient man, and really unto today some men believe that shining orbs [speaking of the luminaries] are beings, or the manifestations of beings; exalted, mighty, immortal;—that they are gods. As gods they could not be viewed as things to be examined, dissected, or explore their  properties, influences, relations, and actions on each other.

If one takes the position that these luminaries are gods, there are many gods, not One God. And if there are many gods, there are many laws, not one law.

Thus scientific observations cannot be reconciled with polytheism, for scientific observations demand the assumption of one universal law. The wise king expressed this law thus:—"The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be."

"All the gods of the people are idols: but the Lord made the heavens."

The Bible teaches that the entire host of heaven and of earth were created things—merely "things," not divinities—and not only that, but that the Creator was One God, not many gods; that there was but one law-giver; and that therefore there could be no conflict of laws. These first words of Genesis, then, may be called the charter of all the physical sciences.

Faith Lesson:  Jesus, Your Word says not to worship any luminaries, stars, or heavenly host.  I know that in the days to come I will see many things  that I have never see before, some may be awesome and some may be terrible help me to have the proper reverence for you and perspective with what my eyes might see.

Nephilim:  Harvesters of the Sky

Viewer discretion is advised.  Advocates of pagan theories are steadfast in their beliefs.  They use implanted trigger words commonly used in mind control and propaganda, to influence you into their belief system.  Deception is at work.  This typically involves truth, half-truth, and blatant lies.  

Within secret societies and mystery schools it is acknowledged that nephilim carried with them to earth certain trades such as metal-works. Whether the beings are from other galaxies, planets, or dimensions earth appears to a viewed as a 'field to harvest' whether that bounty includes precious metals, bovines, or human beings.  

Last year news reports began to surface about mankind visiting planets and asteroids to exploit their raw materials tapping into untold wealth possibly trillions of dollars.  Start up asteroid mining companies are becoming to trend.

Africa plays a key role in the harvesting of resources.  While doing the series on the Ten Plagues: Tangible Darkness are the Shades of Death Upon our Land

The following are two paragraphs from that article regarding Africa:

As we gaze up at the heavens we see the darkness sprinkled with stars of light.  Ancient peoples believed stars influenced events of history.  Ash, Orion, and Pleiades God set in the chamber of the southern sky.  It is under these zodiac signs that mighty evildoers function.  Since God masters these constellations, He is able to exercise control over the wicked. The chambers of the south it is believed by many cultures to be where intense storms are kept.  It may be that these storms precede a time of darkness more dark and evil than the Plague of darkness. 

Historical accounts refer to people who pass through the Mountains of Darkness of Africa can find no candle light or fire can continue.  Alexander the Great wanted to go to Africa but was advised not to venture to the Mountains of Darkness.  It was a place somewhere in the heart of Africa, a place of dark knowledge. Layered darkness phenomena similar to what happens deep inside underground caves or in the Mountains of Darkness, where neither light from the fire of a candle-light is sustained and no light that reached to the outer world.  It is the birthplace of the tempest according to ancient peoples. 

For argument sake, whether alien, gods, or demon spirits seeking a habitable container what would you think the most important commodity is upon the face of the earth?  It is your Spirit that some call your Soul.  In the Spirit of Technology mankind is being examined to harvest his or her spirit/soul or some say Life Force. The Bible says the, "Life is in the blood."  Therefore, many are seeking blood for purposes such as sacrifice and experimentation.  Your ethereal and elusive spirit/soul belongs exclusively to the One True God.  Whatever powers, forces, or entities that may be out there can never take or harvest your spirit from you when you are in Jesus Christ:

For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come,

Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.  Romans 8:38-39

Is mankind walking in the same path of twisted perversion of the nephilim as they seek to exploit the wonders of creation for profit?

Faith Lesson:  Lord Jesus please help me in this day of trouble where everything from You is being exploited.  I pray, dear Lord, keep me from the evil tendency to exploit others but to treat each soul as You treat me with love, kindness, tenderness, and value.

Mathematical Buildings

Viewer discretion is advised.  Advocates of pagan theories are steadfast in their beliefs.  They use implanted trigger words commonly used in mind control and propaganda, to influence you into their belief system.  Deception is at work.  This typically involves truth, half-truths, and blatant lies.  

From ancient times man has built megalithic structures, holy buildings, and sites with mathematical precision.  David Flynn, in his book, Temple at the Center of Time, provides an excellent overview of mathematical building in easy to understand language that avoids the deer in the headlights glaze. 

Image:  Randall Carlson

While I understood that Jerusalem was the center, I guess it came as a surprise just how pervasive mathematical buildings were dating back to megalithic sites built by unknown races or beings until fairly recently.  Mathematics is used in architecture and city design codes.  What I am talking about is where the structure encodes its longitude and latitude, even celestial coordinates into its size.  These measurements are so accurate that only with satellites can we marvel at their exactness.

Image:  Randall Carlson

Image:  Randall Carlson

Images:  Randall Carlson

Many times, the structure or city encodes celestial coordinates into the building size and shape such as with the Great Pyramids.  This is also true of Stonehenge.

Images:  Randall Carlson

Not only do the Pyramids and other structures line up with celestial coordinates, the earth and moon, but also with each other.  Oftentimes, they are perfectly situated upon ley lines, but not always. 

Image:  Randall Carlson

The ancient Greeks also incorporated mathematical architecture and celestial coordination when constructing their buildings such as the Parthenon.  They are so precise that they even account for the shape of earth and take that into consideration their building plan. 

Image:  Randall Carlson

This cathedral is a depiction of Judgment and the cyclical Catastrophe Time Clock, which typical is a period of 25,900 years known as the Great Year.  There are minor catastrophes impacting the earth in periods of 400, 1200, 2000, 6000, and 12,000 year periods.  There are structures and churches that even depict extinction clocks.

Images:  Randall Carlson

Glastonbury Abby, now in ruins, is a unique example of where legend, mystery, and mathematical design conjoin.  It is said that this Abby held the Holy Grail and the bodily remains of King Arthur and his wife Guinevere. Its layout holds secrets.  During archeological exploration it was determined that this Abby was laid out in alignment with a grid and that grid equals 666 feet.  666 design for a Christian Church?  How odd!  Not only that but it is on the same line as Stonehenge, and further, to the Great Pyramid. The person who discovered this was fired. 

And then there is the Holy City, Jerusalem.  What is the mathematics attempting to tell us? 

Images:  Randall Carlson

When I do a cursory look at the numbers, I see 144, in different forms showing up.  That also brings to my mind the 144,000 sealed of the Tribes of Israel from Revelation 7 and the 144,000 of Revelation 14 of the redeemed of the earth who had not been defiled, singing a new song that only they knew.  Different religions and cultures have their own views on who and what are the 144,000.   I was also intrigued by the ratio of the moon and earth and the size of the New Jerusalem but I do not know of any significance to those ratios as yet. The only concept that is very clear is that this number and its ratios unite time, space, and dimension like the three corded strand mentioned in the Book of Ecclesiastes.

It is thought that ancient structures built on precise meridians to tap into the Schumann resonance of the earth.  It appears as though many ancient structures vibrated with their own unique frequencies, much like a symphony between the earth and the structural edifices. 

Were ancient peoples using an ancient canon of cosmology handed down to them the nephilim?  Was construction in this fashion God-given or instinctive ?  Design incorporates geometry and the squaring of the circle. 

Faith Lesson:  Everything has purpose and everything has frequency.  I desire the frequency of Jesus Christ in my life that I might sing the Song of the Lamb with the heavenly choir.  Let me remember this when the going gets trough and rough.

 Which Came First the Gods or Cities?

Recently Inverse posted an intriguing article discussing society, and religion.  That people share a common belief in a supernatural being that encourages humans to get along and uniting strangers to build complex societies-which sound much like the Tower of Babel.

At this moment we are being groomed and prepared for alien disclosure.  A research letter, by a team led by Oxford University researchers show through historical analysis that demonstrated that moralizing gods usually arise after the birth of complex societies.  So the more complex our society becomes the more apt that it will fall into belief of a pantheon of gods. 

The researchers examined data on 414 different societies from 30 different regions that existed over 10,000 years. They looked at social complexity and the influence of their gods on their behavior.  They found that people are unified by their religion but not necessarily the morality of that religion, meaning we do a poor job at applying our faith system.    Ideas of morality ideas may have been less important in the early days of a society and more important as time went on. The study went on to assume that as society grew they needed to insert moral codes of behavior according to Harvey Whitehouse, Ph.D., an anthropologist at the University of Oxford.

This study is one of many that lays the foundation not for the One True God but many gods, take your pick. 

Faith Lesson:  Lord, I rebuke any philosophy that remotely states that there can be a creation without there first being the Creator.  This is a subtle lie from the enemy who is attempting to get me to buy into false doctrines. 

Is Mankind an Alien Experiment?

I am embedding this You Tube because as you will clearly see it is not only devout Christians who are or will be struggling with Alien Disclosure but people from all walks of life. Linda presents some things that I agree with wholeheartedly, some things that I am not sure about, and lastly some things that I really disagree with.  That said, especially this year Jesus has used many experiences throughout my life and many Scripture studies along with some ideas that at the time, I was just not ready to embrace or had no need, until today. 

It has been my custom, that unless something is blatantly outside of scriptural perimeters, that I tuck it under my hat for another day. 

Faith Lesson:  I see Lord that others are struggling with these weighty issues.  Help me to the Light to those who need light.  Help me to provide helping hands to those in need.  Help me to share Your Word with those who need comfort and the truth on these things. 

Science Needs Proof:

Christianity Can Offer Truth

How can we believe in the narrative of the Bible if there is no ‘proof’?  I once attended an inter-faith dialogue on this topic.  One person inquired, " How do we know Jesus ever lived?" and another asked, "How do we know Moses ever lived?"  It boils down to who you trust and in whom you have faith.  

My answer is that the proof that I need is not steeped in the science of the events of the bible, but rather, the proof that the Christianity (our story, our traditions, our sense of purpose) have continued for two thousands, and looks back to the Holy as our foundational text.

We have examined many mysteries.  I believe deeply in science in order to understand many things to reveal curiosities that are in plain sight.  That said, our benchmark through these days of increasing knowledge and understanding should be that we cling tenaciously to our faith, walking with Jesus Christ until we have completed our course. Know with perfect certain my dear friends, that for those of you who have accepted the shed blood of Jesus Christ that you are in His hands for eternity.  Jesus Christ did not die for aliens, extra-terrestrials (ET's), disembodied spirits, nephilim, or giants.  He created you uniquely in your mother's womb and He laid down His life willingly to save you from sin so that you might have eternal life with the Father and Himself.   


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