Hours to Live: Stealth and Relentless Derangement of Your Body

It is being heralded as the Biological Dark Matter Universe- where your body is attacked in a relentless, damaging derangement, as if your protective cells are shredded and for which all interventions are futile.  Fulminant Bio lightning is being is explosive in nature!  The fulminant is an event or process that occurs suddenly escalates, quickly, with such intensity and severity that it kills you.  The fulminant is more deadly than Viral Hemorrhagic Fevers such as Ebola or the Black Death (pneumonic bubonic plague),  or even trauma.  One minute you are fine, but within minutes or hours you are dead most people being declared at the scene with no time to seek medical care.  A dismal 30% were able to get medical assistance become succumbing. 

Once in the 1990's, I had a pneumonia that would be considered fulminant.  I was well but rapidly went down hill with pneumonia.  Fortunately, I did get medical assistance and it was at a time when medications were not as resistant as they are now.  I survived but I could have easily not, it was that close.   

A study just released from the province of Ontario, Canada, recently published in Open Forum Infectious Diseases, provides important information on this phenomenon.  It is described as:

An impressive pathophysiological process. The interplay between the immune system and the infecting microorganism causes a relentless and damaging derangement of physiology for which all interventions are futile.

The cohort study took place between January 2016 and December 2017.  The examination included 7,506 deaths. 

This is what was determined:

  • 6 % were bacterial in nature primarily involving the respiratory or intra-abdominal in origin.  Of this percentage 43% had bacterial pneumonia, commonly pneumococcus and Staphylococcus aureus.
  • Of these 6% who died instantaneously, most died of gram positive bacteria commonly found in the mouth and on their skin but grew so fast it overwhelmed their immunological barriers.
  • Most of the pathogens were Gram Positive but of the Gram Negative Klebsiella was the most common.
  • The viral deaths were predominated by parainfluenza, rhinovirus, and metapneumovirus.
  • Non-infectious deaths were primarily cardiac in origin.
  • In a shocking revelation, no pathogen could be identified in 51% of cases. 
  • 68% of men that died suddenly belong to the mysterious non-infectious grouping.
  • Many who died suddenly had comorbid conditions such as heart disease (52%), liver disease (31%), lung disease (29%), kidney disease (24%), and psychiatric conditions (24%) were the most prevalent in those with unexpected infectious deaths.
  • A large number of people were polymicrobial which means they had more than one pathogen that invaded their body.
  • Persons with myocarditis and abscesses were found to die rapidly, and those with meningitis lived longer . Myocarditis, had the highest proportion of deaths without any notice. People with influenza, Klebsiella spp., and S. aureus died quickly while people with Escherichia coli lived longer before succumbing.

Less than a Day to Death

The average length of infection-caused deaths was only 1 day, with 30% having had some healthcare contact in the days before death.

This “biological dark matter,” capable of causing severe disease and death in a resource-rich nation, is an important space to explore and is, in many ways, akin to a disease “hot spot.”

While mortality in the United States has been declining overall However, there remains a subset of the population in whom health declines abruptly and unexpectedly.  This is adult version of Sudden Death Syndrome in infants.  Certain pathogens and rapid clinical decline has been well described previously for syndromes such as Staphylococcus aureus and group A streptococcal toxic shock.

Overall, the study findings show that infectious diseases have the potential for rapid and fulminant clinical decline in a subset of the population. What the researchers found curious was that concept that a large amount of adults were dying instantaneously with no known causation.  In infants it can be expected as their immune systems are not fully developed but this is not the case with adults.

The study focused on the need for diagnostic testing as well as next generation sequencing using the genome and artificial intelligence.  Further research will be required to explore specific host-pathogen interactions to elucidate why certain persons die quickly when faced with an infection while others are more resilient.

Take all infections seriously these days.  From my medical experience, while fulminant disease has always been with us, today we face engineered pathogens and weapons that are designed to kill with steal and speed.  With the advent of Sudden Adult Death it would be prudent to know Jesus with His free offer of salvation and address matters that need repenting by praying up.  We never do know the number of our days.

Source:  https://academic.oup.com/ofid/article/6/4/ofz081/5320670?searchresult=1



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