Laser DEW MicroExplosions in Your Brain


Fire From Heaven Series

In this article: 

  • DEW MicroExplosions in your brain
  • Dark light ionization and electron avalanche in your body
  • Acoustic Tweezers manipulate particles and cells in your body, just like magic!
  • EMF bio-mining & aggregating synthetic biology into micelle and fibers with a haustoria, a harpoon, that literally sucks your life-force out of you.
  • Is levitation God, physics, or witchcraft?
  • The Soul Matters
  • Acoustic Holograms use optical tweezers to paint with frequency
  • MetaMaterials not found in nature but are being inserted into you

My Whack-A-Brain Webinar series covered many of the particulars of Direct Energy Weapons (DEW) released to the public at the time.  During the webinar I discussed a process called cavitation.  Cavitation is defined as:  formation of vapor bubbles within a liquid at low-pressure regions that occur in places where the liquid has been accelerated to high velocities. 

SynBio "Lifeforms" are Entities, Not Life

Before we begin, let us remember that when we see what seem to be unconnected dots, we must remember that this is an Integrated Weapon System.  We learn about each component but we must see them as an integrated system.  As you can see about there are many over-lapping topics that pivot around electromagnetic frequencies, lasers, Direct Energy Weapons and the dark plan to transform biological life into bio-hybrid with the ultimate goal of making synthetic silicon entities.  There are some out there claiming that synthetic life is being inserted into you.  This is not a true statement. I, myself, made that mistake in the beginning.  These are entities, not life or life forms.  There is no such thing as an artificial life form.  Only God can create life.  Early on in the scientific journals, they admitted that these foreign invaders and nanoparticles were, in fact, entities.  It made sense.  These globalists hate life.  They are anti-life.  

Cursory Overview of DEW Tools

In this article you are going to receive a cursory understanding of the following:

Direct Energy Weapons (DEW) are part of the electromagnetic spectrum.  When they are weaponized, as in the case of Acoustic or Optical Lasers these can be mixed or matched with other frequencies, to maximize damage and lethality. 

Cavitation causes a micrexplosion in your brain and body and is one of the processes used in this weapon system. 

Thermo-cavitation can cause an ionizing radiation avalanche that buries you in deteriorating health.

Acoustic tweezers work synergistically between EMF, Synthetic Biology, and nanobots to rearrange, manipulate, and re-function every cell in your body.

EMF is capable of extraction and mining of minerals within your body to exploit on the commercial market.  With the insertion of synthetic biology EMF aggregates SynBio foreign material and produces the micelle and fibrous filaments which Coroner's and physicians are seeing and pulling out of corpses. This answers the questions about what is and where did theese filaments come from?

Dodder Haustorium for invaginating a species

These were engineered using bio-mimicry of a parasitic plant Dodder, and other parasites with a haustoria, a harpoon, that literally sucks the life-force out of you.  The process sucks life force out but also invaginates the body with SynBio eggs that appear to germinate.

Trapping Souls Using EMF and SynBio

Ezekiel’s witches are using large sacks woven by SynBio fibers and spun by EMP to trap souls.

SynBio erects scaffolding in your body including inserting a neural network into your brain.   A neural network is a network or circuit of biological neurons, or, in a modern sense, an artificial neural network, composed of artificial neurons or nodes.  Thus, a neural network is either a biological neural network, made up of biological neurons, or an artificial neural network, used for solving artificial intelligence (AI) problems. The connections of the biological neuron are modeled in artificial neural networks as weights between nodes.

Fibers From Hell

Carbon NanoTube Fibers

The ancient Hebrew literature provides a compelling insight to the witches pillows in the Book of Ezekiel. His comments were published in 1895. He pointed out that there is another attestation for the word “pillow.” In the Tosefta, a "mattress full and/or a pillow full of stuffing.” He argued that the term is usually used of fuzzy, absorbent lumps of fibers, and can also refer to small fragments or shreds of cloth.  He concluded that Ezekiel’s bands were patches of cloth. In support of the meaning “patch,” he pointed to other ancient commentaries the rendering of which appears to mean “patchwork covers.

Digging even deeper using other ancient commentators indicates these fiber pillows mean scab from Leviticus13:6, from the root attach. And this is precisely what the haustoria does is attach itself to a plant, or hydrogel attaches itself to you and then harpoons you to suck out the life-force.

Louis Ginzberg, another biblical commentator, noted the toseftan parallel independently in 1934, wrote, bands in Ezekiel 13:18 is not to be interpreted as ‘magic bands’ from the Assyrian.

The root attach originally referred to a small attachment used to cover and repair rent skin or clothing, that is, a scab, patch, rag, or a patch.

The realization that bands were cloth patches used as filling for pillows and cushions helps to explain the renderings “pillows for the neck” and cervicalia “pillows.” The women first make pillow casings, and then they make the filling needed to turn them into pillows. Once pillow casings are sewn the filling is expected, leaving us with the following processes:

"the manufacture of pillows: the sewing of folded pieces of fabric or leather into pillow casings and the cutting up of old clothing to make pillow filling."

Electrospun Nanofibers 

Electrospun nanofibers EAFMs with multistructures, including a protrusion, wrinkled, porous, branched, hollow, core–shell, ribbon, beaded, nets structure, and the application of these nanofibers.

These fibers, whichever design or originating construction material are part of the integrated weapon system.  They can receive and transmit information, as well as carry out various tasks.  Evolutionists are literally spinning an EMF scafford as they rewire you into a bio-hybrid.  During this process you lose your original design and are transformed to part biological-part silicon robot.


Morgellons is a medical condition of unknown origin where colored fibers grow in the body. Originally, people having Morgellons’s were thought to be mentally ill.  Currently, there is no denying that the condition exists, although a treatment and cure are unknown.  For those afflicted with Morgellon's please check out the Clifford Carnicom Institute.  I firmly believe that these unfortunate individuals were the first to receive SynBio fiber scaffolds, a beta-test for the integrated DEW weapon system.



A micelle or micella is an aggregate of molecules. A typical micelle in water forms an aggregate with the hydrophilic "head" sequestering the hydrophobic single-tail regions in the micelle center.  There is also polymer micelle (plastic) that auto-assembles. This should give us to pause when we consider how much plastic we use.  Is the plastic transmitting into the product that we consume?  Once inside the "target" which is out body it begins to auto-assemble.  There is scientific evidence.

Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Micelle Properties and Behaviors of ...

Polymerization-Induced Self-Assembly Toward Micelle-Crosslinked Tough ...

Fiberlike Micelle Networks from the Solution Self ... - ACS Publications

Micelle-enhanced chemiluminescence and application to the determination ...

Structural Transformation of a Multicompartment Micelle Induced by ...

Installation of Infrastructure for War Against God

As mankind with Satanic forces march towards a war against God an infrastructure system is being put into place for this war.  Things such as: holography, geo-engineering, synthetic biology, pharmakia, natural and unnatural levitation, optical weapons because after all, Lucifer is the Angel of Light.


All the systems today are interoperable, talking together, that is what Y2K was all about. Many thought it was as nothing but that is far from the case.  All technology around the world needed to be able to talk together for future missions and operations.

CERN opens portals and produces strangelets that go to the core of our earth.  Strangelets have a peculiar phenomena, they attract matter to them as they descend into the abyss.  Are our souls matter?  I know that my Spirit is Spirit, but the soul may well have matter.  Dr. James Giordano and others claim to have "captured" the soul.  At first, I thought it was not possible, but after studying the biblical evidence and also the science I do believe that technology can capture the soul , but the Bible explains that this is not the end of the story.

I digress, back to cavitation.


Tiny Explosive Bubbles Produced by EMF

Cavitation is undesirable because it produces extensive erosion and vibrational knocking causing destruction.  In simple terms, think of the bottle of 7-Up. 

  • Shake it vigorously. 
  • Open the top. 

What happens? 

Bubbles go everywhere.  Imagine this process inside your body, especially your brain. It can cause erosion or just the severe force can knock cells, atoms, and molecules damaging or destroying their integrity.

Cavitation enters your body through any orifice.  Acoustic DEW it typically enters through your ear canal.  Optical DEW can enter through your eyes.  The tiny high-velocity bubbles are carried into your brain using your cerebral fluid pathway or your blood pathway both of which bathe your brain.  Once in the brain the bubbles explode into your brain tissue causing:

  • A stroke,
  • Necrosis (tissue death),
  • Seed dementia to be activated at a later time. 
  • As for your body, you can get the Benz, the deep sea divers nemesis requiring hypobaric chamber to mitigate damage and death. 

Cavitation can also hollow you out, gut you like a fish, to make a place for soft robotics and/or demonic entities or disembodied spirits.

This brings you up to speed on the basics of cavitation, so let us dig into Optical Cavitation.


The most common method to generate optic cavitation involves the focusing of short-pulsed lasers into liquid media. Your blood is that liquid media. 

There is work being done on optic cavitation that uses low power CW lasers (continuous wave) to absorb liquids. This novel method of cavitation is called thermo-cavitation.  Is this another layer as to why our planet is supposedly drying up?  But let me talk about the process of thermo-cavitation for a moment:

  • Light absorbed heats up the liquid (your blood) beyond its boiling temperature in a time span of microseconds to milliseconds.
  • This process introduces rapid and strong changes in mechanical, thermal and optical properties of the environment where the nucleation occurs.
  • Once the liquid is heated up it becomes unstable with fluctuations and includes an explosive phase transition where vapor takes place producing a fast-expanding vapor bubbles.
  • Eventually, the bubble collapses emitting a strong shock-wave.

I did experience a DEW attack in 2021.  The first symptom was the top of my head heating up in a small round circle and then the pain began. 

Bubbles produced by pulsed lasers contrast where the bubble is produced at the focal point. Using high speed video (10 5 frames/s), researchers study the bubble's dynamic behavior.  LINK

Energy MicroExplosion

This image is the ultrasound cavitation.  The optical is follows the same process.

While you may not be interested in the process now, should you experience a DEW attack, you will understand what is happening to your body resulting in less fear and uncertainty as you reover and move forward. 

Once laser optics enter the field, they produce the cavitation phenomena. Scientists observe this is a high-intensity light field. This type of cavitation has been called optic cavitation. The liquid breakdown in this case is the local deposit of energy which leads to a “hot spot" resulting in a micro-explosion. The breakdown process is called optic breakdown.  Optic breakdown does the following:

  • Absorbs impurities (or what are called impurities),
  • Liquid will rupture using a high-intensity light fields
  • This results in multi-photon ionization and electron avalanche processes.

In optic cavitation, photons are used to rupture a liquid. But any sort of high energy particles may be used.

Particle Acoustic Havana Syndrome

What we did not know in 2016, when Havana Syndrome struck diplomats in Cuba, it appears as though it was a DEW weapon that may have had many components- including particle, acoustic, and even optical elements.

Cavitation has been known since the 1950's and is utilized in a bubble chamber. The name particle cavitation is suggested for this case. It appears this acoustic particle cavitation resulted, at least in part, to Havana Syndrome.   

At lower intensities or particle flux (below the cavitation threshold) sound waves are generated in the liquid via the thermo-acoustic effect (see the paper of Westervelt in the proceedings). Thermoacoustic radiation of sound by a moving laser source, 1985, LINK, LINK

In the case of photons (light) the breakdown is accompanied by shock-wave emission. The same can be predicted for high-energy particles.   LINK 

Power of God, Witchcraft, Pharmakia, the Soul, or Simple Physics?

It appears as though there is possibly a link between DEW, frequencies, levitation, witchcraft, and the soul.  For now,addre I will examine the physics address the biblical understanding in a future article. 

Acoustic levitation is a process for suspending matter in air against gravity using acoustic radiation pressure from high-intensity sound waves.

It works on the same principle as acoustic tweezers which operate in fluid medium by harnessing acoustic radiation forces. Acoustic levitation is primarily concerned with overcoming gravity. Technically, dynamic acoustic levitation is a form of acoustophoresis. Acoustophoresis is a particle manipulation technique that involves the movement of particles or cells by the application of acoustic pressure. It is a gentle and non-contact method of particle and cell manipulation/separation when subjected to an acoustic field.  These acoustic tweezers work synergistically with the installed SynBio nanobots for specified pathological missions.

Typically, sound waves are at the ultrasonic frequency but there are cases associated with Havana-type Syndrome which involves audible frequencies such as when the sound frequncy is coupled with a laser.  

A Langevin horn type standing wave acoustic levitator at the Argonne National Laboratory

Pressing Evolution with Piezoelectric Transducers

The prefix piezo- is Greek for 'press' or 'squeeze'. Pizoelectric biological manipulation is very common in the journals which I frequent.  You can think about piezoelectric as a process similar to making olive oil or wine.  The fruit is squeezed or pressed to extract out the liquid and the pulp is discarded or recycled.  In simple terms, your original design is being sqeezed or pressed out of your body by piezoelectric sound frequencies. Oftentimes, you are then stuffed with soft robotics. Your biological remnants are then commercially recycled for green products.

There are various techniques for generating the sound, but the most common is the use of piezoelectric transducers which can efficiently generate high amplitude outputs at the desired frequencies.


God created barriers or boundaries throughout His creation.

Levitation is a method for containerless processing of microchips and other small, delicate objects in industry. Levitation overcomes the problem of getting "microchips" into other containers, one of which is your body.  Just as the TPTB want a free-flow of people with no soveign borders they also want a free-flow of technology in and out of your body. 

This method is harder to control than others such as electromagnetic levitation but has the advantage of being able to levitate non-conducting materials.  We will look at this aspect in more depth next year.

Although originally static, acoustic levitation has progressed from motionless levitation to dynamic control of hovering objects.  This ability useful is proving very useful in the aircraft, pharmaceutical, and electronic industries. Many people are reporting silient lights or hover craft over their homes.  This is that technology at work.  This is also happening inside you body as you are rewired in this Directed Evolution Experiment.

With the introduction of the phased array transducer leviatator controllers dynamic control of multiple particles and droplets at one time.

History of Acoustical Levitation

A drawing of the Kundt's tube experiment. The movement of the particles due to the acoustic radiation forces were the first demonstration of the possibility of acoustic levitation. 

The first demonstration of the possibility of acoustic levitation was made in Kundt Tube experiments in 1866. The experiment in a resonant chamber demonstrated that the particles could be gathered at the nodes of a standing wave by the acoustic radiation forces. 

The first levitation was demonstrated by Bücks and Muller in 1933 who levitated alcohol droplets between a quartz crystal and a reflector. The next advance came from Hilary St Clair, who was interested in acoustic radiation forces primarily for their applications on the aggregation of dust particles which within today’s scientific community, could be used for bio-mining or aggregating synthetic biology into micelle, fibers, etc... for experimental purposes. Hilary created the first electromagnetic device for creating the excitation frequencies necessary for levitation. 

The most common levitator, Langevin Horn, lasted from the 1970s until 2017 consisting of a piezo-electric actuator, a metal transmitter and a reflector. 

A TinyLev acoustic levitator including the electronics and a diagram of the peak pressure field.

A new generation of acoustic levitators employing a large number of small individual piezoelectric-transducers have recently become more common. The first of these levitators was a single-axis standing wave levitator called the TinyLev. The reduction of cost was the principal aim of this device was the democratization of the technology.

Phased Ultrasonic Tranducer Array (PAT)

This new approach also led to significant developments using Phased Array Ultrasonic Transducers (often referred to as PATs) for levitation.

Phased Array Ultrasonic Transducers are a collection of ultrasonic speakers which are controlled to create a single desired sound field. Unlike their counterparts in the non-destructive testing or imaging fields, these arrays will use a continuous output, as opposed to short bursts of energy. This has enabled single sided levitation as well as manipulation of large numbers of particles simultaneously.

Another approach is the use of 3D-printed components to apply the phase delays necessary for levitation, can form more complex structures such as:

Acoustic Holograms: Use volumetric displays, high-density data storage and optical tweezers to paint with frequency.

Metasurfaces, Metasurfaces are periodic or aperiodic structures where the thickness and periodicity of individual elements are small in comparison to the wavelength of operation. These can be classified further into metascreens and metafilms.

Metamaterials, Metamaterials are artificially structured materials used to control and manipulate light, sound, and other physical phenomena. They are made from assemblies of multiple elements fashioned from composite materials such as metals and plastics. 

Metamaterials can also bring to life the science-fiction Tractor Beam Levitation.

Although many new techniques for manipulation have been developed, Langevin Horns are still used in research. They are often favored for research into the dynamics of levitated objects due to the simplicity of their geometry and control of experimental factors.

Optical Cavitation

Shadowgraph image showing cavitation bubble at its maximum diameter of 2mm.


Shadowgraph image showing cavitation bubble