Catastrophism: Gods Judgment's- Gnawing at the Horrible Cannibalistic Truth about the Loss of Earth's Magnetosphere

Preparing for Eternity

The sun impacts earth's magnetic field is about to ravage the earth, your body, mind and spiritual path. Dreadful things are coming upon the face of the earth.  Unspeakable. Detestable. Vile.  Unimaginable.  Have you prepared for the impending sudden onslaught of inter-galactic, inter-planetary, and the most evil of man's bestial force of violence? 

Covert Cannibalism

We return to the Adam and Eve Story by Thomas Chan who among many other things did some conceptual work on the impact of magnetism on the body and society.  Scientists, then Hahnemann College famous for establishing the first homeopathic training facility in 1848-and now is Drexel University, discovered the following:

They put a batchful of mice, all genetically the same strain, in aluminum containers, about six inches or so in diameter, half in a magnetic field environment the same as we live in  [or used to live in] and the other half in a magnetic equivalent to being halfway between the Earth and Moon.  Both sets of cylinders had the same physical environment, the same number of male and female mice, the same food, the same lighting, the same play environment, and the same water supply.  After three months the mice in the low-density cylinders all suffered the same effects:  first, they all simply came apart, all in their protein structure; and second, over 35% suffered visible cancers which could be considered head-to-toes.  No analysis was made of internal cancers [they probably did not want to know].

Did those words stick in your mind?  The aluminum mice simply came apart in their protein structure!  Proteins are a necessary element in your body for living. Some of proteins are sensitive to the magnetosphere.  Proteins called cryptochromes, align as magnetosensing devices in our bodies.  And once the proteins were defeated, the mice got cancer. 

Chan Thomas called the two scientists, who invited him to Hahnemann Medical College for a week to discuss their mutual studies. 

They told Thomas that there was something that they had not released to the press, and was generally not known.

The first thing they told Thomas as that the mice turned criminal in their low-density magnetic filed environment.  Chan inquired on how mice could turn criminal.

He was told:

Very simple.  There are basic end-cruelties for almost all mammals; mice and humans are no exception.  Cannibalism is the ultimate cruelty, and they turned cannibalistic.  Even though they had plenty of the same food as the mice in the normal magnetic field strength cylinders, they indulged in cannibalism as a preference.  The mice in the normal cylinder treated each other normally-and ate only their normal food.  Then the scientist paused.

Ponder this for a moment.  This experiment occurred in a lab and at a time where our planet's atmosphere was relatively stable and pure compared to today.  Today we find ourselves in a devious laboratory whose end result is already known to science and the powers-that-be:

  • Saturated by aluminum nanoparticles which would be the equivalent of the mice in the aluminum cylinders. 
  • Interruption of normal protein activity causes a living thing to fall apart with over a third developing cancer.
  • Our magnetosphere is wavering and about to plummet in electrical response to the sun.
  • We have been seeded to crave human flesh through blood particles in geo-engineering projects spanning to human DNA entangled in biotech (GMO) foods. 
Faith Lesson:  Lord,  I know that my body is the Temple of the Living God.  Please help to protect me from my toxic environment, both spiritually and physically. Holy Spirit guide me in the ways that I can do, within my means, to protect myself from harm.  Thank you Lord Jesus.

    Forcible Rape

    "There is another thing which really confounds us," he continued.  "These same mice who turned cannibalistic indulged in forcible rape literally around the clock.  That and murder, are the other end-cruelties."

    Chan inquired, "Is it possible that you can tell the difference between rape and forcible rape in mice?"  "It seems impossible to differentiate in mice."

    The scientist responded, "Oh yes, it happens all the time in the animal world.  For instance, sea lions and sea elephants.  They use forcible rape commonly.  In these mice, almost every act of sexual intercourse in the low magnetic cylinder was forcible rape, whereas in the normal cylinders, we never saw it."

    Chan commented, "Of course, in humans it's easy to differentiate between forcible rape and rape."

    The scientist continued, "Legally, it may not be so easy to differentiate, but morally I guess it's easy.  But what we're interested in here is why they resorted to forcible rape just because the environment of a low-density magnetic field.  We were hoping you could give us at least a concept to go on."

    Chan relayed that his studies involved legends concerning civilizations in the years leading to cataclysm, when Earth's magnetic field was decreasing at an increasing rate as they approached the null zone; and in every instance it appeared that criminality-essentially man's inhumanity to man-appeared to become overwhelming.  Even the Navajo Indians spoke of it in their legends of their approach to a cataclysm, but they called it adultery.  It is quite possible that their definitions of rape in any form, be forcible or not, was included in the term "adultery".

    Chan was astonished that in all his studies he found it strange that he had not associated rape and forcible rape with overwhelming criminality as a precursor period preceding a cataclysm. 

    Chan provided the scientists his conclusion:

    He would commit that a lowering or lowered magnetic field environment could give its occupants a sense of impending doom.  Certainly there would be a feeling that something out of control as destroying them, so why not get what they want irrespective of consequences?  In the case of humans, those without empathy turned criminal first.  In the case of animals, it is probably proper to assume that there is little or no empathy there to start with.

    I am unsure of when Chan went to Philadelphia, but when he came home he examined United Nations statistics from around the world.  They indicated huge increases in rape in every nation, regardless of economic status, intellectual status, social mores, governmental status, family structure, plus whether the nation was in a temperate zone or a torrid zone; regardless of ethnicity or religion or whether the nation had an official state religion. The staggering rise in rape worldwide was a leading factor of the general rise in crime rate around the world. If you go on a hunt to the UN for rape statistics be prepared to endure their association with women's reproductive health and many of the statistics are very old, by almost a decade or more. 

    During the 1960's and 1970's Thomas was giving speeches about cataclysmology all over the United States.  He predicted with a little help from his friends that by 1990 crime would be at such a level in our country that law enforcement agencies of our nation would not be able to cope with it. 

    In general, Thomas stated, "and it is my experience that it is true that if you are the victim of a crime, in most instances, law enforcement is too busy to investigate except in high profile situations or when the bottom line is funding for the department.  Lest you think otherwise the crime side includes: confidence artists, top executives, bankers, Savings and Loan executives, management personnel, family men and women, thieves, burglars, addicts, those who sell addiction, murderers, and almost any level or society from notables to the homeless."

    Faith Lesson:  Lord Jesus, please protect me from sexual violation and aggression.  Assist me in ways to erect barriers that will protect me and my family.  I thank you that you are my fortress in times of trouble.  You know those who would violate me and my loved ones, I plead by Your Blood to give me discernment about those whom would do me or my loved ones harm.

    Hybrid Terror

    The climate is radically changing but it is not the common fare cause that is being touted, global warming.  The Army has revealed that Climate Change, think broadly, is not only as an ecological or economic concern, but as a direct security threat. It both endangers vital coastal infrastructure through sea level rise and multiplies existing issues of food insecurity and migration. In the spirit of never let a good crisis go to waste climate change grievances are being fused with Islamic terrorism.

    Since the 1970's the United States has been pandering to the Deep Ecology crowd who are extremely vocal about their belief-system which advocates eco-terrorism.  Since that time, many of these radical individuals and organizations such as the Earth Liberation Front, have infiltrated our political system and are currently shaping a plethora of primal policies including Agenda 21 (2030), Wildlands Project, and Crown of the Continent.  As the impact of climate change grows ever more severe it is probable that there will be more direct climate-change inspired terrorism and they are linking up with Islam because supposedly they have a strong ideology of environmental stewardship, for instance banning plastic trash bags.  As climate change worsens and grievance intensifies, it is being proposed that this vein of stewardship of the Earth will strengthen in Islamic terrorist propaganda – both as a way of reinforcing legitimacy and to gain recruits or support.

    If radical Islamic terrorists can harness climate change grievance, then the threat they offer against western interests increases substantially. This is for three key reasons:

    • They can mount expeditionary and home grown terrorist attacks.
    • They have a network experienced in IED and crude bombs
    • The audience for climate grievance is far larger – 70% of Americans aged 18-34 worry a great deal or a fair amount about climate change who might gravitate towards terrorism to save the planet

    If 1 in a 1000 of that American number were willing to take more robust action – such as giving support to terrorists, or even carrying out attacks themselves – it would comprise a support base of approximately 47,200 people. That presents a significant threat, only made worse by the ‘moral fairness’ of climate terrorism – attacking the U.S. for vague oppression of Muslims plays differently in media and politics than attacking the U.S. because of its very real role as one of the world’s largest polluters.  Army Mad Scientists

    Bogeymen are always need to perpetuate a culture of fear to keep the population controlled.  Now we have a hybrid of Climate Change radicals and Islamic terror groups. 

    Faith Lesson:  Your Word is Light unto my path.  Your are the Word made flesh.  I desire to fear You alone, not any real or fabricated bogeyman.  Greater is He that is me than is this world.   I John 4:4

    Long and Deep Grand Solar Minimum


    Just in from If you like solar minimum, good news: It could last for years. That was one of the predictions issued last week by an international panel of experts who gathered at NOAA's annual Space Weather Workshop to forecast the next solar cycle. If the panel is correct, already-low sunspot counts will reach a low between July 2019 and Sept 2020, followed by a slow recovery toward a new Solar Maximum in 2023-2026.

    "We expect Solar Cycle 25 will be very similar to Cycle 24: another fairly weak maximum, preceded by a long, deep minimum," says panel co-chair Lisa Upton, a solar physicist with Space Systems Research Corp. 

    The solar cycle is like a pendulum, swinging back and forth between periods of high and low sunspot number every 11 years or so. Researchers have been tracking the cycle since it was discovered in the 19th century. Not all cycles are alike. Some are intense, with lots of sunspots and explosive solar flares; the Space Age began with a big booming solar maximum. Others are weak, such as the most recent, Solar Cycle 24, which peaked in 2012-2014 with relatively little action.

    Researchers are still learning to predict the ebb and flow of solar activity. Forecasting techniques range from physical models of the sun's inner magnetic dynamo to statistical methods akin to those used by stock market analysts.

    "We assessed ~61 predictions in the following categories: Climatology, Dynamo, Machine Learning/Neural Networks [AI], Precursor Methods, Spectral/Statistical Methods, Surface Flux Transport, and Other," says Upton. "The majority agreed that Solar Cycle 25 would be very similar to Solar Cycle 24."

    "Here," she says, "is a figure showing the last minimum and where we are with the current minimum."


    "As you can see – we haven't quite reached the lowest levels of the last cycle – where we experienced several consecutive months with no sunspots. However, the panel expects that we should reach those levels [between now and the end of 2020]."

    The panel believes that the Solar Minimum will be deep, but not as deep as the Maunder Minimum of the 17th century.  That is because is would neutralize their elephant in the room, global warming.  There are many statistics that the group does not include in their climatology reports including the sun's impact upon earth's climate and that is because you can't tax the sun. 

    As a certified NOAA weather spotter and well acquainted with climatology for emergency management, I wholeheartedly disagree with the panels findings.  I have been seeing increasing warning signs in the climate, plants, and animals over the last five years.  After intense study, I believe we could see a 400-year minimum at best, and a 2000 year minimum at worse.  The actual event could be exacerbated by geo-engineering injections, comet, or magnetic field collapse precipitated by our sun.    Interesting, as during this solar cycle falls within the Jubilee Year and the 2000th anniversary of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

    Faith Lesson:  I praise you Lord Jesus for your dynamic world that includes vacillations in the sun and upon the earth.  I know that the weather is impacted by Your Will.  Nothing can occur, unless it is first sifted through Your fingers, for my good. 

    Persistent Preparedness

    As sure as the sun comes up in the east and sets in the west [at least for now] the time will come when you must decide whether you and your family desire to survive the next cataclysm.  You will have to decide how to survive the long term afterward, if you do survive.  You must pick a place to survive where survival is possible, the most likely place being on the eastern side of a mountain top which will be accessible when the time comes.

    Chan Thomas worked for the CIA.  I know for a fact, that the mountain where David I located [but lost], was CIA owned with CIA residents, just for this eventuality.  

    You will have to find a way to protect yourself and your family through the worsening precursor years and the following aftermath years.

    You will surely need provisions, tools, and supplies for any eventuality.  And then you will have to protect your loved ones and these provisions.  The police will not be able to help you nor any other government agency.  Many have their own SHTF plan and that does not include you and your family. 

    Bluntly, ladies and gentlemen-women are going to need protection from marauding predators seeking to gang rape, murder, and confiscate supplies.   How will you protect the women and children in your life or will you stand by while they succumb to the violence? 

    Those who have not prepared for the next cataclysm outnumber the ones who have prepared.  Those who have not will want what you have and will kill you to get it.  This will occur both before and after the cataclysm.

     Faith Lesson:  Lord Jesus, I do not want to live in the flesh.  Help me to prepare, what you desire me to prepare. I petition that you make Your voice clear- with no interference, in Jesus Name.  I promise to obedient to Your Will.  

    Have's and Have Not's

    You will also be besieged by those begging for you to share your provisions.  They will appear to be nice families, wanting to share, wanting to help, and wanting what you have.  Believe me, they will kill you to get it.  If you look at history, let alone prehistory, when those who have no protection, the have-nots will the have's to get what the have's have.  And they will destroy to get it. 

    Are you ready to make an instantaneous decision to protect yourself and family? A decision which will make the lives and safety o yourself and your family inexorable?  If you wait to see if your "visitors" have evil intent so that afterward you can take protective action, you and your family will wind up murdered, raped, and dead.  And history dictates that you will be tortured just as a means of supplying your visitors with pleasure and entertainment. 

    Survival is not a nice or easy picture to paint when all of the forces intended to protect and defend you have completely vanished.  If you live at the time of a cataclysm, and have the time to prepare for it, you will have to assume attitudes and perspectives, principles, and actions, and willingness to act, in multifaceted ways you never dreamed you would in order to survive.  You will have to abide by the law until there is no law, then survive by the rules necessary to make survival possible under all potential onslaughts. Adam and Eve, Chan Thomas

    Faith Lesson:  Lord Jesus, it is in Your caring hands whether I have or have not.  I trust You implicitly.  I have no doubts that You have my best interest at heart. Survival is not an easy task.  Help me to prepare what I need to do for both my spiritual and physical survival.

    Our journey into the world of Catastrophism is not over yet.  We still have much to learn and to prepare for with the time being very short.  The Greek words kataklusmo and kataklysmos are used both in the Septuagint and in the New Testament and hardly need interpretation. Cataclysm denotes violent destruction. It occurs in Matthew 24: 38-39; and Luke 17: 26-27. In 2 Peter 3: 5-6 we are reminded of that which mankind desires to forget that God made the heavens and earth with its water, and by that water the world was cataclysthized, destroying the surface of the earth and all living, breathing creatures.  Next time it will be by fire and with all manner of cataclysms, lapping upon the earth, wave upon wave, as birth-pangs, for indeed, they are. 

    May the Lord Jesus bless you with His peace as you consider His mechanism for bring an end to evil.  God bless each and every one of you and your families. 



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