The Choice of Looking Heavenward

The first human, as we know a human, created in the image of God was Adam.  In Hebrew, the word for the earth is adama.  God formed man from the dust of the earth and each one of us has an intimate connection with the earth.  When Adam sinned he brought death to the word and we all carry the sentence to return once again to the earth from which God made us.  But is that the end of the story?



In this day of hybrid technology, when mankind is blurring the lines between humans and animals and humans with technology, are we really nothing more than the complicated mammals given that they are formed by the elements of the earth?



What deeper meanings within the name of Adam can we discover and apply to our lives thereby preserving our humanity?



Earth's Potential

Not only is adama the Hebrew word for earth, but it signifies the lowest part of the earth.  Each time I study the Book of Genesis I am reminded of the elements and nutrient density that God created in earth and our atmosphere.  God provided humans, animals and plants everything needed for abundance and survival.  The earth therefore is filled with potential, just as your life is filled with potential.  Consider that the earth is a realm in which we can plant and yield fruits, giving rise to new life which was not there beforehand. Man's kinship with the ground, therefore, hints to his greatest potential.  This is precisely why the closer we get to synthetic and artificial products where they be for tools, food, or products the more removed we become from God.



Battle of the Ram Horns

In the prophetic realm we tend to gravitate that the discussion about the horns spoken of in Daniel is a battle here upon the earth, but when we read the text carefully, it indicates that this battle began in the heavens. This is an angelic battle between a goat and a ram that runs into him in the fury of his power. That said, the there are angels for the kingdoms of the earth.  Daniel notes for us in verse 5, that this goat had a 'notable horn between his eyes'. The horn is a metaphor for strength. The eyes are symbols of sober understanding as in, "the commandment of God is pure, illuminating the eyes."  Psalm 19:9 The Hebrew indicates that this horn was not straight, but branched off in an involved and intricate way.  Fascinating!  For your forehead, in ancient times, was the seat of your intellect. Today, as the Book of Daniel is being opened there is an intense war for your intellect and your brain, the seat of your connection with God.

Back to Daniel's vision.  In chapter 8, verse 5, the text says that the he goat came from the west across the face of the whole earth and touched not the ground.  This can be interpreted as 'skipping the air' traveling at hypersonic speeds appearing as though he was flying without touching the ground.  This gives impression of an extra-terrestrial being, angelic or otherwise. 

The goat subsequently smote the ram in a bitter battle where the he-goat attained superiority over the ram, breaking his horns in verse 7.  Three things occurred:

  • No power for the ram to stand before him
  • The ram was cast to the ground and stamped upon
  • There was none that could deliver the ram out of his hand.

You may be unaware that around 2005 a depopulation plan was beta-tested in Australia.  It was deemed a success and was later adopted by the United Nations and our own country.  It is a graphic manual on how to kill off life, step by step.  It was and is called the Stamping Out Plan and it is conducted under the guise of disease eradication. 

Subsequently, the goat waxed very great and when he was strong the great horn.  In the Hebrew, it describes a conspicuous, visible, and/or semblance (likeness) horn that was broken indicating that this was the horn that people saw as it is derived from seeing but had dark underpinnings and workings that were invisible. As this horn is associated with seeing some believe it has one eye, as in the all seeing eye.  Daniel made note that this broken horn propagated or reproduced toward the four winds of heaven, a metaphor for everywhere. Maybe both understandings of the conspicuous horn are in play as when the horn breaks it makes many surveillance eyes.

Jumping to verse 10 we see the little horn waxing great, emerging from a young kingdom, even to the host of heaven, and it cast down some of the host and stars to the ground, and stamped upon them.  The vision then shows that the sanctuary was cast down as well as the daily sacrifice because of transgression.  It cast truth to the ground [God allowed] and it practiced and prospered. 

What can we make of this cryptic vision? 

Concurrently with the Stamping Out Depopulation Plan will be the enacting of legislation and mandatory fidelity to the Anti-Christ.  It will appear that wickedness is allowed unbridled rein and will prospers. True faith in God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, the Bible, will be 'thrown to the ground'.  Our faith and hope will appear as dead in those days.  These will be the days that we must draw upon the living water of the Word who cried out why and how long will the wicked prosper?  Since the time of Adam, God had a plan for restoration.  Those bodies that sleep in the earth will have Resurrection.

Sowing Truth

How could God abandon truth, which is known as His signature? God responded "may truth rise from the ground," but quietly, "truth shall grow from the ground," as it says in Psalm 85:11 and John 12:24.  In the mind of God He was not rejecting truth by throwing it to the ground; rather it was an investment of truth, because the truth shall grow up from the ground.  We can clearly God planting truth in the ground through the Resurrection.

The metaphor of the ground and its centrality in man's name is no coincidence. The simple act of planting a seed is a powerful symbol of man's potential. You remember when you were in kindergarten and you planted a bean in a plastic cup so that it would grow into a plant for Mother's Day. Every day you checked to see whether anything had grown. At first, you were disappointed as you watched the seed. It looked like it was falling apart and rotting. You wanted to throw it out, but your teacher insisted that you wait. One day, a green shoot appeared from amidst the smelly decay. It continued to grow and grow, until there was a beautiful leafy plant, with the potential for an infinite number of new plants.

Herein lays the secret of God's sowing truth. There is a very physical side to each of us, and often it brings us to places of rot and decay, places in which we can wreak more devastation upon creation than the most destructive animal. We also have the ability to transcend our fleshly nature and grow from the earth into something greater with almost unlimited potential when we nourish our Spirit. 

You have free choice. Each of you has the ability to decompose and succumb to the earthly pull, or to defy the gravity of physicality and elect to follow more spiritual pursuits. Like the ground, man can produce a virtually unlimited bounty of good fruits. We all have our ups and downs, but we can choose the realm with which we most identify and whether or not we will bounce back after we have fallen.

How does this relate to Adam?  Smile, our Lord is so good!  The answer is written in our blood!

Mastery Over your Flesh is in Your Blood

You were created an immortal being, to transcend your limitations with the ability to walk with God.  The word Adam is comprised of the Hebrew letters aleph, followed by dalet and mem, the letters that spell the word dam which means blood. We need blood to sustain physical life, but it reflect our base instinct of the flesh. Blood has long been associated with hot temperament and loss of self control. Ancient man believed that quick tempered characters as governed by the spleen or liver, internal organs containing a reservoir of blood. Our animal soul or instinct is the flesh soul common to every animal because it resides in one's blood. 

However we were created to overcome into the realm of the Spirit.  In the name Adam, the word dam is preceded by the letter aleph. The letter aleph is also a word which means to teach or master. It similarly indicates leadership and related is related to the word aluf which means a general or tribal head. God created man with many fleshly desires that reside in the blood, but he also gave us the means to assert our control over them and be an aluf over the dam. When we have dominion over our impulses, we who are created in the image of God, resemble God. In this connection, the name Adam also alludes to the word adameh which means I will liken myself, indicating your ability to emulate God.

The name Adam is very revealing. It describes flesh with that  tremendous downward pull and animal instinct within each of us. But it also alludes to our ability to become great -- not in spite of our physical side but because of it and through our resisting its desires. By confronting our flesh and overcoming it, we can accomplish things that no angel can. Through our humble earthy nature, we are planted and have the opportunity to produce fruits through rising from the decay and becoming more than we were beforehand. The choice is yours.

You can be governed by your blood impulses, as was Esau in the Bible who killed when he did not get what he wanted and was therefore called Edom, red, alluding to his being controlled by blood instinct, or you can become stronger and loftier, remaining in control of your destiny.  

While we are on this earth we will constantly toil with subjugating the dam in Adam to the aleph that precedes it. You are unlike the animal kingdom who look earthward and connect to only their instinctual and physical nature.

It is time my friends that we all look heavenward, as beings created in the divine image of God, with unbelievable potential.  We will need this understanding in the days to come. 



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