Foundry of Evil: How You are Being Modified Right Now!

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Everything that I have been speaking about for the last two, almost three years, just converged into a very clear picture. I had pieces of the puzzle but not the whole puzzle or playbook.  I now have at least a portion of the playbook.

This is Genesis 6.2.0, the mutagenesis of man into a hybrid that will result in a synthetic shell for habitation by demons and the spirits of the giants who roamed the earth - the biological offspring between fallen angels and earth women.  The first attempt was not successful because of the direct intervention by God with a deluge at the time of Noah. 

I am about to take you into a strange land where you will encounter an alien invasion.  It is a very foreign landscape, and you will not sense any of your familiar surroundings.  Our world changed so gradually that none of us noticed it, except for those driving us into this exotic world where everything contradicts what we know as truth.  We must first establish that the Kingdom Wars, LINK and LINK are in play. We are engulfed in domains that mankind has never traversed in the whole of human history.

What is a domain

  1. territory over which rule or control is exercised.
  2. A sphere of activity, influence, or knowledge.
  3. The set of all possible values of an independent variable of a function.

With all humility, I will strive to relay to you over the next month the overarching and convoluted operation to destroy all biological life. 

You are all aware of the VAERS tracking system noting: deaths,  hospitalizations, urgent care, doctor office visits, anapylaxis, bells palsy,  miscarriages, heart attacks, myocarditis/pericarditis, permanently disabled,  thrombocytopenia/low platelet, life threatening,  severe allergic reaction, and shingles from the Jab, but there is much more to this insidious operation.

All biological life is undergoing a directed experimental "evolutionary" process right now.  Our perceptions, our bodies, our minds and thoughts, our personality, and even our memories are being altered and adapted.  Let's take a brief look that the changes we are undergoing - in a not so natural process.

Arrows of Time and Space

The arrows of time and space, or at least your perception of time and space are being modified as you read this article.

These changes are accomplished through many means:  electromagnetic frequencies, genetic modification, social engineering, introduction of various chemicals, and projects such as CERN and Quantum Engineering.

What does God say?  God declared: “Blessed be the name of God forever and ever, for wisdom and power belong to Him. He changes the times and seasons; He removes kings and establishes them. He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to the discerning. He reveals the deep and hidden things; He knows what lies in darkness, and light dwells with Him.  Daniel 2:20-22

Future Shock of Erasing or Blotting Out

Future Shock of Erasing is an aggressive program to erase everything not in alignment with the New World Order. Erasing biological life, erasing humanity, erasing babies, and erasing history.

The technocracy is usurping God's power by erasing life.

What does God say?  The face of the Lord is set against those who do what is evil, to erase all memory of them from the earth. Psalms 34:16

God erases your sin once it is repented of, while in ancient times peoples, cultures, or individuals were erased by destroying anything related to an "offense". 

Merging of the Body with Robotics

For 50 years, incremental merging of your body with robotics has been taken place.

What parts of our body are being manipulated?  Everything that makes you human!

  • Movement LINK
  • Growth LINK
  • Removal of waste products LINK
  • Reproduction LINK, LINK
  • Our source of energy LINK
  • Sense of surroundings, sentience LINK, LINK
  • Raw materials that build your body LINK, LINK
  • Breath of life LINK
  • Sex and gender LINK
  • Fat Distribution LINK

Humans have been reclassified into clades, thus degenerating their humanity and making it acceptable to modify or depopulate.  With this reclassification, you must ask yourself, will the human race continue?  You can find the answer to that question by examining any genocide, including the Nazi treatment of Jewish people, as in the Holocaust Chronicle.

God says:  Of course, you do not see the mixing of robotics and man in the Bible, but nevertheless, you can glean from scripture that this is not something that a human should pursue.

Genesis 1:24-25: God created each onto its own kind (not mixed).

Genesis 6:4-5:  There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.  And God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.

Daniel 2:41-43:the feet and toes, partly of potter’s clay and partly of iron, the kingdom shall be divided; yet the strength of the iron shall be in it. And as the toes of the feet were part of iron, and part of clay, so the kingdom shall be partly strong, and partly broken. And whereas thou sawest iron mixed with miry clay, they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men: but they shall not cleave one to another, even as iron is not mixed with clay.“  LINK

Inside Out: Your Body is Being Changed

Now let’s move inside the human body and see how it is being changed...

Brains are being changed through a host of chemicals, biological edits, and neuro weapons.

Hearts: through the making micro-external hearts with the goal of inserting them one day into Synths. Another project involving self-renewing cells of the vertebrate heart have become a major subject of interest in the past decade. LINKLINK

The Liver is being modified to PC standards to minimize your elimination and processing of toxins to save the planet. The liver is the largest internal organ in the human body, playing vital functions in metabolism, detoxification, and iron homeostasis, as well as synthesis and secretion of major plasma proteins.  Now they want to target it. LINK

Stomach and intestinal microbiome are being synthesized, thereby impacting your whole body.  This new synthetic biome system is the perfect drug delivery system.  LINK

Kidneys are really taking a hit.  Their primary function is to eliminate waste from your body.  The Powers That Be (TPTB) want to ensure that your body is the 21st century trash heap and they aim to clean up this process using nanotechnology. LINK

Lungs are under attack because no breath means no life.  This is toe-to-toe warfare against you and God who imparted to you your breath.  Breathing issues are rising exponentially.  You are being genetically modified by edits from the Tardigrade and Resurrection plant that need no water, no air, and can live in hostile environments, such as extreme hot and cold.  LINKLINK

Your skeletal system has an impressive 206 bones and 650 muscles that can generate 244 separate movements.  Sadly, you are being fused internally with chitin, the hard shell on crabs, and externally with exoskeletons, so you can become immortal and super-empowered. LINK

Skin:  Your body is covered from head to foot with 20 square feet of skin.  It is your body's largest organ.  God designed it smart!  It is waterproof, strong, soft, and flexible. Skin can also mend itself and can detect contact with other objects and invaders.  This is how amazing your skin really is without modifications:


That said, the technocracy wants to genetically modify your skin, not only to prevent disease, but also use your pores as a conductive electromagnetic array and penetrate the skin barrier. The purpose is to invade your body with nanotechnologies containing anything ranging from drugs to poisons.  LINK

Your Senses are Being Manipulated

Right before your eyes, one of the 5 senses, you are being altered.  Now, let’s take a peek at how your sensory gifts are being changed.

Eyes/sight, which enables us to see light, color, and time, are undergoing a biological assault through upgrades using hydrogel and other technological advances. This technology will link you to the Quantum Computer.  LINK

Ears/hearing, which are responsible for hearing, pressure, motion, gravity, balance, and to some degree a spiritual connection to God are also being changed. LINK

Nose/smell is the organ for us to discern smell, good from toxic, pleasant from dangerous.  Even if you cannot “smell,” your brain does pick up aromas though an intricate pathway.  Almost everyone knows that COVID has knocked out many people's senses of smell, although neuro-weapons targeting certain parts of your brain can do the same thing.  The solution?  Using an array of tiny electrodes to send an electrical signal to the olfactory bulb, a structure in the brain involved in smell. LINK  Gene edits are also in the works  LINK

Tongue/taste provides us taste. Our tongue picks up five flavors:  sweet, sour, bitter, salty, or protein.  Once again, COVID and other neuro-weapons are knocking out taste.  Why?  Because it impairs your ability to discern real from synthetic products you consume.  CRISPR (GMO) alter crops so you can taste them.  LINK  National University of Singapore developed a taste simulator that used a kind of electronic tongue depressor to simulate taste sensations, New Scientist reported. Later, another team at City University of London invented a similar device called Taste Buddy that also stimulated taste buds to alter the flavor of foods, reported Digital Trends.  Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University, and her team are investigating whether a protein called interleukin-1, or IL-1, secreted during an injury could help rebuild a person’s sense of taste. The protein promotes inflammation and helps regulate nerve growth.

Touch/feel tells you if you are in pain, and senses heat, cold, pressure, posture, and wetness.  Your awesome sense of touch is an information collection system.  This system is being wildly manipulated and disrupted by technical, chemical, and neurological means, thereby causing your body to be thrown into a surreal free fall.  University of Utah connected a robotic hand and partial forearm to the remaining nerves in the man’s arm.  National University of Singapore, engineered flexible, electronic skin that contains artificial nerves that transmit signals 1,000 times faster than nerves in human skin. The skin can sense temperature, pressure, and humidity and is also durable enough to function even if it is scratched or damaged.

Time for an Upgrade or Enhancement?

TPTB have decided on a post-human, post-biological world.  Despite the amazing human body and its accomplishments, they feel humans are flawed, weak, and damaged, and will eventually stop working due to death or illness.  They are integrating solutions to make you stronger, to look better, and to last longer.  The caveat is that you will no longer be human but rather a hybrid or a synthetic entity. 

What will they bring to you?  TPTB may genetically modify you so that you can see more of the electromagnetic spectrum, expanding your limited vision. As they edit sharks into your body, you may well be able to detect electromagnetic pulses from other animal's muscles as they approach you. They could imbue you with geoecho-location qualities that many animals possess. Right now, they are inserting platforms into your body that give you the ability to “see” inside other people. Why is this wrong? Because they are covertly erasing the barriers between you as a human and the animal kingdom; essentially erasing your God-given characteristics and qualities. As a result, there will be no qualms in deciding who to depopulate.


As we switch to the topic of intelligence you begin by asking, what are the three ways that you learn and how are those learning methods being manipulated?

Habituation:  This is when you become less sensitive to stimuli over time.  Case in point, many have come to think COVID mandates, such as social isolation, masks, testing, jabs, or boosters are now normal.  The lies you are told have become incorporated into our lives as “normal” – habitual – with many never questioning what an aberration to normal these absurd mandates really are.

Conditioning: is learning based upon associations with a stimulus. Many have been systematically dumbed-down to brain-stem triggers from things like Twitter. Social engineers are using certain stimuli to drive our behavior, whether it be compliance, anger, or submission. For instance, when I see masks, I think or feel….fill in the blank.

Active Learning:  This is when you actively engage your brain by filtering out what you already know and paying attention to new material that is flooding in at an exponential rate, by the way. The problem is that the social engineers, for the most part, are presenting you primarily with an agenda-driven or politically correct information. Any challenges to the narrative are silenced through censorship. You rarely, if ever, hear a challenge or open discussion to the events of the day; this is now extinct. 

The next topic to be tackled is knowledge, which is increasing at an exponential rate.  Each of us has general knowledge enabling us to negotiate life, and expert knowledge in a particular niche or specialty.  The Bible prophesied in the Book of Daniel that knowledge would increase in both areas, and this is coming to pass.  The challenge many are facing is information overload and the prioritization of that information, thus avoiding becoming frozen in the Valley of Decision or Indecision, as it were. 

Intelligence.  You are also being crafted to accept multiples intelligences.  For instance, animal intelligence, microbe intelligence, alien intelligence, and so forth.  Is there really one intelligence or does each species have their own brand of intelligence?  Social engineers are presenting us with a platter of multiple intelligences, not to better understand intelligence, but to water down the uniqueness of the human intelligence. 

Your Mind

It is all in your mind! But what is the mind? Whatever you consider the mind to be - brain or spirit - it is under extreme scrutiny and analysis right now.  Nobody really knows what the mind is. It is one of the great mysteries, possibly the Last Frontier. Is your mind your thoughts, emotions, and dreams? Is your brain your mind? Whatever it is and despite scientists’ inability to define it, they are going gangbusters manipulating your mind anyway.

I think, therefore I am. In 1619, philosopher Rene Descartes woke from a dream. Then he woke up again and realized the first waking had been a dream. I have experienced this same phenomenon. Descartes began to wonder if he was really awake now. He reasoned that someone who was not awake would not have these doubts. The very act of thinking about existence means you must exist as a conscious being. He thought; therefore, he was. 

God spoke from the burning bush telling Moses to tell the people His name is I AM that I AM (Exodus 3:14).  You are created in the Divine Image, so at least in part you share in the I AM identity. 

In our real-time world, people who are “not awake” have lost their existence as a conscious being, some by choice, others by targeting, and now no longer have the capacity to rationally think.  Have these individuals retreated into a zombie dream-like state of reality? 

Theory of the Mind.  Put your hand over your eyes.  Did the world disappear?  To children under 4 years of age it does, they have no theory of the mind.  To them everything disappears once their hand goes over their eyes.  In the same way, by way of the invisibility algorithm, four events grab your attention while incredibly making everything else invisible to you.  It changes you from a rational human to a human with a child-like mind, which may be good at times but is dangerous for our situational awareness of external and internal threats.  As the old saying goes, “out of sight-out of mind.”  It is particularly difficult to negotiate invisible enemies and our enemy knows that, so they use invisibility as a weapon.  For instance, tiny microbes, whether real or manufactured, that cannot be seen. 

Qualia is a product of the mind.  You see a blue sky or the sun shining but the news is saying that the sky is purple with pink polka dots.  They are playing with a particular part of your mind in the “trust war” of your senses, something known as qualia; pitting your qualia against their “trusted sources” of which you have no internal mechanism to verify when your senses do not experience it. If they can persuade you the sky is purple with pink polka dots when every sense you have says it is not, they win, you lose.  They become an unvetted “trusted source.” 

Weaponized Emotions

It is time to discuss emotions.  Emotions are complex.  In an age where many a man or woman has become like a beast; you need to learn a lesson from the animals.

Do animals have emotion?  I can see clearly that they do. 

Do animals have consciousness?  I do believe that they do, albeit limited. 

Do animals have a soul?  I believe they do, but not the type of soul that a human has. 

Why talk about animals with emotion?  What are the implications if you believe that the animal mind is equal to the human mind?  Within the legal discipline this topic was discussed in the 1990’s and I was privy to those discussions.  It was determined that the animals have a more valued mind, and in fact, they have primacy in the classification of life forms

This view is in stark contrast to the Bible, which describes mankind and his place in the world of life forms as stewards.  Thus, man as steward was usurped by law, regulation, and policy. 

This begs the questions that must be asked, "what is reality?"  That which is God’s Word absolute or this legal-regulatory world that is an illusion?   

Circling back to animals, if the animals have primacy in emotion, consciousness, and some sort of soul, then what does that mean for humanity?  Is it further degraded?

Is this why scientists and engineers are merging, editing, and herding the whole spectrum of the animal kingdom into the human body?


Why do we sleep? 

Can we live without it to be more productive?

Or is sleep vital to our health and well-being? 

When you sleep your mind enters a state of low arousal.  Your muscles relax and all your bodily processes slow.  Your brain goes through a cycle of different frequency waves as you sleep.  Your awareness drops below consciousness, but it is not like you are under anesthesia - as a loud noise or other stimuli can awaken you.  When you sleep, your body uses 95% of the energy that it uses when you are awake. 

A lack of sleep is detrimental to your mind, your immune system, and restoration of your body. Why must you be unconscious to be lean, mean, human beings? Many of us on the frontlines struggle with sleep. I wonder if this is related to the serious nature of the world today or is it purposeful disruption to undermine the psyche of the human mind and consciousness?

I wonder about the link between the lack of physical sleep with the zombie-like state of many people, who appear to live their lives totally unaware of their surroundings.


Incursion into our dream state has been occurring for centuries.  The difference is who is breaking into our dreams, God or man?

Dreaming occurs during the rapid eye movement (REM) cycle of sleep.  Many people stay in this phase for a long time, while others rarely dip into the dream world except on occasion.  You can remember part of a dream, a whole dream, nothing of your dream, or have a prophetic dream that is key to something in the spiritual or physical domains. 

The Bible shares many such prophetic dreams, such as Joseph’s dreams and how they manifested later in the physical domain.  Does this provide a clue at how important prophetic dreams, possibly all dreams, have to our reality? 

It is my understanding, other than interrupting our dreams by various methods, researchers have not been able to induce natural sleep, in spite of their constant plumbing of the sleep state.    

One last thought before moving on is that the military and researchers are experimenting with both sleep and dreams on extreme scales.  On one hand, they are trying to make humans that do not need sleep and are more like productive robots, minus the sleep-deprivation side effects. 

While on the other hand they are experimenting with inducing long sleep for things such as inter-planetary or inter-stellar travel.  These types of experiments always trickle down into the commercial or public domains, in one form or another.

Memory Assault

CAUTION:  Black Mirror is Disturbing.  Adults only.

Memory Slide Show Link

Making Memories.  Aristotle thought that all your sensory information were joined in the front part of your brain, which he called common sense. Common sense is developed when actionable items such as eating, where to sleep, etc., that you once acted upon are sent to the back of the brain where they are stored as memory.  As you can see, scientists know where memories are formed and organized, but wonder how they come into being.  That remains another mystery. 

YES!  Technocracy is disrupting the making of your memories.

Sensory Memories.  All memory begins as a perception of the world around you, arriving via your different senses.  These perceptions enter your consciousness in the sensory memory.  They stay in this memory department less than a second, which can only hold twelve perceptions at a time.  The things that catch your attention are then quickly moved from the sensory department to the working memory area. 

YES!  Technocracy is disrupting our sensory memories.

YES!  There are adversarial forces at work distorting your senses, perceptions, along with where and how long memories are retained, or whether they ever existed at all. 

These adversarial forces can also implant false memories into your memory.  Case in point, this week I had to run an errand, and I distinctly remember in great detail putting a document needed for a particular transaction in my purse.  After going through my purse many times, the document just plain was not there.  When I came home, I looked in the document home location and there it was.  How did I recall a memory that did not happen?  Yikes! But this has never happened to you, right?  Smile.

Working Memories.  This memory is called a telephonic memory because it can hold complex thoughts and memories.  This department holds your memory for about 15 seconds and then it fades away as you progress through your day.  You can renew this memory department by repeating and repeating the memory, thus, committing it to memory.

YES!  Technocracy is disrupting your working memories!

Long-Term Memories.  Once a short-term memory fades away it is replaced with a new one you can never retrieve it back.  Only memories transferred to the long-term memory can be recalled over and over. 

Facts, figures, and events are called declarative memories, and they are stored in explicit memory. 

Physical skills, such as how to use your computer or piano, are called procedural memories. They are stored in long-term implicit memory. These implicit memories are linked with the cerebellum, which is your little brain. These memories can be tucked away, folded in the back of the brain. Layered nerve cells form circuits that control our movement.  A procedural memory is stored here so you do not have to think about something repetitiously.  You just revert to “cruise-control.”

Explicit memory divides into two distinct memory categories.  The first are episodic memories that record the book of your life.  You will remember some insignificant things about yesterday but eventually they will be replaced in the future; but the big moments events of your life will last much longer.  The second memory groups are semantic ones, which include general knowledge about the world. 

This may seem like a long stretch but count it a blessing if you cannot remember certain things. True, it may be frustrating but unless you forget things such as childbirth or a bad relationship, you would never move forward in your life.  Forgetting some things is a blessing.

YES!  Technocracy is disrupting our long-term memories!

Self-programming neural networks in artificial intelligence (AI) use the same type of intelligence set up as the cerebellum - called biomimicry.  Eventually, you will see synthetic lifeforms with AI looking and behaving very much like how your brain operates.

Personal Identity

Personal Identity.  What makes you, you and not someone else?  It’s not your name.  You are a combination of memories and perceptions and spirit, a combination that is always changing.  

If your identity is always changing, how will the technocracy hack, clone, and upgrade your identity?

Existence and Authenticity.  Without a body or a mind, you no longer have an identity to the world. When you are in Jesus Christ you always have an identity.  Take a moment to absorb that. Secular science believes that you exist solely in the memories and records of others. 



You have just been hacked.  Technology has figure out a way to unpackage most of your body and brain to re-engineer or repurpose you. But as far as you are concerned, you do not see a difference – you do not see that you are being changed. You have been edited and something has gone terribly wrong!

You are fearfully and awesomely created in your mother's womb (Psalm 139).  If you voluntarily decide to taint what God calls very good, you will suffer the consequences.

If you voluntarily decide to merge with robotics - no matter the reason - you will mingle the life-force God gave you with powerful destructive forces that aim to annihilate your existence.  That decision is on you.

If you voluntarily decide that you want to aim for the stars by allowing the genetic editing of your body with creatures from other kingdoms, forsaking that which was given to you as a gift to carry you through this life - you have opened a Pandora's Box of anguish.  It cannot be undone.

God blessed you with the breath of life and your identity is in Him and through Him as His family.  If you have ever been breathless or lonely, you will not be able to compare that experience with what is coming for you for all eternity. 

Who is the Real You?


Are you frustrated with all the current verification?

Imagine there is an exact copy of you.  Both you and the “alternate you” are perfect copies of each other.  Immediately after you are cloned you go different directions and live separate lives, form different memories, and thus will have taken on different identities.  Scientists say that our identity shifts as you go through life.  The you that you are this moment will not exist in 20 years or 70 years or 1,000 years from now - if you could live that long.

Due to this constant and subtle shift, scientists beg you to ask the question, “Is there a real you?” 

There are so many technological and psychological disciplines playing your emotions like a fiddle.  The purpose is so that you will open yourselves to ideologies other than your own. 

Our Personality Under Siege

This brings us to your personality because personality is a part of your identity.  The definition of a person’s personality is: the totality of qualities and traits, as of character or behavior, that are unique to a specific person. This is where social engineers are currently having an adaptation field day! 

Some engineers define aspects of personalities this way:

Openness:  How curious are you about new experiences. 

Rebuttal: I am very curious about new things, but I believe in absolutes.  There is no room for discussion on absolutes.  I stand against relativism and the drifting subjectivity. 

Conscientiousness: How disciplined and organized you are. 

Rebuttal:  The definition is how scrupulous you are regarding the decisions of conscience; strict adherence to the principles of right or wrong conduct as defined in the Bible.

Outgoingness:  Whether you like people or prefer to be alone. 

Rebuttal:  The non-PC personality is the lone wolf.  People who desire to be alone or alone with God are perceived by society as dangerous or outcasts.  There are seasons one must retreat to isolation and listen to God.

Agreeability:  Whether you prefer to be friendly or prefer getting your way. 

Rebuttal:  Once again, you see how we are being gamed.  If you are principled morally and/or ethically you are being painted as unfriendly or even as a hater.  Tragically, many are isolated due to technology and mandates.  The only recourse is virtual or via social media, but if you do not tote the agenda line, you are considered dangerous and should be censored. 

Sensitivity:  How often you get very emotional and stressed. 

Rebuttal:  The engineers are crafting you to be less emotional (because that means you are stressed); all the while designing robots and synthetic humanoids to be more compassionate, empathetic, caring, helpful…the whole spectrum of emotions minus the anger.  They may even be privileged to feel sadness, despite that if you have a twinge of sadness, you are labeled as depressed.

Do you see how this is going to play out?

As you can see, the vain and empty philosophies are idols of this world.  Why choose the inferior, the nothingness, when you can have the Creator of everything who masterfully designed you to assist you through the perilous days ahead?

There is much more to share about the modifications of humanity, so stay tuned.

It is time to choose this day whom you will serve (Joshua 24:15).

I pray for wisdom for each of you as we go into these dark days,





Celeste Solum is a broadcaster, author, former government, organic farmer and is trained in nursing and environmental medicine.  Celeste chronicles the space and earth conditions that trigger the rise and fall of modern & ancient civilizations, calendars, and volatile economies. Cycles are converging, all pointing to a cataclysmic period between 2020 to 2050 in what many scientists believe is an Extinction Level Event.   

Tracking goods and people will be a part of managing the population during this convergence. 

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