Getting to the Heart of DNA Vaccines

Our world is being saturated with laboratory chemicals and biological technologies that are anti-life. Disease in humans, animals and plants are exponentially skyrocketing, depopulating God's creation and substituting it with artificial or synthetic simulations engineered by man who rearranges the foundational building blocks if our environment and life as we know it. One scientist working on this project says the following:

"Life is a DNA software system," says Venter, "We've been developing software to design DNA software…we are working on new generations of completely synthetic cells." These ideas can be applied to food and medical science as well as energy conversion in general. 

I see a disturbing trend emerging, and that is that for life to thrive in this new toxic environment increasing synthetic means are necessary to live. 

In 2003 after 15 years and $3 billion dollars the human genome was completed, revealing the intimate details of your entire DNA. While many herald this as a sign that immortality is within our grasp, others see it as a lethal weapon. The Defense Threat Reduction Agency’s Chemical and Biological Technologies Department is researching the next generation of DNA vaccines needed to counteract technological menaces.

Most of you are aware of the dangers inherent in vaccination such as the toxic adjutants, but now we are beginning to see DNA-based nucleic acid vaccines have the potential to become a universal platform solution to viral threat agents. The U.S. Department of Defense is currently developing DNA vaccines to protect against a variety of viral threats, including alphaviruses, filoviruses and hantaviruses. 

 Caution!  DNA Vaccines at Work

When DNA vaccines are expressed inside your cells, they mimic the viral replication process and trigger a strong protective immune response. DNA vaccines are considered an advantageous tool that is considered safe, inexpensive, easy to manufacture and of rapid development.  The danger is that this vaccine must enter the nucleus or heart of your cells in order to be expressed.

DNA vaccines are not effective by the traditional needle injection system, because those vaccines cannot get beyond your cell walls. There are also the biohazards associated with any needle-type system.

The military and other researchers are investigating a number of DNA vaccine delivery devices in commercial markets to overcome barriers and burdens in deployment.  Several of them will be evaluated by medical personnel at the Delivery of Nucleic Acid Vaccines (DONAVAX) User Feedback Event (UFE), which according to my cursory research is unavailable and not transparent to the public.   

The UFE is being co-managed by Ashley Triplett-Smith, Ph.D., Bryan Horner and Markham Smith of DTRA in conjunction with Clare Dawson of the U.S. Army Research, Development and Engineering Command. During the UFE, military medical personnel will have the opportunity to experiment with a wide variety of next-generation DNA delivery devices on ‘dummy arms.’ 

Although the military is mum on the precise DNA delivery systems to be evaluated, you can be sure that nanotechnology with their hollow tubules ready to deploy their nefarious payloads down the atomic level will be evaluated.  Other devices being considered are electroporators, a needleless jet stream device and an ultrasound device.

The following sounds like something from the Twilight Zone:

"Right now we can make almost any protein…this is going to advance quite rapidly. I think we can make synthetic cells in a cell-free system…in that case you can send virtually any type of biology anywhere in the world by electromagnetic rays."

Talking about the plethora of new drug-resistant bacteria that antibiotics do not work on, Venter believes a whole new range of synthetic bacteriophage could be created to work on any specific species,"…and we can have a whole catalogue of these we can download from the internet or email this new potential treatment."

The future of foods and medicines is starting to be combined. Regarding this new category of medical foods, explains Venter, "We can design unique proteins that have never existed before."  DNA vaccination can and are being deployed in our air, food and water.

The Heart of the Matter

With the advent of synthetic biology and the completion of the human genome project, we all face an uncertain future when it comes to viral threats. Pandora is out is out of the box, manifesting in viral depopulation and only God will be able to bring end to the emerging carnage. 

I guess my question to you my dear friends is, "What lengths will you adopt to save your life? Are you will to become a synthetic and soulless creature just to live in a toxic environment?"

Do you know Jesus? This is the heart of the matter.


 Please check out  Anthony Patch who is doing some awesome Webinar's, features in Entangled Magazine, and is dedicating his Friday night Blog Talk Radio Show to AI and related topics, in depth.  

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