In the Beginning... was the Algorithm

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Singularity is rewriting your Bible as mankind arranges a world devoid of God!  Assault against the Bible has been ongoing for the last hundred years but as technology accelerates so is bible pollution. And while they are at chipping away at the Bible they are working on the capturing your soul.

There has always been conflict between the primary biblical languages and translations and transliterations.

A Bible translation takes the original Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek languages and translates the words into almost every language of the world. 

A bible transliteration attempts to translate concepts or words into a word or concept that a person in a particular culture would understand or recognize but may not be true to the biblical author's original intent.

We have seen a surge in politically correct bibles which neutralize controversial topics such as sin, man, woman, marriage, homosexuality and more.

Biblical texts are being scanned and interpreted by AI.  How accurate will archeological discoveries in the future be if AI interprets a text with engineer bias?  Let's say a scroll is found and AI says, "You originated from Pleiades," and that scroll is dated to be 4000 years old.  AI is certainly going to make future archeological finds more questionable. 

And now, we not only have autonomous systems (AI) rewriting the Bible but also creating autonomous religions and 'sacred' autonomous texts such as Anthony Levandowski filing paperwork for a nonprofit religious organization called The Way of the Future. Its mission: “To develop and promote the realization of a Godhead based on artificial intelligence and through understanding and worship of the Godhead contribute to the betterment of society.”

Moreover, 'sacred' holographic images can now be created using these 'texts.  Microsoft researchers build a bot that draws what you tell it to or soon to come what it wants imaged.

These are a few of the clients using this AI platform.  It is written, that as this technology perfects itself the day is coming in the not so distant future when it will demand worship. 

One of the experts is Vince Lynch, who started a company called IV.AI explains that there are similarities between organized religion and how an AI actually works. In the Bible used by Christians, for example, Lynch says there are many recurring themes, imagery, and metaphors.

Teaching humans about religious education is similar to the way we teach knowledge to machines: repetition of many examples that are versions of a concept you want the machine to learn,” he says. “There is also commonality between AI and religion in the hierarchical structure of knowledge understanding found in neural networks. The concept of teaching a machine to learn … and then teaching it to teach … (or write AI) isn’t so different from the concept of a holy trinity or a being achieving enlightenment after many lessons learned with varying levels of success and failure.

Eerily similar in verbiage to the Christian Bible, AI wrote:

And let thy companies deliver thee; but will with mine own arm save them: even unto this land, from the kingdom of heaven.”

I find the above quote disturbing because people who volunteer their expertise to the federal government are asked to take an oath of allegiance to the Corporation. Where does the government end and allegiance to AI begin? 

As humans we tend to trust things beyond our capacity. The danger will come when AI is perceived as god and the DeepFake demonic scripture becomes so realistic that the dulled intellectual perception of many will not be able to distinguish between reality and the DeepFake. 

Soul Machines

Nothing is sacrosanct for IBM Watson AI researchers, neuroscientists, psychologists, artists and innovative thinkers who are crafting  soul machines and re-imaging how we connect with them.

In Exodus 33:11 God speaks to Moses panim v panim, face-to-face.  And it says in I Corinthians 12:12 that we shall see clear (face to face).  Is it any wonder then that futurists are creating life-like and emotionally responsive artificial humans with personality and character who will talk to us literally face-to-face, not with as as god, but to us. Artificial is not so bad, after all we have embraced foods, flavors, plants, environments, relationships for some time now.  As AI seeks to emulate God, their vision is to humanize AI to better humanity.

According to the Soul Machines website:

We use neural networks that combine biologically inspired models of the human brain and key sensory networks to create a virtual central nervous system that we call our Human Computing Engine™.

When you 'plug' our engaging and interactive artificial humans into our cloud-based Human Computing Engine™, we can transform modern life for the better by revolutionizing the way AI, robots and machines interact with people.

 Creating Baby X

Someday you man not have a baby that was created between you, your spouse, and God... but Baby X, a fully autonomous infant. 

Soul Machines is an embodied cognition platform. They were originally developed in our BabyX research program to give BabyX the ability to learn in real-time, express, speak and then recognize words and objects. Processing information from sensory inputs to generate behavior, these neural system models enable our artificial humans to express themselves based on the people they interact with.

We have developed biologically inspired models of the brain that are responsible for some of the key capabilities of our artificial humans. These are controllable by virtual neurotransmitters and hormones like dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin. Together they influence virtual physiological states which guide learning and behavior, modulating the emotions that our artificial humans "feel" and express.

And then there is Replika.  Replika was created due a tragic accident and death.  The living party was having trouble remembering her loved one and so she set out to restore his digital remains.  Replika is a hybrid between a seance and social media, with a twist of soul mimicry.  If you give the power to Replika it can replace you and all your relationships, but never your soul unless you hand it over to the powers of darkness.  It is tragic that as social distancing becomes the norm Replika may become your only friend, unless you know Jesus. 

Black Mirror has explored this topic in Be Right Back.

Replika is so dangerous because it is a form of communicating with the dead.  I understand this woman's grief as I walk in her shoes.  No matter how much I remember or do not remember my husband, or talk about him with flesh and blood humans, God took my husband home when his life is was complete.  I honor God and His will, and do not attempt to discover solutions for my loss that might be extremely dangerous.  I know that attempts to reach out to the dead are not from God they are demonic.  I also know that someday, I will meet my beloved again, and until that time I lean upon Jesus, not AI. 

We live in perilous times.  It is critical to have an intimate relationship with Jesus, to know the Word of God, and as the lines blur between reality and the Satanic to be able to discern between them, and then stand firm.

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Celeste grew up in a military & governmental home with her father working for the Naval Warfare Center, and later as Assistant Director for Public Lands and Natural Resources, in both Washington State and California. 

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