Implosion Time!

of a Sci-Fi Kind...

Today we are all on speed, not the drug, but accelerating in moments of time.  We are experiencing the speed of change.  This transformation is the result of deployment of disruptive technologies converging. 

The world is getting efficient.  What does that mean?  The world can operate without people.  It is said that is what happened when mankind engaged in the agricultural, industrial, post-industrial, and the Emotil economies that would usher in massive lay-offs.  Emotile is a combination word, putting together emotion (the focus on heightened concern for personal well-being), and motility (the impermanent, fast-moving short-lived mobility of all relationships and ways of organizing). The Emotile Economy began in earnest around 1992 and rose to dominance around 2005. With each successive economy the duration shortened. 

It is estimated the post-human era will simultaneously occur with a time implosion and will last about 12 years. CEO's of Fortune 500 companies will have a tenure of at best three years.

Flow-it takes 10-20,000 hours to learn something so well that you can do it automatically.  With transcranical stimulation, either external to the brain or an embedded cranial chip, it is possible to reduce your learning time to a couple of hours.  That may sound like a good idea but you were not created to process things in that short a duration.  Hence you will experience the implosion of time.

Redistribution of Jobs

Frankly, AI will eliminate 70% of jobs around the world, millions of people.  In Genesis mankind was to steward the earth and the animals.  After mankind sinned man was to work but it would become more difficult:

By the sweat of your brow
    you will eat your food
until you return to the ground,
    since from it you were taken;
for dust you are
    and to dust you will return.  Genesis 3:19

Mankind was designed by God to work so what happens when jobs are eliminated and synthetic humans and robots take over?  In this New Age humans are considered disposable. 

Even newly growing jobs such as home health aides are going to be displaced by caring, multi-sensory, SMART, social robots.

Bitcoin and BlockChain will be displaced by Quantum Computing. 

Over time, after the implosion, new jobs will be created.

There are jobs being created but they are not jobs that are historically rooted but fabrications of air.  Where disposable income is being spent.  As it turns out jobs and income revolve around nine different value compositions that ALL reflect the alteration of the dimension of space!

Assault on Space & Time

And he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and laws: and they shall be given into his hand until a time and times and the dividing of time.    Daniel 7:25

On a subconscious level most of has felt or observed the war against space.  It is invisible with tangible bomblet's exploding around us each day.  It is a new realm.  It is time to bring awareness from our subconscious to our consciousness where we can understand and evaluate this situation without making decisions based upon our brain stem (primordial brain) or Pavlovian response devoid of critical thinking.  Remember Mike the Headless Chicken, who lived without a head and acted like a chicken because of his primordial brain.   You do not want to be like Mike do you?

Inner space

Is the understanding of what makes things tick.  It is evolutionary belief that everything has a brain and it has been determined to exploit the brain for economic benefit.   A whole new industry has emerged to exploit the brain.

Outer Space

Huge industries are now being created in outer space such as mining asteroidsExploration, exploitation, and bringing you 'intelligence's' from other worlds.

Cyber Space

Is transforming education into learning.  Why will you use the internet to educate when you can use Virtual Reality Immersion technology to where you can learn more in 10 minutes playing than using traditional teaching methods.  With VR you can live in ancient civilizations not just study them.  As you civilization hop you will need a guides.  This is a new job, a VR Guide.  The question is will these guides be human, fallen angel, demon, hybrid, or alien?

Leveraging time as a commodity is going to become another player in the days to come.  Time is becoming a business. 

Micro Space

Is at the nano and smaller level.  It also includes 3D printing which actually incorporates 4D printing and manipulating the dimension of time the product that you printed will become something else.  Sort of like shape-shifting matter.  Think of the security needed for such technology!  Because nobody will know if materials you start with will become later.  A whole new threat level opens up.

This includes:  combinations and recombination's of Bits, Atoms, Antimatter, Neurons, Genes, Frequencies & vibrations and Ultra/infra spectral Energy & Light which are leading to whole new materials, sources of energy and life forms.

Bottom line this means that the combination and recombination of God's elemental building blocks are going to lead to whole new businesses, whole new industries, whole new materials, and new energy sources, such as your cell phone being powered by your heartbeat or your house lights will be powered by your footsteps.  The infrastructure is being laid to harvest all energy for profit. 

Time & Space 

Endeavors seek to compress, alter, amplify or eradicate real time into real or virtual space. We are learning more about how to manipulate time, and how to apply that to all manner of existence or enterprise. There will be an increasing focus on time as a value-added proposition. Time space encompasses implosion, the rise of image-based communication, collaborative consumption and the non-linear life trajectory

Design Space

Is becoming a really important area of work.  Evolutionists are heralding that we are surrounded by "God's" poor design everywhere. 

Design is going to be a major competitive advantage in the future. Design is not just about the end product anymore — it must be embedded into every aspect of the product or service from the beginning, altering our entire perception of the space around us, a product or a service.

Storage Space

Evolutionists also are saying that we are running out of space in our brains to store, in my words, useless data.  We are running out of room to store our personal junk that we formerly knew as personal belongings.  Where do we store nuclear refuse, Gig Data, genome data, holographic data?  This is opening up vast next business opportunities. 

Play Space

Play is becoming a significant form of business.  Not only children play but adults are gravitating to play.  Play makes a difference in their lives, it makes them healthier, and more productive.  It is resulting in whole new businesses.

You are going to see careers in Extreme Leisure.  Beyond sports, this includes all the adrenaline-fueled activities we do in our spare time that are edgy, or risky.

Bottom Line:  Better integration of the concepts of fun, gaming and play will be important in the struggle against chronic boredom in the future.

Inter Space

Is not the Internet of Things (IOT) it is the Internets of Things, multiple hybrid platforms that will have distinct competitive advantages.  Together these will grow new industry and new jobs. 

Bottom Line: 

It was decided that a complex multi-cloud/hybrid cloud vs. single cloud approach. However, there is increasing evidence that the future will be multi-cloud. Data from a recent survey released by Forrester Research indicates:

  • 62% of public cloud adopters are using 2+ unique cloud environments/platforms
  • 74% of enterprises describe their strategy as hybrid/multi-cloud today

Kubernetes (K8s) are an open-source system for automating deployment, scaling and management of containerized applications. 

From ever facet time and space are being analyzed and attempts are being made to replace God's time and space with AI time and space.

 Science Fiction is Animated

Emergence of Workreation-As jobs disappear because of disruptive technologies and business models invent us out of work, and the number of jobs permanently declines, we may be facing a future where work consists of more creative endeavors, and where creation itself – rather than material compensation — is what propels us to work.

Gamification, the application of game mechanics in a non-gaming environment, will increasingly permeate everything around us – including marketing, the workplace, education, decision-making, incentives, rewards and payments. And, adult play will become an area of renewed focus for those looking to build livable cities and cultivate productive work environments. 

Rise of Moonshot Economy-More businesses and billionaires may be given the green light by leadership, regulators, the public and investors to make bets on daring initiatives

Invisible Threat Syndrome-While there is rampant and broad-scale growth of technology initiatives everywhere around the world, this is leading to the widespread fear of invisible—and largely unknown—threats.

Recirculative Design-represents a new framework for how products are designed, built, sold, disposed of and consumed.

Growth of Imagistructures-the reimagining of the way we design, develop, maintain and interact with our infrastructure—will provide truly imaginative solutions to global challenges

Gerontopoly-Little attention has been paid to the cumulative economy of aging. But that must change.

As a result of vast scientific and technological advancements, it is possible to reverse age-related conditions. Getting old has for the first time become a conscious choice.  The burgeoning industry and economy created by the billions of people around the world who are, or will be, over 60. Gerontology is the study of aging and the elderly. Gerontopolis is now a city comprised of older persons. Gerontopoly describes the body of business, research and built and engineered initiatives emerging for and around the aging peoples of the world.

Augmented Humanity-The near future of not only wearable technology—but embedded, implantable and ingestible technology—will usher in an era of augmented humanity (AH).

Symbots-Advanced robotics have left many concerned about a quickly approaching era of technological unemployment. But the future is not just about humans versus robots, but humans in robots.

Newrative-Our notions of storytelling, news, and narrative, aided by the rapid proliferation of new media platforms and technologies, are now making a quantum leap forward.

NanoNarcissistic:  The intense focus on self has now evolved into an expectation of personalized attention to every detail of one’s life.

This is a brief overview hopefully indicates the magnitude of this transformation into the AI beast system.  Let's drill down further and look at just how this will play out in just one industry, food and agriculture.

Let's Think Agriculture & Food

The whole fabric of society will change through disruptive technologies but let us take a peek at how it will impact the food we eat, hence agriculture.

Supposedly, the world is going to need to boost food production by 70%.  Therefore we need to harness the human response to these 'needs' in conjunction with advanced technology and AI.  What will this look like?

  • Precision Agriculture (akin to Precision Medicine) allow farmers the ability to micromanage their farms down to the molecular level.

I once took an agricultural class over 10 years ago where the teacher wanted us to count and keep a journal of habitat etc, etc. of every insect on our property.  Manually, that would be impossible but with AI it becomes easy.

  • Humans will technology are creating underwater gardens off of Italy. 
  • Commercial properties are not being used to grow vegetables.
  • Food is being 3D printed.
  • NASA is trying to figure out how to print food for astronauts. 
  • Making foods with an increasing shelf life into decades. 
  • Space food is a new career for orbital and planetary surfaces.
  • Increasingly the moon is being considered our 8th Continent.
  • Technology can also hack food waste.  The global waste from food each year is a billion tons.  One third of all the food grown is never consumed.  
  • New technology is allowing people the ability to post foods they are trying to sell or give away.  
  • There is an app that connects farmers with people in need such as the homeless.  Companies are being built to get food to people who do not have it.  What they are not saying is that to do anything with your food you must be compliant with the beast system.
  • There are also new jobs coming online hacking nutrition.  Evolutionists say we do not get our nutrition from our food, but from the sun.  They want to harvest the light-waves to feed us. 
  • Genetic targeting of nutrition
  • Lightwave Nutrition Engineering.  You think this is light as a nutrient is far-fetched?  There is actually a law for light as a nutrient. 
  • Augmented Reality companies are harvesting gamer's to design fun, interactive packaging to bedazzle the consumer's eye. 
  • Local bakeries offering design jobs.  Disney has patented AR for your confectionery, including with exploding volcanoes or waterfalls.

Sensory Engagement War

How many senses do you have?  What about balance, height, time, speed, and direction?  We have senses that we have ignored and now innovators are going to exploit them. 

God created humans to sense the earth in an electromagnetic way. 

A chef in Finland has built his restaurant 80 meters under the earth in a limestone mine so people can have their food next to the earth.

Innovation is crazy and that is where we are headed:  Crazyland.  This is the new Entrepreneurship.

New foods are being designed to be consciousness expanding agents. And refrigerators of the future will not store food but grows it with light, sound, and a little matter shape-shifting, according to your genotype.

Gamification of agriculture.  Real life FarmVille that leverage the desire to compete.  All work of the future will be gamified.  Crowdsourced and gamification using points, credits and such badges and other digital rewards more people can become interested in food and agricultural possibilities.  Agri-mation is what it is being called, a hybrid of agriculture and imagination.  First, we saw traditional farms devalued to entertainment centers, and now we see them further devalued into vacillating mirages of the imagination.  Just try and eat a virtual food with its venomous global harm-onization.

In an age of advanced technology and AI farming is being presented as a lucrative career.  Here are some jobs titles that have never existed before in history:

  • Vertical Farmer
  • Food Printing Specialist
  • Food Waste Architect
  • Urban Agricultural Engineer
  • Compost Designer
  • Acreage Matchmaker
  • Farm Game Manager

The sky is the limit.  What are these?  Nobody knows.  What are the requirements?  Not sure.  Historical success rate?  Unknown.  But the titles captivate the younger generation who does not want to intern at the bottom and work their way up the ladder.  In the future, they will start at the top and euthanize, always recycling, the previous generations, jobs and tasks of the past.

New Careers

In the New Age kids who binged on video game are getting scholarships and companies are hiring them.  Millions of people around the globe watch virtual sports online for big money. 

The craft of DataSmithing will come into its own.  The many workers who, unlike those in traditional data analytics and data mining, are much more creative, and much more involved in every aspect of everything, everywhere. Datasmithing will create whole new opportunities in the areas of data capture, data visualization and data utilization, and almost every job and profession will involve becoming, in some way, a datasmith. 

Computational anthropology is a hybrid disciplines to figure out human behavior

Information Crisis Managers due to a lack of trust. 

With longevity you can expect to shift your employment many times.  You have a choppy life to fill your existence.

You are going to witness the emergence of biopolitics.  The belief that human political inclinations and behaviors are largely genetically determined.

There is a war heating up in the Brains Race to see which brains will be world dominant.

Lurking New Problems

Have you thought about growing gap between the maximization of our issues and the minimization of our abilities to talk – and to rationally think – about them?

What is your Customer Caste Score?  The segmentation of customers based upon your current or assumed profitability.

What happens to your digital identity when you die?

As you can see, technology is ushering in new problems that were prophesied but never before seen in history. 

The Words of Jesus or Aliens?

 Evolutionists say that humanity is weighed down by his education.  That:

We begin learning from the time we are born; and perhaps even before. And the older we get, the more knowledge we acquire, and the more mental baggage gets loaded into our consciousness. But all of this learning can make it hard to see objectively into the future, because we are so conditioned by what we already think we know. We call this educated incapacity: knowing so much about what we already know that we are the last to see the future for those fields in which we are the most knowledgeable. We talk about the need to pretend we are aliens from another planet, in order to see our world for the first time, objectively and with no educated incapacity. Only then can we get the future right. One aspect of educated incapacity is focusing on central/core/accepted assumptions and ignoring many relevant and true things that have been relegated to the background. We call this “figure/ground,” and we have seen remarkable truths and strategies emerge from switching out figure and ground by algorithm, of course. 

In simplicity, beauty and dignity... Jesus says it this way:

Jesus called a little child to stand among them. “Truly I tell you,” He said, “unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. Therefore, whoever humbles himself like this little child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.…  Matthew 18:3

And those are words you can live by. 


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